We operate from the previous location of a WWII airfield, RAF Milfield, which is now mostly grassed over. There are eight take off runs so launches are almost always directly into wind.

Circuit patterns vary with conditions and will be allocated at the morning briefing (9.30am).

Approach patterns from the East end of the field, especially in strong wind conditions suffer from strong wind gradients and rotor activity.

Plan to land well into the field and avoid low final turns. You have been warned!


Although we are situated less than 10 nautical miles from the Northumberland coast, the nearby Cheviot hills and surrounding area offer great opportunities for all year round soaring using hill, thermal and wave activity. A glance at your aeronautical charts will show the total absence of controlled airspace, with only one easily avoidable danger area nearby. The recent flight level restriction of FL195 - (altimeter set on 1013 Mb) does not restrict diamond flights and we have access to wave boxes at weekends allowing climbs to FL240.


For safety reasons, as is good practice in all clubs, we insist on a site check / orientation flight if you have not flown with us before. Instructors may also want to review your logbook.


Our contact frequency is 130.105

Note that the site is PPR for powered aircraft