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Volunteering Opportunities 

Vibha is a volunteer-driven organization and our Action Centers and Teams are always looking for people who are interested in making a difference. Throughout the year, multiple events are organized to raise fund-raising for child welfare programs. As a volunteer, you can choose to lead in planning and organizing an event, or assist in the execution of those events. Here are the details of yearly events (listed by month):

Taal                                                                                                April

A dance and music competition for children. The competition is open to kids between ages 4 and 16. Event is held in 4 categories:Classical Solo Dance, Semi classical/Folk Group Dance, Solo Song, Group Song.

Tasks include:


Cricket Carnival                                                                            July-August

An annual event where multiple cricket teams from Minneapolis area participate to raise funds for providing education to underprivileged children in India. The tournament is played using a medium hard tennis ball. Tournament is held on elimination basis. In addition, a cricket coaching clinic is held for children.

Tasks are roughly divided into three categories:

The Dream Mile                                                                        September

The Dream Mile, launched in Minnesota in 2003 is Vibha's annual flagship event. It started off as a small event primarily attended by Vibha volunteers and has now grown into a full fledged running event that runners in the local community eagerly await every year. True to its tagline, a small initiative taken by us can go a long way in fulfiling the dreams of millions of underprivileged children.

Tasks include:

VBP Event                                                                                         August

Description: ???

Tasks include:

United Way and Employer Donation Match Programs                                 Typically Fall

Reach out to current volunteers to find out whether their employers have:

Vibe                                                                                                      Winter

Description: A multicultural potpourri of music and dance ???

Tasks include:

Change For Children (CFC)                                                          Throughout the Year

Tasks Include:

National Grants Team                                                          Throughout the Year

All the projects supported by Vibha are exclusively targeted towards children. For an overview of projects, please click here.

Tasks Include: