The Options menu has several tabs that allows you to control

the behavior of PC Updater.


- Select the location on your computer where your driver downloads

are saved

- Select the location on your computer where your backups are saved

To save any changes, click “Apply.”  To restore the default settings,

click the “Default” button.


Select a language for using PC Updater

Ignore List

Selecting ‘Ignore’ for a driver on the Results screen excludes that driver

from future scans and adds it to your Ignore List.  You may remove drivers

from the list using the “Remove Item” and “Remove All Items” buttons.

Drivers removed will be included in subsequent scans.

Additional Options

Program Control:  Select an option for closing PC Updater

Configure automatic scanning schedule: Use this option to schedule your

scans in advance. The scan will start automatically at the selected day,

date and time.  Select among options to scan “Every Day” at a specified time,

“Run Once” on a specified date and time, “Every Week” on specified

days at a particular time, or “Do Not Schedule” scan.

The next scheduled scan is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

When you schedule a scan or edit a scheduled scan, click on the “Apply” 

button to save the changes you have made.

Launch Option: Select the checkbox at the bottom of the screen to

run PC Updater every time you start Windows.

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