advertising commentaries

You need to choose two advertisements and for each one, write a paragraph analyzing the way the ad is put together to achieve an effect. The target audience is your teacher and classmates. This analysis is essentially a commentary: instead of the theme, you will look at the the association of the ad, and then you will look at the techniques used, including the ones we discussed in class. These will be lengthy paragraphs looking at an enormous range of techniques used in the ads.

For a samples, check here.

Some specific guidelines:


Tuesday 10 March


have at least 1 paragraph ready for draft check

Wednesday 11 March


prepare for publishing


A: Analysing

B: Organizing

i.  provides perceptive analysis of the content, context, language, structure, technique, style of text(s)

ii.        perceptively analyses the effects of the creator’s choices on an audience

iii. gives detailed justification of opinions and ideas with a range of  examples, and thorough explanations; uses accurate terminology

Have a specific association supported by specific details.

Show an understanding of how the techniques are used, generally and in the ad specifically; use a wide variety of details from the ad in your analysis.

i. makes sophisticated use of organizational structures that serve the  context and intention effectively effectively organizes opinions and ideas

ii. organises ideas in a sustained, coherent and  logical manner with ideas building on each other in a sophisticated way

iii. makes excellent use of referencing and formatting tools to create an effective presentation style.

Think about how to order your discussion of the elements of the ad (general to specific? most important to least? etc.). While you may talk about a variety of issues, the movement from one idea to the next should be clear, as should the sense of purpose (explaining the association) in your paragraphs.

C: Producing Text

D: Using Language

iii. selects extensive relevant details and examples to develop ideas with precision

i.effectively uses a range of appropriate vocabulary, sentence structures and forms of expression

ii. writes and speaks in a consistently appropriate register and style that serve the context and intention

iii. uses grammar, syntax and punctuation with a high degree of accuracy; errors are minor and communication is effective

iv. spells/writes and pronounces with a high degree of accuracy; errors are minor and communication is effective

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