Using the Minolta Microform Scanner

On the Microfilm Reader

On the PC

Turn Reader power on first.

Load microfilm or fiche as usual.  (see instructions or ask for help)

Turn PC power on (if it isn’t already) second.

Insert flash drive.  

Click on Minolta Page Scope icon on the desktop.

Name a folder on your flash drive or disk where your files will be saved:

  • Open My Computer.
  • Right click on F: icon and make/name a new folder.
  • Drag the F: icon to the “folder” box. Otherwise you won’t be able to save.  
  • You will be asked: “Do you want to make F: the management object?”  Reply Yes.

Choose microfilm frame you’d like scanned.

[The “box” used to designate printed area is not valid. The entire screen is scanned.]

  1. Click once on the folder you made.  This will highlight the scanner icon (positioned in toolbar below the “Edit” button)

  1. Click on the scanner icon

  1. Preview.  [Optional but highly recommended to correct poor original image]
  • Previewing is helpful to correct the size, placement or contrast of the image. The image may not be legible in the preview window.  If it is centered and the contrast seems good, go to next step
  • If you need to crop, do so by adjusting border lines.
  • If image is very dark or light, you may adjust the tone by changing the brightness slider in the Preview window.
  • Preview the image again.

  1. Click on Scan.  Leave image type as Automatic.

You may choose another frame of microfilm to scan.

  1. Repeat, scanning additional frames as needed.  
  • You can scan several images before saving.  This will allow for a multiple page PDF document but will slow down the machine.

  1. Once images are scanned, click on Cancel.

  1. A box will pop up with a generic document name.
  • Change the document name if you wish.
  • Chose a file format. TIFF and PDF permit multiple scans to be saved in one document.

  1. Save file, then close.

To see the images you’ve scanned, right click on the folder you’ve saved to. Choose ‘open with application.’  Image/s will appear in the window.  You can adjust the size.

microfilmscanner.doc                  2/15/2011