Chapter 2: The Accident

Since the discovery of Pinkie Pie's ability, weeks had passed. She wanted to ensure that she and Twilight were good friends before telling her. Today, Pinkie Pie planned to tell Twilight about the curse after Applejack helped her out with running Sugarcube Corner.

Rainbow Dash knew that Pinkie was going to do this, and was glad. Despite being the Element of Loyalty, she found it hard to not tell Twilight about it. Fortunately, she knew how much Pinkie Pie valued keeping secrets, so that would have her in hot water with her friend.

She was relieved that the secret keeping would finally be over, but it seemed to torment her how Applejack had accidentally propelled her into Twilight's treehouse, which led to a conversation between the two of them.

Twilight was on her way to Sweet Apple Acres to talk some sense into her Applebucking friend and as she left, she sparked the conversation with "So Rainbow, how did you get your cutie mark?"

The question seemed completely out of nowhere, but Rainbow Dash never passed up an opportunity to share her awesome story. "Well, there were the jerk pegasi colts that were picking on Fluttershy as a filly, so I decided to stick up for her. When I did this, I challenged them to a race."

Rainbow did her best to illustrate the race by flying away at lightning speed. Clouds and houses zoomed by the pegasus' face while she did a couple loops and barrel rolls. She finished off her performance with a corkscrew and a sky dive at near Sonic Rainboom speed. Then she made a midair stop. "Needless to say, I won."

Twilight chuckled. "Sounds pretty neat."

Rainbow Dash scoffed, "If you saw it, you'd know that neat is the biggest understatement in all of Equestria." Rainbow Dash landed on the ground and transitioned to a trot. "So how about you, Twilight? How did you get your cutie mark?

"Well when I was a filly, I would have done anything to master magic and be any closer to Princess Celestia, the greatest pony in Equestria. So I decided to join some big magic school."

"And a master of magic like you made it in easy, right?"

Twilight let out a nervous laugh. "Actually, I almost didn't. See, I was supposed to hatch Spike out of his egg as an entry exam. And boy was I struggling. There I was. Worrying about failing the exam that would change my life. Suddenly, I felt this weird surge of energy go through me. I was completely overloaded from magic."

Rainbow Dash interrupted anxiously, "And THEN you hatched the egg?"

"Oh, I did more than that. I nearly turned my parents into plants and oversized Spike. My parents told me they had never seen that kind of power. But then, all of a sudden, I felt a hoof on my shoulder." Twilight was sounding more excited by the second as if she were reliving the moments. "It was Princess Celestia!" The unicorn let out a squeal. "Then she fixed all of the things I accidentally messed up. Then guess what?"


"She said she wanted me to be..." she paused for dramatic effect, "her personal student." She let out a squeal that scared away a nearby bird. "And then I had my cutie mark. It was the best day ever."

Rainbow Dash thought about Pinkie Pie for a while. "You can't control those powers? Seems a little dangerous."

"Well of course. That's why when I was mentored by Celestia, I was taught to control those powers. I haven't had a problem since. Now I can just fit in as a normal pony." Twilight kept walking as Rainbow Dash had to put her hoof in her mouth to avoid the topic of Pinkie Pie.

"Are you alright, Rainbow Dash?" Twilight asked with one eyebrow up.

The pegasus snapped back into attention. "Oh yeah...S-sorry. I think my brain got scrambled when Applejack launched me halfway across Ponyville." She rubbed her head to emphasize her point. Rainbow was seconds away from blurting Pinkie's secret. She had to change the subject. "Are you gonna talk some sense into her?"

Twilight continued walking, "Yes. She's clearly overworking herself. She needs help. Wanna give me a hand?"

Rainbow Dash couldn't. If she did, then she'd probably tell the unicorn about Pinkie's unexpected secret. "Sorry, I gotta go..." Her eyes rolled up to search for an alibi. "...lay down. Still a little woozy from that crash. Seeya," Rainbow said as she dashed off.


"She what?!"

"Pinkie, I think Twilight might have cursed you on accident."

Pinkie Pie looked at her inquisitively. "You don't curse someone on accident. You go all UHNNYEAHNYUNUOOAH and then BOOM! Cursed!" She matched her incomprehensible chanting with a dance she used when singing about Zecora.

The faux incantations from her friend made Rainbow Dash giggle a little, but had to return to a more serious tone. "She told me that when she got her cutie mark, it was when she was being mentored by Princess Celestia because she couldn't control her powers. And apparently she has some pretty special powers. Maybe she accidentally used a power that she didn't know about."

"Whoa! So I'm like a super special gifted pony with superpowers unknown to pony? That's sweet! Super duper alley ooper sweet! Like candy! Maybe her magic can make me make candy! Especially dark chocolate, cuz that's the best flavor of candy! In fact, someone told me it was actually a healt-



Rainbow held a slightly annoyed look on her face. Then she decided she needed to actually get some rest like she told Twilight. The launch from Applejack earlier that day did hurt quite a bit. "Well, good luck with Twilight Sparkle," she said as she started to fly away.

Pinkie suddenly perked up as if she was stung by a bee. "No way! I can't tell Twilight now!"

Rainbow groaned. She continued in a slightly annoyed tone. "Why not? It was an honest mistake. She won't hate you. If anything, she'll be overjoyed in her new ability."

"I know that, but if she finds out her power slipped, she'll think 'Who's to say it won't happen again?' and she'll probably have to go back to Canterlot to train with Celestia again. She might even have to go back forever!" Pinkie's eyes watered at the idea of losing her friend. "So ple-"

The pink earth pony was suddenly gone. Rainbow Dash waited in the dead lonely silence for a couple long seconds. The pegasus broke the silence with a sigh and extended her wings to begin the search for the teleported friend.

Her wings gave their first flutter when there was a loud WHAM! echoed through the room, shaking some of the furniture. Rainbow Dash let out a surprised yelp as her heart rate skyrocketed. Something landed on the roof.

The rainbow-maned pony flew out the window to discover that the "something" was Pinkie Pie. She was facedown in the frosted roof, clearly enjoying herself.

The pink pony was muffled by the frosting, but it was clear enough that she said, "Man, I never knew the roof tasted this good. Delicious!"

Rainbow Dash chuckled. "So did you want me to keep that secret or not?"

"Oh, sure, but seriously, you have GOT to try this." As if on cue a glob of frosting was thrown onto the pegasus' face. Rainbow Dash simply stood on the roof and stared in disbelief. Pinkie Pie continued to eat as if nothing happened.

"Did...did you...?"

Then, there was a faint ding heard from the kitchen, followed by Applejack yelling "The muffins are ready!" and Pinkie disappeared again. Rainbow Dash didn't even react this time, but kept her shocked frosting-covered face. Pinkie Pie could perform telekinesis, too? That was pretty cool, but the only problem was that she couldn't control it. The secret was bound to get out if she were to perform magic at a bad time.

Rainbow Dash flew to the kitchen to see Pinkie Pie taking some muffins out of the oven. She gave the tray to Applejack and gave her a sweet warning. "Careful! They're hot!"

Applejack replied with incomprehensible gibberish muttered by sleep-deprived ponies. If Pinkie Pie were to teleport at that moment, Applejack could have easily mistaken it for a hallucination.

The second the door shut behind Applejack, Rainbow Dash flied into the room and landed next to Pinkie Pie. "Alright, you're seriously gonna need some help with that magic. You can't control it. And now you have telekinesis, too! If you keep on going like that, you might float Fluttershy into a river." Even though that would be a hilarious event, Rainbow Dash couldn't bring herself to imagining Fluttershy being dropped in a river. So she imagined the scene with Applejack and laughed beneath her breath.

"Well yeah, but I can't tell Twilight about my magic powers, cuz if I do, then- Wait! I already told you why! That's why we have Rarity!"

Rainbow Dash returned the suggestion with a focused stare that said "Are you serious?". "Rarity?" Her voice was flat and skeptical. "You really think that Rarity can teach you how to use any magic that doesn't have to do with clothes?"

"Well, she IS a unicorn and everyone knows that unicorns can do magic, and either way I've seen her do the floaty thingy a bajillion zillion times!"

"You mean telekinesis?"

"Yeah! So I figure that she'll be able to teach me that. And besides, magic is probably just the same throughout. Sorta like a balloon. It's helium all the way through. And helium really makes your voice sound-" She met the gaze of her flying friend. "Sorry. Anywho, once I learn telecarnation-"


"-telekinesis, then I'm sure that teleporting isn't really that much is different. Again, like a balloon."

Applejack waddled back into the bakery nearly sideways. She dropped a plate with two muffins on them and proceeded to drop on the door and let sleep overtake her.

Pinkie Pie adoringly stared at the remaining two muffins. "Oo! Rainbow Dash! Want one of the last ones? Applejack helped make them. And even though they don't have any apples, I'm sure their great. Which reminds me. Maybe I should invite Applejack over so we can make some apple pies together."

The speeding pegasus looked at a hatless, nearly dead-looking, orange pony that had propelled her into Twilight's library. "No thanks. I'll pass on those muffins."


"Well...that certainly is an unusual predicament." Rarity's eyes were as wide as dinner plates. "Can…you try to teleport down from there?"

Pinkie Pie looked down from the top of the cupboard and giggled. "I could try, but I mean it's like I can see my house from here. Oh, wait. I'm right across the street from you." This caused the partying pink pony to burst out laughing.

Rarity's horn glowed as a magical blue aura enveloped her laughing friend. Pinkie Pie floated down from the top of the cupboard. The unicorn turned to Rainbow Dash. "And you said she performed telekinesis as well?"

"Yep. She made a glob of frosting fly into my face. It was pretty delicious." Rainbow Dash closed her eyes and imagined the taste she never got to enjoy that week ago.

Rarity frowned as she examined her friend, "Well it must have ruined your mane." She rustled through Pinkie Pie's hair. "Odd. One would expect to see a horn hidden in all of this hair, but there's not one there."

Pinkie Pie cut in with a loud voice that made Rarity jump. "So Rarity, are you gonna keep the secret?"

Rarity nodded. "I know that telling secrets is the quickest way to lose a frie-"

"Forever!" Pinkie Pie cut in before the unicorn could finish the last word of her sentence, making her jump again.

Rainbow Dash was leaning on one of the ponnequins when she noticed a pink light floating around it. The pegasus shouted, "Rarity! Pinkie!"

The two magical ponies turned to face the pegasus, leaving one to gasp and the other to giggle. The ponnequin was flying through the air, being controlled by Pinkie Pie. While flying, it did a couple barrel rolls and corkscrews as if it were mirroring one of Rainbow Dash's performances. When it crashed into a couple cupboards, Pinkie just laughed and said "ZOOM!"

Rarity looked at the carnage with her mouth so wide open that Spike could have fit inside with ease. After about ten seconds of the antics, Rarity nearly tackled Pinkie Pie. "Stop it! You're ruining the boutique!"

With that, the ponnequin fell to the ground hooves up. Rainbow Dash looked around. There were fabrics scattered everywhere to make Rarity's floor look like a whacked out disco party, complete with a pincushion hanging by a thread from the ceiling to imitate a disco ball. Rainbow decided to fly for a while to avoid the hundreds of needles scattered on the floor. "Did you mean to do that Pinkie?"

The pink pony energetically shook her head, retaining her perky smile.

"Do you think she'll be able to control all this magic Rarity?"

Rarity looked around at the wrecked room. "I wish Twilight could help. She'd be better at this. But I know that you can't have her know, so I'll have to take it upon myself." She sighed. "Even if it means more of this destruction."

"Well I hate to ditch you two, but I gotta get going. I’m having lunch with Applejack. Good luck with that magic, Pinkie!"

Pinkie Pie waved her hoof goodbye as the pegasus flew out the window. As she left, Rainbow heard a faint sigh from Rarity. She felt bad for leaving the poor unicorn with a handful, but kept her mind at ease by remembering she couldn't help with that. She couldn't perform magic.

She decided that it was worth it. She needed to take some of the worries about Pinkie Pie off her chest. And nothing took away the worry like a good old lunch with Applejack.

She made it to Sweet Apple Acres in less than thirty seconds and landed next to the red barn. The farm was quaint and serene with a sense of odd grace to it. Especially today for some reason. Maybe it was the smell of fresh apples.

"Hey Applejack! I'm here!"

A reply from Applejack immediately echoed from the other side of the barn. "Oh! Uh, hang tight, sugar! Ah'll be there in a jiff! Just wrappin' up tha applebuckin!" she replied nervously.

The pegasus figured her friend was nervous since she forgot about the lunch and got caught up in the applebucking, so Rainbow Dash figured she'd give her a hand. She trotted around the farm. "Well, I'd be happy to lend you a-"

Rainbow stopped mid-sentence and let her jaw fall open. She saw hundreds of apples all floating in midair being loaded into buckets. All of the apples glowed with a bright orange aura. Applejack turned around with a guilty smile. She let out a nervous laugh.

"Howdy, sugarcube."