This guide is meant to be as simple and quick as possible to get a toon to 50, ML10, CL10, with good gear.  Although fun, much of the content of the game is ignored for the purpose of this guide... speed.


It isn’t necessary to do all of this planning in the very beginning.  However, I thought it would be useful to have all planning resources in one section.



Champion Levels


At this point you should have an idea which artifacts you want (refer to Planning section above.)  You can purchase the Artifact credit and scrolls with Atlantean Glass (AG) in the Hall of Heroes in Oceanus.  You will need to decide if you want to use your AG for Artifacts or Master Levels first.  My recommendation is to purchase the artifacts first so you can level them during the rest of your farming.  The best method for obtaining AG is described in the next section.

Master Levels

To obtain ML’s, port to TOA and do repeatable task quests for Atlantean Glass.  

Here are the quests and their locations:

Glass Quest Changes

• Atlantean Glass Quests have received an overhaul.

o New quests, that can only be completed once per character, have been added that will yield a substantial amount of glass and XP to players

o These new quests are essentially the same as the old repeatable ones except that players are asked to complete them in a more linear fashion

o New repeatable quests will become available to players after they have finished the non-repeatable quest for each monster type. These quests reward no glass but the same experience and coin

o Players should visit Destin, near the Djinn stone along the outer wall of the Oceanus Haven, to begin the new quests.

Dragonslayer Armor/Weapon

This is good armor with good stats, that you’ll probably want.  You may not want every piece, but if you’re like me you like to have a full set of gear and then pick and choose later.  To get the armor and weapon:

Potions to buy

Here is the list of player potions you will want to buy, in decreasing order of importance:

Epic Armor

Spellcrafted Armor

Realm Abilities


fin4 - 57.5k 26k cursed forest

Saving Midwinter:

Mouse Controls

For mouse, make sure mouselook is on on char screen options.  when in game, run /snapback off to turn off the stupid camera snapback.