6.805: Foundations of Internet Policy - Fall 2012

Class meetings: Thursday 2-5

Click on the individual weeks below to see the overview and the assignments for each class, including the assignment to be completed as preparation before the class.

Dates without links do not have their assignments posted yet.



Preparation and homework due before class

1: September 6

meets in 36-156

Introduction to Internet Law

2: September 13

meets in 9-152

Internet Freedom of Expression

Writing due Tuesday, September 11

  • report on Obama initiatives (one report per team)
  • brief Reno v. ACLU
  • two questions for John Morris

Other reading and preparation (see class material for Sept. 13)

3: September 20

meets in 36-156

Internet Intermediary Liability

4: September 27

meets in 36-156

Introduction to Copyright Law and Application to the Digital, Networked World

No new written assignment beyond the writeups from last week’s Congressional hearing.  But there is a lot to read to prepare for this week’s class, so get started early.   This week we’ll also be starting on projects.   Check out the project information and schedule of milestones.

5: October 4

meets in 36-156

Net Neutrality

There is a team report on your issue due October 3.  See the assignment posted on Stellar.

There is also material on Net Neutrality to read in preparation for class.

6: October 11

meets in 36-156

Basics of Fourth Amendment jurisprudence

There is an individual written assignment: A memo on Network Neutrality, due on October 10.   There is also a team oral report due for presentation in class.  These assignments are described in the notes for October 4.

There are also readings on Fourth Amendment law that you should be prepared to discuss.

7: October 18

meets in 36-156

Electronic Surveillance, the Internet and Linked Data

Readings on key cases in challenges to Fourth Amendment jurisprudence from modern technology.   There is also a team report similar to the one for Oct. 11, but we’ll expecting significant progress in topic definition, work with mentors, and steps towards recommendations.

8: October 25

Consumer Privacy Protection  in the United States

Readings on privacy and privacy regulation due for today.  Due for Oct. 24:  Complete outline for final paper, as described in the notes for October 18

9: November 1

Moot Court

Moot court participants have individual assignments.   Pre-hearing assignments are due by 5PM on Wednesday, Oct. 31.   Post-hearing assignments are due on Monday, Nov. 5.

10: November 8

Data Mining and the 4th Amendment

Readings on the privacy and civil liberties challenges associated with large-scale government data mining.   First draft of semester paper due today on Stellar.

11: November 15

Global Internet Governance

Teams critique each other’s drafts

12: November 29

History of Broadcast Regulation

Revised draft of paper is due today.  There is no other assignment

13: December 6


No reading - in-class activity only