Metrolina Library Association.  Minutes of the Board Meeting, 4-20-2011        2



WED. APRIL 20TH, 2011, 2 P.M.

Central Piedmont Community College, Harris Campus, Building I room 1226

3210 CPCC Harris Campus Drive, Charlotte

Board Members Present: Valerie Freeman, LaJuan Pringle, Cheryl Ann Coyle, Seth Allen, Denelle Eads, Melinda Livas, Joli McClelland, Frank Newton, Doug Short. 

Board Members Absent: Joe Eshleman, Judy Geczi.

1. Treasurer's Report.  Doug brought some copies of his report distributed earlier today by e-mail, and noted that as of meeting time we have $7,957.74.

2. Minutes of Last Board Meeting.  After a quorum was obtained, Frank distributed some copies of the minutes of the last Board meeting (February 16th since there was no Board meeting in March; sent out earlier by e-mail), and the minutes were approved as written.

3. Program Feedback -- Spring Program (LaJuan).  LaJuan reported that 18 completed satisfaction surveys on the spring program "The Future of Libraries: Where Are We Going?" on March 16th at the Imaginon were returned, of which 11 called the program very helpful, 6 somewhat helpful, and 1 not helpful.  LaJuan read aloud the comments from the one "not helpful" responder.  He reported that several people described the discussion portion (nearly an hour long) as the best part of the program.  He is still corresponding with Dr. Herring in follow-up e-mails.

4. Program Planning -- Two 2011 Programs After the June Conference.

(a) Winter program and meal at the Art Institute [about December] -- ideas mentioned were copyright and social media.  Looks like we'll go with copyright.  Lolly Gasaway of UNC-Chapel Hill recommended, but too pricey.  Peggy Koon was recommended.

(b) Fall program: Library crawl [before the winter program] -- in which our group visits a couple of Charlotte-area libraries in a single afternoon/evening.  The following libraries were mentioned as possibilities: Queens University; the Law Library; Billy Graham Library; Mint Museum; Gantt Cultural Center; Asian Library (a subscription library for area residents who are native speakers of one of several Asian languages such as Chinese, etc.); WFAE's library; jail library; UNC-Charlotte.  Either they have to be in close comfortable walking distance of each other; or the Board needs to plan to bring some SUV's or such and carpool; or we need to rent a shuttle bus.  Queens rents a shuttle bus from Rose Transportation.  It is also possible to rent a 15-passenger van from Adventure Vans (last year's library crawl attendance would have fitted into a 15-passenger vehicle).  UNC-CH has a trolley.

5. Program Planning -- 2011 Information Literacy Conference (Valerie). 

(a) Valerie reported that two documents about the June Conference need to be meshed before being uploaded to our web site.  

(b) Branding. Suggestions being invited for a catchy name for our annual conference (possibly involving an acronym), LaJuan proposed Metrolina Information Literacy Conference, which reduces to MILC.  The Board liked that a lot and tied several tails onto LaJuan's idea: a cow mascot; Milk Duds and Cowtails candy (cf. for conference goodie bags; etc.  Doug will look into the possibility of conference t-shirts which might be printed at CPCC's Harper Campus.  Joli will work on a MILC logo.

(c) Denelle volunteered to be the designated photographer for the Conference.

(d) We will ask Johnson and Wales to provide a mike.

(e) Conference fees will be: $20 presenters, $40 students & MLA members, $55 non-members.

6. Written Procedures for MLA Officers' Jobs.  All the Board members are encouraged to write up their procedures.  Doug has written procedures but they need to be updated.

7. Next Meeting will be Wed. May 18th at 2 p.m., hopefully at the same location (CPCC Harris Campus).  The next Board meeting after the May meeting will be the third Wednesday in August.

The meeting adjourned about 3 p.m., and was followed by a meeting of the Conference planning committee (which the Secretary was unable to attend) to work on further details of the June Conference.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Newton

MLA Secretary