IST-495 Syllabus

Penn State Altoona

Security and Risk Analysis

General Information

IST-495 is a one-credit internship course intended to provide SRA students with a meaningful work experience that will enable them to identify and obtain appropriate employment following graduation.  The internship will offer students the opportunity to better understand the work environment and provide insight into the types of information systems security positions available.  In addition, the internship should enable students to more effectively identify their own vocational interests.

Faculty Information

Jungwoo Ryoo, Ph.D., CISSP, CISA

Office: 147 Learning Resources Center


Internship Coordinator

Tom Shaffer

211 Learning Resources Center



IST-495 requires a minimum of 300 hours of IST/SRA related work.  The course may be taken up to three times; however, it must be taken at least one time to meet the requirements of the program.

No textbook is required for the course.  Angel and/or Google Docs are used for course management and turning in assignments.  Additionally, several internship websites are used for turning in the initial application and evaluation forms.  Those websites are:

Prior to beginning the internship, students must complete an Application for Internship at the above site.  In addition, students must enroll in IST-495 and have approval for the internship.

During the internship, the student and supervisor must provide a midpoint and final evaluation of the student’s performance.  Both of these forms are available online at the above links.

In addition, students are required to maintain a weekly journal that provides a summary of the student’s activities for the week.  The journal will be kept online through a shared Google Doc folder so that the faculty member can effectively evaluate the student’s progress and provide regular feedback.  The online diary must be updated at least once per week.

At the conclusion of the internship, students are expected to present their experience to the audience consisting of both faculty members and other SRA students.  Please note that you are expected to attend your classmate’s presentations unless you have a conflicting class.  If you do not attend your classmate’s presentations, it will have a substantial negative impact on your own presentation grade.  In addition, students will also present at the end of semester Student Showcase internship and project presentation event.  The presentation, in particular, needs to explain how the student’s initial learning objectives have been accomplished during the internship period.

Weekly Journal Guidelines

Student Deliverable and Due Dates

Application for Internship:        Before beginning internship

Add course:                        Before beginning internship

Mid-point evaluation:        Within one week of completing ½ the hours of work

Final evaluation:                Within one week of completing the internship

Journal:                        Must be completed weekly

Presentation 1:                At the end of the course

Presentation 2:                Student showcase event

* Students should maintain regular contact with the supervising faculty member throughout the internship.

Employer Deliverable and Due Dates

Mid-point evaluation:        Within one week of completing ½ the hours of work

Final evaluation:                Within one week of completing the internship

Grading Policy

Grades will be based upon each of the above deliverable, including:

Academic Integrity

This class adheres to the suggested academic integrity statement at  University policy requires that disciplinary forms be filed with the judicial affairs office in the event of an academic integrity violation.