Synthesis Methodology Cycle 1, Stage 2 validation leading to portfolio of outputs

(V1.2 16 July 2010)

Work Package (part)

What we have done

Mapped programme outcomes to JISC Dissemination Agendas:

Mapped Innovation Themes from taxonomy of institutional innovation to JISC Dissemination Agendas.

Categorising project outputs has continued on GoogleDoc spreadsheet:

The related JISC category of communication concerns were exemplified by project work on p 10 ff of the first draft Synthesis report, circulated 26 June


For the past week we have been identifying project tangible outputs that:

represent the innovation themes regardless of what project they originated from, and


The JISC Dissemination Agendas originated from a mapping that Craig did of (all of?) the work of the JISC, which Lawrie presented to Paul and me a fortnight ago. In conversation with Lawrie on 30 June, he explained that he wanted us to focus on these "Dissemination Agendas". Early this week we received expanded themes and narratives concerning the Innovation Agendas.


At the level of project innovation the programme may not contribute to all of the boxes. For example,

Further, it is not obvious that,

We had a conference call 16/07/2010.


Database of outputs

Further to conference call with James, Jenny & Paul 1000-1100 16/07/2010

James will create a 3 column table.

Dissemination Agendas

Outcomes (Argumentation)


Projects clustered according to outputs

Justification of our placing the project in this category, based on:

  • Programme intended outcomes
  • Unintended outcomes observed

Outputs and links to artefacts which illustrate/support this dissemination agenda in light of the Outcomes (Argumentation)

James will do an initial population of this table.

By Wednesday 21/07/2010, Paul and George to review James work and edit.

George and Jenny to upload new table as a worksheet to the outputs spreadsheet.

The population of this table will be an iterative process working both sides against the middle.

George to discuss database implementation (if necessary?) with Joe.

By end of next week we will have iterated this mapping of outputs to agendas at least once.

By end of July this mapping, argument and clustering according to agendas will have been iterated another time and will be compiled to final documentation by George and sent to Lawrie as the final output of Synthesis Cycle 1.


Further to Eluminate discussion with Joe 1200-1300 BST 16/07/2010

Intially 2 core visuaisations

GR 16/07/2010