1. Technology is our main resource. It’s easier to find resources online to support literacy (Common Core), ability to annotate, and less expensive than buying hard copies of books.

  1. World competition, if we want to compete, we need to join in.

  1. Personalizes education, Great resources for kids with all different styles of learning - screen captures, audio capture, etc.

  1. It’s a major shift in our learning environment, provides transparency, ownership of learning, students creating their own PLNs.

  1. Students have the ability to publish their work, widening their audience.

  1. Equity- leveling the playing field for all students.

  1. 21st century tools for 21st century learners.

  1. Helps teachers design learning experiences to support a paradigm shift.

  1. It’s the intent of 1:1 programs to empower students with the responsibility anytime anywhere learning. 24/7 access

  1. Fosters creativity, motivation, and engagement