Manila's Soundscape: An Exploratory Sound Walk and Audio Workshop

"Why limit listening to the concert hall? Instead of bringing [street]

sounds into the hall, why not simply take the audience outside?"

-- Max Neuhaus

In the 1960s, the legendary American percussionist Max Neuhaus

pioneered the "sound walk" -- a listening tour of an urban soundscape

in which the audience appreciates the ambient sounds of a city

environment in the same way that they would absorb a concert


On July 16, we will be doing a sound walk under the direction of

Samuel Andre, a French sound artist/video artist. On our walk,

participants will listen to the ambient sounds of Manila. They may

carry recording equipment and capture the sounds that they encounter.

The sound walk will be followed by a group listening session. Then

Samuel Andre will conduct an interactive workshop on sound ecology and

field recordings. The workshop will be capped by an impromptu

"orchestral" performance by the participants.

Venue: Secret Fresh Gallery (2nd floor), RONAC Art Center, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan City

Google Maps:,121.040599&spn=0.002079,0.002411 


      14:00 Meeting place at Secret Fresh, RONAC

      14:30-17:00 -sound walk and field recording

      17:00-17:30 -break

      17:30-18:30 -culminating activity at Secret Fresh Gallery

What to Bring: Pen and paper, any portable audio recording device (i.e. iphones, cellphones with recording capabilities, tape recorders, etc)

What will be Provided: binaural microphones (i.e. RODE NT4) and contact microphones


Oz Mendoza, +639274408474

or email:



Additional Info:

About the Artist

Born in 1978, self-taught sound artist & video artist, currently

traveling. After training in Mathematics and Cognitive Sciences and

research on musical interfaces, he developed a project around the

sound under the name of ieva and started to compose a music like

imaginary journey or short stories. Since 2 years ago he started to

practice improvisation multicast using multi layered field recordings

that are overlayed creating an intense and emotionally universe

that you pass through as a waking dream, like a cinema for ear.

He also directed several experimental films. After an

initial approach, abstract and sensitive, playing on the body

of the digital image (pixelization, compression ...). He

developed his approach in films more figurative combining diary and

man's relationship to nature.

Has worked with various artists: dancers, composers, videographers and instrumentalists. His musical collaboration are

based on improvisation, preferring the live performance to the production on fixed format.

He lived the last year in Kyoto, where he performed about 30 times, with about half in multicast 4 channels and organized

headphones series shows called Solaris.

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To learn more about sound walks, we invite you to review this page

about the work of Max Neuhaus: 

What is sound/audio ecology?

Acoustic ecology, sometimes called ecoacoustics or soundscape studies, is the relationship, mediated through sound, between living beings and their environment. [wikipedia]

What are field recordings?

Field recording or phonography is the term used for the production of audio recordings made in an outdoor environment, outside of a studio. Field recordings have been used in the creation of avant-garde, musique concrète, experimental, and ambient works of music. The World Soundscape Project -- founded by the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer in the late 1960s -- studies the acoustic ecology of specific locations through the use of field recordings. Today, field recordings can frequently be heard in film soundtracks, video games, and audio effects. [wikipedia]

Special thanks to:

Secret Fresh

Ronac Art Center

ICX Parties x Go Go Carabao

Organized by SABAW Media Art Kitchen