Bye Laws and Rules of the Green

1.        Club Opening Times

1.1        The Club will usually be open from 9.00am each day and close between 9.00pm and 11.00pm depending on the activities scheduled. This may be changed for special occasions.

2.        Dress on the Green

2.1        The dress for men is white above the waist and grey or black tailored trousers below the waist except when white trousers are specified for match days or special occasions.  However, Club shirts MUST be worn for all representative matches and may be worn on other occasions.

2.2        The dress for Ladies is:

Roll-ups, General and League Play:

White or Foxhill-blue top or Club shirt.

White or Foxhill-blue cardigan / waistcoat.

Skirt, culottes, trousers or crops in grey or black.

Where blue tops/cardigans are worn that are not Club-issued, the colour must be a match with Foxhill blue.

Club Matches:

White blouse.

Foxhill-blue cardigan / waistcoat (Club-issue only).

Regulation white skirt / culottes / trousers.

Brown or fawn coloured tights.

c)        Representative Matches

As for Club Matches but with the choice of white blouse or Club shirt.

However, all ladies in the team must wear the same choice of top.

2.3        Foxcubs: Any respectable clean clothing will be allowed during training, practice or inter club games.  Official uniform must be worn whenever representing Foxhill IBC.  Proper bowls footwear must be worn at all times or shoe protectors if footwear is not available.

Juniors playing in the same team as adult members of Foxhill IBC, on any occasion, will be required to wear the same clothing as the adults, ie whites or greys as specified above.

2.4        For Early Birds and Turn-up and Play

Players may wear their own choice of clothing providing all clothing is tidy in appearance and no denims or T-shirts are worn.

2.5        Bowls Members shall wear proper bowls footwear at all times  on the green. Footwear may be grey, brown or white.  White is favoured for wearing with whites and may be a requirement in some competitions.

2.6        To protect the carpet from damage by dirt introduced from outside, members must not enter the building wearing their bowling shoes.

3.        Booking of Rinks

3.1        Friendly Games: A rink may be reserved by telephone or personally with the day Steward.

3.2        Competitions or Postponed League Fixtures: A challenger for a National or Club competition or re-arranged League fixture is permitted to make provisional bookings in advance in pencil showing the date entered.  One of the dates must be confirmed within seven days of being entered, when it should be inked in and signed by the day Steward.  The other pencilled entries should then be erased.

3.3        A challenger is permitted to make provisional bookings as above for each competition in which he is participating.  All rink bookings must show the number of persons playing and the type of game ie roll-up, club pairs, national pairs, etc.  All rinks booked and not cancelled 48 hours prior to use must be paid for.

4.        Change of Rink Booking

4.1        Where a challenger wishes to book a National Competition on a rink already booked for a roll-up game, this change must be agreed by the day Steward, who will then notify the person who originally booked the rink and explain to them the reason for the change.  He will then confirm with the persons concerned and make the appropriate booking entries and attach his signature.

5.        Change Over Between Sessions

5.1        There is no interval between sessions.  Five minutes before the session is due to end, a bell will sound and thereafter no further end shall be started.  An end shall be deemed in play after delivery of the jack.  Members waiting to play must keep clear of the end of the rink and must not place their bowls on the rink or bank until it has been vacated.

6.        Movement on the Rinks

6.1        To minimise distraction to players on adjacent rinks, movement between ends shall, as far as possible, be along the centre of the rink.

6.2        No running is permitted on the carpet.

7.        Smoking

7.1        Smoking is banned by law anywhere in the building.

8.        Consumption of Food and Drink

8.1        All food and drink for consumption on the premises must have been purchased within the Club unless a dispensation for medical reasons has been granted by the Management Committee.

9.        Selection Committee

9.1        Teams for Club friendly matches shall be selected by the Club Captain or person(s) nominated by him/her.

9.2        Club representative teams shall be selected by a committee authorised by the Club Management Committee.  The Chairman of the Club may attend in an ex-officio capacity.

10.        No deleterious or banned substance shall be used on the bowls or hands, eg Grippo.

11.        No marking of the green with chalk shall occur.

12.        No notices are to be placed on the Club notice boards without permission of the Club Secretary.

13.        No bowls or bowls bags or clothing shall be left in the bar or social area at any time.  All such equipment shall be left in the changing rooms at all times.

14.        Members shall not operate any of the lighting, heating or ventilation controls of the Club.  Such operation shall be by or authorised by a member of the Committee

15.        A member may introduce a guest to play on the green on not more than three occasions in each calendar year.  The Committee will recommend the playing fee.

16.        No animals are allowed within the Club premises except for guide dogs and hearing dogs for the deaf.

17.        Children of any age are allowed on the premises but under the age of seventeen shall be in the company of a responsible adult and kept under control.  No child shall enter the bar area.

18.        The Club is not responsible for any loss or damage to the property of members, guests or visitors whilst on the Club premises.

The Club Committee reserve the right to close the Club without notice if no rink bookings are registered at any time.

Members of the Club Committee or the Club Manager shall have the power to declare which rinks are available for play.  Any member of the Club Committee or the Club Manager may transfer members who have booked a rink from that rink to another if they consider it necessary for the benefit of the Club as a whole.