Regular Meeting

August 8, 2007

5:00 p.m.

Present:                                               Tim Akers, City Planner – staff liaison

Roger Franck – (2 years, first term)

Jeff Hallam, Ex Officio

Richard Howorth, Mayor

Kate Kellum  – (2 years, first term)

Roger Kuhnle – (1 year, first term)

Rebecca Moreton – (3 years, first term)

Mike Mossing – (1 year, first term)

Vivian Neill – (3 years, first term)

Paul Rogers, Ex Officio

Melinda Valiant, Ex Officio

Members not present:      Nancy Joy – (2 years, first term)

            The meeting was called to order by City Planner Akers.  Motion was made to adopt the first agenda by Commissioner Moreton, seconded by Commissioner Franck.

            Officer positions identified and nominations were heard.  The Commission agreed that it would have two officer positions, a Chair and a Secretary.  The Commission also requires a Park Commission Liaison and Oxford Police Department Liaison.  Motion to name Mike Mossing as the Chair was made by Commissioner Moreton, seconded by Commissioner Franck.  All members present voting Aye. Motion  to name Kate Kellum as the Secretary by was made Commissioner Neill, seconded by Commissioner Franck.  All members present voting Aye.  The Liaison positions will be revisited at the next regular meeting

            The Ordinance Establishing the Pathways Commission and Prescribing its Functions and Duties and for Related Purposes (#2007-9) calls for rotating 3-year terms for members. Members drew numbers from a random pool to determine the length of each Commissioner's term, the remaining number was assigned to Commissioner Joy.  Commissioners Mossing and Kuhnle drew one-year first terms; Commissioners Franck, Kellum and Joy drew two-year first terms; and Commissioners Neill & Moreton drew three-year first terms.  

            The Commission discussed the development of by-laws.  The Secretary will present draft by-laws for consideration at the next regular meeting.

            The Commission discussed mechanisms for sending letters.  The Mayor and City Planner suggested that similar commissions agree to letter content at meetings, and send the draft letter to their Staff Liaison for him/her to send using City of Oxford letterhead.

            Motion to set the regular meeting schedule to 5:00 p.m. on the third Monday of every month was made by Commissioner Franck, seconded by Commissioner Kellum.  The next regular meeting will be September 17, 2007 at 5:00 p.m.  

            The Chair provided his report. 

  1. He and the Oxford Cycling Club are working to draft an agreement with the University of Mississippi for the use of established mountain bike trails on University property.
  2. He will meet with Jeff Williams, Brad Freeman, and Kevin Stuart on August 9th to discuss the details of cycling facilities at the Sportsplex which is under development. 
  3. The Bike Rodeo will be held in conjunction with the Baptist Memorial Hospital's Child Health Fair at the Skate Place on August 11th from 9 a.m. to Noon.  Volunteers are welcomed.
  4. The Sunday Community Rides are going well and may need to include training for beginning and younger cyclists.
  5. The Park Commission will provide an Introduction to Mountain Biking Clinic for children on August 25.  Brad Cannon, president of the Oxford Cycling Club, will provide this instruction.
  6. The Oxford Cycling Club will host the Clear Creek Challenge, a mountain bike race with multiple ability categories, on September 2nd.

            Engineering - Phase 1 Update:  The project nears completion.   The asphalt on Old Taylor Road and the connection to the railbed is scheduled to be finished in the next week or two.  The final inspection by MDOT has not yet been scheduled.  Commissioner Mossing sent a letter to Kevin McLeod detailing potential issues with Phase I identified by himself, Commissioners Neill and Kellum, and Jason Finch.  Others were encouraged to send identified issues as well.  The Commission discussed the need to develop standard ways of marking locations where the path and streets cross. This will be discussed at future meetings.

            Engineering - Phase 2 Update:  Copies of the Phase 2 plan and award are available from City Planner Akers. The Commission requested that the Major ask Kevin McLeod of Elliot Britt to present the complete Phase 2 plans at the next regular meeting (see some of the plans on, and to discuss with City Engineers the possibility of seeking external consultation.  Potential consultants include:

            Education - Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS):  Jeff Hallam provided an update on the award.  The pre-award notification has been received; however, funds cannot be expended until the Notice to Proceed is received.  The research team plans to collect baseline data in the next several weeks via a survey for parents, students, and teachers. Some funds maybe available from the funds held by the CREATE Foundation and/or Blue Cross/Blue Shield to bridge the project until the Notice to Proceed is received.  Crossing guards are needed on Walking Wednesdays in September for the following cross-walks:

(1) Washington & Railway

(2) Jefferson & Bramlett, (3) Jackson & Bramlett, (4) Sisk & Bramlett

(5) Commonwealth Blvd & Hopkins Dr. (6) Ed Perry Blvd & Hopkins Dr.

The source of these crossing guards (e.g., patrol boys, local well-know people, parents) and the specific training necessary will be determined after discussions with relevant school personnel and the Oxford Police Department. 

            Encouragement - Adopt-A-Crosswalk Program:  The Commission discussed the possible use of flags at relevant crosswalks (see  City Planner Akers stated that the program should be discussed with city officials. 

            Encouragement - Grand Opening: The grand opening of the path will be delayed until after the Final Inspection date. 

            Evaluation - Annual Report to the Board of Aldermen:  An annual report to the Board of Aldermen is due every June.

            Evaluation - Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan:  The 2003 draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for Oxford Mississippi ( was distributed for discussion at an upcoming regular meeting.  The Commission will draft a plan for adoption by the Board of Aldermen.

            Evaluation - Bicycle Friendly Communities:  The recent application to the Bicycle League of American for Bicycle Friendly Community status and the feedback on that application was distributed for discussion at an upcoming regular meeting (;;

            Evaluation - Safety Report:  City Planner Akers stated that safety reports from the Oxford Police Department may be available concerning path and pedestrian/cycling activities.  

            There being no further business to come before the Commission, the meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m