Name: De'Marcus Johnson


Date: 9/10/12

Student Number: X00143334

WEB DESIGN Textbook Assignment POINTS: 10

Chapter 2: Web Publishing Fundamentals


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  • NOTE: Test questions will be based on this information.

PART 1. Definitions: Briefly define the following terms:


chunked text


primary colors sets of colors that can make a range of other colors.


secondary colors  a color made by mixing two primary colors.


warm colors based on yellows, oranges, and browns.


cool colors based on blues, greens, pinks, and purples.


complementary colors pair of colors that are of opposite hue.


RGB color scheme Red, green, and blue model that makes different colors when mixed.


Bandwidth bit rate measures representing available data communication.


monitor resolution number of pixels in each dimension that can be shown.


Pixel smallest, addressable element in a display device.


Phishing Acquiring information such as user names, password, and credit card detail through electronic device.


Spoofing Altered to appear as something else.


liquid layout based on percentages of the current browser window's size


Copyright Giving a creator rights to their original work.


Encryption transforming information and make unreadable.


Decryption the process of decoding data.


SSL Cryptographic protocols that provide communication security over the internet.


Cookies data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser.


WAI Improve internet accessibility for people with disabilities.

PART 2 Questions: Answer each of the following briefly, but completely.

1. Describe these basic design principles with regard to web pages:

  • balance: Change of elements across a design
  • proximity: Visually group items that are similar
  • contrast: Different between two or more elements
  • focus: Point at where attention is caught
  • unity: Element distance from one another
  • visual identity: Strong identity through visuals
  • brand: Company's logo or title

2. List and describe four advantages of web publishing over print publishing:

    1. 24 hour publishing

    2. Able to be edit

    3. Worldwide News

    4. Fast and Easy to obtain

3.  List and describe three guidelines for effective writing for the web:


    2. Organized

    3. Easy to read

4. Why should you avoid underlining text in a web page?

  Underlining normally means its a link that will take you to another page, this could easily confuse someone.

  • What can you do instead of underlining to emphasize text on a web page?


6.  What is the “web-safe palette” and how many colors are in it?

Colors that a browser uses, 216 web safe colors.

 7. WIKIPEDIA: Go to Wikipedia to answer these questions :

  • What is wikipedia? Only Encyclopedia
  • What is today’s featured article about? History of Oldham.


8. Search for each of the following on wikipedia and give a brief description of each:

  • Firefox web browser Free and open source web browser coordinated by Mozilla Corporation.
  • Mosaic web browser Web browser that made the internet popular.
  • Google Chrome web browser Freeware web browser made by Google that uses the Webkit layout engine.
  • Web Colors (be sure to scroll down the page so you can see the color charts) Colors used in designing web pages.

9.  From the WEB COLORS Wikipedia page, look for the hex triplet color system:  

  • How many colors can be represented in hex triplet color system?16, 777, 216
  • What number indicates the least intense color?#000000
  • What number indicates the brightest color? #ffffff
  • Give the 6-digit hexadecimal number for black:#00000
  • Give the 6-digit hexadecimal number for  white:#ffffff
  • Give the 6-digit hexadecimal number for  green: #008000
  • Give the 6-digit hexadecimal number for  navy blue: #000080
  • Give the 6-digit hexadecimal number for  a medium shade of gray (remember that a TRUE shade of gray all 6 hex digits are exactly the same):#808080