A quick history of DGIT’s acquisitions


2004 – AGT Broadcast

-   “The AGT-Broadcast facilities were located in regions strategically relevant to some of the nation’s largest advertisers. For example, the Southfield office is in close proximity to the epicenter of the Detroit auto industry”.

-   “AGT-Broadcast provides a range of ancillary services including volume duplication, encoding and captioning, media management and archiving, and digital imaging”;

-   “With AGT-Broadcast, we are acquiring solid management, sales and customer service personnel who we believe will be instrumental to enhancing our 24/7 service capabilities”.


2005 – Source TV

-   “Source TV provides advertising agencies, advertisers and production houses with a complete online resource and has a searchable database of over 350,000 television commercials, both on a subscription and per-transaction basis. Source TV allows users to search for spots by keywords, product, product category and more. Directors, production and production services companies can be identified through name, style, specialty, location and other searches. Spots are viewable online and hundreds of new spots are added to the Source TV database regularly”;

-   “Source TV has over 4,000 active users at over 300 companies generating over 200,000 annual individual online sessions from its searchable online database. The company is a leader in providing advertising agencies and production companies with TV commercial information and other specialized content. Additionally, Source TV’s database serves as a clearing house of contact information for key creative personnel including directors and production companies, which facilitates the process of matching certain skill sets of agencies/production companies to specific commercial production projects”;

-   Source TV’s founder and President Pamela Maythenyi, has joined DG as Senior Vice President – (she is still there).


2005 -  Media DVX

-   “fleet of servers configured to accept program and/or advertising content in over 1,400 locations beyond destinations the Company presently reaches”;

-   “Media DVX's strategic partnership with Pathfire, Inc., whose proprietary satellite network could add further redundancy to the Company's network and provide a platform from which to pursue additional network reach or utilization strategies”.


2006 -  FastChannel

-   “The merger of DG Systems and FastChannel combines the industry’s leading digital media service firms with television, radio, and print media distribution capabilities; online business intelligence offerings that include the world’s largest searchable database of television advertisements; digital asset management tools for archiving and collaboration; and media intelligence offerings that include broadcast verification as well as competitive monitoring”;

-   “FastChannel’s international CreativeChannel service will be paired with DG Systems’ Source TV division to provide the most comprehensive collection of commercials, including credits and content, for innovative global networking as well as creative and production re-sourcing”;

-   “The combined company expects to achieve approximately $6 million to $9 million in operational synergies”

-   “FastChannel’s CEO and President John Roland will become President and COO of the combined entity”;



2007 – Pathfire and Point.360

-   “The addition of Point.360’s Ads distribution clients strengthens our core business of offering the standard in digital media distribution services to a growing base of blue chip advertisers and agencies.  The Pathfire transaction also diversifies DG FastChannel’s customer base as it provides immediate entrée into new markets such as the electronic delivery of syndicated programming, news, electronic press kits and the digital cinema initiative … the combined resources of DG FastChannel’s and Pathfire’s IT focus and technology investments will help bring standards to the industry for file based deliveries.”


2007 – GTN

-   Based in Detroit, GTN serves the advertising community through a comprehensive range of advertising media services including distribution for standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) commercials, production, post-production, asset management and archival services. GTN’s marquee clients include top automotive advertisers and Detroit-based advertising agencies focused on the automotive advertising market. Automotive advertising produced by GTN has aired during the Super Bowl, Grammy Awards and other high-profile broadcasts.


-   Upon completion of the transaction, which is expected to close in the third quarter of 2007, DG FastChannel intends to divest GTN’s non-core production and post-production assets and operations. Accordingly, these businesses will be reported on DG FastChannel’s balance sheet as assets held for sale. In 2006 GTN generated approximately $15.8 million in revenue, with EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of approximately $2.1 million. Approximately 32% of GTN’s 2006 revenues were generated by the ads distribution operations. DG FastChannel expects its management of GTN’s ads distribution operations to generate EBITDA margins of approximately 35% and believes the transaction will be accretive to its operating results.”


2008 – Enliven/Unicast

“The combined company will provide a broad range of digital media services including:

-   Traditional media distribution capabilities reaching television, cable, and television and cable networks, radio stations, and print outlets;

-   Digital technology services including one of the industry’s most innovative rich media ad solutions, 3-D, Hologram, HD3D applications, campaign management, mobile and Internet ad delivery and flexible reporting toolsets via the Unicast brand infrastructure;

-   Best-in-class digital marketing strategy, creative, media planning and website development services leveraging the SpringBox interactive agency brand;

-   Post production media services performed throughout seven full service U.S service centers and three international offices;

-   Online business intelligence products including the world’s largest searchable database of television advertisements leveraging its SourceECreative® brand; and,

-   Digital asset management and order management systems for ingest, archiving and collaborating virtually every type of media asset.”


2010 - Match Point.

-   Neil Nguyen, President and COO of DG FastChannel,commented, “This transaction delivers strategic value including a large customer list of DR agencies and advertisers established over Match Point’s twenty year history. We are ..are pleased that all principals of Match Point will join our team following the close. With this acquisition, DG FastChannel will add services and additional capacity for both short form and long form content preparation services, including: tagging and customization, voiceover, watermarking and closed captioning.”


-   “For nearly twenty years, Treehouse has been a leader in dub and ship distribution and customization for the DR industry. As we seek to bring greater efficiencies to our customers in the areas of distribution and product innovation, the principals at Match Point believe that DG FastChannel’s world class products and services, paired with our expertise, will provide the greatest value to our customers. The combined DG FastChannel and Treehouse entity will enable faster turnaround times and the ability to change offers quickly, both of which are critical to our customers,” said Matt Edelman and Andy Donato, Principals of Treehouse Media.”


2011 – Mijo

-   “We have spent over 32 years building a business in Canada that provides a suite of diverse and fully integrated services to advertisers, feature film distributors and broadcasters”

-   “The resources of the DG network, with its dual edge server footprint to distribute advertising, direct response and syndication content, will be located at 50 to 60 Canadian television broadcast sites, as well as all of Canada’s radio stations. The scale of the network, operating efficiencies and customer overlap provide significant opportunities for both growth and cost synergies.

-   MIJO provides top US and multinational brands with a platform of bilingual and integrated media services targeted to the advertising, entertainment and broadcast industries. Joel Reitman and Michael Goldberg are expected to remain with the company together with the core group of 110 employees, thus assuring operating continuity for the diverse group of clients located throughout Canada. “


2011 - Mediamind

-   “MediaMind’s online business excels in rich media and fits well with our unparalleled distribution platform for high value broadcast content – enabling advertisers to most effectively connect with audiences globally.  With its new global reach and enhanced product offerings, DG will gain critical mass and will have the unique ability to provide a suite of cross-platform advertising management and distribution services.”

-   “MediaMind is a unique asset, with tremendous people, products and services in the fast-growing $71 billion global online advertising market[1] with a superb international footprint and broad agency relationships.  Headquartered in New York, MediaMind has 37 sales and representation offices covering 64 countries.  In 2010, MediaMind delivered campaigns for 9,000 brand owners using approximately 3,800 media and creative agencies across 8,200 global web publishers in 64 countries.“


2011 – Eyewonder

-   EyeWonder is a leading provider of interactive digital advertising products and services, including online video and rich media solutions, serving Fortune 1000 companies and premium marketers around the globe.  In addition to helping advertisers, interactive agencies and content publishers create, build, track and optimize campaigns, EyeWonder is recognized globally for its technological expertise around targeting.  EyeWonder Predictive Behavioral Targeting served over 3.5 billion targeted impressions in the most recent quarter. “To fulfill our vision of converging TV and online media, we require a strong global position in online advertising,” said Neil Nguyen, President and COO of DG.  “By joining EyeWonder with Unicast and MediaMind we are strategically establishing an online media powerhouse.   We are delighted to welcome our new colleagues to DG.”  DG expects EyeWonder to generate revenues of approximately $36 million to $37 million for full year 2011.   In addition, the Company anticipates realizing $7.0 million in cost synergies in the first twelve months following the close of the EyeWonder transaction.”