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Adult Literacy Program

ESOL Program
(English for Speakers of Other Languages)

TCA Program
(Teen Career Academy)

Other Opportunities

Objective:  Teach reading and writing to adults who lack basic literacy skills 


Size: One-on-one tutoring or small group classes

Frequency:  1.5-2 hrs twice per week

Schedule: Based on availability Mon-Thurs (9am-12pm & 4:30-8:30pm); group class schedules are set by instructors  

Location: One-on-one pairs usually meet at Lakewood or area libraries.  Group classes meet at Lakewood.



Beginner (0-4th GLE) – Wilson

     Reading System – structured,  

     multisensory, phonics-based

     reading program  

Intermediate (4-8th GLE) - STAR          

     Evidence Based Reading


Advanced (8+) - GED-approved

     textbooks and supplemental

     material (e.g., McGraw Hill Pre-

     GED and GED series)

Needs:  Volunteers are needed to tutor one-on-one with beginner and intermediate level readers. Volunteers for advanced students (GED or project-based) are needed on a case by case basis.


Objective:  Teach English Language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) to adults who are non-native English speakers and/or recent immigrants


Size:  Class size varies (4-15)

Schedule:  Teach once per week for 2 hours; M-Th 6:30pm-8:30pm

Location:  Most classes meet at Lakewood or local Library branches (Main, South Regional, East Regional).

Curriculum:  Beginner, intermediate, & advanced classes that focus on survival skills and/or job-related vocabulary and skills

Language: We work primarily with Spanish-speakers, but it is not necessary to speak another language besides English

Needs: Two tutors/instructors per class using a team-teaching model; we also need substitute tutors to fill in for regular tutors


Early Childhood Education & Family Literacy

Schedule: M-W, 9:30am-12:30pm

Location: Family Center of Northern Durham

Needs: Volunteers are needed to work with children in the bilingual preschool and to help facilitate family literacy activities.

Literacy Level Class

Schedule: Assist lead teacher at least once a week; M-Th 10am-12pm

Location: Lakewood

Spanish-speaking tutors needed to support adult ESOL students who have little formal education and may not be literate in Spanish. Help students master some basic oral skills in English and some basic literacy skills in Spanish.

Objective:  Teach youth

(ages 16-18) who are out-of

school, the subjects and test

taking strategies needed to

earn a GED


Size:   One-on-one tutoring

Schedule:  Mon-Thurs from 9am-2pm.  

Frequency:  Volunteer at least once per week for 2 hours

Location:  Emily K. Center (Chapel Hill St)

Curricula:  McGraw Hill Pre-GED and GED series plus online GED and college/career planning resources

Training:  Individual training

Needs:  Volunteers are needed to tutor one-on-one in GED subject areas:  Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, and Science  

Reception Desk:

Greet visitors, make sure they sign in, and provide information and guidance as needed


Computer Literacy Class Assistants:

Assist AL and ESOL students in evening computer classes


Computer Lab Monitors/Assistants:

Assist students in our public computer labs, which are open 9am to 12pm and 4:30pm to 8:30pm (flexible)


Board & Committees:

Join our board or a committee that focuses on areas such as Fundraising, Teaching + Learning, Resource Development,  Technology, etc.


Special Projects

  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach
  • Publicity Design
  • Office Help