Minutes of the Sacramento Valley Returned Peace Corps Volunteers’ Board Meeting

August 9, 2010

Members present:        Debra DeBondt, Karin Jetter, Fran Kennedy, Bruce Sandie, Nancy Sinnwell, Heidi Steger, Mark Stivers, Jim Waters

Members absent:  Mike McKibbin, Steve Riggs, Mary Taylor

1.  June Minutes

       -motion to approve by Heidi, second by Bruce, approved

2.  June/July Treasurer’s Reports

       -Kiva money in pay pal account - need to make a decision on where to put it next

       -motion by Jim, second by Debra, approved

3.  Recap of Wine Tasting

       -pours of wine were small

       -4 types of wine, one pour of each

       -group discussion thought we should try a different winery in the future

       -a great and successful event

4.  Annual Meeting - Saturday, September 18, 2010

       -concerns about the election and small number of votes

       -must have a ballot according to the by laws

       -how do we get more people to attend the meetings and events

       **-do an e-survey or put a survey with the ballot

       -items for the annual meeting

               -Fran - beer

               -Heidi - beverages

               -Mark - utensils

               -Mark - projector

       -possible speakers

               -Howard Koons - DVD of his return to Indonesia

               -Refugee speaker - Debra will find one

               -Fran - trip to Iran  (Persepholis)

               -a speaker from Habitat for Humanity

5.  Service Projects/ Ideas

       -Christmas in April - now Rebuilding  (attendance dropped to 3, stopped going)

       -Refugee group needs help - one day event, not long term

       -50th Anniversary Celebration

               - winter dinner

               - Debra to check with World’s Kitchen Group

6.  Adventures in Dining

       -June  was at Famous Kabob - only 4 attended - food seemed overpriced - don’t use again

       -August 20th - Queen Sheba - Fran will call restaurant and take reservations

7.  New Meeting Dates - Second Tuesday of each month

       -motion by Bruce, second by Jim, approved

8.  E-News Items

       -American River Clean Up, September 18th - CHANGED TO SEPT. 25TH

       -Annual Meeting, September 18th

       -Adventures in Dining, August 20th

9.  Next Meeting - September 14th at 7 PM at Fran’s house.