Assignment Description: Collaborative Novel Project

English 227, Section 004

Introduction to Creative Writing - Fall 2012

Instructor: Ryan Edel

Office Hours: Tuesday 1-3pm and Wednesday 11am-1pm, STV 414B

Course Website:

Two of our major course objectives are to help you develop a comfortable feel for writing extensive first drafts, and then to help you develop the skills for effective revision.

Ideally, the best way to teach this would be to require each student to write and revise a complete novel manuscript - one with a beginning, middle, and end. This would, however, require more time than we have in the semester. Instead, we’ll be using a collaborative novel as a way for you experience every stage of the novel-writing process, from plotting to drafting to revision. Given the collaborative nature of the project, you’ll be able to produce far more pages far more quickly, and you’ll also be forced to dedicate more time to planning and revision as you bring together ideas from multiple authors.

In your groups, you’ll each be individually writing sections of a novel, and as a group you’ll be working out who will writing which sections and how they’ll be arranged. During this process, you’ll use GoogleDocs to share your work, provide feedback, and assemble the final manuscript.