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WINNER ~ Comics/Graphic Novel of the Year 2011

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WINNER ~ Wildcard Book of the Year 2011

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The Virtual Scribe by Bonnie Lee



The Brainpan by Randy Ford



Page One Literature



Green From the Pond Up receives its Foreword from Mr. Brian Walker, Hi and Lois.

"I started working at the Museum of Cartoon Art in 1974, a few months after I graduated from college. On numerous occasions, aspiring cartoonists would bring their work to the Museum, particularly on Sunday afternoons when my father, Mort Walker, was manning the gift counter. I was amazed at how patient Mort was with these young artists. He explained to me that when he was growing up, his father would often take him to the offices of the Kansas City Star. The guys in the art department took the eager kid under their wing and gave him tips on how to improve his drawing. My father was convinced that this encouragement helped him to become a successful cartoonist and felt an obligation to help other young artists in a similar way. This story left a strong impression on me.

Beginning in the mid-1970s, we offered a cartoon course at the Museum and some of our former students went on to pursue successful careers. In the early 1980s, I agreed to give private lessons to a finalist in one of our cartoon contests, Mark Tonra. I took him to meet some of his idols, including Dik Browne, and helped him to produce a short animated film. Mark became a professional magazine cartoonist and eventually sold three different comic strips to three different syndicates. I continued working with young cartoonists in the 1990s, teaching courses in humor writing at Fairfield University in Connecticut and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. This was when Gill Fox introduced me to Drew Aquilina.

At that time, Drew's cartoons were being published in the Danbury News-Times. Drew visited my class at Fairfield U. and Gill and I encouraged him to continue his career. I always told my students that the most important goal when starting out was to get their drawings published, even if they had to work for free. This is how cartoonists learn to communicate with their readers. In the years since I met him, Drew has continued to draw for publication and build his audience.

Drew's technique is now fully developed. His writing is well-paced and conveys a positive, environmental message. The backgrounds depict a realistic locale and the scenery documents the changing seasons. The main cast, Iggy, Radic, Cabby, and Roc, are charming and believable. The humor is warm and genuine. The strips in this book clearly demonstrate Drew's talents as an artist.

Selling a strip to one of the major syndicates is more difficult than it has ever been, but I think Drew has a good chance to achieve national recognition. In the meantime, he has been honing his craft, waiting for his big break. This book is a major step in that direction. I am flattered that he has asked me to write the foreword and I am pleased that I was able to contribute to his progress. As my father taught me many years ago, helping aspiring cartoonists is the least we can do to return the good fortune we have enjoyed working in this wonderful business. I wish Drew success with Green Pieces and I hope he will help other artists who follow in his footsteps."



Characters you want to know whether you live in a swamp or not!

"Drew Aquilina was going green before going green was cool. If you've ever wondered what a naked turtle looks like, Green Pieces is the cartoon series for you."

- Joe DeVito

Famous Comedian

Jul 15, 2010

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Across America w/ Gary Freeman




National Geographic Kids



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This Book Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

"Do you like cartoons? How about laughing out loud? This book will make you do that. This collection of cartoons is published by Five Star Publications (thanks for the review copy) and is suitable for both young adults and adults. His cartoon characters are cute, quite human in their responses, and quite silly sometimes. The basic underlying theme is to stress environmental protection and show you how even the smallest ecological change can affect the animals in the pond.

Iggy (Iggman) the turtle who is happy with the simple life, Radic the dragonfly who is radical, Cabby the frog whose DNA changed while he a tadpole and now he's super smart (and a bit unhinged), and Roc the raccoon. I have to admit Roc is my favorite character. He's big bad boy who steals his food just like real raccoons do and he's always in trouble. The messages are subtle and mixed with enough humor it's fun to read the cartoons. Who knows what the mixed up group from the pond will do next?"

- Jo Ann Hakola

Journey of a Bookseller

Jul 19, 2010

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A Delightful Romp in Another World - The Pond

"Green Pieces is a delightful romp in another world. Well, to be exact it is a pond, not another world. I have always like comics geared towards adults that were a mix of easy sass, with a deeper meaning thrown in. This book reminded me of some of my favorites, Tom Tomorrow, Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side. The four main inhabitants of the wetland find some new some new and humorous adventure every day."

- Carrie Collins

A Blog of Books

Jul 27, 2010

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This is Something Special

"This collection of cartoons is something special. Covering environmental issues and the day to day life of animals living at a pond. There is a claustrophobic turtle named Iggy, a party loving raccoon named Roc, Cabby the mutant genius bullfrog and an annoying dragonfly named Radic. Together they interact with other wildlife and try to survive the damage that humans wreak on their habitat. My eight-year-old son was reading this book and asked if he could put a bookmark in it so he wouldn't lose his place. Loved it!"

- Stacie, Nova Scotia, Canada

Simply Stacie

Jul 30, 2010

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Highly Recommended - Fun Cartoons Laced with Scientific Information on Habitats and Animals

"As a reviewer, Green Pieces was a delightful surprise. I was not expecting much from a book of cartoons telling an important ecological story, but it did and held my interest from beginning to end. The cartoons are in a black and white - pen and ink format. I actually feel this was a better choice than color because of the ability to focus more easily on the story and information imparted. The story begins by introducing us to the four main characters that inhabit the pond, Iggy (the cautious clever turtle) Radic (pesky but lovable dragonfly) Cabby (a genetically altered bullfrog) and Roc (the intuitive neighborhood raccoon).

We travel with these characters through the seasons of the year, learning where they live, how they live and how each one adjusts to the environment they are given. The author cleverly weaves humor and important factual information into his seasonal stories. We learn the common predators of the grey squirrel, that T-Rex lived during the Cretaceous period and that raccoons hunt for garbage at night while sleeping during the day.

The print is large enough for younger children to read easily, however, some of the language and concepts are more suited to children eight and up. There are many sound words used throughout the book which for many reluctant readers will peak their interest. This would make a great non-textbook approach for teachers in a tutorial situation or reading facilitators in an academic setting.

I would highly recommend Green Pieces as a fun cartoon book laced with scientific information on habitats, animals and the seasonal challenges they experience."

- Eileen Hanley

Aug 09, 2010

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2010 Green Book Festival

Winner, 2010 Green Book Festival, San Francisco, CA / Honorable Mention / Comics/Graphic Novels division / based upon ARC only!

- Green Book Festival Judges

Green Book Festival

May 03, 2010

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The Brainpan

It's wonderful. Nicely done. I'm enjoying the cartoon strip. What fun and how timely. I can see your loving hand. Keep it up.

- Randy Ford, Playwright

The Brainpan, Tucson, AZ

Jun 06, 2010

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Great Way to Educate about the Importance of Protecting Nature

This book is a great way to educate the public, especially children, about the importance of protecting nature rather than harming it. The characters are lovable and hilarious, and you really start to sympathize with their lights after a while. But rather than preaching, Aquilina spreads his message with humor, a much better method in my opinion. My favorite cartoon was when the characters were being sued for not wearing clothes. A close second was Cabby's numerous attempts to outsmart NASA. My only complaint was that it was sometimes difficult to distinguish when one cartoon was ending and another was beginning, but as they were all related, it didn't prove to be that big of a problem. I would definitely recommend parents to buy this book for their children and teachers to buy it for their classrooms.

- Ayushi

The Book Worm

Jun 06, 2010

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Most Entertaining and Instructive Cartoon Book

Green Pieces is a beautifully rendered book of cartoons featuring four delightful anthropomorphic characters and their experiences through the four seasons in a wetlands environment. Light humor and luscious cartoon drawings combine with serious environmental concerns and solid lessons about nature. This is by far the most entertaining and instructive cartoon book I've ever encountered and, as such, is a 'must have' for children of all ages, school libraries and ‘young at heart' adults.

- Dr. Jana S. Eaton

Educator, Artist & Author, Green Valley, AZ

Jun 07, 2010

Collection of Cartoons a Must for Young and Old

This collection of cartoons is a must for young and old. Iggy (the turtle with the claustrophobic problem) and his friends are delightful characters who inspire, inform and elate. Their "human" problems will resonate with all readers. Green Pieces: Green From the Pond Up is an outstanding compilation as witnessed by the uniqueness of the animal creatures and the situations in which they find themselves involved. I love to imagine myself as part of the Pond friends and would enjoy participating in their many antics first hand. I am confident parents and children alike will agree.

- Theresa Eberhard Asch

Educator, Danbury, CT

Jun 13, 2010

Wit and Whimsy

Wit and whimsy can lead to wisdom or at least awareness. In "Green Pieces," Drew Aquilina skillfully uses cartoon humor to parody human foibles and tweak consciousness of nature and our environment.

- Marge Hanley

Retired Writer/Educator, The Indianapolis News

Jun 15, 2010

Take Adventures "From the Pond" into Classroom

This book is an easy avenue that allows me to take adventures "FROM THE POND" into my classroom. Teaching my special needs students an awareness of ecology and an attentiveness to the environment is always a challenge. The characters in this book are relatable to both young and old and the situations are springboards to discussion. Even my non-readers want to look and learn from the adventures of Iggy, Radic, Cabby and Roc.

- Elyse Blum, Exceptional Educator

Exceptional Education Teacher, Hialeah High School, Hialeah, FL

Jun 20, 2010

Some of the Strips had me Laughing Out Loud

I found this collection of cartoons quite amusing. The author does a wonderful job of introducing each character and highlighting their unique personalities. Iggy is a clever yet cautious turtle who merely wants to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Radic is a slightly troublesome dragonfly but is quite lovable, despite his pesky nature. Cabby the bullfrog is genetically mutated during the tadpole stage and is a highly evolved computer and physics geek. Last, but not least, is Roc the friendly raccoon who has a tendency to get himself in trouble with his love of dumpster diving and rubbish rummaging.

I think a lot of these comic strips are something you have to be a grown up to really 'get'... kind of like Farside humor and some of the funnies in the newspaper. There are the occasional reference to things that kids just aren't going to understand ... Moulder and Scully and the Xfiles reference. Most, however, are written on a level that older kids could understand just fine.

Some of the strips had me laughing out loud, hilarious. For the most part, I found them to be mildly amusing glances at life in the pond...quite cute and several even had a 'current events' theme to them (like the spotted owl and its loss of habitat). This was a great way to pass the time, curled up in a chair with a cup of coffee.

If you want to enjoy this humorous and educational look at nature you can check out Green Pieces Cartoons or check out upcoming book tours at the book website. You can also check them on their blog. If you would like your own copy you can check out Amazon and preorder or the book website.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone."

- Diane Hoffmaster

Turning Back the Clock

Jun 21, 2010

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Cartoons Insightful yet Colorful ~ As Vivid as Those Pictured on Film

As a photographer, I capture "in the moment views" of nature. Looking inside, Drew's Green From the Pond Up creates a "humanized" image of nature's creatures. His cartoons give insightful, yet colorful, characterizations as vivid as those pictured on film. BRAVO! You "Drew" me into your world!

- William Mast, Picture the World

Renowned Travel Photographer

Jun 21, 2010

Characters are Funny - Cartoons are Entertaining

This cartoon compilation is by Drew Aquilina, and it is VERY funny! I received an advanced review copy in the mail and was very pleased with the complete package: character descriptions, publishing information and contacts, even an order form. The characters are funny. The cartoons are entertaining. And you even learn a little bit about nature in the process of reading it.

When I read the synopsis and the description of each character I kept thinking that this book would be boring, because it's all about being green and keeping nature safe. Well, that's true, it was about all of that, but it was also very funny. I like to describe it as a Calvin and Hobbes type cartoon book, that doesn't follow the same story the whole time, but keeps you intrigued enough to continue reading. I have a few reservations about this book. It has a little bit of crude humor. Nothing very bad, but I wouldn't suggest it for kids. Come to think of it, I probably wouldn't suggest it for kids anyway, maybe ages 10 and up?

Anyway, it's a fun book and I think you should keep your eyes open for it!

- Christina Crowther

Just a Mom, Reading to my Kids

Jun 22, 2010

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Drew can Draw

Drew can draw. He has also accomplished the unlikely and made ecological commentary likeable. His collection of pond parables touch lightly and yet still make waves. Dive into "Green Pieces: Green From the Pond Up" and you will come out smiling.

- Gary Isaacson, Author

"Game Over" 2007 / "Crude Customs" July 2010

Jun 25, 2010

Main Characters are Endearing - Book has Humorous Streak

Green Pieces was described as a book that depicts life at a pond through typical pond inhabitants. In this case, the four main characters are Igg (a turtle), Radic (a dragonfly), Cabby (a frog), and Roc (a raccoon). These anthropomorphic creatures, according to the description, were to convey a Green message that was humorous, and suitable for children.

The main characters are indeed endearing, and live in (or around) a pond. The cartoon strips indeed have a green slant, and a sense of humor runs throughout the book. Human impact on the environment (both positive and negative) are caricatured leaving the reader both smiling and questioning our treatment of the environment. In addition to human impact on the environment, there are other strips that focus on other topics such as outer space exploration, aliens, mating (and male-female relationships), time travel, and cancer research.

Some cartoon strips also take a jab at truly human preoccupations (through anthropomorphic animal agents). These include combating hair loss, cable TV programming, scandals, family law, obesity, and interracial (cross-species) relations. Aesop's fables, Jack and Jill, and Thanksgiving all make special appearances as well. The book is divided into four parts, each dedicated to a season. Each part contains several comic strips with its disparate topics and characters.

It would be nice if each "story" had a title, and the layout would clearly separate the various stories. The cartoon strips were not in color, however as this was a review copy, I assume the final publication would be in color.The primary audience is adults, while some strips may be suitable for children.The book does have a humorous streak throughout all the comic strips. While some topics on nature are illustrated, other topics are also thrown into the mix.

- Muhammed Hassanali

TCM Reviews

Jun 25, 2010

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A Delightful Eco-Gem! Drew Turned Me into a Fan!

"This book is sure to raise environmental awareness ~ that is, between laughs. It's charming and clever, fresh and funny. A delightful eco-gem! Still, my litany of happy adjectives cannot prepare a reader for the joy of Green Pieces.

Although I admire the creative genius of a well-conceived strip, I honestly have never been drawn in enough to read one with any consistency. And sadly, I'm a little like your friend Dan, my humor button is sometimes hard to push. So despite feeling very open-minded about the experience of reviewing Green Pieces, I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to relate to your "comic book" format, environmentally themed or not. To make matters worse, the first time I clicked on the PDF was at 3am after a sleepless night of catch-up work. Admittedly not the best hour for rousing a chuckle. Nevertheless, the month was getting away from me so I popped opened the file and started to read ...

Fifty pages later I was still in my office ... laughing out loud! I kept telling myself, "Just one more page, then I'll go to bed." But I couldn't stop. What a delightful cast of characters! Iggman and Radic are hysterical! I love how Iggy comes "out of his shell". And his obsession with turtle wax. Radic endlessly "bugging" him. The cameos with Cabby, dumpster diving Roc, recycling squirrels, and the rest of the animals from pond to desert to sea. You turned me into a fan. Marvelous job!"

- Brooke Bessesen

Children's Author, Look Who Lives in the Desert! (Ocean!), Zachary Z. Packrat and His Amazing Collections

Jun 27, 2010

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Green Pieces Meets Blogger News Network

Simon Barrett of the Blogger News Network ("BNN") has reviewed Green Pieces: Green From the Pond Up and has provided that review on the BNN website. See what the latest in national Blogger News is saying about Drew Aquilina and his cartoon strip Green Pieces.

Here is a snipet - ". . . A true master of the craft can also produce a work that appeals to young and old alike. I remember playing a party game a number of years ago, the premise was that you were to be marooned on a desert island and you could take ten books with you, what books would you take. The first two that popped into my mind were Wind In The Willows, and Alice In Wonderland. Although both are primarily children's books, both have that unique ability to cross generational boundaries. I see Green Pieces as being such a book. Drew Aquilina is a cartoonist by trade, and has created a compilation of some of his strips. Many are simple four or eight panel strips, all are steeped in humour and many have an environmental message. Much of the humour operates on both a childs level and an adult one. A number of years ago there was a TV program Fragle Rock, it managed to achieve that fine balance, kids loved it for the simple humour, while adults loved it for the deeper and mostly somewhat surreal humour. . . .

Green Pieces is slated for release in September, and I think it will go far. As soon as we do have a firm launch date and the final edit I will put up a review, I also plan on doing an interview with Drew. Clearly this man is a creative and very humorous genius."

- Simon Barrett

Blogger News Network

Jun 30, 2010

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Great Book to Share with Young People

I received Green Pieces: Green From the Pond Up - A Cartoon Collection by Drew Aquilina for review here on my blog. I had mixed emotions going into this read because you see no matter how much I love animals and the environment, I don't what you would call 'love' comic books. But this book taught me an important lesson. There is a big difference between comic books and comic strips. Now I don't know if that is technically true, but it seems that as for me I don't enjoy comic books but I DO enjoy comic strips.

Green Pieces follows the lives of Iggy, Radic, Cabby, Roc and all the other animals around the pond. How they live and get along out in the world and interact with humans as they encroach on their land. It's a fun and informative look at life in the wild, not the kind of wild what most of us never get to see but the kind of wild that is right in our backyard or at a neighborhood pond. This would be a great book to share with a young person in your life, the cartoonish drawing would get them reading and they just might walk away having learned a little something.

You can learn more about the pond and it's colorful characters at their home here on the web.

- Rayna

Mom's Not All

Jul 01, 2010

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A Wonderful Book - Highly Recommended

"I was not sure what I would find inside the pages of this book, but I soon found myself reading it from cover to cover. Nature is so much a part of all of us whether we realize it or not. In this tale we are taken into the very heart of nature led by some really zany characters.

We have lggman, a turtle, Radic, a dragon fly, and one who loves to drive lggman a little crazy. We also have, Cabby, the bullfrog and, Roc, the raccoon. You will see how each one of these guys interact with nature and each other, and the rest of the pond residents and environment. The cartoons absolutely bring these characters to life and the area as well. My favorite was the "Winter." Here we find Igg and Radic stuck under the frozen pond hibernating, that is until Radic has a phobia attack and lgg must take him to the surface. I loved that tale, it was great.

All in all this is a wonderful book, full of top-notch illustrations and adorable characters that will bring nature and the inhabitants alive to you in a superb way. Very well done and highly recommended."

- Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer

Midwest Book Review

Jul 06, 2010

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Cartoons Perfect to Teach School Children

"These environmental cartoons are perfect to teach school children about respecting the environment. While for me the cartoons were not laugh-out-loud funny, I certainly see the value of the collection. It's a fun way of increasing awareness about the environment, of teaching kids, and adults, to respect nature. I especially loved Iggy the turtle; he and his shell manage to get into all kinds of situations."

- Laura Chamberlain

Tampa Bookworm

Jul 07, 2010

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Tubac Villager Likes the Pond

"In Green Pieces, cartoonist Drew Aquilina transports readers to the rich ecosystem of his mind, welcoming us to the Pond where his cast of animal characters interact in a world ruled by the seasons. Aquilina's whimsical and clever cartoon strips are entertaining and thoughtful with creative illustrations that will help bring you out of your shell with a smile."

- Joseph Birkett, Publisher/Editor

Tubac Villager

Jul 07, 2010

Laughing and Learning - A Great Combination

"Led by a claustrophobic turtle named Iggman, the action picks up once humans leave the scene. Iggy and his friends including an annoying dragonfly, Radic, an omnipotent techno-bullfrog, Cabby, and a rogue raccoon, Roc, give us an entertaining perspective on nature. While for me the cartoons were not laugh-out loud funny, I may be in the minority, and I certainly see the value of the collection. It's a fun way of increasing awareness about the environment, of teaching kids, and adults, to respect nature, seeing the world from the viewpoint of these quirky characters. Laughing and learning are a great combo. And the strips are amusing. I especially loved Iggy; he and his shell manage to get into all kinds of situations."

- Carol

Carol's Notebook

Jul 07, 2010

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The Cartoons' Simplicity is its Winning Factor

This collection of cartoons showcases different animals whose life perspectives are hilariously presented with snippets of humanistic traits in an animal world. Here we meet Iggy the turtle, Radic the dragonfly, Roc the racoon, and Cabby the bullfrog.

Iggy is our lovable turtle whose claustrophobic fears are encased by the paradox of living in a shell. His obsession for waxing his shell creates moments of laughter as he attempts to contrive a life "outside" the security of the "shell".

Radic is the "bug" whose only purpose is to stir up Iggy's comfortable world, always seeking out to land on Iggy's shell as a resort spot for his pleasure. Iggy could not exist outside of this relationship and their banter is adorably portrayed.

Roc is the rambling raccoon found in the midst of the garbage, scavenging through human spots (eg restaurants bins & garbage) for tantalizing morsels to eat. His "food alcoholic" disease makes him a character known for his wisdom where he spurts reality into the animal world life.

Cabby the bullfrog is Iggy's psychiatrist. He attempts to psycho analyze the deep set fears associated with the "shell" and his perspective on the moment is hilarious.

This collection is divided into the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The animals gather together to expound on their life experiences in the wilds of human existence with profound statements on this co existence.

Drew Aquilina has gathered together some of his best cartoons in this collection. I would have to say that the animal world is well represented and not limited to just the characters named above. We encounter the gamut: birds, trees, bats, horses, deers, cats, dogs, etc. All cleverly done with a comical portrayal of life in the animal burbs.

Some of my favourites contained signs that people don't often encounter when seeing a deer cross and absolutely loved the commercial showcasing the "are you losing your antlers due to poor diet or stress" (excerpt Green Pieces- Green from the Pond Up, page 133).

The cartoons simplisticy is its winning factor. It's humour will be enjoyed by young adults and their parents. Kids will enjoy it for the drawings but the parents will enjoy the humour as representative of our times in this banal world.

I have to endorse the bats most ... ."

- PK Reeves

Aisle B

Jul 11, 2010

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Pogo At Last Has Been Replaced

"At last, a creature strip that takes the place of Pogo in my life. Yes, I know Green Pieces is all about a pond and not a swamp, but that would make you kind of picky, wouldn't it? I think the book is terrific."

- Pat McMahon, AZ-TV and KTAR

Award-winning Broadcaster

Jul 12, 2010

Life at the Pond is Full of Fun

"Spring, summer, fall or winter, life at the pond is full of fun, facts and mischief. Green Pieces reminds us, often with hilarious results, that we share this world, and would be wise to keep it Green from the Pond Up."

- Becky Reyes, Rio Roco, AZ


Jul 13, 2010

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Strips Actually Tell a Story

"A compilation of cartoons, these strips are organized in such a fashion that they actually tell a story and have some sort of order. The four parts of the book--spring, summer, fall, and winter--make it easy for the book to be read in sections. The main characters are a turtle, dragonfly, frog, and raccoon. However, other animals appear [like rabbits, deer, squirrels, and birds]. Every now and then, hard science facts will appear to teach the reader something about nature. Other bits of information are more subtle (like hibernation and predator / prey interactions). While cute and adorable, some things that buyers should know before giving this to children are as follows: smoking depicted by animal, animals pecking on the lips, and evolution mentioned. All in all, this series is facetious."

- Teresa Konopka

Smart Book Reviews

Jul 29, 2010

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