Application for 2013-2014 Steppin’ Out Steering Committee


Name: __________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________  

Email Address: ___________________________________________________________

Major: _______________________________________           Classification: __________

                          Please answer the following on a separate sheet of paper.


1.    Why do you want to be part of the Steppin’ Out Steering Committee?


2.    What has been your experience with community service (specifically Steppin’ Out)? How would you improve your experience?


3.    Why is service important? How would you communicate the need for service to the average Baylor student?


4.    What are some of your strengths, and how would they contribute to the role for which you’re applying?


5.    See the attached position descriptions.  What are your top two preferences for committee position, and why would you want to serve in each?


6.     What other academic, extracurricular, and/or employment responsibilities will you have during the 2013-2014 school year?


7.    Do you have a personal vehicle?  Do you have any experience in graphic design, website design, etc.?  Do you have experience in public relations?



 Please email the application with typed responses AND a copy of your unofficial transcript found on BearWeb to, or bring a copy of the completed application to the Office of Community Engagement and Service (Located in the Martin House, just east of Collins Residential Hall). If you are a freshman, the transcript does not apply to you.


***We will contact you to schedule an interview. Please email if you have any questions.***

Please turn in application by Friday, September 13


Internal Recruitment: Works to recruit student organizations, faculty, staff, and individual students to participate in Steppin’ Out.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: working with Campus Living and Learning, executing campus publicity campaigns, developing creative outreach strategies to encourage students to serve. Additionally, will handle communication with participants prior to Steppin’ Out by communicating service site information and addressing questions and concerns.

External Recruitment: Works to recruit and evaluate service sites for Steppin’ Out.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: executing outreach publicity campaigns, utilizing service agency and church partnerships, communication with service sites, evaluation of service sites, allocating appropriate numbers of tools and volunteers for each site, and developing creative outreach strategies for new service partnerships.  Note: a personal vehicle is required for this position in order to conduct service site evaluations.

Partnership Recruitment: Works to establish partnerships with local businesses, campus partners, and non-profits that facilitate the mission of Steppin’ Out.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: developing solicitation plan, strategy, and materials for both monetary and in-kind donations, meeting with businesses and non-profits to share about Steppin’ Out, management of existing partnerships, and developing creative outreach strategies for the development of new partnerships.  Note: a personal vehicle is required for this position in order to conduct off-campus meetings.

Block Party: Works to plan and execute the Steppin’ Out Block Party.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: recruiting entertainment acts, planning activities and games, handling various logistical responsibilities (food, sound system, park reservation, etc.), t-shirt distribution, Block Party publicity, and developing new creative outreach strategies to involve a larger and more diverse group of both student and community member participants.  

Public Relations Specialists: Works with all of the above committees to develop strategies aimed at informing Baylor students and Waco residents about Steppin’ Out.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: developing plan for advertisement of Steppin’ Out to previously unserved peoples, developing and executing plans to increase Steppin’ Out name-recognition among students on campus, collaborating with committees and director in t-shirt design/distribution, and any other tasks that you think might increase awareness of Steppin’ Out on campus and in the community.