I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss why we have chosen to adopt some forms of social media into the curriculum at our school.  Specifically, I would like to explain why Twitter is a prime example of social media that has immense educational benefits.

On the surface Twitter can seem extremely superficial. After all, what could possibly be said of value in 140 characters or less?  Well if you use Twitter as an educational tool there is a great deal of value that has begun to emerge.  Twitter has consistently been recognized as the #1 Educational Tool for Online Learners for the past year, and as I  have explored ways to use Twitter in different classes I agree with that assessment of Twitter's importance educationally.  Here are some of the advantages we can give our students by asking them to use this micro-blogging tool.


It is important to remember that Twitter is a piece of technology, just like a television is. Television can either be an incredible waste of time, or it can be a way to learn about history, science, or places that otherwise might be inaccessible. Twitter can also be a waste of time, or a fantastic way to interact and learn from others. I have great plans to use Twitter as a continuing part of our curriculum and wanted you to be aware of the reasons I am so excited about this technology.

Here are some links that are useful in understanding the direction Twitter is going educationally:

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or comments you may have.

Thank you for your involvement in your student's education!