Kindle Formatting

***Before you use this guide, format your document following the guidelines set forth the E-Book Basic Formatting Guide found on under the resources section.  Follow more specific Kindle Publishing Guidelines at Also visit the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Forums (

  1. Erase any 'Smashwords Edition' specific information in your copyright page.
  2. Make sure your file is saved as a .doc, not .docx file.
  3. After you are confident with the layout of your book, save the word file in a 'Web Page, Filtered' format (HTM and HTML).  The images in the book will automatically be extracted and stored in a separate folder in the same location where the HTML is stored.

DOWNLOAD MobiPocket Creator (

  1. 1. Open Mobipocket Creator.

    2. Select "HTML Document" from the section "Import from an Existing File".
    3. Browse to the HTML file and press "Import".
    4. This will open the book editing function. Click on "Cover Image."
    5. Click "Add a Cover Image" and browse your files to locate the book cover.  

6. Select your book cover and click "Update" to save your cover.  Click on 'metadata' and insert that info.
7. Select "Build" from the Menu.
8. On the Build page, click "Build."

Once complete, this message will appear:
Build Finished. Next, click the circle next to "Open folder containing eBook" and select "OK." The file will be in PRC (or .prc) format and open in your My Documents\My Publications folder. Your book will be located here for future reference. This PRC file is what you will upload into the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Download Kindle previewer:

Once installed, open the application, click "File" and then "Open Book" to browse and select your eBook. Choose the .prc file mobipocket created.

If you determine further changes to your book are required, re-open your
.doc file to make edits. Follow the steps to save as html, the use MobiPocket Creator to re-build your eBook. Save the new PRC file and then re-open it with the Kindle Previewer to confirm the changes.

Log in to your Kindle Direct Publishing Account (create one if you have not, already), go to your 'bookshelf' and click on 'add new title'

  1. Complete each step

(Note: Uploading your book content file may take some time if it is a full length novel.)

  1. After you upload your book, click on 'preview book' to see how the final copy will look on a Kindle.

Don't forget to make good use of your Amazon Author Central Profile.