The Science Of The Gods: Ascension

A Students Handbook:  For unfolding And Employing Awareness

From the author:

It is my passion to find those like me and assist them to break the insanity that what they are is merely a soul or spirit within a human body and to aid in facilitating a path to becoming a God again.  Being guided and learning to guide one's self is "the way" to unfold the experience of ascension, becoming a God again.  This is the Science of the Gods.  It is a science that presents a universal truth that within all of us is God as an attainable experience, waiting to be realized and employed.  Here in I outline this experience and the basic techniques, along with insight into the advanced version of these techniques and beyond.  I will explain the entire process of self realization, working with the conscious six chakras, to access the seventh chakra and begin the ascension process.  All of this leading to the fiftieth chakra, having ascended to the I Am Experience and becoming God: a limitless definition as the beginning of our perpetual ascension.    

Those who achieve our greatest potential are not leaders.  It is our responsibility to be guides for others so they can achieve all that we have and more.

Joe Sica

Special Thanks:

A special thanks to my good friend Rob C. for his contributions to this book for his ideas as a writer, his skill in editing and his contribution with "A View From The Apprenticeship" and "Interview With An Apprentice".  Rob went beyond editing, assisting to interpret the material in a way that normal people could understand it without losing the essence of it.  This was only possible because he himself was in the thick of the apprenticeship, nearing the one year mark.  My favorite quote from Rob is, "I don't care if you are sending this to a parrot or to Harvard.  If you ask me to look it over, I am going to correct everything."  

A special thanks to Krista L. for her contribution of "Interview With An Apprentice".  At the time of completing this Krista had just recently entered into the tunnel, nearing the three year mark.  


This information, in its context, could not be explained in another way without losing the direction of the material to explain this experience.  Once you get a little ways into the book it will be evident and the read will flow more naturally.  

Table of Contents

Page 5          A View From The Apprenticeship By Rob C.

Page 10        Unfolding Awareness

Page 16        Understanding Ego

Page 19        The Place Between Sleep And Awake

Page 25        Expanding Awareness

Page 29        The Affirmation Of Will

Page 34        Reawakening The Energetic Senses

Page 38        Waking Dreams; Empowerment To Lead One's Self

Page 46        Temple Of The Spirit; Waking Dreams

Page 49        Changing Memory;  Becoming Nothing

Page 58        Learning To Read Light/Energy

Page 69        The Ascension Technique

Page 79        Journeying With Races And In Frequencies Of Consciousness

Page 89        Going Blank / Channeling Our Higher Self

page 92        The Tunnel

Page 97        Basic And Advanced Psychic Defense And Attack

Page 100      Discerning The Future

Page 103      Working With What You Have

Page 109      Working With What You Know

Page 112      The Probe.  Where Are You?

Page 114      Influencing The Present And Future

Page 116      Changing Memory For Healing The body

Page 120      The Fifth Element

Page 122      All Seeing Eye / Employing Awareness

Page 125      Leveling Up

Page 131      Akashic Records

Page 133     Aliens and The Abduction Experience

Page 138     Our Environment

Page 141      Energetic Debt And Karma

Page 145      Balance Must Be Restored

Page 148      The Greatest Power Object

Page 150      Law Of Attraction

Page 155      Guiding Individuals And Groups

Page 159      Judgment And Claiming Others

Page 162      Duel Arcane

Page 164      Demonic Energies

Page 170      Haunting, Portals And Summoning

Page 173      The Valley Of Death

Page 175      Reincarnation Or Ascension

Page 181      Critical Topics Overlooked

Page 183      Some Final Words

Page 187      Interview With An Apprentice With Krista L.

A View From The Apprenticeship By Rob C.

Being involved in the development of this book and being in the apprenticeship I can assure you that unless you are actively learning, changing and growing within the energetic experience and unfolding your awareness, you will only be able to conceptualize what is being put forth here.  But for now, that might be enough for you.  Enough for you to understand that deep inside of yourself the questions you have been trying to answer, the issues you have been struggling with for years, decades or perhaps as long as you can remember are not going to be resolved until you take the next step.


As a teenager I sat in book stores and libraries reading and rereading books on meditation, philosophy and religion, hoping to find the missing pieces of the puzzle.  A puzzle that I alone had to put together.  I saw the people around me accepting dogma and rhetoric for truth and blindly moving forward in ignorant, not quite bliss.  My frustration exploded from within and manifested in a lifestyle that, looking back on now, I am amazed to have lived though.  The reason I survived it all hinged on one thing, I am here for a reason and that reason is the path that I am consciously on today and for so long traveled unconsciously to a lesser degree.

In 1997 someone very innocently gave me a book that detailed one woman’s awakening to her past lives and her interactions with guides in the energetic realm.  The accounts in this book jibed with what I had instinctively known for so long and reignited the feelings I had struggled with many years before, sitting on the floors of so many book stores.  A few years later I met Joe Sica.  We were coworkers and the job situation gave us many idle hours to talk.  And Joe talked.  I mostly listened, fascinated.  Joe gave me a copy of a book he had been working on, an earlier and different version of what you are about to read.  It was like nothing I had ever seen before.  Eventually Joe went his way and I went mine, but we kept in touch.

Over the next several years I continued to try different types of meditation, continued to read books on spirituality and searched for fresh perspectives.  I found myself with more questions than answers. I was finding the same empty experiences over and over again.  During this time I kept going back to Joe’s writings.  I found myself comparing everything else I came across to what Joe had laid out before me and realized that the bar had been raised.  What I had been looking for all this time was now right in front of me.

Looking back at that time I realize that I knew from our first conversations that my life had changed.  The years between our first meeting and the beginning of my apprenticeship were years of me understanding that I had come face to face with my future.  

I sent Joe an email, he suggested the apprenticeship.  We began a week later. I was stunned.  In just a few weeks I grew more than I had in the decades of meditating and studying methods that didn’t present the energetic experience for what it really is.  What I didn’t fully realize in the beginning was that it would continue to open up exponentially and in incredible ways.

As an apprentice, one thing that I can’t stress enough is the importance of having a competent guide.  As a rule of thumb, if your potential guide claims to have reached the pinnacle of the energetic experience, walk away. Ascension is a never ending process of learning changing and growing.  The chances are very good that this type of guide will end up in hot water sooner or later.  And how can someone guide and protect another if they can’t do so for themselves?  So how do you know who to trust?  Go with your gut and don’t second guess yourself.  It’s working for me.

It became clear to me early on that the energetic realm is not all fluffy and white.  Not soon after the start of the apprenticeship I, like others, became connected with the energetic realm 24/7.  Just as there are good and bad things in the physical realm, there are good and bad things in the energetic realm.  Just as there are individuals in the physical realm who will try to harm you or use you for their own gain, there are the same in the energetic realm. Until you have the awareness and experience to deal with these things for yourself, your guide will be there to assist you and step in on your behalf when you are unable to facilitate resolve.  Primarily, your guide will be your guide until you are ready to guide yourself. There are forces in the energetic realm that can and will try to dismantle your life for their own gain.  I can’t state this strongly enough.

But it’s not all doom and gloom by a long shot.  Your guide will share with you their experience and help to facilitate your awakening in ways that are truly amazing.  At the end of the day, the scary things I have encountered have been far outweighed by the incredible experience that is unfolding in my life, the incredible experience that is my life.

One thing I never gave any thought to before starting this journey was that there are very few people with whom you can share your experience once things really start to unfold.  In that respect, it's a very lonely path. There really aren’t any people who I can  talk to about my experiences in the energetic realm.  Without firsthand knowledge of the experience, without the understanding that this is really real, most people will think that you are flat out crazy.  It just that powerful, that tangible and that far out for most people to comprehend.  So I’m careful about what I say.  But I also know that saying anything would be totally lost on most people. This predicament may be exclusive to me, but I doubt it.  There is just too much going on that the average person would not believe.

A good example of this is the phenomenon of energetic abductions.  A few months into the apprenticeship, whilst in the cozy confines of dreamland one night, I had a dream that defiantly wasn’t a dream.  During a guiding session a few nights later I happened to mention what I had experienced and was surprised to find out that what I described was an abduction by beings of a higher energy.  When it happened the first time it was mild and simply a curiosity.  The second time it was very intense and scary.  But once I learned that it was a safe and beneficial experience, the next time it happened I welcomed it.  Now it has become common place and even enjoyable.  Shortly after these abductions started I realized that this was not the first time in my life that this had happened.  Knowing the experience now, for what it is, I can look back to my childhood and see where it all began.  The first time I made this connection I literally shouted in awe.  I realized more than ever that this path isn’t new to me.  I have been on it for a very long time.  I’m only now reawakening to it.

Try to explain that to your buddy from work, or to your next door neighbor. See my point? It’s a lonely path.

On a similar note, and as I mentioned in the beginning, without firsthand experience one can only conceptualize.  This has become evident to me as information I thought I understood  became experience.  Looking back I realize that I only had an idea of what the experience might be like.  The ideas pale in comparison to the experience.  I don’t pretend to understand what my future experiences in the energetic realm will be like.  The experience is just that, an experience.  It can’t be taught, its not knowledge.  If you’re reading this book and telling yourself that you “get it”, without having experienced it, you are fooling yourself.  Trust me, I’ve been there. I’m there now.

This journey isn’t for the faint of heart.  This isn’t something you do on a whim.  For one thing, I don’t think it would last very long for you.  I don’t think that if you are not meant to start reawakening to your energetic experience that you will get very far.  And this is a real commitment, it is present in your life like breathing is present.  You don’t turn it off and on when it gets to be too much for you.  At times you will wish you could, but that’s not how you learn change and grow and it’s definitely not an option. You will know, your guide will know, when and if you are ready to become more.  I’ve been told that the universe will never give you more than you can handle and I believe this is true.

Everyone is different in their growth. Outlined in this book is a general “schedule” of how the experience will unfold.  I know from my own experience that things won’t always go “by the book”.  Each individual’s path is different.  For me, some things that I thought would open up by now haven’t, while other things that I thought would take much longer to unfold have opened for me.  Also, reinforcing the reality that I’ve been here before, abilities and techniques that I have had no conscious knowledge of have emerged as second nature.  Surprise!

Every once in a while I stand back and look at where I am.  Who I am.  What I am.  And I am blown away.  Based on what I’ve been through so far, I know that this feeling will only become greater as time goes on.  It’s very easy for me to get caught up in the experience and take for granted that I am on an amazing journey.  I think that it’s a journey that only a small number of people will know in my lifetime.  Am I special?  I don’t think so.  I believe this journey is accessible to anyone, in time.  It’s all about unfolding awareness and your willingness to accept true change.  Peace.

Unfolding Awareness

We all are searching for that incredible inner awakening/feeling.  Traditions tell us of people who have used some type of ritual to achieve a sense of peace and euphoria.  They have tried prayer, dancing, meditation, trance meditation, drug induced meditation, shamanic journeying, fasting, astral travel and even remote viewing.  Traditional teachings talk about the mind, body, spirit connection.  Traditional teachings are wrong.

If any technique or ritual of knowledge could achieve such a sense of peace mixed with euphoria, then anyone and everyone could achieve this.  Teaching offers hope in the form of belief but no promise for experiencing bliss, ecstasy or the connection to God within us all.  The misconception here is that the key to it all is through a type of embodiment.  Whether it be our physical body, our soul or even our spirit, an embodiment is not the link between ourselves and God.  

Bliss, euphoria, ecstasy, an incredible and overwhelming sense peace, even becoming one with God  is achievable without any type of meditation or even drugs as long as we can bypass all of our embodiments.   The biggest clue here is that there has never been a way to achieve awareness beyond the limits of the greatest experience we could ever conceptualize.   Why?  Because even though our body is a large part of our physical and spiritual experience, it has nothing to do with our energetic experience.  The key to furthering our energetic experience begins with accessing and unfolding our awareness, completely separate from, yet sharing the same space as the body.  We are not talking about leaving the body, simply having conscious awareness, in a meditative like state, that the body and soul are two separate embodiments on different levels.  In this initial meditative like state we can turn one off one and employ the other.  To further clarify, in utilizing the other we are not employing the soul.  The soul is not an embodiment, it is merely a perceptual identity of our awareness, referred to as ego.  The greater truth is that we are employing awareness.  


After mastery of the few of the basic techniques in this alternate experience, we can then blend these two back together consciously, we then start to become one with our higher self again as we gain conscious awareness of our energetic experience all the time without the need for this meditative state.

Traditional philosophies believe that aside from the physical there are additional embodiments we can utilize called the soul and spirit.  This is a spiritual belief, but in the actual experience it is an empty thought.  A greater truth is that the soul and spirit are not embodiments but perceptual states of awareness within a range of specific frequencies of consciousness.  These frequencies of consciousness are recognized to share space within our body through our chakras.    

Originally our energetic experience through chakras was set up as a tuning device, permitting conscious awareness within each frequency of consciousness.  All that we were and are now is awareness or energy with intent, that can freely lower or rise within each frequency of consciousness (chakra) through either of the perceptual identities of awareness we refer to as the soul and spirit.  The manifestation of consciousness correlating to each collective frequency of awareness is represented on the basic version of the Native American totem pole or what we refer to as chakras.  In science they are referred to kingdoms; the elementals, plants, insects, animals, intelligent mammals, human kingdoms, etc.  

It is only through conditional emotions of memory that we believe the sixth chakras and below to be our whole experience within this body.  It is through  emotions that we became tied into all experiences that reverberate as a perpetual cycle we know as karma.  Our perception of spirituality tells us that we are individuals of body.  Yet the greater truth is that we are connected with everything at the frequency of consciousness and below of the spirit; hence the idea of mind, body and spirit.  But this is only the remembered part of the story.  The secret to our ascension is breaking free and returning to our original state as awareness. This is achieved through the process of changing memory: changing memory, not the memory itself, but how its defined emotionally so it no longer limits our experience in awareness that who we are of an embodiment is what we are.  This transition permits us to utilize the energetic experience.


The transition from being something of an embodiment to becoming nothing except awareness with intent is our core experience.  This core experience is where we begin the unfolding of our awareness.  We awaken as the microcosm in the macrocosm of self and through the techniques we recognize our synergy as a part of everything, yet separate in awareness.  As we access, employ and transcend all that we access energetically, we renew the idea of being individual to being one of consciousness as all that we access becomes part of our memory and our experience.  We then transition from awareness of self to access and employ awareness of everything for each entire level we transcend.  What we are now is recognized as the All Seeing Eye of our own awareness.  

We relearn to unfold our experience by using the ascension technique to access, become one with, and employ the universal consciousness of each and every race within the collective consciousness associated with each chakra as our entire self so we can once again be one with everything as consciousness, yet separate through awareness.  Accessing, employing and transcending the collective frequency of consciousness unfolds awareness of consciously employing the All Seeing Eye of each chakra.


No longer defined by any embodiment, all frequencies of each race of universal consciousness within each collective consciousness or chakra become a part of us that we can consciously tune into to engage/connect, interact/influence and or change what may be going on.  The secret here is that you need a body with awareness of human or higher to be able to do this.  This means that the consciousness within the body recognizes itself to be separate from itself.  It is this basic awareness that is needed that completely sets us apart from everything else on the planet and makes all that we do possible.  It is the greatest clue that who you are, is not what you are.      

There is something incredibly special about humans.  Humans are above a certain frequency of consciousness, having awareness of their body, but they also have awareness of being more, almost a tangible unconscious memory of being higher or something they can almost put their finger on.  They are individual of themselves yet can feel or even be connected to everything outside of themselves.


The next step up in the chain of consciousness through an embodiment are  aliens who have a universal consciousness.  They too have awareness of their body and being more, but they are tied into a universal awareness of the race they are born into so they cannot have an individual growth and must rely on the group.  They are bound to and limited by their universal awareness, as humans are bound to and limited by their own memory.  The pro to this is they are born at a much higher frequency of awareness.  The con is that they cannot separate from the group and individually ascend.  They must rely on an outside source that they are connected to, to raise their consciousness for them.  This is the same for humans who do not transcend all of their memory and are stuck in the belief that they are only human.  Consciousness can be raised for an individual or group, but ascension is possible only by an individual free of what holds them back.      

The consciousness within the embodiment identifies the key element; that which we have awareness of consciously.   The Law of Awareness states:  If we have awareness of a thing, we are able to connect/engage, influence/interact and change what is going on.  This means an intuitive knowing without prior knowledge.  The formula for this is a well guarded is a secret.    

To make real growth possible we need to remove the one thing that limits it the most, the idea of being an embodiment alone, and work on the core of our experience as awareness within consciousness.  If we live our energetic life per traditions, in an attempt to achieve perpetually higher states of awareness through evolution we are screwed.  This body will never live long enough to achieve any substantial growth spiritually if the focus is on the body alone.  The key to beginning limitless growth has nothing to do with any knowledge, technique, or any ritual utilizing any of our embodiments (body, soul or spirit), it is our awareness within them.  Accessing and unfolding awareness is the Holy Grail of ascension.

Unfolding awareness is the Holy Grail of energetic growth.  Traditions speak more about spiritual belief, directing focus on the physical, inclining us to believe that actions performed through our body are the key to spiritual growth.  The missing ingredient to this is that there is no awareness of the entirety of what we are as an energetic experience.  A greater truth is that all of our embodiments are more of a perceptual identity rather than an actual dwelling of our consciousness.  The dwelling or house of our consciousness has nothing to do with ascension on any level.  In English: the mind/body, soul and /or spirit only deals with the surface of our core experience. Our core experience as energy is awareness. Unfolding awareness is the missing ingredient for all that we seek.  

The ground work that is laid out for everything in existence is energy.  A major clue to solving what is going on is working with what we have.  To have awareness of, to feel, to connect/engage, to interact/influence and to change what may be going on, is a universal experience that everything can recognize as energy.  The primary universal language between everything is not mathematics, it is energy.


Everything is energy. Energy with intent is consciousness.  And the core of consciousness is awareness.  Awareness is the key, the embodiment never was.  Energy is the universal language that everything in existence communicates through.

We are not interested in spiritual growth, because spiritual growth has more to do with learning knowledge than it does about unfolding awareness.  Traditional teachings are simply sharing knowledge.  Once knowledge is acquired it is necessary to employ that knowledge to gain insight.  Since we all perceive slightly differently, we all learn slightly differently, and through this we all gain our own truths based on our individual perceptions.  In unfolding awareness we do not teach knowledge.  Unfolding awareness has everything to do with universal truths recognized through higher awareness by employing an experience that is the same for us all.

We share our experience, communicating through energy, using a technique called guiding.  This is where a master connects through his/her higher awareness with that of the apprentice and temporarily unfolds their experience for them.  Once the apprentice has conscious awareness of the experience shared with them, the master releases the apprentice so they can maintain the new space as their own.  The apprentice then remembers the destination reached and can do it on their own without the need of the guide.  

If you teach knowledge, you will only create a student of knowledge.  But if you unfold the experience for another to employ as their own, they are learning mastery, even early on.  When the apprentice has questions of a higher experience instead of sharing knowledge of it from their masters view point, (which is not clearly understood by the apprentice because they have not consciously employed the experience firsthand), then guiding is used again to awaken the apprentice to a higher level of conscious awareness to understand through their own experience.  Guiding can answer more questions than information of another's experience can ever do. A picture is worth a thousand words?  Guiding is months or even years of experience shared in minutes.  


Unlike shamanic journey that may require drugs or extreme circumstances like a sweat lodge to acquire altered states, being guided requires no effort.  Being guided can be done with no effort, from anywhere, on any level, even if the people involved are in different places.  There is no ritual, technique or even effort needed to unfold awareness.  In fact, any effort of any kind, including expectations, anticipations or simply trying, will block or hinder the process from unfolding.    


Unfolding awareness cannot be taught, only guided.  It takes a person who has accessed their individual ascension to guide another.  The technique of guiding is a well guarded secret that can only be employed with others when a master has attained the first level of enlightenment, having transcended the sixth chakra to consciously access their own universal awareness or higher self all the time.      

Understanding Ego

Unfolding awareness begins with learning how to bypass the body, soul and spirit as surface experiences to awaken to and begin unfolding our core experience housed within consciousness as awareness.  Fault through identity is believing and accepting that who we are is what we are.


The question is not, “Who are we?”  It is, “What are we?”  Who we are is not and never was our mind/body.  It is a compilation of our entire memory that defines, through emotions, how we handle every experience, explain how we feel, and identify and relate with everything and everyone in our lives.  Memory, the who of what we are, is housed in our consciousness.  When we die and our consciousness leaves our body, memory goes with it. Our memory does not stay with the mind, which is just a computer for the body.  

Traditional teachings of meditation are focused on the idea that we are completely separate from everything.  That we are the physical and not of energy.  Because of the idea that we are completely separate, spirituality is focused on accessing our different embodiments; from the body to the soul and soul to our spirit.  The idea is that we use our senses of the physical body in the physical, then the senses of the soul in the spiritual.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  To access more we first need to become less, thus experiencing more.  Less of an embodiment and more of our energetic self through awareness.


Traditional meditation teaches about learning to focus, the power of thought and/or even clearing our mind to forcefully go and stay blank.  This is ridiculous.  If who we are as a physical embodiment is the totality of our being, then linear thinking would make this sound reasonable.  More importantly, if this was THE answer for spiritual growth, then it would hold a truth that is universal to all through our own first hand experienced that meditation would work without limits for everyone.  But this just isn't the case.  Because who we are is not what we are.

Becoming less to experience more begins with accessing the temple of the soul.  This is a state of awareness free of the limits of an embodiment.  We accomplish this by being guided to access a state of being “separate but one”.  This means that we recognize through awareness that we have a body allow it is to enter into a deep state of relaxation, kind of like hanging up a coat so we feel less restricted.  We have awareness of that part of who we are while we exercise the energetic part of what we are.  Essentially we are turning it off to employ the energetic.  Eventually we can employ awareness completely separate from the body, without the need to put the body in a deep relaxed state.  Then we will be one but separate, as we employ two separate experiences while the body is in motion in everyday activities, employing the energetic and the physical at the same time.

The idea of spirituality is based on the idea of having a soul or spirit.  We do not have either.  We do however have awareness through an individual and universal “perceptual identity” called the soul and spirit.  Awareness of these two individual identities is used for accessing and employing different levels of experience.  On an individual level of consciousness we interact one on one.  On a universal level of consciousness we interact with many of an entire race of consciousness individually yet at the same time.  This is the way aliens communicate as a universal consciousness for their collective race.   Meaning, we can hold multiple conversations and employ multiple experiences simultaneously as if we are an entire race of consciousness ourselves. Everyone has heard of the Christ consciousness.  This is the spirit perceptual identity or universal consciousness.  In fact, the next step beyond the spirit is to employ a level of awareness in consciousness of a collective perceptual identity allowing us to communicate with each and every race of universal consciousness within each and every collective frequency of consciousness or chakra of one or all fifty chakras individually or simultaneously.  All of this is possible by further unfolding awareness, yet none of this will ever begin to define what we are.  This is simply unfolding awareness.

The embodiment of what we are is consciousness.  Housed in consciousness is memory and awareness.  The key to raising our awareness is not through the acquisition of information, it the opposite.  Raising awareness is done by becoming less of what we are in consciousness of memory, to eventually becoming nothing of self by definition.  This definition is our memory and the memory of all that we access using the ascension technique.  By becoming nothing in definition of energy we are no longer tied by the karma of any experiences with any embodiments as we exist as awareness alone.  What we become by being nothing is being everything through awareness of consciousness of all that we access using the ascension technique.  In the physical we are interested in the tangible, yet in the energetic we are only interested in energy.  So becoming more is not about acquisition, it is all about unfolding awareness of being everything that we access, utilizing the ascension technique.  This is to be separate of awareness and one of consciousness.  This will be explained further on in the book.  

Becoming nothing by resolving memory of our personal past frees conscious awareness from all memory to be released into the ever present, empowering us in the now, as we become more aware in the ever present.  You have heard that we only use a small percentage of our brain.  This is not without cause.  We are beings of awareness and the majority of all awareness is focused in memory of this and all previous lives.  Resolve memory and awareness is released to empower the ever present.  Our brain does not limit our awareness, it is memory.  Greater conscious awareness in the now facilitates greater hindsight, insight, empowering our intuitive knowing and foresight.  

Accessing more begins with awakening to the core of what we are as awareness in the temple of the soul, separate but one with the body.  This is where we begin our journey.  

The Place Between Sleep And Awake

All of us, at a very young age, stopped growing spiritually and began believing ourselves to be solely the flesh of our physical body.  Although this seems to be an extremely important part of our life, it is a an extremely small to nonexistent part of our energetic experience.  Regardless if you have studied philosophies the world over, are considered to be a yoga master, a master of meditation practices, a shaman elder or a self proclaimed guru of spirituality, everyone begins at the same place within themselves as a newborn.  If you have followed the path of spirituality you may have learned a ton, but here, for unfolding awareness, all that you have learned or accessed will only hinder your real growth.  

We do not seek to become more powerful.  To seek and access greater powers means to have greater powers above you, controlling or influencing you.  We do not seek to gain secret or hidden knowledge, for this will only hold you back.  We do not seek to become more because we then will have more to have to work through.  Because the essence of what we are is awareness with the baggage of memory, we seek to access more while resolving memory to become less.  Our goal is to become nothing.  Because that which permits everything to be “separate but one” is black space or nothing. Nothing is the beginning of everything and all that we are on the greatest level is merely awareness with intent, a channel of energy and consciousness. This is not to channel external energies, only to channel our perpetually higher self as God within.  

Beyond the six chakras of the soul perceptual identity there are another twenty seven chakras of the spirit perceptual identity.  The well of souls, below the first stage of heaven, is linked to the seventh chakra.  The other three levels of heaven are accessed between the eighth and the thirty third chakra.  Beyond this are another ten chakras of the collective perceptual identity to then access the “I Am” or “God” consciousness.  There are sixty five levels to then access the universal aspect of the I am consciousness  a.k.a  Christ ascended.  From here we access another six chakras putting us at forty nine.  Followed by another sixty five levels to access the fiftieth and last chakra referred to as the I Am or God experience.  As high as this seems, it is not a final destination.  

The entire idea of ascension or self realization is that we are all God already.  The journey is awakening to it on a conscious level of awareness to employ as our own.   We begin as a very small part of God, made in the likeness through an embodiment and in the image of  consciousness.   It all begins with the place between sleep and awake.  

Before we actually begin I want to reiterate, unfolding this experience cannot be done on your own.  You must be guided through it, having an ascended master unfold the experience for you so you can employ the experience firsthand.  There are two main ways that this experience can unfold.  The first is if an ascended being raises your awareness without teaching you the secret to do this for others.  The first is the original art of guiding, one that is innate in all ascended beings.  The second is to guide you through it so you remember the process.  If you remember the process you can do this for others.  All ascended beings that you have heard being called a living a Christ, having walked on this Earth in our recorded history before my lifetime, were guided under the original art form of guiding.  An ascended being interacted with them, raising their consciousness.  Because of this they were unable to share this experience with others to unfold their own awareness and begin the ascension process themselves.  

The main reason you cannot awaken to this experience on your own is because higher states of consciousness cannot be achieved without prior knowing through firsthand experience.  This is availed through guiding.

Unless an individual temporarily ascends another's consciousness to a higher level, they would have no conscious awareness of the destination.  A modern day example of this is an interaction with an alien, over the course of many physical abduction experiences, where the recipient begins to have conscious awareness of the experience unfolding.  History leads us to believe that some of the fore fathers of modern day religions had interactions with these types of beings, recording these experiences as interactions with angels, deities or Gods, spawning new religions.        

Also this guide needs to be able to protect, heal and guide you through everything while you master the experience for yourself.  As described in later chapters there are a lot of negative energies that are always influencing and engaging us in our lives.  A guide takes you under their wing until you can learn to be self sufficient and able to protect yourself from and deal with these energies.  Being guided gives you conscious access to the energetic experience, but you must still employ it on your own to learn all the ins and outs, all levels of communicating, accessing your own higher self, unfolding and employing awareness on every level,  being able to protect and heal yourself and/or anyone who shares in or is affected by your experience.  The responsibility of a guide is one of a lifetime, even after their apprentice becomes a master themselves.  There is always more to unfold as mastery is not about being a master, it is about becoming a perfect student while being a guide for oneself and others.  


Just like in the physical realm there are equal dangers in the energetic realm.  Once awakened at the beginning of your journey for unfolding awareness, there is interaction between yourself and everything else that is out there happening 24/7.  Forget about the relearned ability to guide, protect and heal yourself and all others who share or are affected by your experience, if you do not have the awareness to know what is going on at any given time, you cannot do any of these things for yourself much less others.  You are completely screwed.  You need to have a guide who cannot not only awaken you, but can be there for you resolving anything that happens until you have the mastery to do it for yourself.  

Beginning with accessing the place between sleep and awake is an approach totally different from anything else that is out there.  We do not go blank or try to focus on anything.  In fact it is exactly the opposite. The premise of awareness is to be aware of everything without focusing on any one thing.  Focusing for extended periods of time is not natural, unless one is very interested in an object or experience. To maintain awareness of everything without focusing on any one thing is to allow deep states of relaxation for the body without entering into a pattern of sleep.  

When nearing the place between sleep and awake everything will begin to fade to black.  At this time it is necessary to maintain awareness of everything without focusing on any one thing or you will enter into sleep.  By maintaining awareness of everything the body will enter into a state of relaxation deeper than sleep, while you stay awake.  This is the doorway  between sleep and awake.  Doing this on your own may take many months to achieve. By being guided through this first part it is instantaneous.  

Beginning with employing the place between sleep and awake is recognizing a separation of the soul and the body.  But not for the soul to perform astral projection.  It is for your awareness to be able to recognize two separate experiences sharing the same space.  These are the physical body and the perceptual identity of the soul.  Then bringing them back into a union again.  This process makes the transition from the physical to the spiritual as our awakened energetic experience begins to dismantle our ego of being only the physical.  

The next step is to lift off the idea of our ego to access the soul perceptual experience.  When the body and the soul separate and become one again we are not employing the soul experience, we are recognizing the soul, while employing ego.  Before we can lift off the ego, there will be the sensation of being frozen.  It is not normal for people to experience this frozen sensation immediately after achieving access to the place between sleep and awake.  This usually takes many additional weeks, for someone to access the next part without being guided, if it ever happens at all.  Reason for this is that people make the biggest mistake possible, they focus and put effort into trying to unfold this experience hindering their growth.

Effort is learned of the physical, the energetic is effortless.  Each time must be like the first time.  Any action of anticipation, expectation or effort will dramatically hinder this experience from unfolding further.  The experience will naturally unfold by being aware of everything without focusing on any one thing.  If you focus you will either drift off into a state of daydreaming, pay attention to feelings of the body or enter into a pattern of sleep and this will be over.


When the frozen sensation happens it is a clear sign that you are ready to transition.  As we lift our ego off like a fog rising above us we then access the soul perceptual identity existing completely separate from the body yet sharing the same space.  At this point the soul perceptual identity becomes the main experience and the physical becomes the sleeping experience.  We refer to this as the soul floating in infinite space.

As the soul floats in infinite space there is no sensation of the physical or the boundaries that limit it.  There are no walls, ceiling or floor.  For all intents and purposes you are floating in infinite space.  The transition to the next part is marked by the feeling of being frozen, like you are stuck inside your body and cannot move.  At this time the soul perceptual identity will lift off like a fog, awakening to our spirit perceptual identity.  The big difference here is that, unlike astral projection, we never leave or separate from our body as this would indicate that accessing more is through an embodiment, it isn't.  Everything is awareness.

The spirit perceptual identity is very similar to the soul, but it is in a more dense energy.  It will be much harder to stay awake here initially.  We stay awake the entire time by being aware of everything without focusing on any one thing.  When the frozen sensation occurs again we are ready for the transition again.  As the spirit perceptual identity lifts off like a fog we awaken to being the golden light of creation itself without its counterpart of uncreation.  

Here we find ourselves floating as a ball of golden light atop a lotus flower on a very shallow pond.  From the core of our being, rays of golden light shine forever in every direction.  Be careful, one can get lost in this feeling.  Not that anything bad will happen, you simply will not progress.  There is no frozen sensation to mark the next transition, only a knowing of it.

The next part is not a lifting off in the form of a fog.  It is becoming the opposing force of creation within yourself.  While existing as creation (an expression of this golden orb of light or sun) imagine within the center of your being that you are being changed or consumed from the inside out from golden light to infinite darkness like you are being consumed by a black hole.  When the change is complete, the outer shell of what has now become the black globe is now the impenetrable sphere of the temple of your soul.  This will be your temple until you gain conscious access to employ the spirit, many years later up to a decade for some, if you are being guided.  We still have not accessed the core of our experience as awareness.

Next, while in the temple of the soul,  maintain awareness of everything without focusing on any one thing.  This will be continued until you no longer perceive yourself as an embodiment and awaken to your experience as energy alone.  Like a universe being born, within the temple of the soul floating in infinite space, you will in time become aware of your existence as a body of energy without form.  This body of energy is your conscious recognition of being made in the image of God as consciousness.  It is the same for us all.  Congratulations, you have awakened to your awareness as the core of your experience and are ready for the next step.  While being guided it should take anywhere from a week to a few months to achieve this.  

Accessing the temple of the soul means you are no longer sleep walking through life.  You have reawakened to your individual energetic experience. You have accessed a waking dream.  Next will be to transition a waking dream to a wakened state while the body is in motion.   Employing a waking dream means that you have access to higher states of consciousness or unconscious experience as well as the spirit realm.  Having awareness means you can engage/connect, interact/influence and/or change what is going on instead of just reacting to life.  You are no longer a puppet, you can now begin the process of self mastery towards the goal of beginning your ascension.  

You are now in the process of unfolding your self realization, but you have not started your ascension yet.  The actual ascension process is fairly misunderstood.  Before you can actually begin any type of ascension work you must first resolve all that is tethering you to the here and now.  All that is, is your entire memory along with every frequency of consciousness below you.  To rise up you need to have a perfect foundation. When dealing with consciousness, what you deny has power over you.  By only having awareness of the Yin and not the Yang, how can you transcend everything?  If you cannot transcend everything of one level how can you access the next level?  Although the execution of this is very advanced, it is a basic idea that we will work with for many years.  To create an impeccable foundation, before you can raise up, you must create a stepping stone from which to start.  A large part of this will be your own memory, an even larger part of this will be the memory of everything else in existence starting, at the lowest level possible, working with the elementals.  But none of this is possible without the ascension technique which we will discuss later in this book.

Expanding Awareness

Accessing the temple of the soul is an unconscious recognition of being nothing.  The state of awareness of "being nothing" on an energetic level is being black space or antimatter.  Black space is that which permits everything to be separate in the manifested form and one of consciousness.  This permits us, through awareness, to be one of consciousness yet separate of awareness, which creates the opportunity to access and/or be anything that we are already a part of or have gained access to.  But to have access to anything we must first expand our awareness from ourselves to everything.  Working with what we know, we will now expand awareness to the limits of time and space of this dimension.  

After accessing the temple of the soul, we expand our awareness to the limits of time and space of this dimension.  There are two parts of this technique, as there is an expansion there must be a contraction.  The expansion part of this technique takes us to a whole new definition and perspective of the term, within and around our being.  This technique opens our experience to the idea of actually being God in size.  Instead of astral travel, which separates the soul from the body and focuses on an embodiment, we use the expansion technique, never separating from our body; now everywhere in awareness, while still being in our body.  Think about your belly button, the tip of your nose or the furthest point away from your body of any extremity.  All of these are a part of you without you leaving your body.  On the flip side, having expanded to the limits of time and space you have awareness of the sun, inside the sun, of all the planets in our solar system or every solar system in this dimension simultaneously, as if it is a part of you, just like the tip of your nose.  

The key to this awareness is that once you have expanded to the boundaries of the entire dimension, you are forever connected to it through memory.  To then be there is not to go there, instead it is to simply have awareness of a place, like the tip of your nose, or any extremity on your body.  Then having awareness of it you can engage/connect, interact/influence and change what may be going on without ever separating from your body.  

The second part of this technique, the contraction takes the essence of black space from an unconscious recognition of being nothing to a firsthand experience in the state of being nothing.  At that point you gain conscious awareness of the energetic and physical realm together all the time.  No longer will you need to be in the temple of the soul to access and employ your awareness on an energetic level.  You can do it consciously, at will, within and around your being in the physical as well as the energetic.  

At this point it is completely necessary to have a guide, as this opens you up to everything that is out there, for better or worse.  All of us are in need of good direction in all aspects of our life, healthcare, and even security to protect ourselves, the same applies energetically.  Without the awareness to know what is going on, you need someone to guide, protect and heal you until you learn all of the in and outs of the entire experience.  

Let's begin with the first part of the technique, the expansion.  First, make sure you have awareness of everything without focusing on any one thing.  Also, please remember that there is no effort in doing this.  It is all a conscious act of employing your imagination (imagination in the physical realm is only that, but in the energetic it is awareness with intent).  Any effort, anticipation or expectation will dramatically hinder this process unfolding.  Each time should be like the first time, complete innocence of the experience, no fear, no goal or destination.  You are existing in the moment, allowing your awareness and experience to unfold naturally.

Access the temple of the soul while being in your body.  You will be manifesting this in the physical realm.  Then imagine from the core of your being (solar plexus), that from nothing a sphere of energy is created.  It begins at the size of an atom and you “will” it to become larger.  The key here is there is no volume or pressure created in making this larger or smaller.  It is an imaginary sphere that becomes larger as you become comfortable.  It expands 360 degrees until the point where you are comfortable with it and then you stop the expansion.  Recognize the space that you have expanded to and release the sphere, becoming ever so smaller until it becomes nothing within your solar plexus.

If you feel the sphere, the volume within the sphere or any pressure in your body while doing this, you are putting forth effort.  You are doing this wrong.  If you do not release the sphere completely then throughout the day you may recognize discomfort, pain or a sense of being really out there or in a mental fog.  Doing this wrong means you won't get it.  Only utilizing your imagination, expand and contract the sphere.  The key points of this technique are expanding and recognizing the boundary that you have expanded to and then releasing it completely.  

The expansion technique is an action of visualization alone.  Whether we employ this technique within the temple of the soul or in the physical, no effort is required.  However, if someone employing this technique utilizes effort, they will engage and attract unwanted attention that could be detrimental.  From an energetic standpoint, this would manifest an explosion of light as if a small star were to go supernova.  In an instant all the bad and good energetic entities and spirits in that area would become aware of you.  This is not good.  This would be like walking into a gang infested slum waving hundred dollar bills.    

In the expansion part of this technique we are expanding to the limits of time and space as a perfectly round sphere.  To complete the expansion you will reach the boundaries of time and space of this dimension.  The boundary will feel like a wall signifying that you need not go any further.  Beyond that boundary is black space.  I do not mean dark space, just the existence of nothing.  It is necessary that you pay attention, making sure that your sphere is not oval or any other shape other than perfectly round.  Upon recognizing the boundary of this dimension of time and space you can begin the second part of this technique.

Now we can begin the contraction.  Beginning in the temple of the soul within your body, recognize the boundaries of your physical  and begin to make yourself smaller.  You are making yourself smaller and smaller.  Benchmarks comparable in size are a molecule, and atom and a subatomic particle.  You are making yourself smaller and smaller until there is no more space within you to contract any further.  When you reach the point where you are unable to make yourself smaller, a good visualization tool is imagining yourself as a sphere.  When you have reached the smallest possible size, you are going to slightly expand and then create another sphere out of nothing inside of yourself and expand it to the same size as the sphere that you first created.   When the boundaries of both sphere touch then you implode and explode on an energetic level, in effect destroying yourself.  Yes, on an energetic level you are not killing, but renewing yourself in a willful N.D.E. or near death experience.  During this renewal process you will spend up to 10 seconds as nothing and afterward you will have lost all knowing of your own existence, fading into black space  and then instantly being reborn back into your body.

In review, if you feel pressure, any pain or discomfort while contracting you are putting forth effort.  Any effort, including anticipation or expectations, will hinder this experience from unfolding properly.  Utilize your imagination, “be the experience”.  Do not try to do it, as trying requires effort.  

A version of this technique, which I will explain later, will be used to transition between your current frequency and into higher frequencies of consciousness.  The reasoning for this renewal is simple.  When you access higher levels of consciousness, the renewal process completely changes your perspective allowing you to view all previous information, experiences and techniques, using them in a totally new way.  Second and equally important, is the idea is that you are already God, the journey is in awakening to it.  Meaning, that with every level you access, you are re-accessing another part of yourself.  It is needed to have a part of yourself in every frequency of consciousness so when you start the ascension process again the path is not learning anew, it is remembering.  In every level of consciousness you access there is a guide for that level.  That guide imprints their own consciousness upon you for everything that is needed to access, employ and transcend for that entire specific level of consciousness.  This guide is your higher self.  Lastly, we are not making an ascension of an embodiment, only of awareness.  

The Affirmation of Will

We have all heard people talk about Law of Attraction.  It really works.  There is no doubt about how powerful it can manifest in our lives that which we focus upon.  But there is a catch which no one knows about.  People tend to believe that what they are is visible only in the ever present.  We look in the mirror and see ourselves, but only in part.  We look in the mirror and see the reflection of the person we have become, and hope to gain some insight into how our future will unfold.

What is not taken into account is how we all utilize Law of Attraction all the time without ever really thinking about it.  Most people who teach this subject will talk about how feelings and attention that is focused in our thoughts affects what we attract into our lives.  But what they don't tell you is that unconsciously we all are utilizing Law of Attraction 24/7.  We are utilizing it as a reflection of all of our memory, of this and all previous lives, the secrets of our past. 

It is our past which defines who we are, what we like, want or need in our lives.  Through Law of Attraction, our memory attracts the same or similar soul energies and experiences into our life in never ending cycles.  On the simplest level we call this Karma; what comes around goes around.  It is because of our memory and Law of Attraction that cycles repeat themselves over and over in the ever present, in our future, in every consecutive life.  If you do not learn the lessons needed, will these life lessons repeat themselves?  Not necessarily.  

From a physical perspective it is about learning and forgiveness.  From an energetic perspective it is about accessing, employing and transcending.  If you do not transcend the experience in memory then you cannot break the cycle.  Releasing emotions and granting forgiveness means nothing in your memory.   The technique to resolve or change memory is discussed later on.  If while in the process of forgiving you cause old feelings to resurface then in effect you are saying through Law of Attraction that this experience is normal and that more of it is needed.  What we are noting is that memory is your unconscious guide in everything we do in life.  This is why the same type of relationships and experiences happen repeatedly in our lives.  Through Law of Attraction we are unconsciously the creators of our experience via our unconscious memory.    


Have you ever heard people say, "I didn't choose for this to happen to me".  Maybe they didn't choose it but they are still responsible for attracting the same soul identity (person) or exactly the same or similar experiences into their life again.  You chose the body you are in.  You have chosen to consciously or unconsciously act, react or to be proactive in every experience.   This is the only way your memory manifests a reoccurring experience of a previous memory in the hopes to attain some type of resolve.  But true resolve is not possible in the ever present, only in memory.  The important thing we are looking at now is that your memory is your guide for everything in life.  We need to begin to employ a different guide to take the place of memory, a guide that defines not only who we are but what we can become on the greatest level.  Not the greatest level as a goal or destination, instead a level of experience and fulfillment in the ever present all the time, perpetually creating a perspective of solutions versus only seeing the past resurface again.  

The guide we will be using is called the Affirmation of Will.  This affirmation is never to be used in the physical realm, only in the temple of the soul. To implant anything into the unconscious, creating a ripple effect in Law of Attraction, takes thirty one consecutive days of chanting or repeating the affirmation for thirty consecutive minutes at a time each day.  So saying the affirmation in the physical will do very little, but by utilizing the affirmation in the Temple of the soul, the effects of it are immediate.

The Affirmation of will has two effects.  First, it becomes our new guide, fighting against memory to manifest per Law of Attraction, until your entire memory is completely resolved.  Second, it is tied to the lineage of the master you aspire to become, following the same path to achieve all that they have and more, as the foundation for your limitless growth.  It should be noted that neither myself or any other is to ever be worshipped or prayed to.  The God you speak with and pray to is within you.  My path, experience and ever unfolding awareness is not the pinnacle of what anyone can achieve, it is a part of your foundation to achieve all that I have and more.  

The Affirmation of Will:

I allow myself to acknowledge, master, manifest, manipulate and channel:

all that I am,

existing in all that I am,

experiencing all that I am,

remembering all that I am,

knowing all that I am,

being all that I am,

understanding all that I am;

for I am the greatest and purist channel that I can be for myself and God,

at will, on a conscious level of awareness,

within and around my being,

unconditionally and infinitely

that is positive to my experience and in my truth,

through this physical manifestation, (your name),

all the time, sat nam,

for it has been said, so let it be done.

I am timeless, limitless, boundless and spaceless,

existing everywhere and nowhere,

in everything and nothing;

therefore I exist,

for as much as God is a part of me

I am a part of God;

therefore in part, I am the indefinable consciousness,

I am, sat nam.

Sat Nam means to subject yourself or bow before the truth.  For us it is recognizing the truth that within each of us is the path to God.  The path to God is not achieved through prayer, nor by any form of meditating and not after death.  To access God is a process of awakening to your individual experience as the creator of your life and everything in it.  To become one with God is, on the most individual level (the soul perceptual identity), to relearn through unfolding awareness to access, employ and transcend all that you are and a part of, while fulfilling the ascension process per the Affirmation of Will.  Not to leave here.  Instead to access "all that is", is to manifest and live a much more fulfilling experience in the here and now.  

Along with the Affirmation of will we follow the One Law:

"Deny yourself nothing, but enter into all experiences that are unconditionally positive for yourself and all others that share or are affected by your experience and having the intention of transcending that experience."

Denying yourself nothing is not in reference to physical experience.  It is in reference solely to the energetic experience.  So please do not assume or confuse this with the physical.  It is used in reference to our memory and the memory of everything else that is out there. We access the consciousness of everything that is out there utilizing the ascension technique that is discussed later in this book.  If we were to actually try to experience everything it would take an infinite number of lifetimes.  Instead, we are able to access, employ and transcend everything in existence at the level of humanity and below in just a few short years compared to doing it all physically.  Remember, for the energetic experience no effort is required. Once guided through the process, it is a simply  a matter of unfolding your awareness, perpetually.

There are several main uses of the expansion technique along with the Affirmation of will.  First, it is a substitute as a guide for memory in both the physical and energetic realms.  It assists us in discerning only what is needed for our awareness to unfold in every experience, versus what we may want or desire in reference to memory.  It is to communicate in reference to the affirmation of will.  It is used to further unfold awareness in the energetic realms.  It is used for Law of Attraction in the physical world.  

We have two techniques that we can employ from the temple of the soul each time we go there.  This is how it will unfold: Upon accessing the temple of the soul, find your groove, then repeat the Affirmation of Will followed by the first part of the expansion technique.  The expansion technique follows the affirmation because it carries it like a sonar ping to everything in this dimension of time and space to awaken us to other opportunities to further unfold our awareness.  We only use the first part of the expansion, no contraction is needed.  This is equivalent of speaking your affirmation of will to everything within the limits you have expanded to.  Afterwards, allow yourself to exist in the temple of the soul, floating in infinite space, having awareness of everything without focusing on any one thing.  Allowing yourself to go in deeper and deeper while staying awake.  This will eventually unfold into what we refer to as journeying in a waking dream.

Traditionally if a person were to attempt astral projection, remote viewing or a shamanic journey they would need to set a destination or investigate a location or person to go to.  This requires leaving or separating from your body and establishing the soul as your current vehicle.  This is very dangerous.  Safely, we utilize the expansion technique to carry the Affirmation of Will to the limits of time and space.  Then through our awareness, which is everywhere, we either attract energies to come to us or we become aware of places we be to journey in waking dreams. Now this is the trick.  Because your awareness is everywhere, you do not need to go anywhere to engage/connect, interact/influence or change.  Through awareness we unfold the experience within ourselves, but not within our body.  Like being aware of your finger tip or any other extremity we have awareness of any and every location of this dimension.  


The first part of the expansion technique sends out the signal through a sonar like ping. We become aware of what is needed to journey in reference to the Affirmation of Will and we unfold the experience like wireless internet on a computer watching a movie.  Your awareness becomes the movie screen for the signal you remotely connect to, allowing you to interact with it here, without the need to go there.  Since your awareness is everywhere you can project the movie or journeying experience that you connect with anywhere within you.  There is no longer a need to utilize an embodiment. More importantly, in your relearning of this experience, if anything negative were to happen it would not directly affect you, it would simply cause a disruption in the journeying.  This is the basic idea.  

Reawakening Your Energetic Senses

It is possible to access something by mistake, but his does not mean we have awareness to unfold the experience. Without awareness we may accidently unfold an experience and have a paranormal force interact with us for better or for worse.  For people not on this path, interactions with paranormal forces seem to bring out the worst most of the time. For students who recently have awakened and have started utilizing the expansion technique with the affirmation of will, it is normal to be engaged without the awareness to understand what is really going on, much less be able to do anything about it.

The next technique we are going to learn begins to actively reawaken your senses 24/7, doing it in the temple of the soul after the affirmation of will, but before the expansion technique.  The idea is that once you utilize this technique, followed by the expansion technique, you are expanding this energy to the limits of time and space of this dimension (the embodiment of your consciousness existing everywhere in this dimension).  So when you discern something in the present there is no need to repeat the technique because everything is already being affected within the expansion of your awareness. More importantly it will begin to awaken all of the energetic senses needed for the basic unfolding of your awareness.  Remember the Law of Awareness: If you have awareness of a thing you can engage/connect, interact/influence and/or change what is going on.  If you do not have awareness of a thing, you need a master to guide you through the entire experience until you can master it yourself.

The technique for reawakening your energetic senses is the Internal Manifestation of the Elements.  Through the elements we relearn to be aware.  Awareness takes the place of seeing with a sense of knowing. We need to get the whole idea of seeing something out of the window. If you see something you have engaged or connected with it and it will in turn interact or influence you.  This may sound cool, but it isn't.  It is very uncool. Through the use of this technique we are relearning to substitute seeing with unfolding awareness. At this point it is recommended to everyone when doing any type of energy work or unfolding awareness in energetic realms to use a pair of white light sunglasses.  Using sunglasses of white light does not permit the wearer to see anything, nor does it allow anything else to see into them through the eyes.  It sounds like a hindrance, but it is a very strong tool for protecting one's self.  This brings us understanding of utilizing the all seeing eye.  If our eyes are blinded and we cannot see, how do we see?  First of all, the “all seeing eye” has nothing to do with your physical eyes or the commonly believed existence of the "third eye" between the eyebrows.  The actual position for the third eye, or all seeing eye, is in your solar plexus.  Blinding ourselves by wearing sunglasses of white light permits us to utilize our solar plexus as a more natural experience to unfold awareness beginning with the expansion technique followed by the internal and eventually the external manifestation of the elements.      

Here we will begin reawakening your energetic senses utilizing the four elements by internally manifesting them. This technique is a foundation technique and as with all foundation techniques you are learning the basic version.  With each new level you access in your renewal, you will realize new and exciting ways to utilize them.  The four elements are:  Water, Earth, Fire and Air.  The senses are: insight, intuition, communication, smell and feel. The individual senses of each element have abilities and qualities that need to be recognized and learned.  

We will be internally manifesting and expanding the energy of these elements within the temple of the soul. We are not using them to expand the physical senses as these do not apply to the energetic experience. Your body may react to energy, but this is only because of your awareness in the body.  But there are no senses of the physical that in any way can engage or connect with the energetic. The energetic can however manifest in the frequency of the physical to interact with it. Case in point: hair standing up on the back of your neck when you sense someone looking at you from a distance.  It is amazing how you can look through a crowd and instantly connect with someone looking right back at you. You knew it was them with complete certainty.  This is sensing energy with an intuitive knowing through awareness to connect with the person directing energy at you (regardless if they were conscious of it or not).  Yet there is no physical sense that can be attributed to this uncommon experience.  

The reason why we are doing the internal manifestation in the temple of the soul is because energetic senses are related to our unconscious and higher states of consciousness, this is what we are reawakening.  We are rising up and we need to have awareness everything, creating the opportunity and the skill set to make our individual ascension.  Without knowledge or a road map how does one perceive the route or destination?  We do not utilize a route because in the ascension process we are no longer an individual traveling a path.  We become a part of everything through consciousness and everything becomes our perfect foundation.  Our unfolding awareness is separate, yet we are one through consciousness.  

Beginning the internal manifestation of the elements is the same as the first part of the expansion technique, creating a sphere of energy in the center of your solar plexus.  Manifest this sphere recognizing the color and ability associated with the element.  The expansion does not need to be much further than your body.  Once you feel comfortable with the limit to which you have expanded, then release the element back into the ethers within the center of your solar plexus by having it contract until it is nothing, into where it came from.  It is pretty simple.  

Remember, when doing this to be aware of everything without focusing on any one thing.  Do the entire expansion and contraction of each element without effort.  Visualize it happening, do not put effort into manifesting them.  It is a common mistake that while learning how to do this the apprentice tightens their stomach or even their entire body, trying to put forth effort to visualize the exercise.  All of this can cause pain and/or discomfort, all of which is completely unnecessary because no effort is required.  “Think it” happening and become the element, don't use effort.  It is very important that you completely release each element before you move on to the next one.  If not, then during the day you will feel the residual energy of one or all elements in your solar plexus and this can be very uncomfortable.  It is not meant for your body, this is why we do it in the temple of the soul.  

The internal manifestation of the elements awakens the senses of energy.  When we take this to the next step and do the external manifestation of the elements, we will be working on the abilities of the elements.  This will be done in a technique discussed later in this book.  During your weekly exercises in the temple of the soul, the order now will be the affirmation of will, the internal manifestation of the elements followed by the expansion technique.  Then drift off within yourself being aware of everything without focusing on any one thing.  We are now in the process of preparing ourselves to awaken to journeying in waking dreams.  This will happen, not when you want it to, but when you are ready for it.  For this next step it is really important that you have a guide, one that can unfold the experience.


You have awakened to your energetic self by accessing and employing the temple of the soul.  At this point you have the awareness to sense what is going on in the energetic realm and physical realm, consciously while not in the temple of the soul.  So you have gone there, come back to make your life more fulfilling, exciting, interesting, etc.  Now it is time to go back there again and unfold the experience further.  After doing the basics in the temple of the soul, without expectation or anticipations in a state of being, be nothing existing as awareness alone.  In the temple of the soul stay awake as you drift deeper into nothingness by being aware of everything without focusing on any one thing.  As months pass and you begin to master this you will become ready for the next step for unfolding awareness into a waking dream.  

As kids we always want our turn to see, excited about the new.  Not in this case.  We want awareness of everything, not looking at something.  

Awareness permits us to perceive what is not tangible in a way that can only be described as incredible.  Not just seeing, but using all of the senses from the elements.  Taking it further, intuitively to know what is not apparent.  If we are being engaged by something it is better to know who or what it originates from so you can communicate directly with the source versus the messenger.  The All Seeing Eye does not represent conscious awareness, it is our perpetually higher self that we access in our individual ascension, explained later in this book.  Part of the foundation for accessing this level of awareness begins with this technique for internally manifesting the elements.  

Waking Dreams, Empowerment To Lead One's Self

Waking dreams are the final frontier, the unexplored space of perpetually higher states or frequencies of consciousness for each of us.  Ultimately, transcending memory is the greatest catalyst for our unfolding awareness and journeying in waking dreams, leading us to the path of our ascension.  

The ascension process does not actually begin until we have become a part of every race of consciousness on the individual, universal and collective level, in every frequency of consciousness from the most basic to that of all humanity, through journeying in waking dreams, utilizing the ascension technique.  It does not begin until we have resolved our own memory of this and all previous incarnations of the soul and spirit perceptual identity on a collective level utilizing the ascension technique.  It does not begin until, we have transcended our individual or soul perceptual identity accessing the spirit perceptual identity of universal awareness as our conscious experience.  Accessing and employing the spirit perceptual awareness is the key to being able to guide others as well as beginning our own individual ascension.  

You are a part of God and God is a part of everything.  The experience of God is to be one of consciousness yet separate of awareness.  This is achieved through resolving memory to transcend our entire self so we can become nothing (awareness alone), yet a part of everything.  Becoming a part of everything is accomplished through journeying in waking dreams in our current and all other frequencies of consciousness of each chakra.  This means we need to access through consciousness everything on Earth, or all life as we know it, each race and every variety of it related to each chakra.  For example: all plants, organisms, insects, fish, animals, intelligent mammals and even humans etc. exist within their own an entire collective frequency of consciousness or chakra.  

Utilizing the ascension technique, we make the experience of becoming a part of everything through consciousness (the memory of everything) possible.   This is the ascension process: accessing, employing and transcending the consciousness of everything as our self of each chakra creating the steps for the foundation of our ascension.  The reality of this entire experience on the greatest level cannot be achieved in this tiny little body.  But we are not connecting our body, only our awareness of becoming one of consciousness, the memory of everything for each chakra and then resolving it to return to a state of being nothing as defined in memory.  Availing a person access to the next higher chakra.  Making the previous transcended chakra a stepping stone in our ascension, renewing us to begin again.  Employing the entire experience of each chakra becomes what we are as an individual expression of conscious awareness, employing the experience of God in each the six chakras transcended.  Once we do so for the seventh chakra then we are beginning our journey as a universal expression of God a.k.a. the internationally known term as Christ.   All of this is made possible with the foundation of all the basics listed in this book and used while journeying in waking dreams.    

Ultimately we are constantly resolving memory, this is what we mean by transcending.  Through the ascension process, every frequency of consciousness becomes our memory, part of our foundation for ascension.  This is made possible by having transcended the idea of self, existing as nothing with awareness alone.   Within the entire range of frequencies we have conscious awareness we can engage/connect, interact/influence and/or change what is or may be.  We are the creator of our own experience.  Through our ever unfolding experience, at each level and below we are the creator per our awareness.  In your perpetual ascension of ever unfolding awareness you are one with, and increasingly becoming, God in your individual journey.

So you have made it to the point where the prospect of journeying really begins to unfold.  You are no longer just engaging and interacting with different energies, you are now ready to link up with the guides that you will be working with as part of your foundation of alliances.  Do you think you are ready?  You just may be.  But before you take the leap into the final frontier, there is a lot of information and many protocols we need to cover in preparation for you own ascension.  

Waking dreams do not begin with unfolding awareness.  There are protocols we need to first familiarize ourselves with.  Communication is a huge step.  How do you proceed if you do not know how to communicate.  Life in the energetic realms is similar to the physical in regards to all of the dangers that one may encounter.  Safety and security is very important, as is communication, to properly discern if whatever is engaging you is being truthful and in unconditionally positive to your experience.  Most importantly though is awareness.  You may have all of the skills and experience and, just like in the physical realm, still get taken or even destroyed by a con artist, a thief, a burglar, a rapist, a murder, a virus, an infection, etc.  Pure and simple, the energetic realms are about survival and control, just like life as we know it.  The naive would tell you otherwise.  They would say it is all about love and light, but I am not interested in speculation and belief.  I want to know the cold hard truth so I can respect it without giving it a chance to school me the hard way.  The fact is, people join covens or other groups not just for learning and social interaction, but for the cool clothes and protection.  Their greatest protection is that they approach the energetic from a physical perspective called spirituality, but this also hinders them the most as they never know real growth.  

You do not have to learn the hard way.  Fire can heat your home and cook your food.  Fire can also burn down your home, leave you with serious burns and even kill you.  Each of the elements needs to be respected, in so much as that fear is replaced with understanding and respect.  Through your awareness and basic techniques to employ the elements you will have foresight and learn to be proactive versus reactive, learning through hindsight.  

The innocence of a child, this is you now.  You may think you have a clue, but you do not.  Even worse, you are blinded by your lack of awareness.  Experience means little here unless you have the awareness to match it, regardless of all the experience you have acquired in the physical realm.  Working with an energetic master to guide you makes all the difference in the world.  You say you wouldn't take candy from a stranger, but if something in the energetic realm feels that good, it has to be right.  No.  Not at all.  We do not follow what we feel, we lead ourselves by what we discern of energy.  Feeling is related to emotions which can cause a biased perspective.  A lot of the decisions of naive children are based on feeling.  Energy through colors holds the greatest truth.  An individual can be deceptive, our feelings may deceive us, what we read as colors will always be true.  


People build a resistance and immunity to the common cold, sickness and illness that we all can and do get.  We catch viruses, bugs, parasites, germs and diseases.  Do you think the parallel experience of these do not exist in the energetic realm?  You would be sorely mistaken if you believed they didn't.  Everything is not all love and light.  There is so much misinformation out there because people want to believe that it is good versus evil.  They want to believe that if you practice only the way of the light you are pure.  But what you deny has power over you.  Purity is not in your actions it is, or is not, found in the intent behind your actions.  If you deny the full spectrum of light, including the absence there of, then what you deny limits your growth,  possibly creating fear, lack of understanding and the inability to resolve  issues.  What you deny has power over you.  Would you prefer to work with a guide talented in only one part or the entire part of every experience?  Almost everyone out there only works with one part (mostly the healing part), because they deny the rest.  To ascend you must be able to access, employ and transcend everything.  

Accessing the energetic realms without the proper training and or without an energetic master to guide you, protect and heal you, can be dangerous and even deadly until you gain the awareness and skill to protect yourself.  I don't intend to scare you, I intend to scare the people who falsely lead others claiming to be able to do this.  Responsibility falls back to the person who shared the experience with another.  

Let's begin with the most common issues that plague all people.  Just because you do not believe in the energetic or what is commonly referred to as the paranormal does not mean it doesn't exist.  Furthermore, it does not mean it won't engage you.  Awareness is the key.  If something has awareness of you and sees you as source of food or to control you for its own doing, just because you do not have awareness of it does not mean it will not engage you.  

Some of the most common paranormal energies are hauntings by ghosts, poltergeists and demonic energies.  To add to this list there are energies that specialize in possessions, sharing space in a person's body temporarily or permanently.  There are many different kinds of possessions.  There is no worst among them.  They are all very bad.  Just that some will destroy you sooner rather than later.  Next are parasites.  The most well known parasite is the external kind referred to as a "monkey on your back."  Every addiction that a person cannot shake, regardless if it is chemical or psychological is related to an energetic parasite.   Every mental or physical disease and sometime extreme addictions are related to an energetic possession.  The most well known is Alzheimer's.  All of these are the general energies that we all encounter some time in our life.  

When we awaken to the energetic realm we become a bright shining light in a sea of darkness.  We shine like a beacon of light in every place we go.  Even worse, we connect with all that we think about, regardless of distance.  This means that once awakened you will begin to attract all of these energies everywhere you go.  This also means that while surfing on the world wide web, including Facebook, all that you see and focus on you may engage or connect with, inviting these energies to share in your experience.  All my students experience this daily and I receive texts or emails asking me to take a look at them throughout each day.  This is very normal.

Then there are the really bad energies out there.  Just like in the physical realm they hide in plain sight and portray themselves as feeling good, as trustworthy, as having something that you may want.  All of which is to entice you into their grasp, and for a lot of people it is just too late after that happens.  Feeling and looks can be very deceiving.  They promise you the world, but delivery you pain, misery and even death.  Having a competent guide protects an apprentice from all of this.  I keep reiterating the importance of a guide or energetic master to work with.  Am I getting through?

Even though you may have a guide, there are basics of communicating that we all work with.  Following protocols of communication facilitates a greater understanding of what is going on.  So let's begin with understanding how to know if what is engaging you is speaking truth.

1.  Never, ever look with your eyes.  Only have awareness through the elements.

Everyone has heard the saying the eyes are the windows of the soul.  This is a little understated, but it is true.  If you look with your eyes and through awareness engage/connect with another, your eyes can be used in several very bad ways to mess up your life.  The ways are not important, the end results are.  It can ultimately cause your body to go into a coma, as your soul or consciousness is stuck somewhere outside of your body.  The likelihood of this happening isn’t great, but it can happen.  Also, you cannot discern universal truth of energy by attempting to discern with your eyes.  Because the idea of your eyes is directly linked to memory and a biased emotional perception.  When discerning using the elements you perceive only truth through colors, without a biased perception of sight.    

2.  Whoever speaks, communicates or engages first does so in the other persons truth.  

If you are in a situation with an unseen energy, either in the physical or journeying in waking dreams, and you want to communicate do you talk first?  The better question is “who engages who first?”.  The best technique to ensure that another speaks per your truth is to use the mirror technique.  The mirror technique is simple. Imagine that you are a perfect 3D reflection of what is around you.  Not objects in the area, but the being, energy, spirit, etc. that is engaging you.  Once they perceive that you are the same or equal on an energetic level then they will attempt to communicate.  Then they are speaking per your truth.  Because they engaged you first.  

3.  Telepathy is not about communicating via voice recognition.  It is about using your awareness to receive and project thoughts.  Internal reception creates an inner voice.    

Everything will always speak to you using your inner voice.  Your inner voice is the voice in your head.  When empaths or schizophrenics  hear voices, all energies are speaking through their inner voice.  The reason they cannot "shut it off" is because it is turned on or off by focusing.  If you focus, then you are turning it on.  If you are aware of everything without focusing on any one thing, then you are turning it off or on by your choice.        

4.  Communication is defined by the parameters of the experience.  

In this case we use our an affirmation per our affirmation of will.  The affirmation we always ask is,   "Is this unconditionally positive to my experience and in my truth per my affirmation of will?"  Unconditionally positive means that it is beyond a conditional positive or negative truth which can hold a partial truth and a partial untruth.  There are four answers we seek when asking this question.  Two of these answers are positive and the other two are negative.  Listed below:

a.  Yes:  completely true, causes no change to you.

b.  Yes and No:  completely true, but causes change to you.  

c.  No:  obviously this is negative to our experience and truth.

d.  Silence:  extremely deceptive and complete lies.

Yes is the best answer.  Yes and No has two translations.  The first means that what may seem like an otherwise evil presence is actually working with us for our benefit at that given time.  If the energy is positive to your experience it means that you will learn, change and grow in the process.  No is obvious. You should ignore them and tell them to leave.  Silence means their intentions are to have power or control over you.  

5.  Never, ever second guess your gut instinct.

If the energy of what is engaging you appears subtly amiss, do not second guess yourself ever.  When there is a doubt, contact your physical guide / energetic master that you are working with.

6.  Always utilize awareness to communicate before you take any action.  

Through your awareness, you may perceive a threat by something engaging you.  But this perceived threat may only be because you have a natural fear of it.  Perhaps a fear of the unknown or the fear of a new experience.   Always communicate before walking away or engaging it for an attack.  They may be there for your benefit and want to test you to see how you react before they actually communicate with you.

7.  When presented with or offered something, only accept under two conditions.

a.  "Is this unconditionally positive to my experience and in my truth per my affirmation of will?"  The answer should be “Yes” or “Yes and No”. The answer “No” or no answer at all is unacceptable.

b.  "Is there any debt incurred for accepting this gift?"

     1.  If there is a price, any price, for accepting the gift, then deny it or politely refuse. The an should be “No”.

On the greatest level you are everything.  Therefore, you are in need of nothing except unfolding your awareness.  For this, nothing will ever be needed from outside of yourself.  

8.  Do not seek power or control.

The greatest power is awareness, per the Law of Awareness.  If you seek power or control you are doomed to be enslaved to another who offers it to you.  You are in part God.  There is nothing outside of you that any other could possibly offer to you that you do not already have.  You may not have awareness of everything on the greatest level yet, but if your intentions are noble, for the greatest and highest good, then power will be yours.  Not power over others, but power to be used in service of others.    

These eight protocols cover the basics of discerning energy and communicating for your empowerment.  I am obligated not to tell you any or all of the secrets that a guide like myself has to offer.  But I will not blindly guide people to lead themselves.  The basics are needed to understand the beginning of this experience.  The advanced techniques will never be new techniques, simply variations of the basics.   

Temple of The Spirit: Waking Dreams

Now that we have a basic understanding of what to do when dealing with all types of energy, let's get into how we actually unfold waking dreams.  Returning to the Temple of the Soul, you will now be guided to the Temple of The Spirit which facilitates Waking Dreams.  Lets remind ourselves of the basic parameters we will be moving into.

1.  Awareness of everything without focusing on any one thing.

2.  Exist as a state of being.  Being nothing, doing nothing, attempting nothing.

3.  Hold no expectations or anticipations.

4.  There is no destination or goal except to drift deeper into being nothing while staying awake.  

5.  Each time we unfold this experience it is like the first time.  New, fresh and accessed with a natural sense of innocence that unfolds any experience effortlessly.  

Access the temple of the soul.  Then after doing the affirmation of will, the internal manifestation of the elements followed by the expansion technique, access the Temple of The Spirit.  Once there, let go and be.  Want or desire does not fit into the scheme of things here.  What does fit is the need to simply be.  To exist without doing or having the intention of doing anything except staying awake while unfolding into deeper or higher states of awareness within yourself.  The Temple of the Spirit is instant access to your higher self, yet you do not have the conscious ability to employ this state of awareness outside of the temple in union with the physical.  This will be sometime down the road.        

After employing the expansion technique and accessing the Temple of the Spirit, drift off into infinite black space,  stay awake by being aware of everything without focusing on anyone thing.  This may take weeks or even months to begin to unfold.  What we are looking for is a vision to unfold before our eyes like we are watching a movie.  When this happens it is paramount that you maintain awareness of everything without focusing upon it.  The reason is, it is being viewed in the third person perspective as if you are watching a show on the television.  By not focusing on it, you are allowing it to unfold.  By focusing on it, it will disappear.  Sounds crazy, but it is true.  Focusing means you are not ready.

If you seek quick results, follow the five parameters listed above.  If you do not, your anticipation, expectations and focus will prevent it.  Sounds crazy right?  But it is true.  Most often when the movie in front of you opens up it is so amazing it is almost irresistible and people cannot help but to focus on it and as soon as they do it just disappears.  It is almost shocking.  

Before you are ready for real journeying in the Temple of the Spirit, there will be small journeying in the Temple of the Soul with lights, colors, and different energies for several months prior to the real deal.  This is so you feel more comfortable and have fewer expectations when it really opens up.  Some of the experiences you will see and even interact with, but most of the time you will simply feel intense energy within or around the body.  The difference between this and real journeying from the Temple of the Spirit is that in the Temple of the Spirt it is just as real as the physical in all that you see, experience and interact with.  

So when the movie appears again, be aware of everything without focusing on it or any one thing.  As you become comfortable without focusing, but still having awareness of everything, it comes closer and you transition from viewing it from a third person to a second person viewpoint.  At this point it will be very tempting to look at it, engage it or interact with it.  Resist all temptation or it will disappear from you again, because you are not ready for it.  The actual scene that you see unfolding before your eyes is the doorway to another dimension.  You cannot enter into it.  Each time you try to connect or interact with it you are trying to do so with an embodiment.  It has nothing to do with an embodiment and everything to do with awareness alone.  When you are comfortable, beings in the other dimension will invite you to join them and the viewing experience will flip around.  No longer will you be only viewing the scene, now you will see yourself in it from a second person perspective while watching yourself from a third person perspective.  This lasts only for a very short period of time during which you must maintain awareness of everything and not focus on it on the experience.  When you are comfortable watching yourself there interacting of awareness, then you will drop the second person perspective and actually be there in first person through an external manifestation or copy of yourself with awareness of being third person too.  We call this using a probe.

As I have mentioned before, when other philosophies discuss journeying they are actually talking about astral travel, the soul leaving the body.  This is very bad.  When we journey we have awareness of being there without ever separating from our body.  We are in fact using a probe.  Journeying is not a singular experience, it is a dual experience in which you guide your probe to interact on your behalf.  Should anything happen to the probe, no worries.  You dissolve the probe and nothing is lost.  

The most common question I ask students is, "When you finished journeying did you release the probe or is a part of you still there?"   I am not asking if they went there.  I am asking if they brought their awareness back from being connected there through a probe.  Did they dissolve their probe?  Is something in the place where they were still connecting or engaging their probe?  As we create a probe, we must uncreate our probe when finished or we will continue to be connected to our probe, possibly being affected by what it is engaged with.        

At this point you are journeying and the idea of the temple of the soul is lost forever.  You now have a dual existence of the physical and awareness in the Temple of The Spirit journeying through probes.  Journeying in waking dreams from here on out is instantaneous.  Merely having awareness of being there is all that is needed.  

Changing Memory, Becoming Nothing

Changing memory is the most important technique that we will learn aside from the ascension technique.  But even the ascension technique is not possible without mastery of changing memory.  Changing memory allows us to access more without being defined by it.  

Memory that is not transcended holds power over us because we use it for a database to define who we are and we rely on it for almost all decisions.  This database of memory is running 24/7 because of conscious attention held in it, keeping our past alive and using it as a guide for all that we do.  Are we eating for taste or nutrition?  Do we partake for sustenance or pleasure?  When we think of something from our past we channel our memory to feel the past as if it were actually happening, and each time we do, we activate Law of Attraction to give us more of it.  We rely on memory to be our guide and people question their gut instinct or sixth sense all too often with regret.  When we use memory to be our guide we severely limit our potential and awareness as we rely totally on sensorial input from the body in reference to memory to make a decision.   We are reactive to all experiences with little to no control of how life unfolds.  At the end of our lives all we have are our memories with no connection to anything.  We leave as we entered, alone and without a clue.  

Transcended memory releases us from being defined by our memory so we can be here without it and call upon it if needed.  When something from our past is needed we channel the information without the emotions through a state of detachment that offers total clarity, viewing it to recognize the pattern, but not relying on it as a guide.  Having transcended memory we transition from being defined as something by memory to being nothing as awareness without an embodiment.  In being nothing we become limitless,  using the memory of all that we access as its own storage, upgrading   awareness with every higher chakra we access.  Transcended memory transitions from a conditional perspective to an unconditional one.  Our awareness is released from the limitations of a physical perspective so we can consciously employ an energetic perspective, while awake, to fully harness and rely on our intuitive abilities of awareness being proactive versus solely using sensorial input and relying on memory as our guide, being reactive in all experiences.  Transcending memory releases conscious attention from the past to increasingly empower our level of awareness in the ever present.      

Because all conscious attention is in the ever present it takes very little effort to multitask our awareness.  We can then multitask to use awareness in a multitude of ways and even access our higher self while doing all of this for additional  insight, an intuitive knowing, unfolding awareness and foresight, all in a split second so we can be proactive.  Here our gut instinct and intuitive abilities are used as we view all possibilities of unfolding an experience in the near present and future before making a choice.  We are proactive and luck favors us in everything as we are always prepared.  As we gain mastery in unfolding awareness we are no longer limited to only interacting with our body or life, we can do so with our immediate or any environment, any individual or group of people anywhere.   We become the creators of everything that is a part of or crosses our path in life.  

Transcending memory facilitates greater brain power because all memory that is transcended permits all of its conscious attention to be in the ever present.  When we temporarily channel our higher self, using the technique of going blank to be nothing and/or permanently channeling our higher self by accessing the fifth element to exist as nothing, all unconscious attention is available in the ever present as well.  This allows us to live in the now, where as  everyone else lives in the past, while reacting to its effect on them in the present.   The less we become by definition, the more we become aware of.  To be nothing means that we can become everything that we have awareness of.  Transcending memory is paramount. Without this the ascension technique and ascension would not be possible.  

By transcending or changing memory of all that we are and all that we become a part of, we are utilizing awareness without the biased perspective or limited viewpoint associated with the different embodiments of consciousness that we have experienced.  Also, we do not retain memory consciously.  All information that is achieved and/or stored is within each universal and collective consciousness we become a part of.  Everything that we become a part of, using the ascension technique, holds the bulk of its own memory, which is all of their crap we do not need.  We only retain the part that is needed to continue our own ascension.  We can then access all “that is” for each collective frequency of consciousness or chakra without being limited by it, addicted to the experiences within it and tied to the karmic cycles created by participating in any experience.  

As we have transcended all that we are and have accessed the consciousness of all races through journeying, that which we become a of part in consciousness, in effect becomes our own collective memory. We are becoming more with each entire chakra we access, employ and transcend as our collective experience of consciousness.  By being nothing, to exist as awareness alone, we can employ the experience of everything as needed without being defined by it.  This is employing the memory of God through consciousness as energy of each entire chakra, availing us of our All Seeing Eye.  Furthermore, each entire chakra that we transcend becomes a stepping stone in our ascension.        

We must not just learn from our past, but build upon it.  We are not limited to our individual memory.  Being a part of God, in effect, means that we are God.  Not being God to rule over all.  Instead, recognizing our synergy within everything, bringing harmony out of chaos.  We are not leaders that bully others, abusing power to control or influence.  We are more like ambassadors and guides in service to all in alignment with the One Law, while remaining constant to our individual ascension.  As god is everything we must access through consciousness all that is.  We do this through journeying.  But before we can become everything of consciousness we must first become nothing of who we are, with awareness.  This is only possible by transcending or resolving all memory of our collective experience of this and all past lives of the soul and spirit perceptual identity.  As we transcend the memory of all that we have become one with through journeying, that consciousness becomes an experience that we can employ as our own.  In doing so we lose self identity and become a collective identity.  We are recognizing a synergy with everything of consciousness (in a sense we are becoming everything) yet having a separate awareness.  Even though we are losing self identity it is only of our embodiment.   Therefore, on the most individual level of awareness for the first six chakras we are ascending or becoming God as an experience we can consciously access, employ and transcend.  Upon accessing the seventh to the thirty third chakra we are becoming God of a universal or Christ awareness.  

Traditional teachings offer the perspective that when resolving memory we address only the bad or that which affects us in a negative way.  But this is extremely limited.  A greater truth is that all memory, both defined as good and bad limits us through conditional emotions.  It is therefore necessary to resolve all memory.  Any incarnation, whether it is of the physical or energetic, is emotionally defined by the limited capabilities of its embodiment to employ a level of experience or have awareness of lower or higher states of consciousness.  To resolve the identity of this body, or the perceptual experience of the soul or spirit, it is necessary to resolve all memory.  

Resolving all memory transcends the idea of an embodiment, or "being individual", permitting us to limitlessly unfold our awareness. The understanding is that when we transcend the idea of being individual, all consciousness that we become a part of, in every frequency of consciousness, becomes part of a reflection of what we are.  What we are is consciousness with awareness ascending to be everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere.  The embodiment of God is to exist without an embodiment.   This allows us to align with any chakra we have transcended, stepping into any type of consciousness from that specific collective frequency, using the technique of Going Blank and Channeling Our Higher Self, becoming anything without being defined by it.


The ability to channel based on what we align our awareness with temporarily defines our embodiment.  Meaning, as we position our awareness down or up all of our chakras, based on the frequency that we align ourselves with at any given time, just like channeling our own memory, we can employ any consciousness and its energetic embodiment merely by an action of will,  channeling that which we are a part of.          

The main purpose of our existence is ascension.  Everything else is secondary to this.  The ascension process hinges not on what we can access, but what we can resolve.  As humans we are tethered not by what we can achieve, but by our history.  Not the history of our actions, but by the history of being defined by embodiments used.  Through fault through identity we have accepted humanity as our fate, yet everyone is God.  

It all begins with changing an individual memory.  Changing memory is dependent on two things, having awareness of the memory and replacing the emotions within it with unconditional love.  It is only through lack of awareness that humanity has misinterpreted how individual memory is constructed.  

Memory on an energetic level is constructed in columns, four to be exact.  Each column identifies a perspective.  The four perspectives are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the 4th, or the omniscient viewpoint.  Of the four perspectives each offers a level of emotional insight or there lack of.  The first is the most intimate and the fourth is complete detachment of emotion.  Complete detachment is our natural state of being.  It means that we can employ any experience without being attached to or defined by it.  

Each of the four perspectives of each singular memory need to be replaced with unconditional love within each column.   Each column's energy must not intermingle and all columns must move together in a synchronized switch.     After the switch is made, conditional emotions need to be bathed in unconditional love until they become unconditional love.  If any of the conditional emotions go back to the changed memory then they will infect it and return it back to a conditional state.  When emotions are removed or released they do everything possible to return to their source in memory.  Changing them from conditional, to unconditional outside of resolved memory, resolves them and completes the process.  This is why recognizing the emotions of an experience or facilitating release of them in the physical never offers any permanent resolve.        

Like learning to master the human body may take a lifetime, learning to change memory will be difficult at first, but like everything we do it gets easier.  We begin with changing singular memory, then we work towards a chain of events for one experience.  Then we learn to do this for life issues of this and all previous lives.  Here, I am significantly simplifying the process as this will take the better part of six years to transcend the soul perceptual identity.  

The secret when working with memory is to first address the earliest possible memory.  So we start with simple memories of this life.  Little imperfections our body has, that we have always liked or disliked.  Remember, it is important to work on all memory, not just the bad stuff.  The good stuff limits our possibilities too. Then there is fate and destiny.  Fate deals with  all the people we cross paths with.  Destiny deals with all the experiences that will shape our lives.  Then there are the variables of life that just happen, defining each experience to build and grow upon or to knock us down.  This may seem completely random, but none of it is.  

And this is where we get into our contract.  Before incarnating we have, in our own experience, a ton of memory that is unresolved.  Part of the purpose of incarnating is to have the same or similar experiences with the same or similar people from our past, repeating experiences in the ever present and future for the opportunity to resolve memory.  The secret here is that memory cannot be resolved in the ever present.  It can only be resolved from our past.  Memory is in record mode in the first three perspectives in the ever present.  But, if you have conscious access to the fourth person perspective then you are consciously participating in an unconditional experience.  No longer bound by the conditions of any embodiment, you would exist like myself as awareness alone.  This is available only after having transcended the soul perceptual identity and having consciously accessed and employed the fifth element.  

Memory cannot really be completely resolved until one can employ the ascension technique.  Until this time all work or practice for changing memory has an effect but does not totally resolve individual memory.  More importantly, changing memory at this level gets you prepared for changing memory on a collective level when using the ascension technique.   You need to be able to change memory from conditional to unconditional of an entire chain of events of your entire life.  This needs to be the standard before using the ascension technique because the ascension technique works off of collective memory.  If you cannot transcend an entire chain of events all in one shot, in a split second, then you are not ready for the ascension technique as it addresses not just one entire chain of events, but it does so for all memory of this and all previous lives simultaneously.  It is a quantum leap forward and the basics need to be acquired first.  

Transcending all of a  of singular memory goes beyond the four perspectives, it includes the two sides of memory, both of which are only the individual’s memory.  There is memory of the person or environment that was interacted with and memory of the individual being affected by it.  Both sides need to be resolved in an individual's own memory for total and permanent resolve.

For example, if there is a blonde haired, blue eye girl smiling at you and in return you blush, each of these are a side in an individual's memory that needs to be resolved.  She is smiling at you and you’re reacting to it.  Both of these need to be transcended or the resolve is not complete and permanent.  On the flip side, you are abused physically as a child and you react to the abuse.  We are not concerned with the memory of the abuser as this is inconsequential for resolve, but within your own memory, the memory of the abuser and your perception of being abused.  We are addressing both sides of your memory only.  The secret here is that you are not at fault for the incident, but you are responsible for defining it in your own memory.  

What is important is that when a person or environment interacts with an individual, to share in the experience, the individual unconsciously gives part of their power away.  In effect, it is a trade off to share in the experience.   It doesn't matter if it is a good experience or a bad experience, this happens no matter what.

When resolving the memory of another, it is important to first return power back to the individual by resolving the memory of the person or environment they interacted with and also the effect it had on the individual.

Only in this way is transcended memory totally and completely resolved.  

Without transcending both parts of singular memory, and each of these through all four viewpoints simultaneously, all the work you do of your own memory or for another will increase Law of attraction for the types of experiences only partially addressed.  Every time you recognize memory by channeling your own or by working with another's, you are bringing into light, conscious and unconscious awareness of the past into the ever present.  Law of Attraction already works unconsciously 24/7 to attract present and future experiences of our past/memory.   When a memory is accessed again, yet not resolved completely, it increases the power of that memory to attract even more of it.  So we need to have awareness to recognize and transcend everything.  

But there is more, transcended memory holds a very powerful secret. In the next part of this, using the ascension technique, we no longer view through individual pictures or a chain of events in pictures as we have done up until now while transcending memory.  Now, we learn to view all memory as energy, or light, so the process is simplified and much quicker.  But how do we learn to read energy of memory and know what it is that we are reading?  Is there some sort of language of energy that we can learn?  In fact there is.  But we do not actually learn it, it is more of a remembering process.  Although the process takes years to master, it is very simple.  The language of energy that we all know is of our transcended memory.  The ability of reading energy/light is learned in technique six: the external manifestation of the elements.  The secret language of learning to read and interpret light is our own transcended memory.

If we were to look into collective memory through pictures, in search of a root cause of a current issue, it would be like looking for a needle in a field of hay stacks.  But by doing the same through energy there is no concept of a needle,  we are looking into a stream of energy for one color going backward from the ever present into our far distant past. We do this through a chakra.  Let's take the 2nd chakra, which is the color orange. And the root of what we are looking for is blue.  We are looking for a blue blotch against an orange back drop.  The earliest occurrence we see of blue on the orange stream of energy is the root. This sounds extremely simple, because it is.  Additionally, it is extremely accurate.  There are additional techniques to look into that root (the blue blotch) and view the sequence of events like a streaming video, but these are not mentioned here.  Remember, you need to have awareness of everything to be able to resolve the issue.  

To achieve the state of awareness to be able to view all of this (a collective viewpoint) it is necessary to be able to employ the ascension technique. The ascension technique works only from a collective viewpoint through energy, not pictures. When a person decides to address an issue for the purpose of  resolving memory, they can view their own collective memory of this life and all previous ones in relation to this chain of events.  In effect, the fourth perspective is our greatest ability. This is what is traditionally known as the "All Seeing Eye."  It is not actual sight, but more of an awareness that can unfold into any and everything.  It is completely dependent upon

transcending our own memory to relearn the language of energy.  Within our memory is a reflection of everything in existence.  Transcending pictures and emotions transitions our viewpoint of experience in memory from pictures to energy alone. As the ability of reading energy is relearned, we now have the language to interpret everything we encounter.   The language of energy grows as we journey in waking dreams and we ingest a part of the consciousness of everything we journey with, and our ability to communicate telepathically becomes limitless.  


The all seeing eye of the fourth perspective is realized by utilizing the current four techniques we have covered.  Also, as we grow and our awareness continues to unfold, we will use two other techniques, not yet covered here, that will create the opportunity to use the seventh technique also known as the ascension technique.  The ascension technique uses all previous six techniques as its base to unfold awareness with limitless possibilities.  We all are God, but not of an embodiment or consciousness.  As consciousness we are one, as awareness we are separate.

Learning To Read Light/Energy

The most basic form of reading light/energy that all of us have unconscious access to is feeling through emotions.  This is an unconscious action of reading, interpreting and communicating through light/energy.  This is recognized commonly in great actors who can manipulate their own bodies to portray emotions on screen that anyone can interpret.  A lot of great actors reach deep within themselves to call upon a previous memory, channeling  or reliving it.  On the viewers end, we can connect with and even be affected by a great performance portraying emotion on stage or screen.  

The internal manifestation of the elements is employed to relearn to use our awareness as our sixth sense.  The external manifestation of the elements is employed to relearn becoming aware of and reading light.  More importantly through, gaining awareness to engage/connect, interact/influence and/or change so we can see the level of truth in any information from an object, our environment or any individual.  Discerning the truth of light/energy helps us make better choices, understand more possibilities and become aware of solutions that others are blind to.  

The relearned ability of reading light is essential to everything in the energetic experience.  We are transitioning from identifying pictures of letters, words and or symbols of a specific language, to relearning the universal language of light.  This language is learned by transcending memory.  The ability to consciously read light/energy is realized through the external manifestation of the elements.

How can we, through the five senses, read light or the energetic make up of anything?  We cannot. It is done by cultivating a sixth sense that is a part of our normal everyday energetic experience.  It is not a gift, nor is it an ability imparted to someone.  It is a relearned ability of the sixth or intuitive sense that is innate in us all.  The most basic example of this is feeling and reading the emotions or energy portrayed by another in their actions.  The first step is becoming aware of the four elements by accessing them through journeying to create an alliance, further awakening the senses of the soul.  After an alliance is attained with each of the four elements and journeying in waking dreams has been achieved we can begin with the sixth technique.

From here let's say we are working on all five previous techniques as well as journeying in waking dreams.  The next step begins with the external manifestation of the elements.  Before we can learn to be sensitive enough to have awareness of the energy of something, to be able to engage or connect with it, we must first use the external manifestation of the elements to sense objects outside of ourselves in the physical realm.  

There are three parts to learning to read/discern light/energy:  

1.  Unfolding awareness to feel energy.  This is feeling through the elements as if you had another arm come out of your solar plexus.  

2.  Unfolding awareness to discern energy.  To externally manifest an element, or all four elements at the same time, to engage an object, but not to feel it.  Instead, to have awareness and discern the energy of it. If it is inanimate, then within or around it. If it is animate then simply around it.  This is a huge step forward in refining your senses.

  1.  Unfolding awareness, projecting the four elements through an inanimate object, reveals the resonating light of the information to discern and become aware of the truth of its content.  So when we encounter any object without consciousness we can read the energy of it to discern its purpose or if it is of universal truth.  If it is of universal truth we may even use the ascension technique upon any information it holds.  More importantly we can read the vibration of the author of the information and go straight to the source, whether it be the author or channeled material from another source.  This uses the second part of the sixth technique and takes it to the next level in preparation for the ascension technique.

The first part of this you will be doing for many months until you gain basic mastery of it. To begin this version of the technique, manifest an element  from the inside and begin to project it as a stream or cord of energy from your solar plexus extending outward like an arm to reach and feel an object. You will do this with all of the elements individually and eventually at the same time.  Remember, do this while having awareness of everything and without focusing on any one thing.  It should be effortless.  There should be no sense of discomfort.  For all intents and purposes this is an action of visualization alone.  If you feel yourself trying in any way you are doing this wrong.  

Upon engaging the object, make it very simple like a key or candle,  use the element to feel the object through that related sense.  Examples could be:

Fire:  To see it or view it.

Water:  To feel its size, texture, weight, etc.

Earth:  To smell it.  Everything has smell and this can never fail you.

Air:  To communicate with it, or a consciousness that may be inside of it, or linked to it.  Can you feel the energy that links it to the consciousness of the owner?

Make sure that each time you manifest and project an element you then release it.  This release is different than the expansion technique.  Because you have actually engaged something it is important that upon release of the energetic appendage that you dissipate it to become nothing.  You do not, I repeat do not, pull it back into yourself.  Also, do not use this version of the technique on animate objects until you do all four at the same time competently on inanimate objects.   Do this version of the technique with each of the elements and then begin using all four at the same time.  If you use this technique on the living you can actually learn to feel like a blind person.  This will be like a version of X-ray vision, but more powerful as you can actually see through their clothes by sensing their body with the elements.  You can take it as far as seeing inside their body through each of the elements and view what is going on there.  This ability is known as being a medical intuitive.  

The second part is to externally manifest the elements.  This does not mean to internally manifest an element and then have it connect from within the body outwards.  It means to manifest outside of one's self to engage an object with what we call a probe.  Utilizing a probe of energy is like using a remote control robot to inspect explosives.  The outline of the probe is the element we manifest externally.  The element is manifested from the probe to engage an object close to us, something small and easy to identify.  Have the elements engage the object and, using the abilities of the element, feel and examine the object through the energy.  At first this will be an action of visualization and you may even discount what you are experiencing.  This is completely normal.  

Using the external manifestation of the elements to engage something is not an action of physically sensing the object.  It is learning to have awareness of it as energy.  This is totally different than internally manifesting and projecting the element.  You will externally manifest the element, engage the object, discern what you are sensing through energy of the element and then release it.  Then begin again with a new element.  It is important not to actually feel the object through the element,  it is more about becoming aware and discerning the subtle energy signature of the object to include others, or different environments, that have interacted with it.  

Discerning is having awareness of an object without connecting to it.  It is psychometry without touch.  In other words, a psychic or intuitive would hold an object and tell you about it or use it to find something that is lost.  Awareness through discerning is a state of detachment to view something without a limited or biased viewpoint. Without a state of detachment,  connecting with the energy causes a transference of the objects energy (or whatever may be connected to the object) to you, which may be toxic.   The reason for the probe is so there is no connection between you and the object you are connecting with.  As with any interaction there is always a transference of power and/or energy.  This can be beneficial or it can be toxic if you are a healer working with a client who is very sick.    

Here are more examples of using the different elements is to discern energy:

Fire: To have an intuitive knowing that avails the next step without knowledge of it.  To have a waking vision related to the object, how it is used and who it is connected with.

Water:  To sense density or different layers of the material.  This increases awareness, being able to see deeper.  To have sight, feeling inwardly to see if something is there or not. (Commonly used to unfold awareness to view by feeling illness, imbalance or disease in the body.)

Earth: To sense the energy that something emits, following its trail.  (This is the ultimate lie detector.)

Air:  To communicate through the energy of the object to the owner, regardless of being alive or deceased.

In utilizing the external manifestation of the elements you are gaining awareness to engage not just an object, but the energy of it or affecting it.  You are completely separate from this energy as you view in awareness remotely through a probe, so there is no energy exchange at this level on your part.  In becoming aware of the energy affecting the object you are relearning to unfold awareness of energy, intuitively interpreting what you are experiencing.  Remember, the law of awareness: If we have awareness of a thing we can engage/connect, interact/influence and/or change what is going on.  

The third part is to simultaneously project all four elements through an object, from the probe through an object to read the different colors only to discern truth.  Once the elements as one are projected from the probe and they come in contact with the energy of the object, then push them through it.  In doing so you will become aware of any and all colors, also known as the aura of the object.  If it is a book you are reading, the aura that resonates from it is from the consciousness of the author.  The colors emanating will provide greater insight into what you are discerning. With practice you will intuitively know what the information is about: if the level of truth is biased to an individual's perspective, or if the information is of a universal truth to us all.

Viewing the consciousness of the author by discerning the energy of the information, you will become aware whether or not the author is the origin of the information or if it channeled. Regardless of the author, the energy of the information provides a trail to its source.  So we are not only discerning the energy, reading the truth of it, perhaps attaining an intuitive knowing of the information itself, we are also getting to the root or source of the information to unfold awareness, to know if it is beneficial to use the ascension technique on that source.  

There are a few main colors we are interested in.  The language of light we are learning to master is our own memory transcend.  In our memory we identify on an energetic level, seven main types of experiences, but for most people there are only six that are used consciously.  So the main colors we recognize are of the six main chakras of our energetic awareness. Begining at the root chakra up to the brow chakra.  These colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.  When we project the elements, not just at an object but through it, we are discerning for these six main colors.  Depending on the color of the energy, we become aware of how we will interpret the amount of truth in the object or the information is possesses.  The more in alignment and well rounded the colors are, related to the colors of our first six chakras, the more we will know what the information is related to and how much truth is there.  We can further discern if the information is general, specific, hidden knowledge of value, complete speculation or even total lies.

The chakra colors:

6th: The color is violet and it is related to energetic awareness, energetic abilities, intuition, insight and  foresight.  

5th: The color is blue and it is related to communication both receiving and projecting.

4th:  The color is green and it is related to love, both conditional and unconditional through family and relatives.

3rd:  The color is yellow and it is related to our connection with others through social life, friendships, deep friendships, intimacy and sexuality.

2nd: The color is orange and it is related to fortune, career and finances.

1st:  The color is red and it is related to physical vitality or lack there of, and reproduction.  

When discerning energy we view these colors in their full radiance to discern universal truth: the 5th chakra being a sapphire or royal blue, the 3rd being a golden yellow, the 1st being brick red, the 2nd being a deep orange, the 4th a emerald green and the 6th a deep flame of violet.  If the color is dull then there is some or general truth.  If the color is faded there is little truth.  If the colors are mixed individual rays of light in every direction with no pattern then it is individual truth mixed with a biased perspective.  These are general explanations. The best teacher for this is experience.

As you become more aware of the energy affecting objects, the next step is to differentiate between the energy affecting object and the energy of the object itself.  There are two ways of discerning energy.  One is from inanimate objects and the other is from animate objects.  First we move on to discerning the energy of an inanimate object itself.   Where, how, when, why, of what materials and by whom crafted or created it?  

Discerning inanimate objects:

Read the energy around the object first and then of the object itself.  This is the same natural sense we have before entering into a person's house or getting in their car.  You want to have some sense of what you may be getting yourself into.  After you sense that it is positive to your experience  then you can actually engage the object. Discerning is equally important, if not more important, than trusting your gut instinct.

Discerning the aura of animate objects:

There are two ways to do this part.  The first is to use a probe just as we did for discerning inanimate objects.  But the possible drawback is that using a probe creates an object at a location that can be traced back to you if the probe is connected to you because you focused through it, instead of having awareness of it only.  The plus is that the probe absorbs whatever energy it may connect with and if it is negative to your experience and in your truth then you simply destroy the probe and nothing affects you.  

The second way to do this is to not use a probe at all.  Externally manifest the elements, individually or all together to view something very quickly.  This is far more advanced.  Even though it sounds more simple, it is very difficult for a novice or even an apprentice to not connect with the external manifestation.  Here, connecting for just an instant is the same as connecting directly the entire time.   The plus is that it is much harder to trace the origin of the person who is viewing through this technique.  The reason why is that you can use this to view in the form of anything natural to the location you are viewing.  You can view through any of the elements in the area or even connected to or through the consciousness of another there.  


Discerning the internal presence energetically of animate objects:

Through the elements discern the energetic structure of consciousness of an animate being.  We do this through chakras.  First we need to have awareness of their chakras.  This includes the front and back of each chakra and the left and right side.  The front and back of each chakra relates to the twelve houses of the zodiac.  The back of each chakra corresponds to the first six houses and the front of the chakra corresponds to the seventh through the twelfth house of the zodiac. The left side of the chakra is related to family and the right side is related to social.  

The second chakra is orange.  An example of an issue in a chakra is a color of energy that does not belong within a part of the chakra.  By discerning within the back side of the second chakra and to the left, we view the color green.  The second chakra relates to fortune or business, and the color green is associated with the heart chakra specific to family matters.  The basic interpretation would be that family or someone acting like family is having a negative impact or putting undue pressure in that person's life in their finances or work.  The reason we interpret this as being negative is because a balanced chakra resonates only its color.  To have any color of energy other than the base color of the chakra in it is generally viewed as an imbalance.

On an energetic level each chakra is related to a color within our consciousness that stores memory related to the houses of the zodiac within chakras.  So if we are discerning the energy of how a person treats family, we would look into their fourth chakra on the left side of their body.  If we want to see how they treat long term social friends, we would look into the third chakra, right side of their body.  

Each chakra represents not just energy flowing or resonating in the body. They detail the collective memory of this and all past lives related to types of experiences, all of which are stored in our consciousness (categorized in chakras).  If you are seeking access to a specific experience of a  past life, discern the energy of a person's chakra and read the energy or light within it to find the root.  To acquire the ability to do this for another, you must first do it for yourself.        

Discerning the higher consciousness of an animate object:

Discerning the higher consciousness of another is done by accessing their first unconscious chakra.  For this we need to use the ascension technique and it needs to be employed from our higher self to the higher self of another.  For accessing our higher self we will use the advanced version of a technique discussed later called “Going Blank”.

We will use this basic technique of reading light/energy to discern any and everything.  We are psychic detectives who can use our awareness to be  medical intuitives, gaining awareness of the present or future to change what may be in alignment with the One Law.  We in effect are becoming energetic archeologists uncovering everything of the present and past.  Not just our own, but the past of everything that has ever been on this planet and everything that has ever interacted with humanity.  This is not limited to inanimate objects like books, artifacts and monuments, it includes everything.  

On an energetic level, using the ascension technique, we can discern the consciousness of an author and then tap into their spirit wherever they may be now by using the ascension technique on their past and present experience.  We can read the energy of an object or even a location and since our awareness as energy is not limited by time or space we can read the past, present and even future possibilities to view who has interacted with the object.  We can even use the ascension technique on all the consciousness of all that we are connected to in the stream of consciousness related to the energy we are discerning.  We can use the ascension technique on any being to gain access to all that they are, more importantly to gain access to all that they are connected to.  This is important and powerful.  If any individual is not the source and just a channel we want to know the source and work directly with it.  Through knowledge people limit themselves by dealing with the middle man, we do not.  If the God that Jesus is connected to is not the source or origin of consciousness, we want to bypass the middle man and go directly to its source.  

Everything has scent associated with it.  We call this an energy trail.  We use energy trails to find the source or root of what we are working with.  For the beginner, the first type of energy trial that they will be working with is a color within or around a chakra that is not supposed to be there.  Eventually as they increase their awareness and intuitive knowing, this color will turn into a video clip showing everything that is going on and all that may be involved.   This is the level of a master.

Energy trails that are the same, yet that are found in different places, either within or around ourselves can be intuitively connected to see the entire chain of events as it unfolds. This can be done with very little effort.  At this point we are reading/energy or light competently.  We are gaining awareness of the energy, discerning between the object and the energy affecting it and intuitively unfolding our awareness by following the energy trail to see more of what is hidden to everyone else, the energy of the object, the truth of information, how it was affected by others or its environment, etc.

Within a chakra there may be a different colors repeated in blotches or segments.  This generally means that there is a chain of events available through streaming video if your awareness can perceive it.  Generally this additional information hidden within the color is secret information or hidden clues about the depth of what really happened.  Was the individual negatively influenced?   Is there a recorded trauma not showing on the surface?   Was the person deceived?  Is the knowledge accurate?

Knowledge is not what we use for our growth, but it is extremely important to have the ability to read the light/energy of any information in text or the memory of another, to discern the difference between a biased perspective, individual truth and universal truth.  A big part of this is having the awareness to discern if the author or origin of what we are discerning has been tampered with.  Has it been negatively influenced in the origin of the energy we are reading?  Does it actually contain truth that is universal in the language of light or a biased perspective from a level of consciousness that influenced the author or object to misinform.  

Experience leads to mastery, a perfect student of one's self, not a master over others.  There is always room for growth and we will never reach a pinnacle because the nature of energy can never die, only change.  Since we are awareness alone, growth is forever.  At the moment that someone believes that they are at the top and there is no longer room for growth, they are being negatively influenced and controlled by a force higher than themselves. This is why many so called leaders take a very bad path when believing they have reached enlightenment.  We are always being influenced by others, by our environment, by higher frequencies of consciousness that we have awareness of and also ones that we do not have awareness of.  Understanding this is the key to mastery. It is seeking a path of the most noble of intentions, for the highest good, that is unconditionally positive for all who share or are affected by our experience.  Not to seek power of one's self or others, only to unfold awareness in our individual ascension as a perfect student always learning, changing and growing.  This is the path of innocence and truth that avails us to an unbiased perspective on a collective level.  

By discerning energy we are constantly being detectives.  We are here to access, employ and transcend.  To learn, change and grow.  To forever unfold awareness in our personal ascension.  With each new level we access we have mastered the previous and are a fresh new student once again.   We access more not to leave, instead to have a more fulfilling life in the here and now.  Reading energy is paramount to employing the ascension technique, making all of this possible.  Discerning truth on the greatest level offers the best possible choices.  

At this point you should have a basic mastery of reading light/energy.  It is time to begin building your alliances with all that you are journeying with in waking dreams.  We will begin this process by journeying with the plants, every race of plants in each collective frequency of consciousness.  This begins the process of laying down your foundation off accessing, employing and transcending everything in each frequency of consciousness.

Alliances are essential  for your personal growth, protection and to learning to heal.  The energetic master you are working with is a master for themselves, but they too are a student.  The main purpose of their work with you is to guide you to become all that they are and more.  The more you can rely on yourself and the alliances you have made, the stronger and more self reliant you will become.  

An alliance is an agreement with a race of consciousness.  This agreement roughly states that nothing is owed by either party, but there is an understanding that when you need help the other party will come to your aid.  In your growth, once you have surpassed their level of consciousness, they grow because of you.  In the beginning they will come to you and when you surpass them, you will return the favor when needed.  It does not mean you will vanquish their enemies.  It does mean that you will stand on their behalf fairly and impartially, in an attempt to resolve what may be going on and to protect and or heal them if needed.      


The Ascension Technique

I recently asked a client who is an avid reader of comic books what the greatest single super hero ability is.  He went on to name many different abilities of all the different super heroes and he concluded that it must be teleportation.  I asked him the same thing of the Greek gods.  He said the ability to manifest and create.


We talked about this for several minutes and he was amazed at all of the possibilities.  Then I suggested that there is an innate ability within us all that surpasses all of the abilities he had mentioned.  The first one is the All Seeing Eye, which for us is our awareness.  The second is to be able to access and copy everyone else's special ability, to then employ it without the limitations of the person from whom you copied it, not limited to those living in the present.  The third is the relearned ability called "Seeing The Source."

How is the All Seeing Eye greater than any other ability?  Per the Law of Awareness: If you have awareness of a thing you can engage/connect, interact/influence and change what may be going on.  I use this very simple law to access answers and find solutions all others are blind to, intuitively knowing without the knowledge.  This is made possible through awareness that has risen above the frequency of the situation.  A benefit of this is having the awareness at the moment a group psychically attacks, and being able to change their intent or direction of manifested thought before they release it into fruition.  Even better is to be able to go in the past and change it so the effect is per my intent.  I do want to clarify that I do this all in line with the One Law: Deny yourself nothing (of energy), entering into all experience that are unconditionally positive for you and all who share or are affected by it and having the intention of transcending it.

If you have awareness through use of your own All Seeing Eye then you can engage/connect, interact/influence and change what may be going on in any level for any purpose.  If another has the intention of teleportation, at the moment before they release their intention, you can change their destination.  By having awareness within and through them at the time of conception of their intent you can alter it.  The All Seeing Eye permits the user to employ any level of a perspective, in any level of experience, within and around their consciousness or that of any other.  The key to this is the Law of Awareness.  


Awareness is the greatest ability bar none.  The ascension technique is not possible without it.  The ascension technique is the second greatest ability, bar none.  This is all you will ever need.  By copying the consciousness of another and transcending it before ingesting in into your own consciousness, that consciousness, including all of their experience and abilities, is employed as your own, without limits.  This is the experience of becoming one of consciousness, yet being separate of awareness.  It is the process of ascension to becoming God. But, how do you know that the person or energetic being that you are working with is the source?  Being able to see the source of what you are experiencing within yourself or through another is paramount when knowing if you are accessing the highest level possible for your growth. For example, you are working with a healer. They can heal, but they can’t teach you how to do what they are doing. By viewing the source of their ability you can work directly with it and learn to do what they do, but on a even greater level.  

The best example I can offer is related to Christianity. To know if Jesus is actually the only son of God, we want to see the source of his energy.  Because we are dealing with energy and consciousness, which is not limited by time or space, we can view in the energetic realm to see Jesus and his source. If his source is within him, then we can compare the energy of his internal source to each of the first fifty chakras to see at what level it resides.  If it is outside of him, coming from another, then we know that he isn't the source.

Either way we can bypass the individual and go directly to the source to use the ascension technique on it or to work with it directly. This is an incredible step in unfolding of awareness.  If you can see the source of whatever you are working with or being affected by, you can work directly with the source for immediate results, instead of wasting your time with a middleman who may have only his own best interests at heart.  

Seeing the source can also be used to access higher states of awareness in journeying that we may not have conscious awareness of otherwise.  Do not think of journeying as something new, it isn’t. It is the opposite. In becoming human we all descended.  Journeying is reclaiming our ascension, retracing the path we traveled to get where we are now.  Seeing the source of our journeying creates awareness of the path previously traveled. It follows that if you are unaware of the next step up, see the source of your journeying to view beyond the current limit of your awareness.  

Seeing the source is the third greatest ability and is made possible by using an  advanced version of the ascension technique.  It is needed that as a master, your apprentices can see the source within you to know they are on the right path and in the best possible hands for their limitless growth.  After year three in the apprenticeship, while in the tunnel, the apprentice is guided through this technique.


All of the basics up to this point have been in preparation for the ascension technique.  The guide you have been working with has been assisting you to perpetually unfold your awareness.  On an energetic level you replace individual sight, in exchange for awareness of everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere through consciousness, a.k.a. our All Seeing Eye.   Let's break this down.

Accessing the temple of the soul is gaining conscious awareness of your own energetic experience.  This is the point where imagination is no longer imagination without effect.  Imagination is now intent to interact with our environment.  But without an embodiment, how is this possible?  It is possible through awareness.  This is accomplished through the use of the expansion technique.  So we learn to expand awareness to the limits of time and space of this dimension.  This enables us to have awareness of everything we have expanded to.  Being around a person in a room and feeling them in your personal space recognizes a connection between you and them.  By utilizing the expansion technique you are awareness without an embodiment.  In this way there is no contact with anything, as you are separate of awareness recognizing a synergy of everything that is energy.


Just because you have felt the limits of time and space of this dimension, does not mean you have become one with everything of consciousness.  Unfolding or expanding awareness allows the user to engage or connect with any point in time and space without the need to go there.  In part, through the expansion of awareness, everything is now inside of or a of part you.  From a much smaller perspective, it is like being in your body wiggling your tongue, lips or any other appendage.  This is unfolding awareness to employ the experience, utilizing the expansion technique with the affirmation of will,  like a sonar ping to everything in existence.  The returning ping is like a radio signal alerting us to what is needed for journeying, while discerning everything else that is not positive to our experience.  


Next we learn the internal manifestation of the elements as we begin to interact with energy.  Interacting with energy is a relearning process.  We have all done it through an embodiment to feel emotions, but to interact with energy through awareness alone, it is quite different.  Through internally manifesting the elements, we reawaken our senses, to feel and eventually discern energy.  This is the first conscious action of relearning to activate and employ second sight, sixth sense, extra sensory perception, all of which we know as our awareness.  It is really a practice of learning to trust in your intuitive knowing versus a trained feeling of working within and through an embodiment.  Learning to trust is a "knowing" of energy which begins mastery of our conscious ability of expanding or perpetually unfolding awareness.  

Next is the Affirmation of will. This is used to define, the minimum needed to be fulfilled in the ever present, all the time.  Why the minimum?  Because everyone else seeks goals, pinnacles, zeniths and destinations.  All of this translates to an end.  We do not recognize an end, only constant renewal.  Relinquishing the old to access the new.  For us, the minimum needed to be fulfilled in the ever present, all the time, is the greatest that all others could hope to achieve at the very end of their lives.  Being guided by our past means that the direction of our future is linear, leading to a destination in the hopes of closure.  We relinquish the power of our past, or memory, by transcending and having it no longer define and guide our future,  replacing it with the affirmation of will to guide our unfolding awareness in the ever present.  Unfolding awareness in the ever present means being guided by the affirmation of will as the minimum needed for fulfillment of our entire experience in the ever present, so growth is limitless in every direction.  

Having transcended memory we resolve wants and desires.  This does not mean we become monks or nuns in a cathedral praying.  It means we can employ any experience in alignment with the One Law without it defining us, controlling our path or by becoming addicted to it.  The ascension process does not mean giving everything up, giving away all your possessions or needing to die for it to be fulfilled.  It is to access more and be fulfilled on a greater level in the here and now.  Accessing all that is and employing it consciously.

Now, moving on to changing memory.  Changing memory does three main things.  First it resolves memory or transcends it.  Second, by transcending memory we consciously unfold awareness in the fourth or omniscient perspective.  The fourth person or omniscient perspective is a state of complete detachment from emotion, an unbiased viewpoint through the first three and the fourth perspective, all at the same time or individually, if needed.  This means having conscious access to view through the spirit perceptual identity.  Third and last, when we change memory we release conscious attention, held in the past because of emotions, back into the ever present to empower the new guide of our journey, the affirmation of will.  This constantly increases awareness.  Until we begin to transcend memory,  per Law of Attraction, memory will be our unconscious guide in the near present and future experience creating a timeline of limited possibilities or karma.  

Changing memory resolves karma, the cycles of experience that perpetually repeats themselves.  Having resolved karma transitions the balance of power from memory to the affirmation of will.  It increases conscious awareness in the ever present of higher states of consciousness by permitting our perspective to be of the fourth person or omniscient viewpoint all the time.  This is extremely important as it frees us from a biased viewpoint associated with any embodiment.  Being blinded emotionally causes us to focus on one thing at a time and lose awareness of everything that is going on around us.    


The ascension process it not about acquiring more.  It is about accessing and employing more.  The universal or Christ experience is not about self, it is more about being selfless.  Not selfless of intention or any deed we do, selfless in actually becoming more of nothing as a point in time and space, so our awareness can be more of everything.  

For humanity, memory is a storage house for all that we, as individuals, have accessed.  However, storage is not the original purpose of memory.  The original purpose of memory was to be a reference only, and not the guide that it has become due to conditional emotional definitions stored within all experiences.  But from an individual perspective, caught up in the current way memory is used, we are blinded to any other purpose.  From a collective perspective, memory in its current purpose prevents the limitless possibilities of the future from unfolding.


Instead of storing more information within us, by accessing everything of consciousness, we access more storage outside of ourselves.  As we become nothing by transcending all that we are of the soul and spirit perceptual identity within memory, we balance this out by becoming one with everything through consciousness, making a transition from who we are to what we are.  In effect, the storehouse of what we are becoming is each entire frequency of collective consciousness and the many individual races of consciousness within each frequency.  As we access more we transition from being an individual to being many.  Our memory becomes a part of a collective.  There is no longer the idea of individuality, we are becoming one with everything of consciousness, as our own memory becomes an individual part of the whole.  We will always maintain a sense of self through awareness, but memory no longer serves to define who "I was."  When all memory is transcended we become, on the most individual level, a channel alone.  We can still remember, but we are no longer defined by any memory.

Much better though is channeling our higher self.  People throughout their lives channel their own memory.  They think of the past, connect with a memory and channel the feeling and even the pictures.  This is the basic concept of channeling that we all know.  Where a lot of philosophies make the biggest mistake is that they try to channel outside of themselves.  They connect with spirits or others and channel information.  This is very bad for everyone.  They invite spirits or others to enter into their body and use it to communicate.  There is always partial truth imparted, but if there were whole truth, then the channel could explain how anyone could personally access the level of the source that is being channeled.  It is bunk, another lie and you are deceiving yourself if you believe that all that you seek is outside of yourself.  At the level of humanity, memory is used to channel itself, but in the ascension process we channel our higher self.  We will get into this later when I explain how to temporarily access the higher chakras of one's self to employ them consciously utilizing the technique of going blank.


Next we get into the external manifestation of the elements, learning to read light/energy.  We are unable to employ the ascension technique if we cannot  discern the colors of energy.  More importantly, we need to be able to read the energy as streams of consciousness and discern truth within them.  This  basic concept is difficult at first, but once learned, the ability grows the more we employ it.  Aside from discerning or reading energy we are also learning to discern truth of energy, to identify within the consciousness of another what is needed for the ascension technique.  Energy which we discern as being in alignment with the affirmation of will is recognized as universal truth.  We use the affirmation of will with the expansion technique within the consciousness of another to view the color of energy, streams of memory/consciousness and the truth of what is needed.  We are not taking, we are using this to identify and copy, transcend and absorb theirs as our own.  

The basic technique for identifying what is needed was first used in journeying.  We would use the expansion technique with the affirmation of will and intuitively we would become aware of who or what we would be interacting with on an energetic level.  Now we will be taking this to a much higher level.  Instead of doing the expansion technique in space, we will do it in the higher chakra/consciousness of another.  This is a basic part of the of the ascension technique, but it is really advanced.  By utilizing this we gain awareness of parts and streams of consciousness that are needed to employ the ascension technique and everything else will be ignored.  More will be explained about this when we break down the individual parts of the ascension technique.

Now, after taking a look at all of the basics that create the foundation, we are ready to dive into the ascension technique.  This single technique completes the basics of the foundation of the apprenticeship.  Beyond this is it is all about experience.  Here we will take a look at the basic idea of this technique only. It is just too powerful to put in the hands of just anyone, for whoever reveals the technique is responsible for how others use it.  This creates a karmic linkage between the informer, the user and all who share or are affected by the experience.

It all begins with awareness.  The first time this technique is utilized, a master will guide their student to use this on the simplest form of individual consciousness available to us which is that of plants.  Consciously, most beings will not offer you permission to use this technique so it is necessary to access the higher chakras of that being to gain permission through telepathic communication.  Once permission is granted we look at the energy or light of the consciousness of the plant.  Next we use the expansion technique within their consciousness in reference to the affirmation of will to discern what is needed, if anything, for growth.  This will be identified by gaining awareness of colors in their memory that light up when exposed to the expansion technique with the affirmation of will.  

It is extremely important that you do the expansion technique in the consciousness of another in reference to the affirmation of will.  If not you will be doing it for wants or desires and this will cause you to be judged as naive.  This is very bad.  Once we discern what is needed, we then need to discern if there are any implants left by other energies that could negatively impact us.  Implants for all intents and purposes are like booby traps set by others who are negatively influencing the target you are using this technique on.  Upon discerning there are implants present they need to be removed prior to continuing to assure there is no connection to external influences.  If there is a live connection to external influences, without resolving this, you will be openly inviting them to negatively influence you as well.  

Once any needed resolve is completed, the next step is to copy it and move the copy outside of the being's consciousness and begin to use the changing memory technique on it.  It needs to be transcended before we take the next step.  If we do not transcend the memory we have copied, then any karmic cycles that they are exposed to will become our own karmic cycles.  This is extremely bad and not what we want at all.  This is why we take only what is needed and any wants or desires are left behind.   But why?  Because wants or desires will blind you to discerning all of the truth.    

Transcending memory that we have copied releases the limited perspective of the embodiment.  By transcending it we will be able to employ their experience as our own without any limitations.  Once the memory we have copied is transcended, we then recheck to make sure that there are no implants, no negative influences and that the copy is completely transcended.  After this the next step is to absorb this energy into ourselves.  

Absorbing the consciousness of another is of energy, not of pictures.  Once we have discerned that we have all that is needed per the affirmation of will, that all of our protocols are completed, then we can absorb the consciousness of another.  This cannot be absorbed into conscious memory.  It needs to be released into super conscious memory or the fourth perspective of our memory.  To achieve this we need to absorb the consciousness of another into our own super conscious.  Here it is released.  There is a trick to completing the release that is only shared in the apprenticeship.  If you do not complete the release then you never absorb the consciousness that you have used the ascension technique on.  After transcending all of your own memory and then using the ascension technique on others, you will begin to awaken to this absorbed memory as second nature.  Like channeling your own memory when it is needed for reference, you will unconsciously tap into and channel this new memory in the same way as if it were second nature.

It is not until later on that we begin to gain awareness of this consciousness as our own.  This reawakening to the experience of another as our own really begins to come into fruition at three points after having transcended all memory of our individual lives.  The first is when we unfold any experience in relation to any consciousness that we have absorbed. A this point we will have an intuitive knowing, very similar to our experience and being second nature to us.  Second is by channeling our higher self while going blank, which is discussed in a later chapter.  The third is by accessing the fifth element and then using the ascension technique on the consciousness of another.  The experience that is accessed is ready to be instantaneously employed as our own, without limits.    

As we are becoming less of something and more of nothing, we are beginning to unfold awareness of everything as our own experience.  Unless we engage/connect, interact/influence and or change what may be going on, then there is little chance we will remember this consciousness as our own.  But when we do need this information it is readily available to us as a second nature experience.  Without any effort we will know this consciousness as a part of ourselves and employ it as needed, effortlessly, while going blank in any given situation.

The ascension technique is not limited to the consciousness of a living being.  It can be used on books.  In this way we can read the light/energy of the information of a book and connect with the consciousness of the author.  This is not limited by time or space, so it wouldn't matter if the individual was alive or dead, in the present or of our far reaching past.  Through the use of this technique we can access everything that ever was and is.  All of this hinges on our awareness, per the Law of Awareness.  

The ascension technique takes journeying in waking dreams to a new level. We can use it on all of the guides we encounter or anything else for that matter.  In the physical realm we can use it on everything in existence.  The more we use this technique and all of the other techniques in our foundation, the greater the benefit in the long and short term.  We employ our entire life experience in alignment with the One Law and in reference to the affirmation of will. In this way we employ it with only the most noble of intentions, of the highest good and for the greatest purpose in the ever present, which is our ascension.

Journeying With Races And In Frequencies Of Consciousness

Welcome to journeying 101.  Journeying begins in the temple of the spirit.  For an apprentice, unfolding the technique of journeying is extremely difficult while employing and maintaining awareness of everything in the temple of the spirit.  However, once the basic technique of journeying is grasped, it is used without the need of a meditation, as it blends the energetic with the physical through awareness, 24/7.  

There is a tier of the different races of consciousness that we will work with when journeying.  This basic tier of consciousness is your proving ground to master the ascension technique. The first place we will begin to employ it is with races of consciousness we seek to journey with.  You will always begin with the lowest consciousness in the tier unless you are working with your physical guide and he or she facilitates working with a higher energy.  

The tier of consciousness is as follows:

Aliens of energy are the highest.

Higher Angelic energies, unknown to humanity and beyond the highest or fourth stage of Heaven.

Ascended beings

Aliens in the flesh

Lower Angelic energies



Intelligent Mammals



Fantasy realm; leprechauns, fairies, dragons, etc.



Elementals: Lowest in their most basic form.

Now that we have a basic direction to follow in our progression with the tier of consciousness, lets discuss journeying in depth.  There are two types of journeying that we will facilitate.  The first is the most common and is done in the energetic realm.  The second begins with using the ascension technique in the physical realm.  

We will begin with the first type of journeying in the energetic realm.  You will constantly be engaged by spirits and other energetic beings from the moment you are opened up to journeying.  It will be your guide’s responsibility to make sure you connect with the right energies for your level of consciousness.  Because your level of awareness is not high enough to know where to actively seek races of consciousness at the human level or higher, you will be sought after by beings looking to help or hinder your unfolding of awareness.  Your guide will protect you and walk you through everything.  Until you have adequate awareness to employ the ascension technique on a being of equal or higher consciousness, you will use a variation of it.  This variation is considered submissive, because in using it you are allowing another to imprint upon you their entire consciousness, versus using the ascension technique and only accessing what is needed.    

When using the submissive variation of the ascension technique it should be recognized that you are not submitting to another It’s just that your current level of awareness is not high enough to utilize the ascension technique properly.  The consciousness you are currently working with is in effect giving you a hand up by doing this.  This uses the second part of the expansion technique twice in a row.  You will expand your awareness to the edge of how far you can physically reach in any given direction.  Then you will create another expansion within the first expansion.  When the two spheres of your expansion are nearly touching, then, with your permission, the consciousness you are working with will step into your body.  The inner sphere will expand and touch the outer sphere causing you to explode and die energetically as they temporarily take full possession of your body so they can imprint their consciousness upon yours.  Then you can return to take possession of yourself once more.  The energetic death is needed so they have direct access to your memory in the fourth perspective.  This has the same effect as using the ascension technique on another and ingesting their consciousness into your own.

The second type of journeying happens after using the ascension technique on the consciousness of another.  We begin by finding a suitable being of consciousness that we can use the ascension technique on.  Starting in the physical, we will follow the chart for tiers of consciousness to see where to begin.  Because we are beginning with the lowest, the elementals, the first time we actually use the ascension technique will be in the energetic realm.  The Elementals are the most basic level of consciousness and because of this their entire memory is easy to view.  Aside from journeying with the elements we will be creating an alliance with them as well.  In return for the alliance, in your ascension, when you have risen above them they may call upon you to do the same.  Additionally, as you grow, they grow.  Alliances are key to your continued ascension at higher levels.  Having alliances deters malicious energies from engaging you.  An added benefit of your alliance with the elementals is that they will further the reawakening of your senses of energy.  To first meet up with the elementals you need to be guided and then you will need a method to communicate with them.  We will use the Inner Voice method to communicate.  

There are two ways to use the inner voice method to communicate.  The first is a power play.  It is like a staring competition where first person to look away loses. However, in this version the first person to try and communicate loses.  The first person or party who tries to communicate must speak per the truth of the other.  For example: if you are an ignorant priest doing an exorcism and you initiate communication with a demonic energy or demand its name, then the demonic force speaks per their own truth which may be all or in part lies.  Whoever communicates first must speak per the truth of the other.  The second method is to share presence with another, but to communicate only with your higher self.  Your guide will explain more in depth how to communicate with your higher self using the inner voice.

Communicating using the inner voice is an internal dialogue.  You do not actually hear any verbal communication.  What you do have is awareness of  other energies speaking to you through your own internal dialogue and it is automatically translated as your own Inner Voice.  Yes, that's right.  You will hear or, more accurately, imagine your own voice speaking to you.  At first you may question this, but in time, when communicating with anything that is of energy your own internal dialogue or inner voice will feel completely natural.  

When initializing communication with anything in the spirit realm we are only interested in four answers to gauge whether or not whatever we may be encountering is positive for us.  After we ascertain that whatever we are dealing with is unconditionally positive to our experience and truth per the affirmation of self and will, we can then communicate more openly. For example, if you were to ask "Is this unconditionally positive to my experience and truth per my affirmation of self and will?" The four possible answers to gauge the initial encounter are:  

Yes:  Unconditionally positive to your experience and truth      

Yes & No:  Unconditionally positive to your experience and truth with change.  It will help in the renewal process, meaning you will let something go in exchange for becoming more aware.  It is really more of shedding an old perspective for a new one.  

No:  Definitely not unconditionally positive to your experience and truth.  They are there to use you, negatively influence or control you.  

Silence:  Definitely not unconditionally positive to your experience and in your truth.  If you get this answer then get away as soon as possible.

There is one last precaution we need to take prior to communicating.  It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul.  Although we can see, when dealing with energy or the spirit realm our eyes cannot see a thing.  But it is a normal response for people to try and see with their eyes.  This is a big mistake.   In an attempt to see with your eyes you will allow an instant connection from deep within yourself to another.  This is extremely bad as it can leave you totally exposed to anything another may want to do to you psychically, in a evil way.  

In a physical sense we are actually blind in the energetic realms.  We view through the third eye, a.k.a. our imagination.  Energetically this is in our solar plexus, not in the brow chakra, as most people think.  This is a very common misconception.  The center of your energetic being is not your physical head, it is in fact your solar plexus.  To protect ourselves we use an imagined pair of sunglasses made of white light.  Imagine looking up at the sun at the hottest part of the day and after a few seconds you see white light, even if you close your eyes.  This is the same white light we use for our glasses.  So we have no desire to look through them and nothing has the desire to look through them at us.  

The basics for interacting with different energies at any time, including journeying, are the use of your inner voice and your imaginary sunglasses of white light.  These will always be used together to protect us and to discern a greater truth of what is going on before we fully engage anything.  Now that we have these, we are ready for the basic technique of initializing communication.  


When you approach or are engaged by anything of energy in the physical or in the spirit realm you will use the mirror technique while wearing your glasses of white light.  The mirror technique is very simple, yet effective.  You become transparent and the only thing that shows is the 3D representation, a reflection of the other party.  If it is more than one, then you show a reflection of all of them.  It is a way of communicating to them that you are on their level.  Additionally, utilizing the mirror technique lets the other party believe that you are one of them, which entices them to communicate first.  Remember, we are not engaging in a staring competition, this is a communicating competition and we are trying to get them to communicate with us first.  In essence we are trying to trick them into doing so.  Mirror everything they do, except communication.    

The advanced version of using the mirror technique is to utilize a probe.  The probe is an invisible image of yourself shaped to reflect whatever you encounter.  Do nothing except be aware of your probe as a 3D image of what you are encountering.  Once something tries to engage or communicate with you in any way, only then you can communicate back to them.  The first question you will always ask is, "Are you unconditionally positive to my experience and in my truth?" Your decision to continue or to not is based on one of the four answers, stated previously, that you might receive. If the answer is yes or yes & no, then follow them and begin your journeying.  Remember, we are journeying to unfold all experiences, access what is needed specifically in each location and transcend it.  

Regardless of how cool or even euphoric the journey may become, always maintain the dual perspective.  Always maintain awareness of everything without focusing on anyone thing.  Additional techniques for multiple perspectives will be shared with you by your guide to assist in unfolding your awareness while journeying.

If the experience of journeying is not fully unfolding, and this may be the case for some people at first, do not fret.  In the beginning stages of journeying, a lot of people are limited in what they are able to view.  There can be a lot of pressure, colors, light, energy and or moving in and out of consciousness.  These are all sidetrack experiences.  What is happening is that you are trying too hard to unfold this experience.  This is effortless, just like daydreaming.  Reverse the process and journey with your eyes open, forcing yourself to use your imagination.  Journeying is something we all did as children, we just did not have a direction for using it.  

A lot of the journeying you will be doing is going to be beyond amazing and because of the incredible feeling in many places you journey to, you will not want to return.  But because we are using a probe to do all of the journeying we are able to have a level of detachment and see all journeying as a part of the process and not the destination.  There is never a need to leave, because all that you will ever seek on the greatest level is within you and continued ascension is not possible without maintaining a physical body.  

You may engage or be engaged by an energy that is euphoric, but they are only euphoric for their level.  There are always levels much higher than theirs.  Additionally, we are not searching for a level of consciousness to relocate too.  This too is a misconception.  We are one of consciousness in everything that we access, yet separate of awareness.  Do not get caught up focusing on one thing, one place, one race or frequency of consciousness.  We are everything without being any one thing.  Employ anything without being defined by it.  Follow the One Law, "Deny yourself nothing, but enter into all experiences that are unconditionally positive for all who share or are affected by it and having the intention of transcending them.”

Journeying in the energetic and using the submissive variation of the ascension technique is the same as creating an alliance.  In the future, when giving something an alliance that is lower than yourself, you will use the submissive variation of the ascension technique on another and imprint the vibration of your energy within them.  After we have journeyed and created an alliance with all four of the elementals, then we are ready to use the ascension technique in the physical, beginning with plants.  You would think that by the chart we would start with organisms, but this is not the case.  Organisms change so much and so rapidly it is difficult to communicate with them until your awareness has increased dramatically This won’t be until later on in the apprenticeship.  Before we journey with plants we need to find a plant that will permit us to use the ascension technique on it.  Unlike the elementals, where we go to a place and wait for them to engage us, we are now working in the physical realm and beginning the process there.  And this is where it starts to get a little tricky.

For the untrained eye, you see a plant, it is beautiful and you think, "OK that is a good one."  Wrong.  We do not look, we view through our unfolding awareness.  Now we need to unfold our awareness within a certain area to have the intuitive knowing that it is OK to enter.  There may be a guardian there that watches over that territory and you will need permission from this guardian.  This is  another example of the need to have a guide.  A lot of times you will find a good place, but if the guardian sees what you are doing as an attack, it will in turn physically attack you for even thinking about entering into the location.  You don't believe me?   You will see, and they will jack your world up.

We will begin with a small and direct version of the expansion technique in the physical realm, with the intention of finding a location and a plant to use the ascension technique on.  You will do the expansion technique in the physical realm, in a general area, unfolding your awareness to gain insight of where to employ this.  Then you go there.  

Let's say we are at public botanical garden. You do the expansion technique with a stream of consciousness showing your intentions.  When you unfold your awareness in this way you are interacting and communicating with all that is within the space that you have expanded to.  By doing this you become aware of an intuitive knowing of an area in the garden that has given you permission to come into and share its space.  You are now using the ability to speak with mother nature.  When you get near the area, feel it through the expansion you just did and ask permission to enter.  You will be communicating with the guardian of the area, either directly or through your higher self.  Many guardians will not give you permission unless there is an exchange that is unconditionally positive for all who share or are affected by it.  Most of the time, early on, you do not have the awareness to communicate what is needed for this exchange, but your accompanying guide does.   Do not think for a second that you are going to bully your way into an area and do what you want.  Regardless of how small something may seem it could be a real pain in the butt, even deadly.  The most common exchange is to empower the guardian by offering an alliance with the guide and the student.  Once permission is given by the guardian, you then need to get permission from a plant.    

Would you believe that plants have personalities?  They do. And they are usually a lot more energetic than humans.  They don't get to talk to us directly very often, and when they do they can get very excited.  They have the innocence and emotional maturity of a young child.  They are impacted by our interaction with them.  You will find that a lot flowers do not want to interact with low consciousness humans because humans are notorious for sharing the worst and not the best of themselves.  Once you find a plant that you can communicate with in pictures, or streaming pictures like a video, then we are ready to start.  From here use the ascension technique.  Afterwards, you are a part of their consciousness.  Then that race of plants will want you to journey with it, as you are now considered family.  They will alert you as to when you can journey with them, either immediately or later on.  Completing the journey with the plant will create the alliance.

Afterwards, you leave the area, offer thanks to the guardian, and remove all traces of your energy of having been there.  When looking for a plant to use the ascension technique on, it is easier to simply find a guardian that watches over a large area that includes plants.  Trees on the other hand are well versed in many things, but if you find one that is grumpy, or straight out mean, then watch out.  

Just like anything else in life, journeying can be fun, exciting and even treacherous.  We will always use journeying, as it is fundamental to our growth.  Journeying will be used to access all races of consciousness in the tier of consciousness, to transcend each chakra and access the all seeing eye of being one of consciousness, yet separate of awareness with the collective range of consciousness, within the frequency of each chakra.  Journeying will be used to create alliances which are needed for our growth.  On the physical side we will use journeying to interact with spirits, viewing their lives to find the clues needed to pass them on.  We will use journeying when healing others, to unfold our awareness with their higher self and to view this life and connections with past lives.  Journeying is an essential tool to nearly everything we do.  Journeying is an action of unfolding awareness with intent alone.  Journeying is the secret of how to unfold awareness into states of consciousness which may be higher than our awareness, to use the ascension technique.  

Journeying while going blank is the secret to unfolding awareness into states of consciousness that are out of reach of our awareness in order to use the ascension technique.  Also, by going blank to channel our higher self we can communicate beyond the conscious awareness of another, into their higher chakras, to get permission to use the ascension technique if they have consciously denied permission.  You should only proceed if it is unconditionally positive to your experience and truth per the affirmation of self and will.

If you do not have awareness of something, how can you access it?  Use the expansion technique, with the affirmation of self and will, to alert you to anything in your current awareness that you need to journey with.  Journey with it, use the ascension technique and create another alliance.  Using the ascension technique avails awareness of the direct lineage of the next higher frequency of consciousness above it and the race it is tied to.  Follow the energy trail.  Rinse and repeat.  This is the basic idea of unfolding awareness to becoming more.  There is much more involved in this as well, but that is why you have a physical guide.  

Before we end this chapter, it is best to offer additional cautions.

Caution:  Alliances should only be in reference to the One Law and the Affirmation of Will, otherwise they are not working with you for your growth, instead they will control you.  When you seek power over someone or something else, those who offer it to you do so with the clause that power is granted in exchange for power over you.  Your growth will be severely limited when another controls the direction of your path,  

Caution:  Navigating without a guide can make for some really bad situations. These may include becoming food for a vampire like energy, being influenced or controlled without conscious awareness by demonic forces or alien consciousness that are detrimental to your well being.

Going Blank / Channeling Your Higher self

It is time to take communicating in light to the next level.  So far we have been communicating one on one.  But as we are realizing, a lot of the different energies we are encountering are working as a universal consciousness. How do we, as individuals, communicate as a universal or even collective awareness?  

Consider the nearly 400,000 frequencies of consciousness of all plant species.  We need to use the ascension technique on all of them to have accessed, employed and transcended the entire collective consciousness of all plants to access the next level in the foundation of consciousness.  The base of this foundation includes all elementals, plants, insect, fish, animals, intelligent mammals and humans.  

Concerning plants alone, if we were to do three a day that would be 1000 a year and we would need  400 years to finish using the ascension technique on all of the different plants on the planet.  Is the question about time or is it about technique?  What if there was a way we could communicate, journey and use the ascension technique on a 100, 500, 10,000, a million or even several billion at the same?  Is it possible?

It is better than possible, it is easy.  The trick is that you can do it without ever doing it yourself.  The reality is that at your level of consciousness you cannot employ this level of experience consciously.  Yet you can unconsciously.  The technique to do so is simple. By expanding our awareness we have unconsciously accessed our higher chakras or states of consciousness.  To employ them we need to learn a new type of channeling for our higher self.  This is done by learning to speak while going blank.   By doing this you no longer rely on memory, you begin to communicate from your higher self.

Have you ever done something without really thinking about it.  You just went blank and did it.  Like throwing darts.  While trying to hit a bulls eye you finally stop thinking, throw the dart and hit the bulls eye.  Then you say to yourself, "damn if I could do that all the time."  There may have been other times in your life when suddenly went blank, performed an action and did it perfectly.  But you couldn't repeat it.  Going blank is an actual technique with a lot of potential, more so on the energetic side versus the physical.  The secret to this is that when blank, yet in motion performing an action, you access your higher self, temporarily being free of the many ways your memory holds you back.  

Learning to go blank cannot be practiced, it must be spontaneous, with complete strangers, at a moment's notice.  You cannot practice through visualization or journeying.  You cannot practice with people you know.  You cannot have the intention of going blank as you are walking up to someone to engage them.  When going blank you will intuitively and without effort ascend your awareness to communicate through the highest chakra that is needed and speak the best information possible.  In doing so you will always speak on the greatest level through your own higher self.  The good place to practice this is in a convention center while walking around strangers, anywhere there are lots of unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar setting.    

At first, when employing the basic version of this technique, you will be amazed by what comes out of your mouth.  They are your words, but not from your awareness.  You will have no preconceived notion of what is speaking through you.  After months of practice you will be able to use this in the physical realm for anything: a job interview, a sales pitch, hooking up with that special someone, getting through to a client or patient, etc.  As I said before, this is a basic version that is used in the physical realm.  One of the best places to use this is in nature to know exactly what to say when speaking with plants to journey with.  For all intents and purposes, at this level, this technique is the "Open Sesame" action to speak the words that others need to hear for their own fulfillment (a.k.a. the gift of gab).  You will think about the topic, go blank, and force yourself to speak.  The result is a channeling of your higher self that is intuitively communicating with the higher self of everything else and translating "the knowing" into words that connect others to you on an amazing level.  

On an energetic level you are not going blank.  You are temporarily accessing your higher self to have awareness and communicate through a universal or even a collective perspective equal to whatever you are engaging.  The real benefit of using this technique with mastery, after having transcended all of your memory, is that it allows for four main things:

1.  It makes this technique easy to employ and sustain for any length of time.  

2.  We are no longer communicating in pictures, symbols or any type of language. We are doing everything through energy.  In effect, streaming higher consciousness and experience as needed.

3.  When engaging others while going blank we are viewing through our higher selves and engaging the higher self of another, gaining the precognitive knowing of what is about to unfold.    

4.  Having transcended memory we are no longer defined by a single embodiment.  We can now employ one or a multitude of probes to journey on our behalf as needed simultaneously.


By going blank we can journey in waking dreams with a multitude at the same time.  As we become proficient with this technique and use it with the ascension technique, we can access and employ our own universal or even collective awareness through our higher self. Turning it on and off as needed.    

When journeying with one or even multiple beings of energy we view the entire experience before it unfolds.  For each probe that we use, we will foresee the future timeline of each individual journey.  Intuitively we will know when there is an event within each individual probe's journey that requires individual attention.  At lower levels we will halt or freeze time in all other individual timelines (made possible by journeying through multiple probes simultaneously) and address the one that is needed.  At a much higher level we will be accustomed to communicating through our many probes as if we are an entire race of consciousness unto ourselves.    

When we have transcended all that we are of our individual memory of our soul and spirit perceptual identity, of this and all previous lives, then we will no longer need to go blank.  We will be blank all the time. This is also referred to as "being nothing".  The next step is to access the fifth element to exist as nothing.  Having transcended all memory recognizes our experience as being nothing with awareness yet one of consciousness, being blank all the time will be very natural and will further unfold our awareness on a universal and even a collective level.  

The Tunnel

This is a subject I really have not addressed yet it is not pertinent to the techniques, but it is in alignment with the timeline of the apprenticeship, in regards to when and how it unfolds .  I mention at the very beginning of the material that regardless of how advanced you may be in spirituality, practicing magic, metaphysics and the occult, when you journey this path, all start out as beginners.  

During the first two years of the apprenticeship all that is unfolded is pretty light in terms of the experience.  Your guide is there to assist you while you are finding your own two legs to stand on.  During this time everything is relatively new, it is exciting, but you are still in school with your guide. Up to  this point you will have learned to employ all of the basics in the foundation and you will have a pretty good understanding of what is going on.  You will be journeying with plants during this time and relearning the technique for going blank.  

Gaining mastery over the technique of going blank is the difference between being limited to utilizing your individual consciousness and being able to tap into your own universal consciousness of your current higher self and interact with a multitude of beings simultaneously.  The basic idea of this is to employ a universal consciousness when engaging or being engaged by multiple beings of the same race or multiple races of consciousness.  Instead of communicating one on one, which is inadequate at this level, you can utilize multiple probes simultaneously to engage each being individually as if you are many that are part of your own universal consciousness, also known as "the cloned race of you".  When thinking in terms of a universal consciousness, imagine all the ants in the anthill, all the bee's in the beehive, all the aliens on a ship or the many probes of yourself as clones working individually yet telepathically as one.  "Going blank" is the technique used to achieve this, but there is another technique used to employ a universal consciousness which is only shared in the apprenticeship.

While teaching yourself to employ this technique one amazing thing begins to happen which will reshape your world for the next several years.  Your awareness begins to blow wide open.  Just like in your physical adolescence, working your way through being a young adult and becoming a glorified adult you became a sponge of self learning.  You are now in the process of beginning a metamorphosis which will take you on your own personal journey of awakening and empowerment for the next three years or more, still in the apprenticeship and working with your guide.  I hope this gives you some insight as to why there are seven years in the apprenticeship.  Your metamorphosis begins by walking into a long and dark metaphoric tunnel with no destination in sight. It is not an external path, but an inward unfolding of becoming more with many incredible changes ahead of you.  There is darkness ahead and diminishing light behind as you walk further on this path.  Caution: Once you begin to employ the technique of going blank, the tunnel cannot be avoided.

In our youth we all reach a point of rebellion.  For some of us it is more intense than others.  For all of us it is incredibly intense in the energetic realm.  In all experience there are cycles opening and closing.  The energetic side of this the cycles will noticeably happen in waves.  At the low point of the wave it will be easy and everything will feel right and at the high point of each wave a person can experience a sense of temporary insanity.  This happens because your conscious awareness is getting acclimated to the much higher energies you are accessing by going blank and employing  your higher self.  This entire experience, lasting for several years, will be nothing short of amazing and a little traumatic, but we all must go through it.  You cannot guide others until you can learn to guide yourself.

Even without the conscious awareness that you are beginning to enter into the tunnel, you will notice a sense of rebellion towards everything, accompanied by anger without cause.   This sense of rebellion and the feelings associated with it will be ongoing for some time because you still need the technique of going blank to make the transition from the physical to being your higher self consciously.  

Before, we were relatively invisible to much higher energies, but by employing this technique we have brought attention to ourselves from many chakras higher than our own conscious experience.  This unwanted attention causes everything on a galactic scale and at a much higher level, to be interested in your lack of well being, to control or influence you on an energetic level.  Your saving grace is your guide who is already well beyond the conscious six chakras, having already dealt with all of this in their own ascension.  

While in the tunnel you will become much stronger, more self reliant and you will journey the path of excess.  You will interact with the spirit realm all the time, including lucid dreaming: a half asleep and half awake experience where you know it is a dream yet you have total control to do whatever you desire.   Also, your awareness will no longer be limited to simply being around your body.  You will now have awareness of and engage your environment within the proximity of a major city as your own backyard.  You will begin to gain a sense of adventure without cause, along with a high for life that is beyond reason.

During this time it will be difficult to stay in a relationship as the metamorphosis you will be undergoing will stress every relationship in your life.  This is why I do not recommend this path for people who are married, even if both partners choose this path.  Initially, what brings most people together is physical attraction and the attributes of their personalties. But your perception of all that changes as you become familiar and intuitive with the energy of everything around you.  Now it is all about the energy and you cannot deny the truth if the energy does not match up.  Matching the energy is not limited to being in alignment with one another, it can also relate to two people at significantly different frequencies, one being much lower or higher than the other.  

You will no longer be turned on by the other if the energy doesn't match up.  The reason this happens is that we must change all of our memory constantly and this includes the reason that brought two people together in the first place.  When we do this, our energy changes and becomes much more refined and we notice all of the little details that were initially overlooked.  We awaken a great ability to discern everything, taking us out of a state of innocence in our relationships so we can understand and employ mastery in everything we do.  With mastery comes responsibility along with greater insight and understanding of what we really need to be fulfilled, as opposed to what we thought we wanted when we met our significant other.    

While in the tunnel, transitioning between levels will be incredibly intense.  Coming to the end of one level can create a sense ranging from ultimate boredom to temporary insanity.  Transitioning to the next level can create a sense ranging from ultimate peace and acceptance, from the new body and race of consciousness you access, to bliss lasting from minutes up to weeks.  After transitioning through levels you will be overly accident prone for days, possibly weeks, and have no real sense of what is going on.  Like a child seeing the world through new eyes, you will be taken aback by the beauty of everything and at the same time you must relearn to discern any possible danger.   This is a fast learning curve.  I myself have had all of my car accidents and tickets during this time.  I was and you will be too, incredibly aloof during these times.  Take note of this as it will save you a lot of grief and money.  

During this substantial growth your ego will explode and you will actually seek people out to engage in psychic battle.  Ultimately your physical guide is responsible for all of your actions during this time, but do not expect them to put you in your place.  Your guides will use their alliances to engage and  humble you at times when it is appropriate.  

While journeying in the tunnel, the apprentice will still be working with plants, followed by organisms, insects and soon will begin working with animals as he or she is coming out of the tunnel.  The consciousness of animals holds the greatest lesson for living in synergy with everything as it cultivates understanding and respect.  This teaches us to become masters of being a greater student of everything in life.  Also, during this time we learn to recognizing the blessings and miracles of life in every moment of each day and in everything, beginning with our selves.  

Coming to the end of the tunnel you will be a completely different person, having entered with the resemblance of being only human and exiting as an energetic phenomena.  Like a caterpillar entering into the cocoon, coming out as a butterfly on a physical level and then renewing itself into the mystical energy of a dragon.  Exiting the tunnel is the right of passage to gain access to the fifth element.  At this point you will be recognized as an adept and be ready to begin to learn the basics of all healing techniques employed by your physical guide.  What you will learn from your guide about healing are the basic tools, but the greatest tool we all have at our disposal is our awareness.  In each and every new level you will unfold awareness, seeing everything in a new light.  

Basic And Advanced Psychic Defense And Attack

At some point you will need to learn to stand by yourself without your master to protect you.  The greatest defense we use is a strong offense. First and foremost our offense consists of our awareness.  Per the Law of Awareness, if you have awareness of a thing you can engage/connect, interact/influence and or change what may be going on.  Awareness is not limited by time and space.  You can actually stop time and change an entire elaborate spell another put into action upon you from within the perpetrator’s own awareness so it will be of benefit to you or you can reverse it back onto them.  This only works if your awareness is higher than theirs, allowing you do to this without being detected.

Second in our offense is using the ascension technique.  When someone uses any ability against us we can copy it, make it our own and use it back on them at a minimum of three folds stronger.  Because when we copy it, we transcend it before we employ it, employing it on any level including a much higher level than the individual that is using it on us at that time.  This can all happen in the split second while going blank.  

Third in our offense is healing with unconditional love to pass people or spirits on or rearrange people's lives, creating good karma for us.  We use the most negative and dark magic in existence to cancel out an effect or preexisting condition, opening the door for healing.  There is no defense from unconditional love on an unconscious level.  Consciously anything can put up protection, but all that is needed for us, through awareness, is to access their higher chakras until you find one that says yes.  Unconsciously we all seek completion and unconditional love is the key element.  

When any energy on any level looks or focuses their attention upon you and you have awareness of it, using the ascension technique gives you instant access to all that they are and can do.  When you encounter anything and it looks, focuses or communicates in anyway, you instantly gain awareness of it, all that it is connected to in its race or lineage of consciousness, to control it for your benefit.  Once you are ascended you will have the awareness, ability and knowhow, through the ascension technique, to heal or end life on any level for any individual, universal and collective consciousness or race, instantly.  Our offense is that we walk with a stick so big that no one dares to engage us and everything that does only makes us more powerful.  Our defense is that we do not exist, we are nothing with awareness.  You cannot attack what you do not have awareness of.

So having transcended all memory and being nothing all the time, we are blank all the time.  In effect we are using our higher consciousness all the time and can at any given time raise our consciousness temporarily to address any issue that may arise.

Sure, you still have a physical body you are tethered to, but if something engages your body merely by focusing upon it, as long as you have awareness, you can read the energy and follow it back to its root.  Once there you can use the ascension technique on the individual, universal or collect race of consciousness engaging you.  You see, techniques are only good for specific frequencies of consciousness, but awareness is good everywhere.  

We begin developing our offense by learning to attack with the different elements; Earth, Water (steam/ice), Fire and Air.  Or a combination of the four.  If you have ever played video games I am sure you know what a mage is, a master of the elements imposing direct damage towards an individual or multiple targets.  Unlike a mage, you are not limited to the elements.  You can use any form or fashion of knives, spears or anything else you can imagine.  You can imbue any weapon that you create with one of the elements for additional damage.  One of the most effective methods is using ice to freeze something in place, move it away and then incinerate it.   The best method to use is what you are comfortable with and what works best for you.  By unfolding awareness you gain the ability of telekinesis, telepathy, foresight and intuition, limited only by your imagination.  The really advanced techniques are simply variations of the basics.  I will not be discussing in detail how to achieve any of the advanced abilities or techniques, but by year seven of the apprenticeship all of this will be explained.

The most basic defense is imagining yourself to be invisible.  It is complimented by being aware of everything without looking, focusing or connecting with any one thing.  Being invisible, combined with awareness  permits you to perceive without being seen.  

Discerning The Future

Another application for the expansion technique, with its own specific affirmation, is viewing the possibilities of the future.  We will use two different versions of the expansion technique for this.  One will be to view the immediate future for a route of travel to avoid, tickets, the police and accidents.  Accidents are not specifically related to driving.  They can be any type of accident, in or out of the car.  The second version of this is to view the future.  The distance into the future is irrelevant, it could be weeks or years.  The essence of the technique is viewing the possibility of the future, not a definitive course.  Once you have awareness of the possibility of what can unfold, then you have the choice to steer away from it or not to do it at all.  The advanced version of this is to be proactive, with the choice of influencing the future event to your benefit versus only reacting to it.  

We will not be covering how to be proactive as this is only shared in the apprenticeship, but we will cover how to unfold awareness to have the foresight to engage or disconnect yourself from the experience.  We all have heard people say, "If I only had known".  Well, now you can know.

Without having completed the second technique in the apprenticeship, trying to unfold awareness to employ this technique will solely be an action of daydreaming.  By having accessed a higher awareness, employing this experience and using a variation of the expansion technique, you will have an intuitive knowing.  The first part we will discuss is viewing the immediate or near future related to driving or traveling a specific route with the intention of avoiding tickets, the police or accidents.  

The variation of the expansion technique used to view the immediate future is as follows.  Instead of doing an expansion 360 degrees in  every direction we will be envisioning a wall of energy.  This wall will be up to 200 feet high and a quarter mile wide.  The color of it will be an off white or grey light.  It is about 25 feet thick and moves nearly at the speed of thought.  Before manifesting and then releasing the wall of light you will magnetize it with the intention of gaining awareness of anything that is not unconditionally positive in reference to your intention.  You magnetize the expansion by visualizing, beforehand, that as the wall of light travels the route it identifies the possibility of any tickets, police or accidents.    

Once the wall is envisioned, the action of saying, "No tickets, police or accidents," releases the wall to travel its pre-designated route.  Then you push it on its way.  From the starting point of the journey you imagine that it travels along the entire route reaching the destination and then returning, in only takes a few seconds regardless of the distance.  It is necessary that you view it as if you are a satellite in orbit watching it along its route.  The movement of the wall simulates a sonic ping for the entire route.  In its wake you will have awareness of shadows, colors and possibly even pictures.  If you become aware of anything then you can discern what to do about it.  

Part of what you discern can include ghosts and other paranormal incidents that you could encounter along the route.  These may seem like very random possibilities, but they aren't. There is also the possibility of freak storms that can come out of nowhere or conditions on the road like black ice or flooding that may not be expected.  One of the things I personally despise more than anything is traffic.  Traffic is not an accident, but it is an experience that I want to avoid and this technique gives us the awareness to choose a better time or pick quicker, different route.        

The reactive choice you can make with this type of foresight is to take a different route or travel the route at a different time.  The proactive choice you can make is not discussed here, because the action you employ could be viewed as an attack if not done correctly and then it would not be

unconditionally positive for all those who share or are affected by the experience.  To employ a proactive decision takes the experience of an adept to align it with the One Law.


The second version of the expansion technique used here is to view the entire future of another and all its possibilities.  I have used this with students for years, helping them realize all the limitless possibilities relating to their specific path.  I never tell them the possibilities of what could happen if they do not heed my insight, except to say that it can take them down a road that will not bring them the happiness that they desire.  It is very dangerous to direct someone down a path.  If they ask, be general and explain to them the positive or negative colors that you are viewing in your foresight.  Remember, it must be free will or you risk involving yourself and intermingling your karma with theirs.

The technique for viewing the future is different than the wall of light that we just discussed.  When viewing the future we always view the entire experience, never just a part of it.  If you have awareness of a variable within the entire experience (a problem) then you can view possible solutions.  But if you only view a part of it, you will be blinded to the solution by only seeing the problem.  This is going to sound fast and loose for a technique, but it is very effective and accurate.  Envision the entire event including the location, as if you are in the future experiencing it from beginning to end.  A good example of this is viewing a vacation you are planning to take.  Envisioning the future experience, see yourself there and view the chain of events of the entire vacation.  Just like viewing a specific chakra in memory and looking for any colors that do not belong, you are viewing the possible future event, providing a general outline of what could be.  In this general outline there may be colors, shadows or even pictures.  Upon a deeper look into this outline it may reveal bad weather, an accident, perhaps poor judgment leading to big losses gambling or even infidelity.  What is important is not what you gain awareness of, but what you do with the insight you have gained.  

For friends on their wedding day, vacation or even in the wake of a major hurricane, we can influence or change the weather as needed.  This is the tip of the iceberg.  Anyone can relearn to unfold their awareness, having foresight of the immediate and even future events.  On the most basic level we all have foresight in the form of intuitive thoughts, gut feelings and or our sixth sense.  

We are no longer blind to all possibilities of our future, having to solely rely on our hindsight to understand what has happened.  These two basic variations of the expansion technique provide greater awareness for all unforeseen possibilities so we can make reactive or proactive choices to reap the greatest benefit of our experience.  

                                        Working With What You Have

Whenever we are viewing problems in current situations that appear to be unsolvable, the answers are never found in the problem, your own memory holds the key in the form of the root of the experience.  The phrase, "I don't know," is just unacceptable.  We rely on our awareness to discern the entire situation, reading the energy, so we can view all of the details of the experience.  Then we take it further by viewing the entire experience in the universal language of energy so we can see the root and connect the dots that were previously unseen.  

We need to first look at what we have done most recently to find the clues needed for viable solutions.  We do this by working with what we have which is our recent past experience, a.k.a our own memory of the physical, the energetic and what we may have been journeying with.  This falls into two parts: working with a picture of yourself and then working with memory from an energetic viewpoint.

I have students that come to me every day trying to explain what they are experiencing and informing me that they are overwhelmed.  That they have connected with something or vice versa and that they have tried to communicate with it in an attempt to find resolve and they feel that they have exhausted their resources.  No longer...

We work with what we have or know.  The clues we are looking for are not around the problem, they are what led up to it.  How do we become aware of what we cannot sense?  The secret is to view everything in an entirely different light.  In this case I am referring to energy.  

First we need to identify what we worked with last.  Second, the actual issue is not important, but the color of what we worked with last is important.  The color of the energy that is affecting us is the clue.  Third, we need to view a picture of ourselves.  This begins by superimposing the color of the issue upon the picture of ourselves to see if anything in the picture matches up with it.  The picture needs to be a full body shot with no one else in it.  Our motto is to have awareness of everything without focusing on any one thing.  When we look at our own picture we begin from the outside, working our way in.  We look at everything first without focusing on any one thing.

Next is to unfold your awareness to intuitively know if there are any energies utilizing their own probe to engage/connect, interact/influence from afar, within the picture.  Then do the same for any energies standing next to the person in the picture.  Next is to gain awareness of anything on the person.  Next is within the body of the person.  Next we gain awareness of the all the chakras at the same time.  For this we are looking at the left/right side and the front/back, within and around all six chakras.  We do not bother with the seventh chakra because it is not consciously used.  

Remember, we never focus on any one thing.  With each step we are unfolding awareness within and around everything.  There are three big keys we are working with when doing this.  The first is we are unfolding awareness for energy and colors, not pictures.  Second is we are always viewing through a collective perspective, never focusing on any one thing.  Thirdly, when we use a picture, we are not looking at the picture itself, we are using the picture to gain awareness of our consciousness/energy.  

It begins by looking at the fringe of the picture.  When looking at a picture we have awareness of it, but we are discerning through the sixth technique of the external manifestation of the elements to discern energy through colors, colors that aren't supposed to be there.  In the picture, if there is any energy influencing you from a distance it will show up here as a blotch of color.  If there is nothing there then we move on to the next step which is looking around the body.  Around the body there is the front and back, above and below you, to your left and right side.  Generally, the closer to you the energy is the more definitive a form it will take: a ghost, a dark shadow, small or even large beings.  It could be the size of a child hiding behind you, so you need to imagine that you can view behind yourself to gain awareness of what may be hiding there or possibly on you.  Next is on your body.  Here we are looking for what I call energetic parasites.  These may look like leeches, lizards or even the classic monkey on your back.  They may be full bodied, flat or even camouflaged.  If nothing is on you, and you feel pain, then unfold awareness inside of the body where there is pain.  Inside of the body a foreign energy can look like anything.  If we discern there is something in any of the places then the technique we use to remove it is fairly simple.

Before we ever take any action to engage something, regardless if it has been engaging us for some time, we always communicate with it.  Regardless if it is the experience of another or our own, we always need to approach everything as if we are ambassadors for all and in alignment with the One Law.  We need to unfold awareness and communication to find the opportunity to learn, change and grow in everything we do.  If we do not, then an opportunity in the experience may be wasted.  Have no worries, we can resolve anything for ourselves.  If you cannot find a solution that is in alignment with the One Law then the next step is to work with your guide.  If we resort to force and violence without looking at all possibilities first, we can be judged as naive and this is not good.  Remember, even though you do not have awareness of it, there is always something a little or a lot higher than you watching everything you do.  If you use your abilities carelessly you are saying to the universe that you are not prepared for the responsibility of the power you will gain access to in your individual ascension and you mustn’t  be permitted to grow.

The technique to resolve anything engaging you from a distance is the same as the technique for resolving something on or in your body.  Freeze it and then remove.  But before you take any action to kill it, always check for any implants that it may have left behind.  Once outside of and away from your body then transport it to below the surface of the sun.  Release it and watch it disintegrate.  Then, just like changing memory, resolve within your memory and/or the memory in your body, the chain of events that is engaged/connected, interacted/influenced and change what may have been going on with you.  Having done this physically, the next step is to resolve it through energy of our memory.      

Second, we relearn seeing energy by viewing memory that has been transcended.  Once memory is transcended we no longer view it through the normal senses.  We now view it through our chakras.  Each individual chakra, and all of them as a whole, are frequencies of light/energy, each with their own unique color.  To view memory we now view our entire life, or segments of it, through each of the six chakras.  Working with what you have or what you know unfolds the awareness to identify the color of the issue you are addressing within memory on an energetic level.      

When we are engaged or connected with any energy there is a record of it in our memory.  The insight we need is not in the symptoms.  All we need to do is to look into memory at the root of what is or has engaged us.  But how do we know what has engaged us?  Simple, it is affecting one or multiple chakras and in turn either causing pain in the body or a negative or positive emotional shift in our psychological/emotional sense of well being.  In the ever present we discern the color of what is affecting us.  Its location in our chakra system determines which chakra to search through, of this and previous lives, to find the exact root.  We search based on the color of what is interacting or influencing us, superimposed on the chakra.

So for example, let's say the color of the energy that is interacting or influencing our body is in the chest area or heart chakra.  We discern that the color is dark blue.  Looking into the heart chakra which is green energy, we are searching for a dark blue blotch on a stream of green energy going back into our past as if we would be seeing its counter part of family memory.  Viewing the energy of a chakra is more specific and detailed than viewing pictures of a chain of events from our past.   When looking into our past through the heart chakra or green light until we see the blue blotch of energy on it, or the earliest record of it, we look specifically at the blue blotch and discern what its chain of events are.  This is just like looking into our own transcended memory and viewing it in its natural state as energy.  From energy we can intuitively view the chain of events of our own memory to see pictures.  This is the same way for the blue blotch which is a chain of events from the source that has been interacting and/or influencing us.  

The blue blotch of energy is a representation of a chain of events where it has gone in and interacted with memory.  The interaction is a record of it interacting or influencing that small part of memory.  This is almost always done to implant some type of energy used to influence or interact with you from a distance.  There are other things that this can be used for, but this is the most common.  To remedy this, before any action is taken, we need to have awareness of all the places that may be affected.  So it is necessary to check all chakras before employing any action.   Once all the chakras are checked and there is nothing else, then resolve the issue at hand, in this case the blue blotch.  Unlike transcending memory, we freeze the new chain of events and any implant we may see, and simply slide it out of that memory into the ever present and outside of your body.  When we know we've gotten all of it, we can move it away from your body and destroy it using the different elements.   Afterwards, for the space that the blotch of blue light was in, we can transcend that memory.  This needs to be done for each chain of events in memory that has been infected by a blue blotch of light.

A great technique that works with everyone, even those who have not availed themselves of unfolding awareness, is to use The Gymnasium.  This involves using the technique of going blank.  Imagine standing in the middle of a gymnasium on top of a very high hill or mountain.  There is nothing higher on any side and your gymnasium is an impenetrable fortress.  Inside, the bleachers are made of solid rock and the ceiling is translucent, allowing the light of multiple suns to hit every corner of the gymnasium at any given time.      

Above you in the sky is not one but many suns, so wherever light may shine there are no shadows for anything to hide in.  Once in your gymnasium, stand in the middle and imagine that all light dims to a faint glow.  Bring into your awareness the issue at hand.  Next, know the issue, feel the issue, be the issue and then go blank and write down the first colors, words or pictures that come into your awareness.  This is first your clue.  The next step is to use your clue.  To then know your clue, feel your clue, be your clue and then go blank and then write down the first colors, words or pictures that come to mind.  Rinse and repeat.

I have used this technique with all types of professionals to understand trauma or fears that have no root in conscious memory.   I have employed and then shared this technique with professionals in hypnosis and hypnotherapy to uncover issues that have plagued them throughout their entire lives.  Each time you go blank you are accessing your higher self. Your higher self is free from the biased viewpoint or fears that may be in memory.  It doesn't matter what the clue is, just use it and go with it.  The greater your awareness, the greater the results will be.  

Working with what you have or know is a language and experience of energy.  If we do not have awareness of the energy, we take what we do have or know and use it.  It is our own higher self that will translate the experience for us to unfold awareness without knowledge to view the root of the issue.  Knowing the root is the solution to resolve the issue.

Working With What You Know

We have just covered the basics for working with what you have, related to energy, our picture and our chakras.  When there is anything going on, working with what you have should be the first step.  Now we will address working with what you know, taking our ability to unfold awareness and resolve an impending threat to our well being.

Working with what you know is used more often in the middle of the apprenticeship and beyond.  In the beginning of the apprenticeship people are not yet as sensitive to energy as they will be after having spent years changing memory.  Because they are not yet sensitive, they are not yet affected in a powerful way by powerful energies that may be engaging them.  But as awareness grows from having been changing memory for some time, so does a person's sensitivity to energy and how it affects them.  This brings us to working with what you know, offering a few techniques for quick and easy resolve for the big issues at hand that may seem overwhelming.  We want to gain clarity of what may be affecting us on a much stronger level.  This deals more with what, at the time, feels like a crisis situation.  There is an energy affecting you and you are beginning to become blinded by the intensity of the experience.  The intensity of the experience can include, but is not limited to, pain, crying spells, intense irritability and extreme emotional low.  

Working with what we know delves into three specific parts: Journeying, Where your head is, and When you are. Every time you are journeying, it is specific to what is at hand in your life, including what may be engaging you at the time.  When confronted by a dilemma, journeying offers you a state of complete detachment from what is going on so you can get a fresh viewpoint, ask for assistance and gain additional tools or awareness.  This is huge since a dilemma can blind an individual, causing them to focus only on one or a few things happening at the time.  By focusing on the ailment caused by the issue, we lose sight of everything, including all solutions.  

Knowing "Where your head is" is essential to gaining awareness of the beginning of when you were being affected by a current dilemma.  Because students have been actively changing memory for such a long time, most of the big issues are already resolved.  For apprentices, the solution will most likely be from a recent experience in their life.  But for others not in the apprenticeship, issues plaguing their lives may have been going on for years.

Your head may be in the past because of an emotional experience that shifted your equilibrium.  Life continued on, but you did not.  Eventually this causes everything in life to fall apart.   By gaining awareness of where your head is, you can see the main issues that are at the root of the current dilemma and begin to address them.  Looking in your picture, this is commonly viewed as a cone of energy.  The wide part of the cone is in the present and the small part or tip of the cone is in the past, where your head is.  The color of the cone indicates which chakra this dilemma stems from.

Knowing "When you are" is intriguing.  This insightful and easy technique helps to find the root of physical issues affecting you.  Some of the physical issues can include ghost pains, constantly being sick and physical issues that are not healing the way they should.   The technique is simple.  Imagine that you are standing. Behind you in the distance is you at birth.  Between you and baby you, is there any space that lights up with any color of energy?  If so, there is your root.  Use the color at the location to intuitively view the experience unfolding in memory.  If there is nothing there, then we move on to the next step.  Between every life there is a thin veil of black light.  Prior to this life, all previous lives are viewed as a clear block, a few feet thick.  At the front of the block is you before death and at the back of the block is you at birth.  Create up to ten blocks behind you, representing ten lives.  Then view each block to see if any points in one or all the blocks light up.  The color that lights up indicates a chakra to work with and resolve memory, which will immediately resolve the current issue if it is energetic, or begin the healing process if it is physical in nature.  


Remember, when using any of the many methods that are available, the solutions and answers we seek are inside of us.  This means that we can use our picture, look where our head is at, who we are journeying with, or when we are, to understand what is going on, in depth.  We isolate the rogue energy to gain awareness of the issue, superimposing it on our picture and memory to find the root for resolve. It is always best to view everything that is going on before we make any decisions regarding communication or take action to resolve the issue.  Even though we are personally being influenced or attacked we must never take it personally.  We always seek resolve in alignment with the One Law.  We are ambassadors for everything as we are ascending.  

It will be very common at a lower level to be constantly attacked, but as your awareness unfolds and your experience progresses this will become less common.  Still, at all times, examine every possibility before taking any action.  Always view with a non biased perspective, even though you are being directly affected.  This give you clarity to see solutions without reacting and only seeing problems.  Take nothing for granted.  Discerning or reading light/energy is the key to understanding everything through your own intuitive knowing.    

The Probe. Where Are You?

This is a very common question for at least the first half of the apprenticeship.  When we first started journeying it unfolded through awareness alone by viewing the experience, while at the same time being in the experience.  Journeying in waking dreams has not and never will change.  We do not travel to a location and journey with an extension of our body.  It is all done through our awareness.  But to be able to engage one-on-one with something without actually being there we use a probe.  We can maintain awareness of everything while being able to view through a probe.  

We do not advocate astral projection and it is not something we teach or perform.  This is because it empowers the idea of an embodiment and not our awareness.  Instead of our body or the idea of our soul, we create and employ a probe.  

A probe is created externally and it can take any form.  It can be a representation of our physical body, it can be a clear sphere or anything that you may want it to be.  I always encourage students to make their probe in the fashion of that which they are journeying with.  Doing so shows a clear amount of respect for the other consciousness and very quickly opens the door for more communication for all parties involved.  

The benefit of using a probe is that if you are in over your head or trapped somewhere, you can easily dissolve the probe and nothing is lost.  When venturing into a new area there are always traps to stop those who do not have the most noble of intentions, with the highest good, in alignment with the One Law and the affirmation of will.  Traps prevent an individual from  unfolding their own awareness.  People fall into traps because they try to access something out of a want or desire and/or for power and control.  Any of these will most certainly cause a person to hit a plateau very early on and stop growing.  In extreme cases it ties the individual into the karma or collective memory of another's experience, making it their own.  This is very bad.

Later on, when we use the technique of going blank in conjunction with the technique of the probe, it permits the use of multiple probes simultaneously.  This can dramatically decrease the amount of time to journey with and use the ascension technique for all races of consciousness within each collective frequency of consciousness.  

When using the probe for journeying the biggest and usually the first question asked of students is, "Where are they?".  From an outsiders point of view this may seem illogical.  But for a person who has been journeying in waking dreams, every time they journey they are unfolding their awareness in another location through a probe.   Since each time we create and employ a probe, the obvious question is where would it still be, "Where are you?" or "After journeying did you release your awareness from the probe you created and then did you dissolve the probe from where you were journeying?"  

So during your meditation you journeyed.  The feeling was amazing.  The experience was so wonderful that you didn't want to come back or else it was so intense you are not sure if you came back totally.  Just right now, you need to divert your attention to getting ready to go to work.  Just like the internal manifestation of the elements, if you create it there must be balance by uncreating it.  You hope you released your awareness and dissolved the probe, but often times, especially in the first couple of years, you didn't.  Now you are at work, but you still feel affected by your connection through your  awareness or through a probe.  

What could be happening is that you dissolved the probe and released awareness from that place, but you failed to communicate to those energies that a break was needed and now they have come to you.  Lastly always take into account that a probe used must be dissolved at its location or you will create an energy trail of it returning to you, in turn inviting anything that sees it to come right to your door.   This is very common and will happen for at least half of the apprenticeship until you gain enough experience and awareness of what is happening in the physical and the energetic all the time.

Influencing The Present And Future

We begin the next leg of our journey by learning how to manifest outside of the body, utilizing the external manifestation of the elements to directly effect  our environment, to influence or change the weather.  This is not limited by space or distance.  So in effect you can change the direction of a storm or even cancel it out all together.  If needed you can attract a storm for beneficial reasons to any location merely by unfolding awareness on the planet and directing what is needed to a specific or general location.  

We will begin manifesting within and around our individual consciousness to bring into fruition what it is we desire or want in our lives.  Just because a person is on the journey to beginning their own ascension, this does not mean that they do not have wants or desires.  We just keep the wants or desires in the physical and not in the energetic.  

Per Law of Attraction, like attracts the like and repels the opposite.  This is dramatically increased by intense emotions that are the propellant for this technique.  But more importantly it is dramatically increased by having transcended memory so you are not in competition with memory which will unconsciously manifest what is needed for the opportunity of resolve itself. For best results it is highly recommended that changing memory of what you desire is resolved before employing this technique.  

The basic version of this is the mirror technique.  Standing in front of a mirror, by yourself, envision the future of what you want to manifest.  Do not  envision this as a goal, know it to be your future.  Once you can envision yourself in your future event then the next step is to bring that future event into the ever present.  At this point it is totally necessary to be in the moment,  knowing that what you want to manifest is actually happening now.  Being in the moment and seeing everything is as equally important as feeling that it is actually happening.  In effect you are writing the near present and immediate future into your destiny.  To allow this to manifest, forget about it instantly.   By forgetting about it, you are releasing your intent into the universe to manifest this for you.  By forgetting about it instantly, you are saying to the universe “make this happen a.s.a.p.”.  If you dwell on it after having done the exercise then you greatly diminish its power.

With time and through trial and error you will master this very basic, yet very powerful technique.  After months of doing this and gaining confidence in your ability to manifest, you are ready for the next step. The next part of this is not to manifest, it is to directly influence the weather.  We are not using the elements here, only our awareness.

Whether a location is local or at a distance, we cannot influence it unless we have awareness of it.  We gain awareness by using the expansion technique in the area we want to influence.  Not just awareness of the area, but more importantly the awareness of the area that is inside of you.  This technique will not work by simply influencing the weather outside of us.  But how can any weather pattern that we know to be outside of our body be inside of it? The secret here is perspective.  As we have expanded to the limits of time and space through awareness, any weather pattern on planet Earth is inside of us.  This is the secret to interacting and influencing any weather pattern anywhere.  

Our body is no longer our entire experience.  Our physical is a large part of our flesh experience, but it is an extremely small part of our energetic experience.  Another insight is that the farther you are away from something, the bigger your expansion technique is, hence the smaller the object you are influencing, requiring less effort to achieve a lot more.    

The only considerations are the possible consequences of what we have influenced.  When influencing a large area we need to discern how long it will take to effect the area and the possible consequences of changing the weather.  For example, we will be moving a storm, will it create a flood in another area?  Remember, you are responsible for all of your actions.


I have used this technique to change the weather many times and it always works like a charm.   Do not expect miraculous results at the beginning.  

Changing memory, which releases attention focused in memory and empowers our ever present awareness, increases the effectiveness of this technique.  More awareness = less effort.  

                         Changing Memory For Healing Your Body

We have looked at memory as something to resolve.  Now we will be looking at memory as something that will actually change your body on a physical level.  Sounds advanced but it really isn't.  This is very simple.  It is a great tool for healing as well.  Let's say your gums are noticeably receding.  Aside  from dental care, this basic technique can be used to communicate with your body to regenerate your gums.  

We have the ability to influence what is happening to us on a physical level.  The miracles within are limitless, waiting to be tapped.  The body is incredible in its healing potential.  It is not the body that creates the miracles, it is the will of spirit within it that does.  The body is always recreating, constantly renewing itself.  We are taking this one step further by instructing the body to make changes that we believe are appropriate.  But the body is not perfect in design as it is affected by our environment.  We may even have genetic flaws that cause variations in our body.  

By utilizing this version of changing memory we are not being reactive to a situation, instead, being proactive against deterioration, even influencing the body to create that which it may be lacking.  This could entail healing from the inside out: organs, resilience, illness, imbalances and even changing our body, altering attributes.

The technique begins with the basic form of changing memory.  But instead of removing emotions we will be viewing the actual physical health at the time in memory and replacing memory of current health with memory of perviously better health.  This can be done in two ways, by either using a previous memory or using a donor memory from another.  We could be replacing the image of becoming larger as a general attribute or taller, leaner or even smaller. There are several questions that arise here.  

Are we the creator of ourselves?  Yes.  We impact the body by memory and the emotional weight of it.  We impact the body by our choices of environment that we expose it to including smoking, drugs, stress, positive or negative well being and other circumstances of life that are seemingly out of our control.  By changing memory of the body we have the opportunity to direct its well being.  Do we do this with memory that is already transcended?  I personally believe it is better to do this on transcended memory or in the process of transcending it.  

Where do we get the donor image that we substitute for actual memory?  This can be taken from an earlier memory of perfect health or from the memory of another.          

What are the consequences of doing this?  The consequences are no different than what our body is exposed to in our environment and the stress of everyday life, but here are always variables that cannot be accounted for in any given experience.  These variables can unfold the direction of life in any number of ways.  But if we are dealing with memory that has been transcended or with memory that we are transcending in the process, there is more benefit than harm.

The technique begins with the basic version of changing memory.  Let's say we are working with an injury.  We need to identify two things.  First, before we identify the actual memory we are going to change, we need to become aware of and resolve the actual root that led us down the road to this injury, decline in health, age and/or illness.  After this is resolved then we look at the moment right before the root in memory all the way through the recovery process, up to the present.  

Instead of replacing a single picture it is better to replace a stream of consciousness of memory of an entire chain of events.  For this we are specifically talking about replacing the chain of events from the moment before the root of the injury through the entire chain of events up to the present.  The stream of consciousness of memory can be from ourselves in our youth or it can be from another.  Our body will not recognize the stream of consciousness of memory as foreign.  It will simply recognize memory and how the body should then adjust to it.  There will be a seamless transition as long as the definition of the donor memory is unconditionally positive.  For this we either use transcended memory of the emotional definition or we transcend it in the process.

Once we have resolved the root of the issue that led to the decline in health or the injury then we can proceed with changing the actual memory.  Unlike regular changing memory where we replace conditional emotional for unconditional love, here we will be switching out memory of how the body reacted during the healing process from an injury, with the donor memory of perfect health.  In effect we are instructing the body to change, more importantly, to heal itself.  

A word of caution.  By using this negatively to hurt others, you will be going against the laws of nature for renewal and resolve.  Because you are doing this on an energetic level the karma associated with such an action is beyond your ability to comprehend.  You will draw attention to yourself of the worst possible kind that no one will protect you from.  Hell on Earth will only be the beginning of your misery, effecting your many incarnations into the future.  Even worse is that it will directly affect all of those around you.  What you could possibly lose will far outweigh anything you could ever gain by using this in a way that is not unconditionally positive for all who share or are affected by the experience.

Upon identifying a donor memory, hold the donor memory next to the one you are going to replace.  Create within the entire current memory a flash-bang of white light, the likes of a star going super nova.  At the very peak of the intensity of the light, replace the current memory with the donor memory.  Then let it settle in as the flash-bang dissipates. It is crucial that you switch out the entire memory all at once.  The old memory then needs to be destroyed or it will attempt to return.  Lastly, to release and manifest this, you need to completely forget about doing it, as if it never happened.

Then a few days later you can look at it to make sure the memory has taken.      It make take a few attempts to get this right.  If you look at the change without letting it take root as the new and current memory, or the recipient knows of and consciously focuses attention upon the memory that you have replaced, the unconscious or super conscious experience of the recipient will recognize a change and will undo this work.  You can use this technique repeatedly, but do not go back and dwell or focus on what you have done.  In doing so, super conscious memory will go in and follow the link to the previous memory and restore it.  At this point memory has taken a new direction.  During the recovery process as the body follows the new direction for healing itself, you need to check the progress energetically.  After many months, as the body has made positive strides in its healing process, then repeat as needed to get more out of it.  You may not get 100% the first time, but the results should be significant.  


After doing this the body will recognize a significant change and may question this new memory.  So this process needs to be repeated every other day for the first three months.  Then only twice a week for the following three months.  In months six through nine only once a week.  In months nine through twelve only once every week and a half.  In months twelve through fifteen only once every two weeks.   In months fifteen through eighteen once every three weeks and so on and so forth.  After three years or half way between an entire cycle of renewal then the body will recognize this change as normal.  

Memory will take the direction it is given by the new memory and begin to change, enhance or grow part of the body.  But during the process your unconscious and super conscious experience will recognize a huge difference between what was and what the new memory describes.  Therefore it is necessary to constantly repeat the process for up to three years.

Once you change memory to alter, enhance or change part of another's body, you will need to consistently repeat the process until half way through the body's own renewal process and then it becomes normal.  I used this version of the technique for myself as a young man.  It works, undeniably it works.  I have also used it for clients with injuries and I include this as part of the healing work I do with major illness.  

The 5th Element

We know of the four elements, but up to now we have not talked about the 5th element.  The 5th element is usually accessed at or around year five of the apprenticeship.  Utilizing this element consciously is a quantum leap forward in your ability to manifest or influence on a more powerful level.  The 5th element is tied to the merkaba, which is the mathematical equation of the perceptual soul identity.  The merkaba is also known as a tetrahedron.  

A tetrahedron is two pyramids, one upside down and the other right side up.  The two bases interlock.  The space within the interlocking of the two bases recognized in mysticism as the All Seeing Eye.  

It is perceived that the All Seeing Eye is in the very center, because creation and uncreation or the light and darkness are opposing forces.  Yet when they come together through awareness with intent then the manifestation occurs.  Realistically we have been using this format in everything we have ever done.  The key is that the 5th element is not made consciously available until we have transcended the four elements and the idea of being something or an embodiment. To access the 5th element consciously you will be guided to it by your physical guide.  The prerequisite for this is to do a side apprenticeship with the angel of death.  The topic of the angel of death is covered in the chapter, Critical Topics Overlooked.

When accessing the 5th element we exist as nothing with awareness alone, whereas before we were in a state of being nothing with awareness during meditation or journeying.   The difference now is that we are no longer being nothing, we now exist as nothing with awareness.  Being nothing means we can channel anything through our higher self.  But the real change is that existing as nothing means that being blank is our conscious experience all the time, we no longer channel our higher self, we are our higher self.  This is huge.        

Having the idea of an embodiment causes everything we do to be filtered before it manifests, so the effect is greatly deluded.  But to exist as nothing removes all filters and in no way hinders the influencing or manifestation process for anything we do in the physical or energetic realms.  The 5th element, uncreation or black space, is that which allows us to be one of consciousness while being separate of awareness not limited by any collective frequency or chakra.  Meaning that we can exist in awareness within all collective frequencies simultaneously through an individual, universal and collective consciousness.      

By employing the 5th element we have transitioned from being individual and universal to being collective.  Having transcended the complete idea of being any one thing, by transcending the memory of all that we have accessed, we no longer exist through our embodiment as our consciousness is of everything that we have accessed to date.  Up to this point, all races within each collective frequency of consciousness that we have become a part of and have transcended, have increased our ability to influence or manifest.  

The difference is that being nothing is the intent in an experience, while existing as nothing is the experience.  When I engage or connect to influence or manifest my intent as an individual while being nothing, I would have needed others to stand with me to be more powerful than I was alone.  But, if through consciousness, I have accessed every race as whole, while existing as nothing I can employ their entire experience as my own, not standing with many, I am many.  I have become many, one of consciousness yet separate of awareness.  In this case I am a part of everything in existence, employing my awareness as a collective identity, not hindered by levels of consciousness.  I am infinity verses a few thousand or even millions.  Existing as nothing, we are separate of awareness and one of consciousness, utilizing all that we have become a part of along with our alliances.  

Being free of an embodiment is to exist as awareness alone, which is to be everything that you are a part of in consciousness.  On a basic level this is the beginning of employing the experience of God through ourselves.  This takes  the idea that awareness is all that we are, the All Seeing Eye, to new heights.  

The All Seeing Eye / Employing Awareness

There is a lot of mysticism based around the All Seeing Eye. Most of it is derived from a physical perspective of the spiritual, lacking awareness of what it actually is in the energetic experience.  It is found on the reverse side of the US dollar bill and in Masonic literature.  It is usually found in a tetrahedron which is two pyramids interlocking at their bases.  It is conceptualized in many ways as all enlightened, able to foresee the future and all knowing.  It is all of this, but until a person can experience it firsthand, it is never really understood.

The tetrahedron is a mathematical equation in sacred geometry, described as the vehicle of our consciousness, the soul.  This equates to using the soul as a vehicle for astral travel. We do not employ the soul as an embodiment or  vehicle.  Doing so prevents ascension because it puts emphasis on the embodiment instead of awareness.  When viewing a tetrahedron, what should be emphasized is the center space between the two interlocking bases housing the All Seeing Eye. This represents our awareness with intent, without the energy of creation to manifest thought.  The top side of the pyramid represents creation and the bottom side represents uncreation, housing the four elements.  All together this represents the ability, per the Law of Awareness, that by will alone we are the creators of our experience. When awareness is put into motion, it manifests by joining creation and uncreation, or thought, into being.  "For it has been spoken, Let thy will be done."  As we read in light we also speak in light.

If each of us are the All Seeing Eye, what stops us from creating on a God like level?  The highest level or chakra that we have conscious awareness of is the main factor.  The other factor is conscious attention held in memory that is only released into the ever present by changing memory, which dramatically empowers our will.  As your will is empowered by raising conscious awareness and changing memory, you tremendously increase your ability to employ awareness, per the Law of Awareness.  The final part of this equation is consciously employing the fifth element.  

In becoming the fifth element we have transitioned from being nothing by intent, to existing as nothing as our experience.  This awakens our all seeing eye to utilize one or multiple chakras as a channeling experience versus being limited to only channeling their higher self.  This equates to channeling the multiple universal consciousness of the different races within each chakra as a single experience.  It makes one person’s awareness stronger than any group, allowing that person to be one of consciousness, yet separate of awareness.  What this means is that it may take 50,000 people praying together to influence a major storm at a location on the planet.  This sounds powerful, but one person channeling only one entire chakra, containing the consciousness of multiple races, numbering well beyond 1,000,000 all at the same time, can influence much more with less effort.  This takes the idea of employing the awareness of one person to a God like level.  This allows the ability to utilize the consciousness of not just one entire race, but that of every race within all chakras, at the same time.  In the six chakra alone there exists the possibility of utilizing the consciousness of many billions of humans as a collective source, all at once, channeled through one person.  

Because of our relationship with our body we think in terms of the senses.  The idea of awareness as an experience is foreign.  People generally perceive through the physical senses and if the experience is not tangible, one that can be felt and defined scientifically, then they assume it is just their imagination.  There can be nothing further from the truth.  We are beings of energy.  The experience is universal to all, although it may take some a lot longer to access it than others. Experiencing energy has never been about the embodiment, it has always been about awareness.  


The All Seeing Eye is our awareness.  We become this more and more as we work to become nothing by definition through changing memory, to exist with everything as one of consciousness, yet separate of awareness.   We are becoming less of something and more of nothing, permitting us to be more of everything as we are one of consciousness.  Becoming one of consciousness within each collective chakra is accomplished by achieving alliances with every individual race of consciousness of each chakra.  This is necessary for our individual ascension as we become less of something (our embodiment) and more of nothing, existing as awareness.  Existing as nothing is being a channel of all chakras we have transcended while we continue in our individual ascension.  


The journey of ascension  has never been about accessing more knowledge to have greater power over ourselves or others.  It is about unfolding and employing awareness on a universal and collective perspective of existing. Not just believing we are a part of God, but experiencing that all of us are God.  

Leveling Up

Like a snake getting ready shed its skin, you are getting ready for a renewal of your perspective by having an N.D.E. or near death experience, energetically leveling up.  There are four types of leveling up. The first is by accessing each of the universal races and their consciousness that you journey with, accessing your energetic guide for that level.  The second is by journeying, working with the kingdoms of consciousness related to each chakra.  The third is by crystal thrones.  The fourth is by the twelve hour fever.  

From the moment you open to waking dreams, it is your physical guide’s responsibility to bridge the gap of communication between you and the different races you will encounter in your growth.  Encountering different races of consciousness will begin almost immediately.  Remember, life is the teacher.  For those who are only taught information there can never be any real growth, only the acquisition of knowledge.  It is only from experience that we truly learn.  Journeying in waking dreams with different races of consciousness is a fundamental to our foundation.  It is through these experiences that we get our first taste of leveling up.  

It is not only your physical guide’s responsibility to bridge the gap between you and the different races of consciousness needed for your individual journeying, your guide will also have the knowing of the type journeying that you are ready for, but consciously you are unable to access for yourself.  Your guide will unfold this journeying experience for you when you are ready.  The purpose for beginning journeying so soon is to get the apprentice acclimated to accessing higher embodiments of consciousness, to begin acquiring alliances and become acclimated to the leveling up process.

Accessing higher embodiments of consciousness will be with races at, or well beyond the seventh chakra.  Almost all of the races that we encounter at the beginning of our journeying are races that we have had contact with before.  This isn't  new to us, but it feels new because we haven't interacted with them directly or consciously in this lifetime.  Most of the time, the first races of consciousness we will interact with are races that have engaged us as a child.  I am referring to alien abduction experiences.  As a by-product of journeying, we will reawaken ourselves to the experience of alien abductions.  But it will no longer be scary, as this new abduction experience will not be physical, but purely energetic.  This may seem intrusive, but it is really a very positive experience with benefits in the present and in the long term.  

Accessing a new embodiment from the race of consciousness that we are currently working with entitles us to an immediate alliance, along with being imprinted with their consciousness. This facilitates the awakening of forgotten abilities and offers a new direction for journeying and accessing an energetic guide to work with.  After accessing all that is needed from each race of consciousness that we access and journey with, we will be led to the next race we will be working with to start the leveling up process again.        

Upon finding the next race we cannot immediately begin working with them.  We must unfold the leveling up process.  Nearing the end of the time that you will be working with one race and beginning with the next race,  you may begin to feel a sense of boredom.  A sense that there is nothing left to learn.  Then, about one week out you may become very emotional and even feel a deep sadness.  As you get closer to the transition you may begin to feel a little over the edge, a feeling of being crazy.  These four symptoms can happen at the end of each level.  During this time, and after each level that you go through, you will become very aloof and accident prone.  

This process has nothing to do with transcending chakras and it is only a part of ascension.  It has everything to do with accessing higher embodiments of consciousness and building the alliances that are essential for self preservation.  Accessing each new race of consciousness and their embodiment may seem new, but it is actually the reverse.  We are accessing what was a part of our experience on our descending path from God to being human.  It will seem new each and every time, as you have no conscious memory of having done this, until you transcend the seventh chakra and it becomes second nature. Prior to being human and having descended to your current state of awareness, you left yourself a bread crumb trail of a embodiments of consciousness from each race you descended through.  Just in case you needed to go through your ascension again, this bead crumb trail is the road traveled to do so. The road map for the ascension process is the affirmation of self and will.  

During the leveling up process, each time you level up and access the next higher aspect of yourself, you will let the old version of yourself go and access the next higher version.  This unfolds as you take on the new body and are imprinted with the consciousness of the new race that you are becoming one with again.    

When you begin the actual unfolding of the experience of leveling up, you will feel a sense of being at a bottleneck above you.  This is because your sense of embodiment needs to stay behind and only your awareness is permitted to access the next level.  

For the first few years, as this experience unfolds, it will be very uncomfortable, even a little scary.  There are several reasons why only your awareness continues on.  Leaving a sense of your body behind, leaves your old perspective with it.  All that you have accessed needs to be left at the previous level.  In this way, during the transition, you do not lose anything that you have accessed and you gain a fresh perspective.  This fresh perspective permits awareness to continually unfold, learning how to use old information, techniques and abilities in new and exciting ways.


When you are ready to make the transition from the old to the new while journeying, the meditation begins by directing attention at the bottleneck above you, which is a very thick wall of light.  To continue at this point it is necessary to float on your back and allow only the very center of your solar plexus (about the size of a dime) to separate from your body and move through the wall of light.  As this very small part of your solar plexus moves into the wall of light, transcend anything else left behind or you will not be able to fully transition to the next level.  Once everything left behind has been fully transcended, then imagine it burning to ash to finalize the transition.  If you do not transcend all that is left behind, you will be unable to completely make the transition from old to new, causing you to be stuck in the wall of light.  This can be resolved and you can complete the transition after returning awareness to what you are leaving behind within the bottleneck.

Upon making it through to the other side there may be a sense of euphoria, as if you have been reborn.  In front of you will be your new body and the new guide that will work with you for that entire level.  After entering into the new body, the guide will imprint their consciousness upon your..  This guide will communicate all the basic rules that are needed to be followed while in this new level of consciousness.  Over the next few days or weeks all of your memory will return with a new twist on your insight.  

Having just been reborn you will have a sense of awe for everything in life.  This can last from a few minutes up to two weeks.  It is an incredible feeling and something that should be experienced by all.  The more levels you access the longer this feeling will last, as your awareness has unfolded, permitting a greater perspective with each consecutive level.  Much further into your ascension this feeling will be replaced with a sense of bliss.  Even further down the road this senses of bliss will be a more common experience throughout the entire level.      

The next way we level up is through journeying and accessing crystal thrones, also known as our Akashic records.  This is covered in more depth in the next chapter.  But the general idea is that each person's own akashic records, or the memory of a collective frequency of consciousness for each chakra, is a throne that they must sit upon and access for themselves. When accessing akashic records there are measures in the form of traps that do not permit others to do it for you, or for others to access your akashic records for themselves.  You can be guided to your own crystal throne for each level, but no one can do this in your place.  Accessing akashic records does not keep pace with any type of leveling up. It is doesn’t happen every time. It unfolds as it is needed, bringing into awareness what is needed for our ascension.    

The next way to level up is through the chakras.  This is the most powerful way for unfolding our ascension, and our ascension is completely dependent on this way of leveling up.  People think that because we have conscious awareness of the six chakras that the next step should be the seventh.  But this is not the case.  To transcend the collective consciousness of a chakra means that first it is necessary to consciously access the universal consciousness of all of the races of each chakra of collective consciousness through journeying. In the first chakra, this is accomplished by journeying with the consciousness of all plants and organisms.  Each variety of plant has its own race of consciousness and there are an estimated 390,000 varieties of plants.  

The first six chakras align with the kingdoms related to each one.  These kingdoms are the consciousness of:

1st:  Organisms and plants.

2nd:  Insects.

3rd:  Fish and animals.

4th:  Mammals.

5th:  Intelligent mammals (such as dolphins, whales, elephants).

6th:  Humans.  

To satisfy the ascension process it is necessary to journey with the general consciousness or kingdoms that are related to each chakra.  Access to the seventh chakra is achieved by transcending the kingdoms of all six chakras.  Journeying with the kingdoms of consciousness related to each chakra begins after basic mastery of the ascension technique.  

To transcend an entire level of a collective consciousness of a chakra is achieved by accessing, employing and transcending the individual, universal and collective consciousness of everything within that chakra that is related to the kingdoms.  In the first chakra, this is related to all varieties of plants and organisms.  To access, employ and transcend an individual's consciousness gives conscious access to the universal consciousness of its entire race.  To access any of this requires not only awareness, it also requires the ascension technique.  Until your own personal ascension begins, you are simply mastering the foundation of your personal energetic experience. Ascension has not even started until you transcend all sixth chakras to consciously access the seventh.

Initially you will begin journeying with only one plant at a time.  But by the time you have entered the tunnel you will be able to journey with hundreds, if not thousands, of plants at the same time.  By the time you graduate from the tunnel you will be able to journey with tens of thousands of individual races of consciousness simultaneously.  

The last type of leveling up will occur when you get the “Midnight Fever”.  The Midnight Fever is an actual fever that is accompanied by all the symptoms of having the flu, but it only lasts for about twelve hours.  It comes on during the latter part of the day and is completely gone by the following morning.  This wonderful experience only happens once every few years or so. This feels like the flu, totally incapacitating you, and that it only lasts a very short period of time. When this happens the body is being subjected to a major shift in consciousness.  It is this shift that causes the midnight fever.  Your consciousness undergoes a shedding or burning off process, increasing resiliency to everything physical and energetic.  Afterwards, the shift is so dramatic that your abilities and awareness are permanently increased exponentially.  It is like being reborn unto yourself.  Just like in the physical part of our lives when we recognize a chapter closing and a new chapter opening, the midnight fever is the energetic counterpart.        

There are many aspects of leveling up, all of which are a part of the entire ascension experience.     Although leveling up seems like a new experience,  it is not.  Prior to ascension we undergo a self realization process, realizing that on a soul perspective, we are an individual representation of God in every way.  When we transcend this individual perspective, we are ready to begin the ascension process from the seventh chakra and beyond.  

Akashic Records

There are many types of memory.  We have memory of the soul, spirit and collective level.  We have memory that we gain when accessing every race within all the different levels or chakras of consciousness.  Then there are the akashic records.  When journeying in waking dreams the akashic records will be a crystal throne that is a doorway into a crystal room. Both the crystal throne and the crystal room are storehouses similar to a memory chip from which you will download information, specific to you, for what is needed for that entire level of consciousness of a chakra to access, employ and transcend.  

When accessing new levels, we encounter a Gate Keeper / Key Master, or GM for short. A GM's  job is to be the general guide for us in that entire level of consciousness.  Additionally, they imprint upon us all that they are so we have within our own memory all the R.O.E, or rules of engagement, for everything we may encounter. The akashic records details very specific information for each individual person that accesses them.

Upon reaching the throne of each level you will approach it and when ready,  you will sit on it.  Upon sitting on your throne it will light up and the current "you" will vanish, being sucked into the throne and into a room.   The room it is made up of crystal blocks, thousands of them.  From here you have a choice. This is a precarious situation. You must choose one block in that room.  The one that you choose is your ticket back out of the room to master the throne.  To leave this room you cannot really leave.  There must be an exchange.  The exchange is leaving the old you and, having chosen the correct crystal block, accessing the new you as a greater energetic  experience.  


When you access your akashic records there is a renewal process that must be satisfied.  If you expect the old you to be able to leave, you are sorely mistaken.  Upon accessing your akashic records, the current you can no longer be.  The information you access cannot intermingle with the old you that you are leaving behind.   Therefore, to satisfy this, the old you that initially entered must stay and only the new you can leave.  All of this hinges on you choosing the correct crystal block.  Choose wrong and you are stuck there unless you have a guide that can talk you through it.  Upon making the right choice, the old you is left behind and you become the new, greater you.  It is about a fresh and a greater perspective.  Remember you are not an embodiment, you are awareness alone.  

Akashic records are not readily accessible to anyone.  People talk about the akashic records and how they have accessed them and can take others to access their own at the same place.  This is incorrect.  Although everyone's awareness begins at the same level in the unfolding process, the crystal thrones that each of us access are within our higher chakras, through our higher self.  Only a true master can guide others to their own throne and talk them through it, but they cannot join them inside of their akashic records.   Only you can access your own records.  Your own higher self is the key and you are the only one that can unfold your awareness.  A greater truth about the akashic records is that it is not at an external place we can take others to, it is internal within all of us.  No one else can take possession of another and ascend through their experience.  It is impossible.  

All of the akashic records that you access are the signature on the dotted line of you becoming God.  For every frequency of collective consciousness per each chakra you will access another throne.  You will sit on this throne and rule over all.  Ruling over all is not what you think.  We rule by being in service to all that exist, ambassadors if you will.  The gist of this is that as we ascend we become benevolent beings that watch over everything.  We right injustice without bias.  We recognize innocence and naiveté.  We side with innocence and lay judgment on the naive.  Your guide will explain everything.


Aliens And The abduction Experience

It is best we begin with my firsthand experience.  Although my body is human, what I am is not.  Consciousness has never been about the embodiment, it is all about awareness. Is it possible that humanity's extraordinary intelligence and our ability to think beyond ourselves, due to the fact that we are aliens on this planet?  That our forefathers are aliens that descended to this the planet in our far distant past? I am not referring to little green men from the infamous Roswell New Mexico sighting.  I am referring to the Annunaki.    


Beginning in my early childhood, at or around the age of two years old, I have my first conscious memory of aliens, not only interacting with me, but watching over me in my home.  At the age of five I remember playing with other kids like myself on a spaceship.  It felt completely natural to me.  Through my early childhood I would have them around me, reminding me of my past and working with me to remember what I am so I would not be lost in the confusion of being human.  At the age of nine they left me alone, or so I thought.  

In my early teens I had memories of what I was and was having a difficult time coping with being stuck here on this planet, in this body, with humans.  At fourteen I started my journey of fanatical meditation trying to access abilities I knew I had, but couldn’t connect to. I tried every form of meditation.  I would meditate for hours a night trying, but always failing to reawaken these forgotten abilities.  At the age of twenty I joined the U.S. Army.  I wasn't motivated by service for my country in my patriotic duty.  I was motivated by a knowing that during this first tour I would meet the person that would avail me of the one technique to unfold the experience.  But I didn't meet one master, I met three masters.

Upon arriving at my duty station I met the main guy.  He shared with me the technique of guiding and raised my awareness enough so I could employ the experience myself.  Yes, someone raised my consciousness.  This is the original art of guiding.  However, it is impractical because of not having unfolded the experience myself, I had no memory of how to access it on my own.  Therefore I couldn't share this with others.  Additionally, when I was separated from my master by a great distance I lost the conscious connection of having a raised consciousness.  In essence, during this time I was leeching off his ability.  But something special happened in my awakening by his hand.  I started to access forgotten memory and abilities including unconsciously utilizing the ascension technique.  It was because of what I am, that right after he raised my consciousness I was like a psychic sponge or vampire.  I was not only accessing my own higher memory, I was also accessing the higher memory of my master and everyone else that I came into contact with.  In effect, I was copying their abilities to use as my own.  I was unconsciously using the ascension technique.

This went on for one month until my first master could no longer stand the intensity of the connection between the two of us.  He disconnected me consciously, but unconsciously I was still connected and I used this to further my awakening.  During the next six months, because of my connection with him and the next two teachers I met, I was able to accomplish what took me nearly eleven years to do on my own when completely separated from the energy of all three of them.  That is right.  After my tour I was back in the states and being away from them I was completely disconnected and even worse, I lost all that I had accessed.  But once you have conscious memory of unfolding a higher experience, you can access it again.  

The reason I crossed paths with these three masters and then lost conscious awareness of those abilities, was that in my personal reawakening I could then assist others in theirs.  I still have the ability to raise the consciousness of another, but when I am gone they lose it all.  So we utilize the art of guiding that upon transitioning the conscious awareness of a student, they can hold that space on their own and they can learn to do it for themselves.   This is the gift I share with you.  Not only helping you do what I do, but helping you guide others to do the same.  Teaching cannot unfold this experience, it must be guided.  

After returning to the states I started to have interactions with my alien family again.  But this time it was through abductions.  There are two main types of abductions.  There are the physical and the energetic.  I started to experience physical abductions and this went on for a good two years.  After returning from an abduction there would be pools of a clear liquid all around the apartment I lived in.  Even my roommate at the time would see them.  Upon returning from each abduction session I would be hysterical.  My father took me to the Edgar Cayce institute in Virginia and I was referred to a group in Atlanta that I could attend.  (On a side note,  I took the psychic testing at the Edgar Cayce institute in Virginia and I tested as having the least amount of psychic ability possible.  Go figure, right?)

After returning to Atlanta I visited the group.  After a few months I spoke with a guest speaker who was lecturing on the topic of aliens abductions.  I told him my story and he asked me if I had ever asked them why they were doing it and if it was part of my contract.  It was amazing how simple the idea seemed to me and yet I had never thought of it.  The next time it happened I asked and I was told.  This time it was not a frightening experience.  I didn't like it any more than I had before, but now I understood why it was happening.

This answer that was given to me is the same for all on the planet.  "Unless you take the path of ascension to benefit us in your growth, then per your contract we will use your body for testing."  Why me?  Because I was one of them.  It took me nine months to access the temple of the soul related to the first technique.  It took another fifteen months to relearn to read light/energy and to communicate in telepathy once again.  At this point when they came for me I was able to break free and all physical abductions stopped.  Then they started working with me in my ascension instead of using me as a test subject.  When the abductions continued they were no longer physical, they were spiritual.  But why?

The first people everyone journeys with in waking dreams are the alien race they originated from.  These spiritual abductions were to help me remember this and make the transition into journeying easier.  Once I had relearned to journey in waking dreams then the spiritual abduction stopped.  

I have been on my individual ascension since 2002.  Beginning in 1991, it took me nearly eleven years from when I first started to consciously raise my consciousness above that of humanity to access the universal awareness or Christ consciousness.  I have been working with aliens ever since.  In fact, the majority of my higher lifetimes have been as an alien and I have actually had a lifetime as an alien that came down and worked with humans at the start of the Egyptian civilization.  This time I am here in a human body, but human is not what I am, nor is it what you are either.  

All that being human means is that there is a consciousness within an embodiment.  The word is broken down in two parts as the hue of a man.  Aliens are not our Gods, they are our brethren.  There is actually one purpose for humans to be on the planet that supersedes all others.  It is for their individual ascension.  Why humans?  Because as an alien you are consciously tied into a universal consciousness of a race and cannot think for yourself.   This is like an ant working in unison with its ant colony or a bee with its hive.  But human beings, through awareness, can be one of consciousness, yet individual in their journey.  Because of this awareness they can ascend without limits beyond that of the frequency of consciousness that their home origin race vibrates at.  In our  individual journey we have the opportunity of ascension, not limited to the race of our origin.  


It all begins by accessing the first technique:  The core of our experience as energy, as awareness.  Consciousness, which houses awareness and memory, is our existence as energy within an embodiment.  This brings us to the phrase, "Made in the image of God and made in their likeness."  The likeness is the embodiment, the image is of consciousness.  In their likeness?  Who are they?  

I always tell all my students to “work with what you know”.  We know from the history of humanity that we have had interactions with aliens.  We know of nothing else that has interacted with the inhabitants of Earth that has a tangible form, has higher intelligence or greater technological abilities than aliens.  We also know that aliens are far more advanced than humans in every way.  Humans today are able to create test tube babies and are able to clone animals.  Could clones be another way of saying made in their likeness?  Perhaps they could have done cross breeding on a genetic level between themselves and the inhabitants of Earth.  Could this be the origin of humanity?  It is for you to decide.  

Consciousness is a funny thing though.  To raise consciousness there must be an interaction between a higher and a lower being.  I have experienced this firsthand.  Throughout history there are the accounts of Gods interacting with humanity, or angels descending from the clouds and interacting with man.  We see this most often in religious and mythological texts which are widely recognized as the history of humanity.  In the days of old, if aliens landed on Earth, people would come out to worship these beings as Gods having descended from the heavens.  In modern times there is still much to understand about anything alien.  The general public fears anything alien, having had their perception skewed by Hollywood movies and television.

Working with what we know, is there any other source that we can define as a God or Gods other than aliens from our past and what we view in the skies and call U.F.O.'S?  There are no other plausible explanations except for the religious ideas of a creation myth. Given all of  this I understand why many sensible people choose to be Atheists.  We are not just the sons and daughters of the Gods, we are aliens on this planet.  We are Gods.  Ascension is the science of the Gods.  

Our Environment

You begin as we all do, just being here.  Your environment affects every part of your life.  Some people realize and others never do, that everything in their environment interacts with them for better or worse, both of the physical and of the energetic.  When things are happening that we cannot explain, we try to find answers and even pay people to bring us some level of understanding and resolve.  This is where it stops for physical and spiritual people, but not for the energetic conscious.

Once we awaken to our energetic self we are able to relearn how to perceive what is engaging or affecting us.   We can now interact and communicate with our environment and everything in it, no longer victims of unforeseen forces.  As we progress within the apprenticeship we learn to find balance and synergy in everything.  There is good in the bad and bad in the good.  In every experience we are learning to discern what the opportunity may be for all to benefit from before taking action to remove or destroy something out of fear or pain.  

In the energetic experience we use unconditional love for changing memory of others, to resolve an issue or to change a person's life.  This has an effect in the short and long term, bringing us good karma in the process.  We use the most negative energies to negate and neutralize sickness and disease in the body.  When others attack us we use the energy of their attack to heal ourselves or others.  We are all about finding the benefit in everything, but this is only a very small part of it.    


Next we learn to influence the weather in our current or a distant location.  We do so in a way that is unconditionally positive for all who share or are affected by our actions.  Additionally, we will gain awareness and influence all conscious energies within the location that we are going to affect.  This may sound manipulative, but it is not.  We always do everything in alignment with the One Law.  At a basic level we will learn techniques to be reactive and at an advanced level we will learn to be proactive.  For example, through awareness we discern that by following a specific route we might cross paths with danger and possibly be in an accident.  From a reactive standpoint we can choose another route.  From a proactive standpoint we can influence the possible participants of that accident to take a different route.  Awareness or foresight offers us the opportunity to facilitate change.

Next we learn to influence our own lives, beginning with changing the memory of our entire life.  At an advanced level we work with changing memory of all  previous incarnations.  We begin to manifest our dreams and wishes by learning to utilizing the Law of Attraction.  Manifesting our dreams and wishes is part of the ascension process, related to the catch phrase, "The path of excess leads to the palace of enlightenment."  This translates to the understanding and realization that all that we seek is within ourselves.  We do all of this in alignment with the One Law:  "Deny yourself nothing (on an energetic level), but enter into all experiences that are unconditionally positive for yourself and all others who share or are affected by your experience and having the intention of transcending it."  Remember, all of this is on an energetic, not a physical level.    

The next part of this is to learn to heal ourselves and others.  There are certain rules to healing as well as the need to have the awareness of how to facilitate healing.  You cannot help another if you have not personally experienced what they are dealing with.  We use the ascension technique to access, employ and transcend the memory of everything in existence so we can know all memory, of all people, without having to employ their experience for ourselves.  Without the level of awareness attained by accessing the collective consciousness of humanity, major pitfalls are created.  The majority of healers become sick because they do not understand the rules of healing.  The first rule is that you should not heal others unless you can heal yourself first.  

The second rule is you must respect the fact that there is always an exchange of energy between two bodies.  Generally a healer creates an energy exchange between themselves and another to facilitate a type of energy healing.  We do healing work differently, bypassing the second rule by tapping directly into our higher self.  From here we communicate with their unconscious higher self, instructing them how to facilitate resolve of their own energy field or body.  In this way there is no exchange of energy between two bodies.  The third rule is that healing begins with the person that shared the experience with the person that you are healing.  For example, to begin healing on a client it is first necessary to return power back to them, by  resolving the issue with the person that was involved in the clients memory and is linked to the cause of the issue.  Returning power back to the client, so   permanent healing can begin.  

Healing brings us back to our core experience of changing memory.  You must restore a person's power back to them before they will ever be ready to accept any real, in-depth and permanent healing.  There is also a law of healing that is rarely given any notice and it states that when working with energy there is always a transference.  As energy goes into the target, energy must come from out of the target, and if the healer is connected, it is going to come out and follow the connection back and enter into the healer.  My energy is perfect for me but may be toxic for another.  No two people are exactly the same and what is good for the goose, more often than not, will be toxic for the gander.  We can intermingle energies on a physical level, but it should never be done on an energetic level, yet so many healers do hands on energy work.  We never do healing hands on healing.  We always communicate from our higher consciousness to that of another, instructing them to heal from the inside out.

The next part is learning to guide others in our environment.  Guiding begins not with assisting others, but by accessing the Tunnel and learning to guide yourself.  Guiding is a specific and very powerful tool that can be used in an extremely powerful way for the guide and the apprentice.  The only way that guiding can be misused is if a guide represents themselves as a guide for others when they are unable to guide themselves.            

                                   Energetic Debt & Karma

Is there such a thing as selling your soul or being in debt to another energetically?  No, but when journeying there can be serious consequences for accepting a gift without asking if there are conditions for accepting said gift.

One the biggest things I tell people is to always ask before doing or accepting anything.  In the physical realm its the same as looking both ways before crossing the street or looking for hidden fees before using a credit card.  “You don't get something for nothing” always applies.

For those of us who are on the path to unfold and employ awareness there are constant traps and pitfalls along the way.  They really aren't for us though, they are  for people or others beings seeking greater personal power and power over others.  To ensure our safety we always ask if what we are unfolding is unconditional to our experience and truth per the affirmation of will.  To make sure that the answer is correct we can ask, "Is this unconditionally positive to the experience and truth of my guide or energetic master and his or her affirmation of self and will?"  Another question to always ask is, "Is there any debt incurred now or in the future for accepting this gift, healing or alliance?"  There should never be any debt now or in the future.  There should only be a responsibility for accessing and employing the new information, ability or experience.

The affirmation of will is the same for us all, but the affirmation of self is individual to each of us.  The general affirmation of self that I use is the One Law.  The affirmation of self, specifically or generally, defines your own path.  I find it is more accurate and powerful to have a general affirmation of self so the possibilities for your path to unfold are limitless.  If they are defined as more specific, the path for unfolding awareness narrows.

When journeying and encountering possible pitfalls and traps, always ask if the experience is unconditional to our experience and truth per the affirmation of will.  Here are some examples of when you might do this.

A.  If you don't have the awareness to discern the entire experience that could be unfolding.  Meaning, a part of it may be unconditionally positive, but the entire experience may not be.  

B.  Always ask when offered a gift, some type of healing or an alliance.    

C.  Before journeying.

D.  In the physical realm:  Before entering into an area, or onto piece of property owned by another where you have awareness of energies engaging or watching you.      

E.  When facilitating healing work on another.  It is actually an easy way to discern if the individual you are working with has any malicious energies affecting or engaging them.

F.  Before sitting on a crystal throne of your own personal akashic records.  While in the throne room it can be used to help discern the correct choice.

G.  While performing a required trial while journeying.

When you need to use force and/or deadly force on another it shows your lack of awareness to find a solution in alignment with the One Law.  When you cannot find a solution, bring your master in to find one for you.

Remember, we always take action in accordance with the One Law unless our life is on the line and we have tried all other ways to find a solution that is beneficial for all who share or are affected by our experience.  On an energetic level there are times when it is necessary to destroy a life to save our own or another's, but this is fairly uncommon.  We see these types of experiences when working with the demonic side that, for the most part, is unable to compromise.  More often than not, when dealing with exorcisms and the like it is necessary to kill the demonic energies.  As we move into an experience of synergy with everything in our awareness we are more apt to find solutions that benefit all and we see the good or bring out the best in all parties involved in the experience.

Next we can look at Karma.  Is Karma a part of life to punish people for their past actions or to replenish old cycles with new life and possibilities?  The premise of karma is that every experience in our life is in a cycle.   The most recognized saying in relation to karma is, "We reap what we sow."  For better or worse this applies to your entire life. Karma is not limited to actions in this life, it includes the actions of our entire soul existence, this and all previous incarnations.  People may think that karma is limited to cycles of experience, but it is also linked to all levels of consciousness, including being human, which is a type of karmic experience.    

The purpose of karma is to renew cycles of our previous experiences so we have the opportunity to resolve them and access the next higher level of that experience. Some really good examples of this are soul mates and life partners.  A soul mate is neither a good nor bad thing.  A soul mate is a person from our past incarnations that we cross paths with again.  The problem is that we have no memory of that person or their relation to us from a past life.  Were they good or bad and was their influence on us, or actions, towards us good or bad?  The purpose for crossing paths with a soul mate is to resolve that cycle, thus breaking it.  More often than not people cross paths with a soul mate and they feel completed, like they have found a part of themselves that was lost.  There is a reason why it was lost, it was on purpose.  

Finding a soul mate usually proves to be a really bad experience for most people, ending in divorce or worse.  Aside from a feeling of the other being the missing part of you, there is an undeniable attraction on an energetic level that makes intimacy almost spiritual.  This is the biggest clue that you have found a soul mate.  The feeling of love is almost instant and overwhelming.  It may be accompanied by the feeling that you are meant to be together and your love will be eternal.  This initial phase is usually clouded by lust. Once the energetic high wears off and you see the person for who they really are, you realize it was a huge mistake.  

In the ascension studies, our purpose for crossing paths with a soul mate is to gain awareness prior to renewing the karmic cycle and to resolve the memory to completely break the cycle.  I myself have crossed paths with four soul mates in this lifetime.  The connection for me was undeniable and I instantly fell in love.  Once I accessed and transcended the memory of our prior union I had no desire to be involved with them.  

Once all soul mates are transcended, the cycles of soul mates are resolved and you are now ready to meet your life partner.  A life partner does not complete you, but complements you.  They balance you out in nearly every way.  There is no feeling of jealousy or worry of being cheated on, there is complete trust.  You may look at others (which is only natural) but the connection to your life partner always brings you back to the fulfillment of the relationship that the two of you share.  Yet you are not limited to one, there may be many life partners in your life.  

We use our awareness to identify cycles of karma so we can resolve them from our memory.  Karma can be viewed as a punishment, but it can also be viewed as a blessing if you have the tools to preview and resolve the cycle before renewing it again in your present experience.  When recognizing karmic cycles in our lives we can view an issue, resolve it, and facilitate healing of the damage or limited abundance caused by the unfolding of the cycle.  When the cycle is resolved in memory, a person's entire life and attitude changes.  Resolving memory permanently breaks the karmic cycles.  Karma is not unchangeable, it is only a reminder that the cycles are forever linked to us through memory.  Change memory and change your life or the lives of others.  

Balance Must Be Restored

Becoming a master is about remaining true to your individual ascension without becoming selfless and having no regard for your personal empowerment and growth.  We follow a path of servitude by ruling over each entire frequency and level of consciousness that we transcend as ambassadors, we are not bullies.  We right the wrong, bring harmony out of chaos and even settle disputes, all in alignment with the One Law.  

On our journey we do not actively seek out others to convert to our philosophy.  All who are in need will cross our paths with a conscious or unconscious need of help.  Conscious intent is a direct plead for help.  People with unconscious intent will cross our paths in a negative way, sending out a cry for help.  The people with conscious intent can be assisted by healing through resolve.  For those people with unconscious intent we can use the technique "Balance Must Be Restored."


This technique is incredibly effective because it restores balance within ourselves and it assists others in attaining a level of completion in memory utilizing unconditional love.  On our higher levels we will accept this all the way to the core of our being without question.  In the short term it will dismantle the life of the person you are using it on because the massive dose of unconditional love instantly causes tremendous change.  Yet this is very good karma for you because it is all unconditional love.   The long term changes facilitate a healthier and more fulfilling life for the recipient.  

We first consider using the balance must be restored technique when someone crosses our path in a negative way.  They have engaged you and this provides the permission to use this technique without karmic repercussions.   However, you must never use the technique out of spite or for revenge as it will affect not only the target but you as well.  

The first step in this technique is recognizing the connection between the two of you.  This begins by viewing all memory associated with the person you have the issue with.  This is not limited to the bad memory, it includes all memory, both positive and negative.  More importantly, you are reaching for all of the emotions within memory that are causing stress or imbalance between the two of you.  Now imagine you are hollow.  Now visualize a large tornado of unconditional love (the color of unconditional love is emerald green) manifesting above you, touching down on the top of your head and moving through you until it touches your feet.  As it spins it inside of you there are pockets in the wall of your hollow self.  In each of the pockets are all of the negative or positive feelings you have for this person.  As the tornado spins it loosens and picks up these pockets of extreme negative or positive energy filling the space with unconditional love.  What is removed is then turned into unconditional love and lifted into the funnel of the tornado.  Once everything inside of you has been removed and replaced with unconditional love and the tornado has grown in intensity from all of the energy it has transmuted into unconditional love, it lifts off you.  

As it lifts off, you envision its destination as the head of the person that needs it.  In a swift motion it jumps across time and space and drops down, touching the person's head, moving straight through to the ground below their feet and we reverse the process for them.  All of the emotions from our tornado seek their counterparts within the memory of the target.  These counterparts are pockets in the hollows of their body.  As all of the transmuted energy is put into the pockets in the target it turns his or her negative energy into unconditional love.  


Once all of the pockets are transmuted to unconditional love then the rest of the energy of the tornado is sucked down into the hollow of the person, not only filling, but saturating their entire being with the energy of unconditional love.  Saturated to the point that they are perspiring the energy of  unconditional love as it engulfs them.  When the person is completely filled within the tornado, when every fiber of their being is saturated, then in another swift motion you envision them lifting both of their hands towards the sky and yelling towards the clouds, "For the highest good!"  Then a split second later a tremendous lightning bolt comes from the clouds through the top of their head and strikes the ground through their feet sparking everywhere and it all dissipates.   Its complete.  To seal it, you must forget about it and let it go. Make sure you get everything from inside of you before releasing your tornado.  Do not do this more than once at any given time.  Give it a week or two if you need to repeat it.

Balance must be restored is about taking the negative emotions out of yourself, transmuting them and finding their counterparts in another, to heal and resolve for others what they are unable to heal or resolve for themselves.  Having someone cross your path in a negative way, which causes you to hold negative emotions, is an unconscious cry for help which grants permission to use this technique.   The short term effects of utilizing this technique cause a complete shift in the emotional definition of the target’s memory, from conditional to unconditional.  This forces a shift in perspective in relation to you and a shift in the law of attraction in their entire life to change for the better.  In the long run, this brings balance for both parties.  

The Greatest Power Object

When we think of the greatest power object we may think of the Spear of Destiny, the Crystal Skulls or perhaps a very powerful talisman to protect, ward off negative energies or bring luck and fortune.  All of these can be awesome when used to empower us in a multitude of different ways, but they are not the greatest power object.  There are two types of power objects at our disposal.  One is physical and the other is energetic.  The physical is readily available to us and has been for our entire lives.  It is our own body, magnetized by conditional memory.  The second is still our physical body, but after all memory has been transcended it is the affirmation of will that now is magnetized to the body affecting Law of Attraction for both the physical and the energetic.    

Because of memory that is not transcended, our physical body radiates the energy of our chakras and each chakra is the energetic counterpart of our memory.  24 / 7 our chakras are spinning, alive and active, charging our body with the memory of this and all previous incarnations.  We know through Law of Attraction that like attracts the like and repels the opposite.  It does this consciously and even more powerfully, unconsciously.  You may think life is about free will and limitless choices, but you are stuck in a paradigm of your past reoccurring constantly in your ever present and future.   This is because of your chakras magnetizing your body with its own brand of energetic definition.  No matter where you go, you cannot escape who and what you are, but you can transcend it.

Regardless of what we may want in life, we are driven down specific paths.  Because of our past we have a specific and general destiny and fate.  Destiny relates to events that will unfold in our lives that we will either participate in or be a witness to.  Either way, it will have a major impact on the direction of our lives.   Fate means that in our lives we will cross paths with people, for better or worse, that will impact how we perceive the world and our place in it.  Did you ever hear someone say that life is predestined?  That certain  experiences cannot be avoided?  That we are predestined to cross paths with  people of similar experiences, both good and bad from our pasts?  The reason for this is so memory can have the opportunity to transcend these experiences, breaking the cycle of positive and negative karma, both of which severely limit our growth.   But as we know, memory cannot be transcended in the ever present, only in the past through changing memory.    

Our physical embodiment is limited by definition.  It needs something in every experience to survive: air to breathe, water to sustain, food for energy, sleep, exercise, etc.  Our awareness is limitless and forever.  If we address all that we are through awareness, then changing memory allows us to be  limitless and live a life less defined by our bodies.  But, those who live a physical existence are predestined to live lives, walk a path and even reincarnate to repeat it all over again in the hopes that they can eventually resolve it.  In my opinion, this is a true hell as the greatest power object of the human body becomes the greatest prison.  

The second type of greatest power object is accessed once all memory is transcended.  It is the definition of what we are and how our entire experience unfolds, which is the Affirmation of Self and Will.  As memory is transcended, our history is no longer magnetized to our body and the only thing left is our affirmation of will.  The affirmation of will defines being fulfilled on the greatest level, not as a future goal, but in the ever present all the time.  Being fulfilled in alignment with the One Law.   Because it is used in higher states of consciousness it works on an extremely powerful level 24/7 to attract the like and repel the opposite.  It defines the very minimum of our experience and everything else is just an added benefit.  This opens the door to having transcended our destiny and fate, which is entirely tied to memory, so we are no longer walking a general time line.  Now, on any path, in any direction we choose to travel, we can be successful and fulfilled on the greatest level in the ever present.  

Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction is simple.  You must not believe that an experience will unfold, you must know the future to be the ever present unfolding.   You are not aware of the future, you are aware of future experiences that you want in your life to already have begun unfolding.  You envision the future experience in a state of awareness. You are not only feel it happening with every fiber of your being, you know it has happened.  Then you let it go and forget about it.  Forgetting about it enables it to manifest.  The universe will then respond causing unconscious roads signs or gut feelings in your awareness.  In having this awareness you will be intuitively led in the ever present.  Being intuitively led means that once you create the idea and release it, as the experience begins to unfold you will have a gut feeling to go somewhere or do something new, regardless if the feeling seems off the wall.  For example, you put out the idea to meet someone that would be compatible with you for dating and then out of the blue you get a gut feeling to go to an art show.  The art show may be totally out of character for you, but it may not be the art show itself.  It may be the route you take during or after the show.  It may be someone you meet at the show.  It may be the person that you manifested into your life or you may meet the person that leads you to the person you desire.  By intent you are adding something that wasn't there before.  This is by employing techniques for Law of Attraction as opposed to it just naturally happening, which may be per your contract.  

Law of Attraction is simple by design, like attracts like and repels the opposite.  Memory utilizes this naturally.  Aside from memory being a conscious and unconscious guide for decision making, unconscious memory also activates Law of attraction for all that we do as memory tries to resolve itself through ever present experiences.   It would appear that this has been going on our entire life, but a greater truth is that it has been going on throughout all of our incarnations.

An unrealized aspect of Law of attraction is that it creates momentum.  For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction.  In relation to memory, if memory holds conscious attention, this conscious attention is energy in motion all the time.  Law of Attraction will apply itself causing momentum in the micro and macrocosm of our lives, in the ever present and in future experiences.  It has an immediate effect on itself and its environment and it needs a direction to unfold.  That direction is your future.  

What everyone always asks is, "How can I manifest into my life that which I desire?"  I personally find a much better question to be, "How can I resolve that which defines and limits me on every level and keeps me from accessing fulfillment in life?"  This leads us to understanding the insights of the unforeseen effects of Law of Attraction that shape our lives.  We all have the basic idea of using a technique like an affirmation or a vision board to manifest our desires.  For example, a vision board can be used which includes pictures of what we desire, setting into motion law of attraction.  Once we get what we asked for, we move on to the next set of pictures to assist in completing our new vision board for what we desire.  What is not understood is tat the momentum created by everything we have done, and are yet to do, that goes unchecked.   Unresolved momentum can impact our immediate and long term future and just as easily it can impact future incarnations, unless resolved.  If you have no plans to resolve your memory and the momentum you have created, then it is not too early to begin planning for what you will do five hundred years from now, five incarnations ahead of this one.  

There are two main issues that we will look at per Law of Attraction.  These are momentum created responsibly and momentum created irresponsibly.  First, to resolve momentum you must resolve memory.  In relation to momentum we need to resolve more than the memory specific to the momentum.  We need to resolve all memory of the entire chakra that the memory is in.  The second thing, to complete the process, is to resolve the possible momentum or future timeline that has been created.  

There are two types of momentum we must address. The first is responsible creativity caused by having used an affirmation or technique to manifest by intent.  We recognize this as responsible creativity because we consciously remember intending to manifest something, even if we did not clarify exactly what we wanted or how it would manifest into our lives. "Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it".


The Second is irresponsible creativity which on its own creates two types of momentum.  This is the potential future you unconsciously created.  The first and main cause of irresponsible creativity is memory as a whole, which creates momentum for both good and bad in our lives.  The second, the miscellaneous cause of irresponsible creativity is wishful thinking by randomly thinking of an idea, seeing yourself in that possible future experience and then totally letting it go.  Thinking to yourself, "That can't possibly happen".  Because you believe you cannot manifest this, you totally wipe it from ever thinking about it again which empowers it to manifest.  Irresponsible creativity is usually daydreaming of better possibilities in life, but for others who dwell on the negative this can bring the opposite effects. Irresponsible creativity, either from a single thought or from our entire memory creates its own momentum.  You may have made choices that define memory in the past that are still affecting or haunting you today.  People often say, "I did not choose for an experience to happen, I was a victim."  No they did not consciously choose to be a victim, but unconscious memory through Law of Attraction created the opportunity for an experience to unfold for the chance to resolve the chain of events of a cycle.  Irresponsibility is not in taking part in the experience, it is defining it emotionally, as emotions of memory are what perpetuates cycles.  

Momentum from irresponsible creativity, of our entire memory, is the unconscious higher self creating potential additional timelines of fate and destiny, for better or worse.  Most often people irresponsibly create additional timelines of issues we need to work through.  Your contract will still unfold for who you cross paths with, and experiences that you will be exposed to, but along with it you will deal with one or many additional timelines of events that you have unconsciously created.  Good examples of irresponsible creativity of memory as a whole are: when people say they do not understand why their relationships, love lives, career growth, health and self esteem seem to constantly run into obstacles.    

All Momentum can be resolved by changing memory, which resolves and then break cycles of experience.  Cycles of your contract can be renegotiated multiple times throughout life, but only through the ascension process.  Momentum cannot be stopped, only resolved or allowed to run its course, unless an individual has a life threatening issue, then momentum can be suspended by the individual being claimed for an apprenticeship.  If you were to do any type of resolve or healing work to neutralize a past event reoccurring repeatedly in life it would be to work on the root and chain of events of the issue.  Making amends, attaining peace with your past or resolving it is all good and wonderful, but you will still have the momentum to contend with.  This is what most people don't understand, and after having done all this amazing healing work for self improvement, they feel different, but the same obstacles keep coming up.      

You can resolve the root, but if the momentum of your past decisions that are moving you forward are not resolved, then you must allow this alternate timeline of your creation to unfold before you can end it with a clean slate to start a new one.  When the past and the future are resolved, we define ourselves as timeless per the affirmation of will.  We can then employ Law of Attraction as a bonus to the fulfillment already achieved by Law of Attraction of our Affirmation of Will.  

We all are the creators of our experience, of our lives.  People who cross our paths for healing work, more often than not, have irresponsibly created lives that are most likely complete disasters.  After helping them return to balance and resolving the root they must still contend with the additional timelines that they have created for a possible future that they do not want.  Regardless of who they blame, if they do not understand and take responsibility, all they will do is perpetuate the future additional timeline and reinforce it in memory as a more powerful cycle.  We could resolve this for them, but what lesson would they learn.  They chose to make the cake and it baked them, they still have to it eat.  This offers clarity through hindsight.  Most people have to learn the hard way and some never really learn.      

To manifest Law of Attraction people use tools such as vision boards, affirmations, rituals.  The biggest mistake in law of attraction is in seeking to fulfill a desire.  The easiest correction for this is in understanding what we need in life to be fulfilled and seeking this instead.  During the apprenticeship we manifest all that we desire to understand that desires will never fulfill us.  More importantly it helps you understand all of the unforeseen variables and consequences of manifesting law of attraction in our lives.  Understanding specifics in how we define what we choose to manifest is the key to foresee all possible variations and outcomes in the near present and future before employing our will utilizing Law of Attraction.  Foresight offers 20/20 clarity before we employ Law of Attraction.  Therefore we can learn to listen to our intuitive knowing prior to unfolding an event by intent.  


By manifesting everything that you think you could want, you will eventually realize that all that you have ever needed is within you and all that shines and glitters is not gold.  Seeking the fulfillment of a desire creates hidden debt that must be satisfied through additional timelines that you have irresponsibly created.  In the apprenticeship we take the path of excess to lead us to the palace of enlightenment. This is the time to manifest all we desire to better understand what is really important. The question is this, is what you manifest going to be important for temporary fulfillment, or for the need to be fulfilled per the affirmation of self and will, for our ascension, which manifests fulfillment on every level?   Once fulfillment is achieved as the basis of our lives per the affirmation of self and will, we can manifest any and everything without ever being defined or controlled by i and it is a bonus to our already amazing lives.   In the ascension process we do not recognize momentum on a timeline into the future.  We recognize momentum in every direction of life, in the ever present, availing us to limitless possibilities.   Having broken the cycle of reincarnation at the end of the apprenticeship, momentum is something we take advantage of to quicken our ascension, as opposed to it being a byproduct of our experience.        

Guiding Individuals And Groups

Mastery is in being a perfect student.  It is not being a master of others.  Mastery is viewing the opportunity to learn, change and grow in every experience.  It is viewing opportunities when others only see obstacles.  It is finding solutions where others only see pieces of the puzzle.  It is not using your knowledge and experience to keep others forever out of reach of their potential. It is to use your wealth of experience to create a perfect foundation that others can use to achieve all that you have access to and more.  

There are many teaching styles, but we are not teachers.  Teachers share information and leave the student to figure out the truth in it.  By guiding we share a universal experience of higher consciousness and the apprentice takes over from there.  The student is teaching himself or herself while being guided through the process of unfolding their awareness into their higher self and energetic experience.  Those who do not understand this are not ready for real growth, they are sheep looking for a shepherd to lead and teach them.  We do not do this.      

The greatest secret to guiding yourself after the apprenticeship is that you are relying on your own intuitive knowing or All Seeing Eye per your affirmation of will, the One Law and the intent you have in every situation.  Realistically, for the first few years after graduating from the apprenticeship you are still too green to guide others.  There is still a tremendous amount of growth needed.  To guide others is not only to open them up to a greater experience within themselves, it is also needed that you can protect everyone from all the possibilities of what they will be exposed to.  If, in any given situation, you need the assistance of another to answer a question, to resolve an issue for yourself, an apprentice or client, then you are in no position to be a guide for others.   You should not guide to be recognized for your greatness.  It is not about ego.  Guiding others is about being in service.  As a guide you make yourself available to the apprentice 24/7 for a chunk of your life.  Assisting them with what is needed.  We are here as guides to unfold all experiences that are needed for the apprentice’s growth, but when an apprentice is merely asking for help because they are out of their comfort zone, we can offer insight, but guiding is no longer needed.  When an apprentice is out of their comfort zone, they may ask to be taught through information, but teaching information is not what we do.  We guide others by unfolding their awareness so they can consciously access their own higher experience and teach themselves.  We answer all questions from experience, not from beliefs.  Still, the apprentice must explore on their own and unfold within the confines of what their guide unfolded for them.  Then it is the guides experience and awareness that lets them know when they are ready for the next step.  

Once the apprentice is ready for the next step, they are guided into the next higher frequency of experience.  The apprentice does not decide when they are ready for the next step.  They are witnessed by the guide as they employ the techniques at their current level.  Witnessing is not merely watching or hearing them recite words, it is viewing them in a guided experience to have awareness of their competency to employ any given technique.  We do not test their knowledge, we test their ability through guiding and witnessing at the same time.  If the apprentice does not have basic mastery over the technique they are learning, then they do not proceed.  Achieving basic mastery is only part of it.  Mastery of the techniques allows one to unfold their awareness on a greater level.  Employing awareness within any level exposes an individual to a much greater energetic experience.  Gaining a basic mastery within the entire experience, not just the technique, is about life and life is the real teacher.  The apprentice learns to become their own master.  The guide is there to ensure this.  Ultimately it is the guide who is responsible for the apprentice's actions, as they shared this higher experience with them.  This is why we do not actively seek out others to guide.


In our mastery, during our ascension, we are a guide for others in the physical, as a healer and teacher.  Yet we do not heal, we resolve.  This in turn has the effect of empowering the individual to heal themselves.  We do not teach, we guide people in parts of their lives to gain greater self control and personal insight, to be able to make real changes that are permanent.  We do not take credit for our work, we take responsibility.  Guiding another in the energetic experience is a tremendous honor for the guide as well as the apprentice.  As much as we would love to share real ascension, few are really ready for it.  In my life I will be surprised if I see more than a few hundred graduates of the apprenticeship program.  We are the most powerful beings in existence, but only a few of us have the awareness to yield such power in service to all.

When guiding a group, in essence we are doing group remote viewing.  We are viewing remote locations without ever leaving the body.  It is group telepathy as we are guided by the master leading the journey, creating probes for all to experience through.  This is why everyone, who has regained basic energetic awareness, individually views multiple detail of the same experience. The guiding portion of the group is the easy part.  The rest of it is not.  The guide is also responsible for any energies that are intent on connecting with the people being guided.  They are also responsible for negative energies that may attempt to communicate or make contact with anyone in the group.  Lastly, they are responsible for protecting all, bringing everyone back safely, for any healing that may be needed and for disconnecting the people in the group from any energies with which they may have connected.  The awareness of the guide cannot be limited to the journey alone.  They must have awareness of everything, at all locations, before going there so there are no surprises.

If guiding is done with any effort, it is being done wrong.  Guiding is simply unfolding your awareness and sharing it with one or many.  If there is effort then the guide is using their own energy.  Using your own energy is one of the biggest mistakes that almost all people attempting to guide others make.  Using your own energy means that you are draining your own life force, regardless of what you may be channeling at the time, either at the beginning to jump start the experience or at the end to finish it.  Using your own energy leads to sickness, dis-ease and eventually a premature death.  

Since you will be journeying in a lot of the places you have accessed, guiding a group is dependent on your ascension. Guiding groups of students is beneficial because they are exposed to higher energies, especially the energy of the physical guide and through this exposure the more familiar everything becomes for their own journeying.  Guiding in the physical is a tremendous ability, in the energetic it is a tremendous responsibility.  Guiding individuals is a lifelong commitment as your graduates will most likely work with you for life.  Because your ascension is perpetual there is always room to learn, change and grow.  Guiding can be a lot of fun, but it is also very serious and the guide should never become complacent.  The risks are too great, especially if you put forth effort and use your own energy.  This is not child's play.

                                   Judgment & Claiming Another

In our growth we are constantly being judged by higher beings and different energies as a result of our decisions and actions.  We are responsible for properly using the awareness and abilities we have unfolded as our experience.  The record of all of this is our memory.  During our journeying for ascension we make alliances.  These alliances are essential to our growth.  Through every encounter we are being judged to see if the race we are working with accepts us as being truthful and seeking growth per the affirmation of will and the one law.  They want to know that if they represent us in an alliance that the return for them will be, that in our growth, they have a greater opportunity to grow.  Without alliances your ascension will not be possible.  

Aside from being judged by your alliances there are always energies above us that are watching and influencing us for better or worse.  It is through our awareness that we have the foresight and the insight to connect with higher energies for our benefit.  When doing so we are being judged by the record of everything in our memory.  Most importantly, we are using the experience for the most noble of intentions, for the highest good, through truth that is universal and in alignment with the one law and in innocence.  

Being judged, and judged as innocent, is the only acceptable judgment.  What this means is that on the highest level we are looked after and taken care of.  Ultimately it means you may call on an alliance to assist you in figuring out what is going on in any given situation.  Additionally, it means that if there is an interaction between you and another and you are judged as innocent then their alliances will leave you alone.  Lastly, if you are innocent and tricked by something you can call upon higher energies to judge all parties involved, deeming your intentions as innocent (you were not seeking a want, desire or anything not related to the affirmation of will), and everything will be undone.  

Being judged as naive means you knew the consequences and you entered into an experience seeking a want, desire or something else not in alignment with the affirmation of self and will.  Perhaps in dealing with another you used force before communicating and trying to find a solution in alignment with the One Law.  Remember we are ambassadors, not bullies.  In being judged as naive, possible new alliances that would normally be unconditionally positive will not seek or accept an alliance from you.  All the higher energies beyond conscious awareness that would normally seek to guide and unfold your accession will not do so and only the negative energies will seek you out to deceive, negatively influence and control you.  A judgment of naive means that a person is in the wrong and there is no saving grace for them without being indebted to another.  We never take any debt in exchange for anything, this is the equivalent of a karmic relationship that will destroy every fiber of your being, because innocence has been lost.  Being in debt to another is no way out.  

When we are guiding another it is necessary to claim them.  In doing so we take full responsibility for how they use what we teach.  In this case, when working with an apprentice, we are unfolding their awareness beyond the conscious experience and there is a lot of responsibility that needs to be learned in the process.  Like an adult speaking on behalf of a child and taking responsibility.   What's important is that we only claim another for a specific period of time in their growth during the apprenticeship.  Claiming another in an apprenticeship, we will be judged as innocent.  For those we claim who are not growing, we will be judged as naive.  

As long as the apprentice is growing or trying to grow, they are recognized as innocent and their guide takes full responsibility for their actions.  The guide is also responsible for their well being and safety until they can take care of themselves.  Also, when they are engaged by anything, so is the guide.  What this means for the apprentice is that when they are engaged by anything psychically the guide will stand in on their behalf if need be.  This also means that the guide is responsible for righting the wrongs of the apprentice.   That, as long as an apprentice is judged as innocent, their guide and alliances will back them up in anything that happens.  

By claiming someone who is naive for an extended period of time (more than a few months) and not in the apprenticeship, you will lose your status as innocent in your ascension and higher energies that are unconditionally positive will no longer attempt to contact and assist you.  In essence, claiming someone for the long term, to protect them or for other reasons, who is not specifically on our path is recognized as imposing your will on another without their consent, regardless if they allow you to do it or not.  In other words, you are creating a slave.  This will stop all growth and additional unforeseen penalties will begin to surface for your ignorance.  

Claiming another is a technique we actually use in nearly everything we do, but only in the short term. We actually use the technique of claiming others in a lot of the different life experiences.  The most notable, outside of working with an apprentice, is an exorcism.  By claiming someone it directly challenges the energies that are causing the possession.  Most importantly it takes the victim out of the equation.  Demonic energies recognize your energy and they must fight you or walk away, completely abandoning the possession.  We may also exercise the right to temporarily claim another when we are doing healing work.  These are just a couple of examples.  

We must respect those who do not choose our path.  Regardless of their wants or desires for protection or healing, we understand the need to be fulfilled of the entire experience and must let their experience unfold for them without sympathy, only respect.  Ascension is a path of detachment and non biased perception for our individual and selfish journey.   We are limited in how we can assist others as they limit themselves in every experience.  To assist others where it isn't needed, only desired by that individual, is to tie ourselves into their karma.  

As long as you are innocent and only claiming the person for a short period of time, you are good to go.  But you should never claim another at risk of losing your standing of innocence or you will jeopardize your entire ascension.  This is a very fine line to walk.  We respect the paths of all others even if we may disagree with them.  

Duel Arcane

A duel arcane is a psychic challenge.  The person who is challenged sets or has to agree to the stakes before the dueling begins.  We all are psychically attacked by one or many energies at any given time in our life, but a Duel Arcane is very special.  A duel arcane is a territorial dispute.  One side wins when the other either submits or dies.  Pretty self explanatory.  There is only one exception.  An apprentice cannot challenge another or accept a challenge when they are in an apprenticeship as they are claimed.

Being claimed is nothing more than their guide accepting personal responsibility for all of their actions.  If they are confronted with a duel arcane, at the moment of engagement their master will step in.  Not to fight for them, but to withdraw them from the fight.  Everything in existence on an energetic level understands what it means to be claimed by another.  

To show aggression to an apprentice, even after having communicated they are claimed, opens the floor for a duel arcane with the guide.  There are two types of dual arcane, the informal and formal.  The informal duel is nothing more than a territorial dispute over a specific location.  This could happen anywhere, at the supermarket, during a night out on the town or at your office.  It is a psychic attack on the physical body, causing intense pain to force someone to leave the immediate area.  A very common sign of this is a sudden intense headache.  There is no need for submission, just a need to leave the area immediately.   A formal duel is almost completely energetic and could encompass the area of an entire city or even a state.  The three main choices are submission, leaving the area or to fight until death.  Death is very uncommon, but all of these are possibilities.  The energetic experience is no joke.  This is another reason why it is necessary to have a guide until the apprentice becomes a master themselves.

A dual arcane is very common in the energetic experience, used by energies and races that seek to claim an apprentice.   Remember, we are ambassadors, not bullies.  A dual arcane is a last resort to finalize a situation after we have explored all other avenues.  If we must resort to force at the beginning, we have lost control.  The idea is that nothing can really attack you at this level because you are beyond being nothing, you exist as nothing with awareness per the fifth element.  So you have a lot more room to find a solution than anyone else out there.  Find the opportunity to learn, change and grow.  Be the student of everything.  Be an ambassador in alignment with the One Law.  Aside from this there are always energies higher than you that are watching and judging your actions to see if you are responsible enough to continually unfold and access more.  As we claim and assist others to raise them up, beings of higher vibrations will in turn temporarily claim us when we are ready to take the next step in our ascension.  Be mindful of this because the momentum that we create directs other beings to assist us or create obstacles for our individual paths of ascension.  Everything in existence that is not unconditionally positive will want to claim you for their empowerment and not yours.  This means that if you lose the fight then you must submit to the will of another, being influenced and controlled for their interests and not yours.  The three biggest adversaries anyone will encounter are demonic spirits, evil alien energies and different types of possessions.  To resolve a possession it is necessary for us to claim the victim so the demonic forces have to face you in a dual arcane.  If you are strong and wise enough then you can defeat them, laying claim to the person being possessed and resolve the situation very quickly.  If they lose they must submit or die.  If not, then it is your hide, you are screwed and they will claim you.  

Remember, before we ever take any action we discern everything.  Techniques are not the keys to success.  The key to success is being informed through awareness when there is no knowledge available.  As we unfold our awareness to discern what may be going on, we can utilize our intuitive knowing to view the solution, even without any clues.  Per the Law of Awareness and our ever unfolding All Seeing Eye we are limitless in what we can achieve.  



Demonic Energies

The most destructive force in existence, greed.  You cannot con a person who doesn't have greed in their heart.  We do everything per the affirmation of will, in alignment with the One Law, so we never get caught up in this.  The race of consciousness that personifies greed the best is demonic, humanity is second.  Not because humanity is a sinful race, we do not recognize sin, it is because memory creates wants and desires in reference to conditional emotions of our past.  

The source of demonic energies is not from God, but the origin of everything is.  At the source, everything created by God is created in a state of innocence.  Concerning humans, from the beginning to the end of each person's life they are presented with choices that either lead them on a path of  positive and negative choices and consequences.  Almost all demonic energies that interact with humanity are the reincarnation of angels, humans or others who have done very bad things prior death or were emotionally, psychologically or energetically tortured up until death.  Upon death, everything that is good or of light energy will see the light and enter into heaven for reincarnation as angel, human or other.  Upon death, everything that is evil or filled with darkness having come to an untimely end, will only see the black light of hell and incarnate as a demonic energy.  

Demonic energies thrive on a person's fear and lack of understanding of the demonic realm.  There is not an angle they will not work, if they feel they can get to you.  Above all, a person of innocence is their most sought after prey, because beings of innocence make the most evil demons.  The next most sought after prey are people with unfolding awareness as they have naturally powerful psychic abilities and  make the most powerful demons.  Then there are people in positions of power.  A few in power can enact rules, laws and influence negative behavior among people below them which flourishes the negativity, making everyone susceptible to evil intentions.  Per Law of Attraction, like attracts the like and repels the opposite.


In our constant war against demonic energies and other energies that are negative to our unconditional experience and truth, we have one weapon.  Unconditional love conquers all.  Not conditional love, not peace, not happiness and certainly not white light.  The field of battle is not life, it is each person's own memory.  If you can resolve all memory with unconditional love then there is no influence, no matter how great, that can taint the innocent.  

At a certain point in the apprenticeship, demonic energies will be encountered almost daily.  They will see you and want to control, influence you and turn you to their cause.  As a guide I have a special treat for all demonic and other higher evil energies.  I use the seventh technique to transcend each race of consciousness that engages an apprentice and then put it in the apprentice so they ingest their consciousness and are no longer affected by each race I transcend for them.  In effect, I do the seventh technique on their behalf.  The reason I do this is because all demonic energies are above the race of humanity in the level of consciousness.  An apprentice will not be able to address this on their own until after graduating.      

Aside from demonic energies, there are other energies that in their own ways are just as bad.  Throughout our lives we all deal with energetic parasites, possessions and demonic possessions.  We break this down by the type of influence we could be dealing with.  These are:

A.  External from a distance

B.  External close to the body

C.  External on the body

D.  Internal in the body

E.  Internal around our chakras

F.  Internal in our chakras or memory

Each of these six pose their own specific threats and dangers.  We also deal with short and long term effects from exposure to these dangers.  All of these negative energetic energies, depending on the race of consciousness, can work alone or in groups.  They could be interested in short or long term influence and or possession.  Not only are they negative to your experience, they will also try to involve everyone in your life so they can proliferate.  If you had something really good, wouldn't you want to bring your family in on it?  Negative energies are no different.  

Most dictionaries define a possession as such: domination by something (as an evil spirit, a passion or an idea) or a psychological state where a person's normal personality is replaced by another.  Regardless if something very small creates a lack of well being or something very big either slowly or overnight destroys your life, it is most likely due to a negative energy engaging you.  Possessions are not limited to the classic idea of a demonic possession, there are many more.  The basic breakdown for possessions, starting with the least serious, is as follows: A is the least evil and H is the most evil and destructive towards anything with a body that they can inhabit.

A.  Lesser Demonic:  Lesser demonic possessions are many demonic spirits working together 24/7, taking turns to break a person down.  They work off of ego.  A clear sign of this is unexpected weight loss without effort, dramatic irritability, paranoia, sleeplessness and waking up at or around 3AM every night.  

B.  Small White:  Upon contraction these cause unexplained immediate physical discomfort and pain.    

C.  Blue:  These are long term parasites that take their time and grow with a person, causing them to become anti-social, creating internal negative thoughts and depression, even to the point of ending a happy marriage. In the short term this type of depression can lead to suicide for those of weak will.  

D.  Green:  These open the door for creativity in talents at the cost of your sanity.   After some time with them inside of the host, all the host craves is the further awakening of their hidden talents. The host will walk away from the love of their life, for the love of this possession.   Artists, musicians and others of talent who have that edge or gift of their craft more often than not are tormented by these, yet without them the host feels empty and lost. They stay and awaken dormant abilities to entice the host not to change as they slowly eat at them till they go crazy. Over time, judgment becomes impaired, behavior can become violent and even a little dementia sets in as the sanity begins to be wane.  

E.  Large White:  These are best known by the term "walk in." Although the spiritual community likes the idea of a “walk in” as an ascended being that comes into a person's body, the reality is that between yourself and God there is no additional embodiment of another that is needed to make the connection.  If something walks in, rest assured it is not a good thing. The end result of Alzheimer's is the clearest explanation of what a large white possession does to its host.  They take over and inhabit the hosts body while pushing out the soul that was born in the body. A soul who fights back may exhibit multiple personalities.  But most people do not fight back and they accept the seemingly inevitable.  The host soul is ready to check out, but the body is still healthy.  For young people who are dealing with this a common sign is anorexia coupled with tremendous unexplained headaches and pain. This pain could be in the form of headaches or phantom pains that no doctor can diagnose.

F.  Greater demonic:  These can present themselves in the form of anything good or bad, friend of foe.  These are most often encountered while journeying and they will present themselves as a race of an alien consciousness seeking an alliance.  The dead giveaway is that they have tails. Really, tails. But if you don't look for it you won't see it.  Avoidance is the only prevention.  Being guided is the only protection.  They work in groups, like lesser demonics.  There interaction with humans is extremely rare.  Most notably the are responsible for famous attempted and failed exorcisms.  To be able to conquer them in any type of energetic battle you first need to have greater awareness than they do as a group.

G.  Greater White:  These generally affect people who are ready to check out mentally, but it is not their time physically.  They speed the dying process of someone who is terminally ill, they cause an incredible amount of pain as they ravage the life force out of the body of the host causing an untimely demise. This level of pain is commonly seen with the terminally ill.  

H.  Clear Possessions.  What makes these so bad is they are extremely difficult to have awareness of.  People who have psychotic breaks, schizophrenia, become crazy or just plain lose it are being affected by clear possessions.  The host knows something is wrong but they can never pinpoint it.  Long term exposure permanently damages the host.

All light addictions are fueled by external possessions. All major addictions are fueled by internal possessions. All diseases and major illness (physical or mental) are fueled by internal possessions. Internal possessions immediately change a person's behavior. The type of internal possession indicates the type of change that will happen and how quickly the rate of ruin will occur in a person's life.

Possessions can interact or engage a person from a distance and then enter into their body.  They can attack directly, leeching off the victim in the classic vampire style.  They can use parasites and even leave implants inside of you.  Parasites can be external or internal.  The first symptom of a parasite is localized pain that can be sharp like a pin prick.  Long term exposure can send out a beacon to other types of parasites, telling them that there is an available food source.  Before ever removing any possession or parasite, regardless of the location on or in the body being affected, it is a priority to remove any implants that may be left behind.


Implants are probably the worst thing that can happen. If all implants are not found and removed, you have not completely destroyed what has been affecting you.  When your attacker is separated from your body and killed, an implant is utilized as safety measure so the attacker can start growing in or as a part of you.  This is extremely bad.  So the priority is to  find all implants, remove and destroy these and then separate and destroy your attacker.  Implants can be in your body and/or in your memory.  Not having awareness of or not finding all implants is the worst thing in a world a healer can do.  If you do not have awareness of all implants then do not remove the attacker.  Find another who is experienced enough to deal with this or it will cost you dearly.    

When a possession is inside of a person for any length of time, there is very little that can be done for them unless they are an apprentice or someone on the Fountain of Youth.  At a certain point a person has accepted this trespass as normal and it is integral to their new definition of well being or lack thereof.  Possessions become like addictions and we all know that even if an addiction is unhealthy most people won't stop.  

But why are possessions here on the planet?  Believe it or not, this goes back to what we are and not why we are here.  We are energy with intent at the core of our experience or awareness.  Awareness always seeks to become more.  Therefore, everything always seeks to become more.  As we are currently entering the new age of Aquarius, everything in existence on an energetic level is being attracted to Earth specifically for the exact thing we call ascension.  But there is a catch, they need a body.  Will it be yours or perhaps someone you know?  I have seen every type possession we have discussed so far in friends, family and clients.  For years I had no awareness of possessions and most people don't.  It takes special training and firsthand experience to identify a person that is affected by a possession.  


For the most part humans are sleep walking through life.  There are a few within society that have woken up.  A large portion of society falls victim to possessions trying to ascend.  Possessions in the body are not compatible with the host.  It is like running two devices off of one battery.  The effects are not good.  But without a body, possessions cannot live, much less become more.  Possessions can work individually, but they can also work together as a group.  They can also link through universal consciousness, being one within a small or large group.  This enables possessions within the same race to take over a location or group of people in it.  I have seen this in cults, in covens and even in government groups more often than you can imagine.   Have you ever wondered why an individual or even a group of people can be so radical in their thinking?  There is a good chance you see their bodies, but not what is possessing them.  Even worse, they have no idea they are being possessed.  The group feels a connection and a sense of awakening similar to the effect that green possessions cause.  The hosts believe that the awakening coupled by the energy or bond they all feel with one another is from the positive direction of the group or from its leader, but the unfortunate reality is that it is most likely from the group of possessions, possessing the group as a whole.  These groups are likely to engage in mass suicide when the possessions themselves need to leave. Here, the only way to disconnect after being with the host for any length of time is for the host to die.  An example of this is Heaven's Gate cult.

Possessions can be temporary.  They can be in a host for a few minutes or even a few days.  Have you ever heard of a person committing a shocking crime, but having no memory of anything they have done. There is no rule or law prohibiting others from sharing space, temporarily or long term.  Denial of this experience will not keep it from happening or unfolding for the worse possible outcome.   

Hauntings, Portals & Summons

Although they make great t.v. shows, I believe that ghost hunters do the greatest injustice for people who are in need of help.  When someone is in need of a doctor you don't bring them to a clown.  When there is a haunting or worse you do not bring someone in to investigate it so they can confirm that you have a serious problem, get headlines for their group or advertise that they get results.  What about the victim of the haunting made worse by the inability of the ghost hunter to do anything for them?  

Years ago people would do séances.   They may have used mediums to contact the other side.  Perhaps they brought in psychics.  If you had nothing else to work with, a psychic would be the best bet.  One of the best ways to resolve a haunting is to find out why they are there and figure out how to pass them on permanently.  

There are many types of hauntings.  A common haunting is caused by a person who died at or near a spot and haunt it or remain there stuck in time.  Stuck in an endless loop repeating the same scenario every night.  

An uncommon haunting is a spirit energy having never taken form as a human, claiming space as their own and becoming extremely territorial.  They will attack, but the worse they will do is cause a headache or pain in the body until you leave their area.  

An example of a rare haunting is one at a place that was used in the past for summoning of dark magic and or even spirits to do the bidding of others.  Some of what was never properly sent back still lingers on, haunting the location.

An extremely rare haunting is a wandering spirit.  When Jesus was in the desert he was approached and engaged by a wandering spirit.  This type of spirit is one of the most powerful that roam the Earth.  These cannot be killed.  They have a purpose for being here and anything that has a purpose must fulfill it before it moves on.   The only defense is being recognized by a wandering spirit as being innocent and the only protection is to be claimed.    

Then there is the ritual of summoning.  The basic idea of summoning is to call forth a spirit to do your bidding by way of speaking an incantation.  Believe it or not, almost all people claiming to practice white or good magic use summoning without clearly understanding what they are doing.  If a person says, "I call arch angel Michael to come to us," then they have just summoned him.  But if they were to rephrase it, saying, "Arch angel Michael if you have time could you spend some with us please?"  This is not a summons, merely communicating a question.  It is never the tool, but how it is used that matters.

Utilizing pre-existing portals is another way to create a ritual of summoning.     Native American Medicine men, also known as shamans, call this a medicine wheel.  These are generally used by the medicine man to communicate with his ancestors and it is a doorway to the spirit realm.  But unless someone is properly trained in how to create these, they will not know how to connect the door to a specific location in the spirit realm.  When done improperly, the door that they open will be connected to something or somewhere very evil in the spirit realm.  Of course there are people that will purposely connect with something very evil.  

The basic layout of a portal includes assigning a spirit guardian to watch over what enters or leaves the portal.  A guardian only has the power to open or close the portal.  Creating a portal without assigning a guardian permits anything to enter or leave through it.  An assigned guardian is bound to the person who summoned it to guard the portal.  When the creator of the portal leaves, so does the guardian. Abandoning a portal without properly sealing and deactivating it, releases the guardian.  A guardian not only watches what enters and leaves, they also protect the area.  Without this protection, anything can happen.  This is very bad for all who come near or encounter the portal.    

Many extreme hauntings, including poltergeists, are a result of evil portals with evil guardians.   Like the demonic, they are always trying to influence the local environment for the worse, trying to capture the souls of the living and recruit them for the portal.  This is one of the few exceptions, aside from becoming a ghost haunting, where an individual gets stuck in a hellish nightmare.  This can only be resolved by sealing and deactivating a portal.

Next are poltergeist, spirits who can use telekinesis and even harm people physically.  Generally, poltergeists are created from a tortured spirit.  Also, there are demonic energies that can mimic the actions of a poltergeist.  There are even people with latent psychic abilities that can unconsciously unfold their awareness and interact with others mimicking the actions of a poltergeist as well.  For people who do not believe in ghosts, this is an experience that they will never forget.

Resolving any of these situations, for the most part, is relatively easy.  For a haunting, merely discern why the spirit still lingers.  It is normally related to their past life.  Either resolve their memory for them or fix something here to get them to pass.  For an uncommon haunting, heal the spirit so it can be with others of its own kind.  For a rare or extreme haunting, contact professional. To negate a summons you simply need to be able to speak the evil spirits name and then erase it so it cannot be used again.  This releases them from the summons, which will most likely cause the summoner to be attacked by its own doing.  Before a portal can be sealed, everything that came out must return cooperatively or by force.  I find that force in this instance works very well.  Poltergeist and demonic energies are easily resolved by healing them through changing memory.  This is very simple.  Killing demonic energies puts them back into a reincarnation as a demonic energy.  Healing them sends them to the white light to resume normal reincarnations.  The beauty of this is that a soul reincarnated to human from demonic is now immune to the demonic and they make great healers in the next life.  

The Valley Of Death

After you have accomplished everything in the apprenticeship, it is then  necessary to complete two trials.  Both trials have their own reward.  The reward for completing the first trial is for your master to use the ascension technique on themselves and imprint it upon you, thus linking your path into their lineage and their masters before them.  The reward for completing the second trial is to access the palace of enlightenment and begin your own ascension.

Before you can be released and recognized as a graduate you need to be able to guide yourself, protect yourself and heal yourself in any given situation.  More importantly, you need to be able to do this for all others per the One Law.  The first trial is in a public place.  The guide tells the apprentice that they must protect the public from collateral damage from all of the energetic attacks that the master is about to unleash upon them.  Equally as important, the apprentice must not let innocent bystanders be affected in any way by this experience.  Protecting yourself is easy.  Protecting others, especially when not prepared to do so, is not easy.  In our ascension we will continually be engaged by energies that are much higher and a lot stronger than we are.  We are responsible for all who share or are affected by our experience per the One Law.  If we cannot protect everyone, or shield them from our experience, then we do not deserve the privilege to ascend.  This ability is also necessary when we guide others as individuals and groups.  If the first trial is unsuccessful then the apprentice cannot proceed to the second.  But if the first is successful then their guide prepares them for the second trial.

The second trial is to walk through the Valley of Death to reach the palace of enlightenment on the other side.  To get to the valley of death they need to be guided through a onetime experience of actually dying, which breaks the cycle of reincarnation.  During this one time experience, the white light opens up.  You must choose the color.  This choice of color identifies the basis of experience for your next life.  Since we are not actually dying, the choice of color not present will be chosen.  This hidden color breaks the cycle of reincarnation and begins the ascension process.  This process is mentioned in the Tibetan Book of The Dead.  After the correct color is chosen then you proceed to the Well of Soul's and interact with the guardian there.  You must answer the guardian's questions correctly or instantly be recycled into the well of souls, energetically disconnecting from your body, a.k.a. death.  Answer the questions correctly and the guardian steps aside and permits you to pass.  These questions are unique to each person.

Walking through a barren field of near total darkness, except for the trail you are following towards a cliff, you will pass into the Valley of Death.  The trail through the valley of death appears to be no more than a few hundred feet.  But it will be the most treacherous distance you will ever travel.  Along the trail nothing will harm you or even directly engage you.  But off the trail, on either side, are embodiments of the greatest miseries, each unique of themselves, within individual bodies like the walking dead.  They will focus upon you while walking the trail.  If you engage or connect, look, focus or even think about what you may feel from any one of them, then off the trail you will go and be engulfed by their misery and despair.  This will cause you to lose sight of the destination and be consumed by darkness.  Since you journey alone, your guide cannot help you if this happens.  If you do veer off of the trail you will be lost forever, energetically disconnecting from your body, a.k.a. death.  If you make to the other side, then ahead of you will be a long and windy trail to the palace of enlightenment.  

Upon reaching the palace of enlightenment then you are a graduate of the apprenticeship and recognized as a master ready for your own individual ascension.  You have broken the cycle of reincarnation and have gained conscious access to the second level of heaven to begin unfolding awareness in the spirit perceptual identity.  You are now recognized as a master and in time you can guide others in an apprenticeship.


Reincarnation Or Ascension?

Before we get to what happens to those of us who have broken the cycle of reincarnation.  Let's discuss what happens if you are unsuccessful in your ascension?  Reincarnation, isn't it a bitch!!!  

The main purpose for being here is to resolve our past that limits us from moving forward, changing memory.  Then to relearn the entire energetic experience in the hopes of ascending and breaking the cycle of reincarnation.  To then reunite with god as ourselves in the here and now, never in the afterlife.  The idea of this is incredibly simplified.  Let's say that this is not accomplished and you pass on.  

If you pass on a positive note, a natural death, the first thing you will experience is a sense of freedom, no longer being confined to a body.  Next you will become aware of standing on fine black volcanic rock as if you are standing on small island at sunset.  But the sky is black and there is a hue of effervescent red in every direction in the distance.  From here everyone asks the same thing, "Where is the light that is supposed to be here?" Upon death, prior to making the transition to the next place, one of two lights will appear.  Unless of course you died and didn't' realize it. Then you become earth bound as a haunting.   But for sake of argument, let's continue with having died and one of the two lights appear.  Let's move on to say that it is not the white light, it is the black light.  The black light means that you will reincarnate as a demonic energy, but having no memory of ever having been human, in the same way as when being born you soon forgot having ever been a spirit.  Now you go down below and join the ranks of demonic energies to serve as needed.  This means you are on the recruitment team (to put it lightly) bringing others down to join your group.  Misery truly does love company.

On the flip side, the white light appears.  So an even more interesting journey begins.  But wait!  A good 30% of all people who die choose not to go into the white light.  Why do you think this is?  It’s because their spouse is crying over their body in grief saying things like, "Don't leave me," or "No, not now," or "Don't go," or "I can't live without you."  The spirit who is standing at the white light looks back and ask everyone, "Is it OK if I go now?"  If the grieving partner or children can't hear the question then the spirit does not go into the white light and never makes it to the first stage of heaven.  The spirit becomes a haunting.


If the spirit is standing at the white light and all recognize the need to let him/her pass on then they go to heaven.  But before leaving the white light to enter into heaven all will view a series of light's that correlate with the six chakras.  Every person will choose one light as their main destiny in the next life.  Once again, this can be found in the Tibetan Book of The Dead.  After choosing their light then they can enter the first stage of heaven.  


It is crucial that for the first forty five earth days in the first stage of heaven, that the spirit remains there.  Afterwards, that spirit can come down anytime they want.  If the spirit goes into the white light, but the spouse of family grieves and just cannot let go, the spirit will leave heaven to comfort the mourners, lose sight of the light of heaven and becoming earthbound.  So the first forty five days is crucial.   After the first forty five days there, the spirit is permanently linked to heaven and can come down for any length of time.


The first stage of heaven is an awesome place.  It is bliss on tap!  You feel so incredible, there is no sense of time, and you will remain there until all that you were supposed to cross paths with per life's fate are joined with you in heaven.  Then the reincarnation process begins for all of you so you can cross paths again, for better or worse.


The well of souls is not for reincarnation from human to human.  It is for reincarnation from other to human.  For example, anything in existence with consciousness at or above human with the intention of becoming human.    It is needed that you forget everything of what you were prior to entering into a  human body.  The first stage of heaven is for reincarnation only.   You will reincarnate when the time is right in alignment with a fate and destiny to cross paths with all people who you have karmic ties with from previous lives for the opportunity to resolve your past.  So the time has come.  You depart from the first stage of heaven and enter into an energetic egg of white light.  Here is the place that your memory is supposed to be wiped.  You will sit here in this place and your higher consciousness will be brought before a committee that will determine your contract for entering into another body.   This committee will consist of beings of higher consciousness that assist in laying out the fate and destiny of your next life.  All choices prior to starting this life will be agreed upon before entering into your new body, so you stay in alignment with your fate and destiny.  You will choose your parents and the general outline and specific lines you will cross with others in hopes of resolving your past through future events.  This can seem very ironic.  Your actual choices have already been made by you, yet it seems like you have free will.  

While negotiating your contract your representative will assist in narrowing down your choices of your body, your parents and all people and events will shape your life.  You finish negotiating your contract, the physical egg is chosen and you reincarnate.  Fingers are crossed that you make it, that there is no miscarriage, no abortion, no giving you up for adoption (even though adoption may be part of your contract).  But then hey, it was all meant to be right?  The big picture, that we are concerned with,  is that nothing can be resolved in the ever present of current or future experiences.   So why does karma continually repeat itself in our lives?  In hopes to resolve and break the karmic cycle of fault through identity so we can begin at the next higher level for our perpetual level.  


Next.  Let's say you have broken the cycle of reincarnation by ascending.  The second stage of a heaven is a place for debriefing and classes on the journey within and through the second and third stages of heaven on the way to the fourth.  In relation to our chakras, these are the seventh to the thirty third chakras.  Between the second and fourth stage of heaven you will be navigating races of consciousness within these frequencies.   It may sound great, but everything always sounds better than it truly is.  It is always best to ascend beyond all levels of heaven to access the I Am experience while still tethered to a human body.  Accessing the fourth stage of heaven you will find the proverbial pearly gates.  Only the most innocent, on the highest level before God, are able to get there.  The ascension process in the spirit realm, without having a body to ground you, is not about becoming one with God.  It is about completely shedding our naiveté to be of pure innocence again.  This is part of the ascension process for energetic beings to regain innocence and it is part of the ascension process for us to maintain our innocence.

Ascension in the flesh is about not only being one with God of consciousness and experience, but to also being God and employing that experience for ourselves.   Beyond the fourth stage of heaven, where the throne of God resides, is the center of everything below and above, and it is here that our ascension really takes off.  This is between the thirty third and thirty fourth chakra.  Upon ascending beyond the fourth stage of heaven by sitting on the throne of the consciousness of God, a.k.a. yourself, then we begin to employ the collective experience and the next ten chakras.  The thirty fourth to the forty third chakras are for you to gain conscious access and employ the collective consciousness on an individual level.  The chart below explains this.

The I Am Consciousness, employing the God consciousness, consists of:  

        Soul or individual level: Chakras One through six.

        Spirit or universal level:  Chakras seven through thirty three.

        The collective level: Chakras thirty four to forty three.

After accessing, employing and transcending the first forty three chakras you  gain access to the collective experience on an individual level, the I Am experience.  From here there are sixty five levels before you can access the next step of collective consciousness, a.k.a. Christ ascended, the I Am experience on a universal level.  These are chakras forty four to forty nine.    

These six chakras will be used to access the next sixty five levels, to access the fiftieth chakra which is the collective experience on a collective level, a.k.a. The I Am Experience.  Accessing the fiftieth chakra is the idea of limitlessness being the very beginning our experience.  This is the goal for our ascension, it is attainable right now.  Below is the chart for the I Am experience.

The I Am experience, Employing the God experience, consists of:

        Individual level: Having transcended chakra forty three.

        Between the forty third and the forty fourth chakras there are sixty five         levels.

        Universal level:  Chakras forty four to forty nine.

        Between the forty ninth and fiftieth chakras there are another sixty         five levels.

        Collective level:  Having accessed the fiftieth chakra.

Accessing the fiftieth chakra brings us full circle, all the way back to the beginning of the apprenticeship.  Within the temple of the soul, we begin by recognizing creation as ourselves, a body of energy and light as our consciousness.  The temple itself is uncreation. At the beginning of our awakening we had no definitive awareness of this part of what we are, we were only ready to awaken to our consciousness on the most individual level as God.  From this point in the apprenticeship we are unfolding awareness along with intending to be nothing.  Upon reaching the tunnel we learn to temporarily channel our higher self while going blank, which marks the beginning of temporarily being nothing.  After graduating from the tunnel we gain access to the fifth element and begin to exist as nothing with awareness, all the time.  This allows us to be everything of consciousness, by accessing all individual races of consciousness utilizing the ascension technique, within the collective consciousness of each consecutive chakra in our ascension.  After accessing the fiftieth chakra we gain access to becoming uncreation as our experience, along with the new creation as the living testament, living knowledge, or the consciousness of God.  Uncreation is beyond existing as nothing, it is the "I Am" of being nothing in its pure state.   You will also gain access to the spoken name of God in the language of energy to vibrate as your new consciousness and it is the new direction for the affirmation of self and will.    

Humans have the awareness to recognize that what they are is only a part of the experience, there is more.  Unfolding awareness bridges the gap between the feeling that there is more and becoming more of unfolding awareness on the path to realizing it in our own experience.  Even though we do not have total awareness of what we are at the beginning of this journey does not mean that we are any less.  Returning full circle, from the fiftieth chakra to recognizing our humble beginning of unfolding awareness, helps us realize that we have always been uncreation and creation when we began our journey, we simply did not have this awareness.  Returning full circle does not mean the end, only the end of the cycle of being separate or only being a part of God.  It heralds a new beginning in our ascension, our eternal life and our legacy.  

The idea of God or the consciousness there of, cannot even be conceptualized, only experienced.  To believe that there is a pinnacle of this experience is just that, a belief.  Ascension is not about hitting the mark, it is about surpassing it.  Coming full circle recognizes the end of a cycle, not the level cap that the consciousness and experience of God sits upon.  Becoming uncreation as our existence simply means that growth in our individual ascension is forever. Having accessed the fiftieth chakra myself, I Am at the beginning of a new and uncharted path of rediscovery while still tethered to this human body.  Who knows what is about to unfold?  But, I will tell you this, the word incredible best describes the minimum of this new experience.  

Between us, nothing has changed.  Life is still your teacher, I am your guide, you are the master.          

Critical Topics Overlooked

I hope that the information in this book offers enough basic insight into the apprenticeship to be intriguing.  Anyone who calls themselves a Master should be able to answer any question pertaining to the energetic, the paranormal or the occult.  If they can’t, find someone else.  There are a lot of topics that cannot be covered in this book because certain information, coupled with a person's natural or latent psychic ability, may lead to someone inadvertently accessing something they cannot handle.  This could lead to the awakening of extremely powerful abilities that cannot be controlled or even worse, having a lack of awareness to understand all of the consequences of employing a higher level experience.  This may sound cool but it is actually a recipe for disaster.      

A main topic not covered in the book is "Enlightenment".  The basic premise of enlightenment pertains to an individual who has attained or achieved a level of clarity, insight, reason and knowledge.  We recognize enlightenment as an ability and as a greater awareness.  For us, our awareness perpetually unfolds.  For us, attaining enlightenment is new with each chakra we access.    To access the God experience within yourself takes you well beyond mere enlightenment and into ascension.  There is an age old and secret technique, a part of the ancient art of guiding that enables a master to enlighten an individual, raising the consciousness of the recipient, human or other, from stupid to smart, overnight.  There are three levels for this type of enlightenment.  The effects of this technique are permanent.  It is used under extreme circumstances when the apprentice is struggling in their awareness to employ the level of experience which they are currently involved.  Essentially, they gain street smarts, situational awareness, and great intelligence.


Next is "The Void" and "The Angel of Death".  The void holds many secrets to advance parts of the apprenticeship.  It is an actual experience that can be opened up by creating a rift, a vacuum of space and time.  The void holds the secret to accessing the fifth element and engaging the angel of death for an apprenticeship.  To access the void without a guide is almost certain death as the soul will be lost forever causing the body to enter into a coma.  

During the apprenticeship, when one enters "The Tunnel", they will be guided to a side apprenticeship with "The Angel of Death" that lasts between three and five years.  Prior to entering into this side apprenticeship the student is judged.  If they do not pass this judgment they will be denied this side apprenticeship.  Upon graduation from this side apprenticeship they are recognized as an angel of death.  If there is deceit on their part during this side apprenticeship or upon a second judgment at the completion of this side apprenticeship, they will be killed by the angel of death.  The responsibility is just too great.  This side apprenticeship begins in the void.  

In the apprenticeship it is important to know everything about death and its relationship to unfolding awareness of everything in life.  Accessing the ability to pass ghosts to the light and to use the energy of death to neutralize cancer in the body are examples of what is covered.  Once the apprenticeship with the angel of death is completed, you will be able to use your new abilities as an angel of death in a multitude of ways, yet always in alignment with the one law.  

These aforementioned critical topics are some of the subjects covered in the apprenticeship that are not covered in depth in this book.  There are others that are not mentioned here at all.  

                                         Some Final Words

We are energy which is awareness with intent.  We are made in the image and likeness of God.  The likeness is of an embodiment and the image is of consciousness.  The core of what we are is the energetic imprint of the consciousness of God.  This is the tip of the iceberg when awakening to your energetic self.  

Self realization is the journey through the first six chakras to awaken, access, employ, master and transcend our entire energetic experience on the most individual level of being God.  This is attained after having transcended all memory of this and previous soul perceptual identity incarnations to consciously access our core experience of existing as awareness alone.  This recognizes us as being separate, but one through a universal awareness of the spirit perceptual identity.  To begin to gain a sense of being one with everything is to journey with the individual embodiment of the universal identity for each and every race of consciousness within each collective frequency of chakra, to consciously access, employ and transcend everything for the purpose of becoming one with everything to employ as the experience of God as our selves. Upon doing this for each chakra we recognize  being separate of awareness and one of consciousness on a universal level with everything at or below each collective frequency of awareness.


To an outsider a seven year apprenticeship may seem long.  But what is  achieved in this time is incredible. In seven years one will relearn their entire life from an energetic viewpoint and experience.  Seven years is a drop in the bucket to become a master of anything in life, much less attain a perfect foundation for one's ascension.  This means not only re-accessing all of your spiritual abilities, but turning weak abilities into strengths.  To gain basic mastery of these abilities and access side apprenticeships that occur during this short a period of time is amazing.  

We are energy at our core, living a dual experience with the physical, and we need to completely relearn our entire life in the energetic realm.  This begins with technique one for accessing our core energetic self, existing as energy without an embodiment.  Energy without an embodiment is consciousness, which is awareness coupled with memory.  In the apprenticeship we utilize techniques to relearn to unfold awareness and employ our entire energetic experience while here in the physical. Initially we use techniques to relearn abilities for unfolding awareness, but once a state of consciousness that allows us to unfold awareness of everything is realized as an everyday state of being, techniques are no longer used.  The essence of what we are is awareness and awakening to this sets us on the path of self realization that of energy we are made in the image of God. Acquisition of knowledge through reading script and performing rituals using the embodiment is the illusion that ties and binds all others into the prison of the physical, the ego, and consciousness at and below the sixth chakra.  Without prior knowledge of higher states of consciousness others cannot grow.  One cannot access what they have no awareness of.    

Ascension is not about being all powerful, it is about being all aware.  With our perpetually unfolding awareness we take great responsibility not to lead, only to guide others as needed.  We mustn't unfold any experience for another when they do not have awareness of the responsibility that goes with all of the positive and negative consequences of their actions, less we take responsibility in part for their actions, becoming tied into their karma and stopping our own growth.  We rule over all by being in service to them as guides and protectors.  We do not serve them.  We are humbled by the everyday miracles in our lives and the possibilities in all others.  Everything is a reflection of God as energy made in the image of God through consciousness.  

Every experience we have presents an opportunity to learn, change and grow.  Anything used against us can be reworked to be used by in alignment with the One Law.  We are proactive to all experiences by being the embodiment of, and existing as, nothing with awareness and intent.  What we are in ascended form is not something to be idealized or worshipped, we exist as nothing with awareness.


Unlike others who may seek to master one energetic ability to employ as a profession, we master all abilities as basics of our foundation.  We take it further by mastering the art of facilitating healing of all physical, energetic and emotional issues with permanent results.

In addition to guiding, apprentices also have access to “The Fountain of Youth”. The Fountain of Youth is an energetic experience that one is aligned with to heal the body on every level.  The fountain of youth elevates the spirit, creates the opportunity to resolve all issues of consciousness and extends the length of life, extends youth.  Everyone on this swears by it.  I assure you that feeling amazing all the time is only the beginning of the benefits of this experience. During the apprenticeship all have access to the regular Fountain of Youth.  Graduates have access to the master fountain of youth. The fountain of youth is only available to apprentices and graduates.  

"I Am" is not our mantra, it is our perception after graduating from the apprenticeship: having transcended being something, having awareness of being one with everything while existing as nothing but awareness alone, tethered to this planet through our human body.   Our greatest strength is that we are everything of consciousness for each collective frequency of awareness or chakra that we access.  Our greatest ability is our awareness, The All Seeing Eye.  We exist as a channel that can access and employ any chakra individually or all  simultaneously as God.  Our greatest talent is in being a perfect student of everything in our ascension, to never stop unfolding and employing awareness to access, employ and transcend all that we are in our perpetual ascension.  Our greatest realizations for all that we do are attained by unfolding our own ascension and in guiding others in theirs.  Our motto is, "Master and Govern Thyself".  We may show respect, but never kneel in submission before another, for you are God.  

Becoming a master of the Science of Ascension is a privilege, a tremendous responsibility and burden all at the same time.  We walk a path that few will understand, experiencing unbelievable fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.  Because we deal in consciousness and not belief, we are unable to explain the depth of our experience and unfolding awareness to anyone besides other masters.  Each day is a routine of unfolding awareness, rejuvenating and empowering ourselves, enriching our lives and relationships physically, emotionally and energetically in the here and now.    

This is the most powerful path, it is the scariest path for accessing the unknown and it is the most rewarding path for personal empowerment and fulfillment.  Ascension is the purpose for incarnating as humans, it is everyone's God given right.  Unfolding awareness in ascension is the final frontier of everything.  Life and all the possibilities that can unfold are limited only by the limits of your imagination.

Life is the teacher, I am the guide, you are the master.  

Dare yourself to become more.


An Interview with Krista

Rob: As a kid, growing up, did you have any religious education or spiritual direction?

Krista:  My Mother started on her spiritual journey when I was 9 years old.  We went to many different churches, spiritual organizations and healers in Georgia and Kentucky.  We finally landed at a Japanese organization called Sukyo Mahikari in 1983 in Decatur, Georgia.  

Rob: You were young then, ten years old, was any of this sinking in for you or do you think you were just along for the ride, being there because you had to be I guess you’d say?

Krista: I was learning and it was a lot of fun.  I made a lot  childhood friends.

Rob: At what point did you feel that you really needed something in your life, as opposed to just being there and learning? Needing something specifically for yourself?

Krista: When I was about twenty-three.  At twenty five I became a member of Sukyo Mahikari.

Rob: You weren’t a member after your mother first took you there?

Krista: No, I was too young. I had to wait until I was older.

Rob: What were some of the things this group focused on?

Krista:  Sukyo Mahikari specialized in spirit releasement and cleansing toxins out of the body.  They believed everyone had attaching spirits.  We would give light from the palm of our hand, which came through a locket we would wear which was made up of ancient prayers.

Rob: Did this have anything to do with Reiki?

Krista: Sort of like that, but they don’t call it Reiki.

Rob: How long did you stay with this group after you became a member?

Krista:  For about 3 years.

Rob: What was your next step?

Krista: I became a Reiki Master at the age of 31.  I would give private sessions to friends and family members.  But, over time I noticed I was picking up on others negative energy and spiritual influences, so I stopped giving and receiving Reiki at the age of 34.

Rob: What was the next in your spiritual development?

Krista:  I started looking for guidance on how to protect myself when healing others.

Rob: With who and what did they do?

Krista:  I came across an organization in Atlanta called Dahn Yoga.  We would practice yoga, energy work and meridian stretching.  Little did I know, this organization is a spinoff of the Moonies located in Korea specializing in mind control and spiritual manipulation.

Rob: How long did that last for?

Krista: I was in the group for 4 years up until the age of 38

Rob:  That's a long time.  Why did you leave the group?

Krista: I eventually moved to their retreat in Sedona, Arizona for 3 months in 2009.  Over time I started feeling like it was time for me to leave, so I moved to California for 6 weeks before moving back to Atlanta. Once I arrived in California, the organization started attacking me psychically.  This was because they wanted me to return to the retreat in Sedona.  They had invested a lot of time and I had spent over $60,000 over a 4 year period on the organization. They believed if the attacks were bad enough I would come back to the retreat.  While in Atlanta, my Mom and I traveling the country looking for help.  No one could help me.  Finally, after 6 months of searching I ran into an old friend, Joe Sica.

Rob: So you ran into Joe [Sica], what did he suggest?

Krista: I started telling Joe about my situation and how I have been unable to find anyone to help me with the psychic attacks.  He told me he would be able to help with what I was going through.  Of course I did not believe him.  How could an old friend from middle school help me with this when the top experts in the country couldn’t?  I just didn't believe it.  

Rob: What did he do? What happened?

Krista:  I gave Joe a call two days later.  We met for dinner to talk about what needed to be done to stop the attacks from the cult.  He disconnected me from the cult and started fighting on my behalf psychically.  Within 12 hours all the attacks were gone.

Rob: At what point did you actually start the apprenticeship?

Krista: I started the apprenticeship right away. It was very slow going. I had many beings, besides the cult, trying to keep me from moving forward.

Rob: Did it start to speed up after that?

Krista:   It did eventually start to speed up after 6 months.

Rob: The first six months sounded like they were pretty rough. Were you having any doubts that this was going to work for you?

Krista: No, I didn't have any doubts.

Rob: When did you feel that you had put that behind you and could really start concentrating on the apprenticeship?

Krista:  About a year and a half ago.

Rob:  So you had been in the apprenticeship for over a year at that point.

Krista: I really felt I was able to progress after a year, I’ve been in the apprenticeship for about two and a half years now.

Rob: You said you still get attacked. Obviously these attacks are not connected to what you were experiencing at the beginning of the apprenticeship, how do the attacks now differ? What are they like? How bad do they get?

Krista:  Most of my attacks are from the demonic side.  The attacks will get so bad sometimes it scares me.  Usually, I am able to discern what they are plotting before it happens.

Rob:  So at this level do you feel confident dealing with these attacks?

Krista: I do. Usually I know right away when I have something going on.

Rob: Will Joe jump in and resolve an issue for you when you feel one come up?

Krista: I’ll try to resolve it first.  

Rob: Why doesn’t Joe just take care of it for you?

Krista: I need to learn how to do this on my own, but first I have to be able to discern what it is and what’s going on. If I can try and find out what’s going on, then I can usually deal with it on my own.

Rob: Are you secure in the fact that Joe will help you resolve issues for you or help you resolve them if you can’t do it yourself?

Krista: Yeah, he will.

Rob: We’ve talked about all of these really bad things. What are some of the better things that have happened in the past two and a half years?

Krista: I’ve seen a lot of changes within myself. I have resolved a lot of stuff from my family, especially my father. I feel much stronger. I feel like I have a new life. I had forty years of one life, and now I’ll have forty years of another.

Rob: You have a great day, a great mediation or a great experience, what’s that day like?

Krista: When I journey with some of my old friends, I feel euphoric.  

Rob: Excellent.

Krista: Yeah.

Rob: From what you have said so far, you were drawn to the apprenticeship because of a need for it?

Krista: I really didn’t have a choice. I was going to do the apprenticeship or I was going to die.  That really is the truth, I was very sick.

Rob: What would you say to someone who says they want to be in the apprenticeship, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Krista: That it’s going to change their life for the better.

Rob: What kind of level of commitment should someone expect?

Krista: It’s a lifetime commitment. You are continually growing and changing.

Rob: Do you think it’s accessible to anyone?

Krista:  I don't believe there are many people that really want to change.  To do the apprenticeship you must be ready and willing in your life for great change.

Rob: It’s that serious of a commitment? That much change?

Krista: Yeah.

Rob: Do you think a lot of people are affected by some of the things that we have been talking about, but don’t make the connection to the energetic realm?

Krista: I don’t think a lot of people are aware of it, unless all of a sudden they are possessed. I think a lot of people are having issues and they don’t know how to explain them so they begin taking medication.

Rob: Do you think there are people out there that would see the apprenticeship as a way to gain power, no other reason?

Krista: I think they are out there. But I don’t think Joe would allow it.

Rob: They wouldn’t last?

Krista: (Laughs) No, they wouldn’t. He’s come across some people before that he has said that about. They would probably try to use it against others.

Rob: What’s the most important thing that you have learned in the apprenticeship?

Krista: To be aware all of the time and not focus on one thing. Being an empath this has always been an issue for me.   When you focus on something, you connect with it, and that can get you in trouble in the spiritual realm

Rob: Okay. Don’t focus. How do you feel today?

Krista: I feel good today.

Rob: How long are you going to meditate for? How long do you usually sit down for? How long in a day do you usually meditate?

Krista:  I usually meditate for a half an hour each day.

Rob: So your commitment for any given day....a half an hour?

Krista: At least a half an hour.

Rob: Would you say that the experience is a 24/7 experience?

Krista: It really is. You need to make sure you are cloaked, that you’re not seen anywhere, that you’re not focusing on anything. You have to discern everywhere you go, before you go.  

Rob: It’s a life experience, for a lifetime.

Krista: It is until you're energy is not seen at all. But right now, that’s just how it is.

Rob: Alright. That’s about it for my questions, but what haven’t I touched on that is important to you, your future plans?

Krista: My future plans are to be a healer, learning that through the

apprenticeship. To be able to help people with what I went through. Eventually. Now that may not be for another five years, it may be ten years. But for right now, I’m just focusing on myself. I did try to help people in the past, but every time I did, I’d just pick up on all of their stuff. So now I don’t offer my help, I don’t offer Joe’s help. I’m at the point right now that I just pick up on everything, so when I’m strong enough, and it’s time for me to help others, then I will.

Rob: And what about guiding?

Krista: I probably will guide in the apprenticeship, but I don’t know if that’s what I really want to do, I want to be a healer. But I may change my mind in the future.

Rob: It sounds like a lot has happened in the past two and a half years, sounds like a lot more is going to happen.

Krista: Yeah probably, (laughs), yeah.