"Chaos. Chaos everywhere. How wonderful." - Discord approves of this game

Chaos in a tropical paradise. What else more can be said. This game takes place on a fictional island of Panau, placed in a South East Asia setting. Yes, be prepared for weird Asian accents and skins (it's a fact, I'm not racist you bastard). The tuk-tuks and almost-similar-Thai writings around the island, makes it feel like Thailand. Tho, they just lack elephants.

There are three factions/gangs on the island: The Roaches are some sort of a Chinese mafia group, causing trouble for fun and money; the Reapers are like an Indonesian freedom fighting group, going against the current government (and has a lady leader with a seriously strong Malay accent). And the Ular Boys, are Sikhs who wants to maintain the tradition of the island (all jungles, no development kind of cause, with a leader who has an excessive use of the word "lah"). And no, I'm not making this up. It's in the game. <caugh>Though the races are not confirmed.<caugh>

So the main purpose of this game is to cause chaos. Yes, the more chaos you cause, the more side quests you unlock, the more Black Market items you're able to access and the more closer you get to unlocking the main quests. Oh yeah, did I mention there's a main quest? Alright, so it's not just chaos, you have a mission. You are a spy/agent (named Rico Rodriguez, also from the first Just Cause) who's sent to track down your mentor whom your agency suspects has gone rogue, and to settle the oppressive dictatorship on the island yatta yatta yatta.

Now back to chaos. Chaos = progress in the game. Chaos is caused by creating cotton candy clouds and chocolate rain. Wait... wrong story. Destroying government assets and public facilities increases your chaos meter. Whether it's by destroying gas pipelines, petrol stations, fuel tanks, electric generators, construction cranes or communication towers, it all adds up. How you do it, is based on your creativity. You could do it the straight forward way by shooting it with bullets or using explosives. Or if you want to get creative, you could hijack a plane and send it crashing into them. Or you could GTA a car, put C4s on it and drive it straight into a petrol station, jihad style! This game encourages you to get creative with the equipment and vehicles provided to you. Which includes a very useful grappling hook and a parachute, which are the core elements and trademarks of the game. It makes you feel almost like Spiderman. Oh, and with all these chaos, be prepared for Michael Bay propotion explosions and scenes. It feels so glorious parachuting to the ground, while you turn your back from the explosions caused by that C4 filled plane you ejected from crashing into the enemies. Just beautiful.

Though, the gameplay may feel repetitive a bit after some time. But one thing's for sure, it's waaaaaay better than Far Cry 2, if you know what I mean. There's the main quest which progresses the storyline. The side quests features some basic and unique/secret-butt-fun contract-style objectives, from delivering goods, rescuing faction VIPs, sabotaging facilities, assassinating leaders, blowing up rockets from the sky, picking up a bikini-wearing chick in the middle of a dessert to dragging a statue's head to someone's house, it's quite engaging and has some humor into it (tho, the accent is funny enough as it is). And there are challenges which mostly just involves getting from point A to point B with a given vehicle, some sort of like a race.

This game is seriously worth the buy if you're the Discord kind who just wants to kill time causing chaos and havoc. A seriously good stress reliever indeed. I got this from a Steam sale at around 6 bucks, a really good buy. I won't be surprised if Steam decided to put this on sale again, and when they do, be sure to consider it. The map is huge and I guess it would take forever to 100% this game. With 150 unique faction collectibles to treasure hunt and over 2000 upgrade/resource crates scattered around the island, it looks kind of impossible. And with the beautiful tropical islands, coral blue seas, sandy beaches, Saharan deserts, snowy capped mountains and lush greenery, you just feel like coming back again just to enjoy the scenery. And yes, the explosions of course.

In the words of Rico Rodriguez: "It was worth every minute!"