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(Creative Source , BBC Radio 1xtra U.K.)

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Tune in The Radio 1 Drum & Bass Show - with Fabio and Grooverider every Saturday night @ 8PM EST | 1AM UK (Sunday a.m) - www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/fabioandgrooverider 



Fabio has been firmly at the forefront of the Dance/Rave/D&B/Jungle scene for over two decades and has acquired legendary status for what he has achieved. Starting his career as a pirate radio DJ in the mid 80s playing Dub, Rare Groove and Hip Hop joining together with long time DJ Partner Grooverider the pair happened to be in the right place at the right time when acid house exploded across London and the UK.

Spinning early house music then championing the darker, more bass heavy rave music which went onto become known as Jungle and Drum & Bass, alongside Grooverider the duo have remained the leaders of this genre for over twenty years.

Fabio is credited with popularising the sub-genre known as Liquid funk as well as coining the name. Fabio is widely considered as the godfather of drum and bass music for which he was one of the early pioneers of in the late 80s and early 90s. Fabio hasn't produced many records but one of his more recent works was a tune called "No Joke" in which he produced with Photek.

Taking the music from the raves to the radio first on Kiss FM, then onto Radio 1 where they hosted their legendary One In The Jungle weekly shows and now the weekly Drum & Bass Show where Fabio still continues to champion new talent and sounds. His music today still influences many cultures.


Fabio & Makoto - Drum N Base Show 15-11-2009

Fabio - Drum N Base 13-12-2009

DJ Die - Jelly & Ice Cream Clear Skyz

Total Science, S.P.Y & Ria - Testimony Clear Skyz

Atlantic Connection - Soul Music White

Rollz - Untitled Formation

Cable - So Real Creative Source

Mr.Josef - Untitled White

Noisia - Floating White

Blame - Solar Burn 720

Johnny L feat. Lemar - Dreaming Mr.L Recordings

Origin Unknown - Truly One Ram

Grooverider Rewind Track

Ufo - Dub Peddla White

Fabio Rewind Track

Icicle - Minimal Funk Shogun

Fabio in the mix!

Atlantic Connection - If I Stay White Label

SpectraSoul - Bygones Shogun

Furney - Yo Girl White

Grooverider - Charade Sony

Sinistar - Fall Back White

Eveson - Fantasise White

Mindscape - Secrets White

Dave Owen - On Point White

Fabio & Grooverider - Drum N Base Show 03-01-2010

Fabio - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 17-01-2010

Die & Interface - Bright Lights [Clearskyz]

Marky - Unknown [White Label]

Serum - Push It [White Label]

[unknown] - Unknown [White]

MJ Cole MJ Cole - Sincere [White]

AI - Three Is A Crowd [V]

Marky - Unknown (Claude Von Stroke Remix) [White Label]

Eveson - The Alchemist [White Label]

Random Movement - Fessin About [Innerground]

Jayden - Big Dog [White]

TC Feat Jakes - Deep [D Style Recordings]

Fabio In The Mix

DJ Friction & K.Tee - Overview [Shogun Audio]

Narrow Margins - Subtitles [C.I.A]

Sinistarr - Anorak (Lynx Remix) [White]

Fracture & System - Untitled [White]

Breakage Breakage - Posers [White]

Total Science & S.P.Y - Unknown [White]

Mr.Josef - Informer [White]

Paul SG - Standing Alone [Dub]

Eveson - Fantasise [White Label]

Rewind Track - Grooverider

Unknown - Venom [White Label]

Rewind Track - Fabio

Vapour - Mercenary VIP [36 Hertz Recordings]

17. [unknown] - Yeah That's It [White Label]

18. [dK] - For The Love Of Money [Ninja Tune]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 31-01-2010

Heist - Call It A Day [White Label]

Artificial Intelligence vs. D Bridge - Three's A Crowd [V]

Edward Oberon - Paradise [Creative Source]

Atlantic Connection - 1979 [White Label]

Heist - Objective [Dub 14]

Breakage - Posers [Digital Soundboy]

deadmau5 - Strobe (Marky and S.P.Y. Remix) [Virgin]

Memro - Untitled [White Label]

[unknown] - On A Ride [White Label]

Random Selection

DJ Loiney - Asian Invasion [White Label]

Fabio In The Mix

David Owen - Yo Girl [Creative Source]

Mutt - Conversations [CIA]

Paul SG - Miss Patterson [White Label]

Mutt and Grim - And The Beat Goes On [White Label]

Alix Perez - Contradictions [Shogun Audio]

Insiders - Ninth Avenue [White Label]

Dellinger - Threshold [Prototype]

Rollz - Plugged In [Formation]

Grooverider's Rewind Track

Sub Zero - Slow Motion [Ganja]

Fabio's Rewind Track

Spy - System Crash [Dub 5]

Breakage - If [Digital Soundboy]

Teddy Pendergrass - You Can't Hide From Yourself [Philedelphia International]

Fabio - Live on Radio1- 05-02-2010

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 14-02-2010

Dillinja - Shining [Valve]

Marky & S.P.Y - Time Goes On [Digital Soundboy]

Total Science & Ria - Redlines [White]

Calibre - We Don't Talk Anymore [Signatiure]

Heist - Captured [White]

Clart - Primo [White]

Nympho - Bionic Fingers [Bionic Suicide]

Flaco - This Is How We Do It [White]

DJ Marky & Makoto - Togetherness [Human Elements]

Camo & Krooked in the mix!

Camo & Krooked - Feel Your Pulse [Viper Dub]

Camo & Krooked - Get Funky VIP [Dub]

Camo & Krooked - Enemy Dub [Dub ]

Camo & Krooked - Tonight [Mainframe]

Camo & Krooked - One [Mainframe Dub]

John B - Numbers (Camo & Krooked VIP Remix) [Dub]

Camo & Krooked vs. Body & Soul - The Big Rush [Nasca Dub]

Camo & Krooked - Reincarnation [Hospital Dub]

Camo & Krooked - Without You [Breakbeat Kaos Dub]

Camo & Krooked - Shoreless [Viper Dub]

Camo & Krooked feat. Shaz Sparks - Time Is Ticking Away [Beta]

Camo & Krooked - Untitled [Dub]

Camo & Krooked - Cliffhanger [Viper Dub]

Camo & Krooked - Escape [Mainframe]

Camo & Krooked - Climax [Hospital Dub]

Camo & Krooked - History Of The Future [Audio P*rn Dub]

Random Selector

Dark Elements - Frozen Elements [White]

Blue Sonix - Love Me (Remix) [White]

Fabio & Grooverider's Rewind Tracks

Rollz - Sustain [Formation]

Fabio - Cai & Origin We Got Skills [G Shock]

Ed Rush - Locust [Prototype]

MJ Cole - Sincere (Logistics Remix) [White]

MJ Cole - Sincere (Nero Remix) [White]

Fabio & Grooverider, Sub Focus, Brooks Brothers, Bailey - Drum N Bass Awards 2010

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 07-03-2010

Sub Focus - Follow The Light [Ram]

Serum - Badman [White]

Total Science - Soul Patrol [C.I.A]

Blade - Unknown [White]

Sigma - Paint It Black (VIP) [Hospital]

Twisted Individual - Sorioty Sleepover [Grid]

Submorphics - Stay [White]

Dramatic - Flex [DB Audio]

Total Science - Redlines feat. Riya [Critical]

Hazard - Against The Clock [Playaz]

Break - Last Chance [White]

Tantrum Desire - Mr Brooks [White]

Krakatoa - Solid Shout [White]

Commix - Be True [Metalheadz]

Dub Physics - Dementia [White]

Memro - Altitude [White]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 14-03-2010

Commix - Be True [Metalheadz]

Calibre - Modern Way [Signature]

Sigma - Front To Back [Hospital]

Cabi - Fortune Cookie [White]

Dr.Harry - Platinum Shadow [Playaz]

Rollz - Plugged In [Formation]

Sensai - Warriors [White]

Majistrate - Step Up [White]

Vapour - True Calling [White]

SpectraSoul - Four Points [Metalheadz]

DC Breaks - Polar Bear [Viper]

Pendulum - Watercolour [Warner]

Dub Peddla - The Future [White]

Majistrate & Nicol - No More Mr Nice Guy [White]

Doctor - Sweet Shop [White]

LTJ Bukem - Return To Atlantis (Marky & SPY Remix) [Good Lookin]

Tantrum Desire - Mr Brookes [White]

Sensai - Spawn [White]

Heist - Unicron [White]

DJ Fresh - X Project [BBK]

Nero - Electro [White]

The Rewind Tracks

DJ Sly - Final Story [White]

Rollz - Voice Of The Mysterons [White]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 21-03-2010

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 28-03-2010

Flaco - Choose Me [White Label]

Contract Chillers - The Life Moments (Soundwall VIP Mix) [White Label]

Kabuki - Just Hold On (Serum remix) (feat. Jenna G) [V Records]

Modified Motion - Now More Than Ever (feat. Faction) [Dynamic Audio]

Dr. Harry - Platinum Shadow [Playaz]

Heist - Alliance [White Label]

DJ Fresh - You Think [BBK]

Performance - Unknown (Drumsound and Bassline Smith Remix) [White Label]

Jonny L - Dreaming (Sensai Remix) [White Label]

Dirty Deeds - Captain Planet VIP [Digital Terror]

Dub Foundation - Return [Technique]

Rollz - Sustain [Formation]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show - S.P.Y in the mix - 04-04-2010

Logistics - Warehouse (Hospital)

Total Science - Gangsta (Above The Clouds)

Utah Jazz - Quincy (White Label)

Sato - Empty (White Label)

Stereotype - Last Night (White Label)

Goldfarb - Bluetone (Makoto Remix) (White Label)

Breakage - Ost (White Label)

Skeptical - Euphoria (Vampire Recs Dub)

Chase And Status - Take Me Away (RAM)

Alton Miller - Time One (Flaco Remix) (White Label)

Lenzman Ft Riya - Open Page (Metalheadz)

Dub Phizix - Codec (White Label)

S.P.Y In The Mix

8 Bits - So Good (Digital Soundboy)

Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y - Paulista DUB (Soul:r)

S.P.Y - Go With the Flow (RAM)

S.P.Y - Xenomorph (Metalheadz)

Total Science & S.P.Y - Gangsta (Shogun Audio)

S.P.Y feat Riya - Loneliness (CIA Records)

Total Science - Squash (S.P.Y 2010 Remix)

Total Science & S.P.Y - Legion (Metalheadz)

S.P.Y - Favela (Metalheadz)

Marky & S.P.Y - Mystic Sunset (Innerground)

Random Selection

T. Simpson - The Fallout

Grooverider's Rewind Track

Jonny L - Dreaming (Sensai Remix) (White Label)

Fabio's Rewind Track

Rodigan - Mr Joseph

DJ Die and Interface - Bright Lights (Clear Skies)

Fabio and Grooverider -- Drum and Bass Masters on radio 1

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show - SABRE in the Mix - 18-04-2010

Chapter 1

SABRE in the Mix (1:30.49)

Fabio brings you a very special guest mix from Sabre

DJ Die & Interface - Bright Lights (Rollers mix) [Clearskyz]

Apollo Two - Return to Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y Remix) (Good Lookin)

Blame - Let It Go [Newstate]

Dave Owen - Yo Girl [Creative Source]

Omni Trio - Renegade Sneers [Moving Shadow]

Total Science & DJ Lee - Relentless [White Label]

[unknown] - Secrets [White Label]

Dub Phizix - Hammerhead [White Label]

Alton Miller - Time One (Flaco Remix) [White Label]

Dramatic & dbAudio - Subtle Shaking [Phuzion Records]

Foul Play - Being With You [Moving Shadow]

Lenzman - Unknown [White Label]

Mortem - Stratos [Dub]

Sabre - The Intrepid [Critical]

ASC - Phobos [Non-Plus]

Sabre - Peril (Stray Remix) [Critical]

Sabre & Alix Perez - Avelin [Critical]

Sabre - One Hundred Teeth [Critical]

Sabre - God Fearing [Metalheadz]

Data & Keza - Surveillance [Dub]

Random Selection

Aaron D. - Premonition [Unsigned]

Breakage - Temper [Digital Soundboy Recordings]

Modified Motion - Now More Than Ever [White Label]

Zero T - Tavistock Dub [White Label]

Rodigan - Mr Joseph [White Label]

Renegade & Ray Keith - Terrorist [Dread Recordings]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 02-05-2010

Chapter 1

A.I Interview(1:09.45)

We get the lowdown on the overdue album...

Chapter 2

Random Selection (1:28.35)

Chapter 3

Rewind Tracks (1:48.35)

Q Project - Ask Not [Advanced recordings]

Jay Rome & Paul SG - Ocean Drive [Dubplate]

Culture Shock - Bad Red [Ram Records]

Mr Joseph - The Stalker [White Label]

Lenzman - Unthinkable [White Label]

S.P.Y - Go With The Flow [RAM Records]

Twisted Individual - Donkey Punch (Sub Zero Remix) [Grid Recordings]

Flaco - On A Ride (Feat. A Rock) [Soundtrax]

Jaydan - She Gives Me Love [White label]

AI - Moment Of Truth [V Records]

System - Syfi [Integral]

Subwave - Untitled [Metalheadz]

Random Selection

Syntharm - Lazy [Unsigned]

Paul SG - Enclosed

Dub Phizix - Hammerhead [White Label]

Rewind Track

Heist - Medieval [Co Lab Recordings]

Critical Impact - The Shining [White Label]

Krust - Warhead [V Records]

Ckret - Fiendish [White Label]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 23-05-2010

Chapter 1

J Magik & Wickaman In The Mix (20.36)

J Magik & Wickaman in the mix for Rider Radio.

Chapter 2

Random Selection(06.09)

Grooverider rates another track with help from J Majik & Wickaman.

Chapter 3


Fabio & Grooverider go head to head again in the battle of the rewind tracks.

Chino - Insatiable 2010 (Nero Remix) [Formation]

Resound - Shady (Feat. Stapleton Mc) (Heist Remix) [White Label]

Apollo Two - Return To Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y Remix) [Good Lookin]

Firefox - May Day [White Label]

Pendulum - Immunize (Feat. Liam Howlett) [Warners]

Chase & Status - Heavy (Feat Dizzee Rascal) [Dirtee Stank/Vertigo]

DJ Hazard - Machete [White Label]

Amaning - O.S.T [White Label]

Mattix & Futile - Rising Up [Cyntax Error Records]

J Majik & Wickaman - Save My Life (Feat. B.Y.O.B) [Skint/Mosquito]

J Magik & Wickaman In The Mix

Prototypes - Cascade [Infrared]

J Magic & Wickaman In The Mix

Spy - Xeno Master [Ram]

J Majik & Wickaman - Mosquito [Mosquito]

Wickaman And R.V - Deep Down [Mosquito]

J Majik & Wickaman - Talk To Me (Feat. Peshay) [Mosquito]

J Majik & Wickaman - The Mine [Mosquito]

J Majik - Your Sound [Metalheadz]

Unknown - Unknown [Viper Recordings]

J Majik & Wickaman - Flatline [Mosquito]

Fresh - Cylon [Bbk]

Wiackaman And R.V - Dubplate [Mosquito]

J Majik & Wickaman - Rage [Mosquito]

Random Selection

Plan 9 - Unknown [Unsigned]

Rewind Tracks

Zero T - Tavistock Dub [White Label]

Dj Harvest - Militant

Sensai - Voyager [White Label]

Jayline - God Is A Dj [White Label]

Jaydan - King Of Miami (Vip) [Propaganda]

Fabio and Grooverider -- Radio 1s Big Weekend (including Pendulum and Sub Focus mixes) (30-05-2010)

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 06-06-2010

Atlantic Connection - Soul Musiq (Feat. Youngman) [The Westbay Music Group]

DJ Marky & S.P.Y. - Kinky Funky [Innerground Records]

Random Movement - Til Doomsday [Cia Deep Kut Records]

Command Strange - Real Thing [Unsigned]

Rollz - Plugged In [Formation Records]

Mattix And Futile - Rising Up [Cyntax Error Records]

Camo & Krooked - Climax [Hospital]

Mickey Finn & Erb N Dub - 90 Seconds (Sensai Remix) [Finn People Productions]

Original Sin & Taxman - Casino [Dub]

Lomax - Innocent X [Critical Music]

Sensai - Control [White Label]

Majistrate & Nicol - Psychosis [Bingo]


Majistrate - Bug Crusher [Dub]

Hazard - Platinum Shadows [Ganja]

Sly - Stone Cold [Low Down Deep]

Majistrate - Step Up Vip [Low Down Deep]

Pleasure - Venger [Low Down Deep]

Majistrate - State Of Shock Vip [Subway Sounds]

Sub Zero - Trick Of Tech (Remix) [Dub]

Majistrate - It [Low Down Deep]

Jaydan - Your Nightmare [Smoking Ridems]

Pleasure - Soundwave (Majistrate Remix) [Dub]

Majistrate - Plank Bass Vip [Low Down Deep]

Majistrate & Nicol - Age Of Aquarius [Nam Musik]


Numbers - Silver Bullet [unsigned]

ZBS Foundation - Mr Blonde [White Label]

Skeptical - Euphoria [Vampire Recs]

Sensai - Destruction [White Label]

Poeck - Run With That [White label]


Netsky Interview & Guest Mix (27.54)

B.o.B - Nothin' On You [d&b bootleg]

Sigma - Baltimore [Breakbeat Kaos]

SpectraSoul - Bygones [Shogun Audio]

Unknown - True Believer [Solar Records]

BCee - Is There Anybody Out There (Feat. S.P.Y) [Spearhead Records]

AI - Let it Be (feat. Steo) [White Label]

Total Science - Red Lines (Feat. Riya) [Critical Music]

Blame - Let It Go [Newstate]

System - Sci-fi [White Label]

Netsky In The Mix

Swedish House Mafia - One (netsky remix) [Positiva]

Cyantific - 88mph [Hospital]

Nu:Tone - Beliefs [Hospital]

Jay-Z - Star is born (Drum & Bass remix) [Roc Nation]

Netsky - Tomorrow's another day (VIP mix) [Hospital]

Netsky - Moving with you (VIP mix) [Hospital]

Netsky - Secret Agent [Hospital]

Miike Snow - Black & Blue (Netsky Remix)

Netsky - Mellow [Hospital]

Netsky - Escape (VIP mix) [Hospital]

Random Selection

Traxx Project - Unknown [Unsigned]

T-Coy - Carino (S.P.Y & Marky Remix) [Deconstruction]

Tinie Tempah - Frisky (Remix) [Parlophone]

Rewind Tracks

Sensai - Control [White Label]

Cable - Extracted from Within [White Label]

Comics - Double Double [White Label]

Phil Tangent - Unknown [White Label]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 20-06-2010

Chino - Insatiable (Nero 2010 remix) [New Identity Recordings]

Fred V - Catch You [Cue Recordings]

Camo & Krooked - Skyline [White label]

Agent Alvin - Moonlight Bay [Hospital]

Culture Shock - Bad Red [Ram]

Vague Hazard - 241 [Radius]

Original Sin & Taxman - Casino [Dub]

DJ Harvest - Militant [White Label]

Pleasure & Origin - D Day [Killer Bytes Records]

Twisted Individual - Rusty Sheriffs Badge (Original Sin remix) [Reformed Records]

Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero [Invisible]

Rollz - Voice Of the Mysterons [Formation]

Rollz - The Truth (The Rollz EP) [Formation]

Rollz - Subsonic [Formation]

Rollz - Plugged In [Formation]

Rollz - Plugged In (VIP) [Formation]

DJ SS - We Came To Entertain (Sub Zero Remix) [Formation]

Rollz - Action (The Rollz EP) [Formation]

Rollz - Focus [Formation]

Rollz - Solid State (VIP) [Formation]

Mattix and Futile - Rising Up [Cyntax Error Records]

The Prototypes - Et [white label]

Rollz - Sustain (The Rollz EP) [Formation]

Supreme Being - Tune In [Propagander]

Rollz - Addict (The Rollz EP) [Formation]

Critical Impact - The Shining [White Label]


Ben Barr - Feels Like Home [Unsigned]

Jayline - God Is a DJ [White Label]

Sensai - Destruction [white label]

Stenchman - Unknown [White label]

Heist - Survivor [Sumo Beatz]

Dub Peddler - Box Cutter


DJ Sly - Stone Cold [Low Deep Down]

Jrg - Take Control [WHITE LABEL]

Aswad - City Lock (Breakage Remix) [Rhythem Riders]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show - KLUTE - 27-06-2010

Chase & Status - Streetlife [Ram records]

Apollo Two - Return to Atlantis [Marky & S.P.Y remix]

Eveson - Marley [spearhead records]

Netsky - Escape [hospital]

Generic & Mutz - The Goods [white label]

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable [D&B bootleg]

Furney & Paul SG - Copying The Past [white label]

Total Science & S.P.Y - Tik Tak Toe [C.I.A]

Judda - Pressure Plate [Critical]

Vicious Circle - Snorkel [siren records]

[unknown] - Holland [Unknown]

Taxman & Original Sin - Casino [Dub]

AI - Let It be (FEAT. STEO) [Liquid V]

Commix - City Section [white label]

DJ Lee & D. Kay - Tuning [Metalheadz]


Klute - Fools Love [Commercial Suicide]

Vicious Circle & Nocturnal - Last Chance Saloon [Commercial Suicide]

Klute - Strange Dinner [Commercial Suicide]

Klute - Will You Still Love Me? [Commercial Suicide]

Commix - Double Double [Metalheadz]

Dom & Roland - Rollstar [Commercial Suicide]

Klute w/ Dom & Roland - Buy More Now [Commercial Suicide]


Vague Hazard - 241 [Radius]

Dub Phizix - Mind Power [Apex Recordings]

BCee & S.P.Y - Nothing To Declare [Spearhead Records]

Johnny L - The Rave [Spearhead Records]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 04-07-2010

Intro - Calibre

Donnie Dubson - Grey Jeans [White Label]

Contract Chillers - The Life Moments [Sound Wall VIP]

Command Strange - Wrong Ones [Fokuz]

Firefox - May Day [White]

Hazard - Against The Clock [White Label]

Heist - Unicon Mix 2 [Sumo Beatz]

DJ SS - We Came To Entertain (Sub Zero Remix) [Formation]

Sensai - Returned (Remix) [White Label]

Jayline vs Split Personality - Murder Sound [White Label]

Jaydan - Grim Reaper [Smoking Ridems]


Northen Lights - Come Down [White]

Sensai - Destination [Calypso Muzak]

AI - Moment Of Truth [White Label]

Marcus Intalex - Cabin Fever [Soul:R]

Original Sin & Txman - Casino [Final 2010]


Jayline - Knowing Each other [Dub]

Jayline - Dust [Propaganda Dub]

Jayline - The Music Maker [Dub]

Split Personality & Jayline - Murder Sound [Dub]

Jayline - You are Never Alone [Nothing Long Records]

Jayline - Step [Big Bad and Heavy]

Potential Bad Boy - My Sound [Playaz]

Jayline - Beez Sting [Dub]

VAST - 19 oh Long (Jayline’s Remix VIP) [Concept Recordings Dub]

John H - Changes [Dub]

Jayline & Vast - The Mummy [White Label]

Zen - Zen (Liar Remix) [Ennex Records]

Majistrate - Step Up [Low Down Deep]

Supreme Being - Tune In [Propaganda 2010]

Vague Hazard - 241 [Radius]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 11-07-2010

A.I - Uprising [Liquid V Recordings]

[unknown] - Exodus [Good Looking]

Plan B - Prayin' (Chase n Status Remix) [679 Records]

Break - Time After Time [Symmetry]

Calibre - Unknown [Signature Records]

Lenzman - Open Page (Feat. Riya) [White Label]


Mainstay - [Extended] [White]

Redeyes - Shelta [White]

K-Dan & Sinistarr - Apollo [Tech:Noir]

Sinistarr - Aquamech [Peer Pressure]

Zero T & DJ Mosus - Tilt [Shogun]

Redeyes & Sinistarr - Solar 9 [Metalheadz]

Rufige Kru - Is This Real VIP [Metalheadz]

Jaybee - Dark Days Night [White]

Lukeino, The Heights, Calculon & Sinistarr - First Crush feat. Audio Angel [White]

Sinistarr - Your Obsession [Creative Source]

Sinistarr - Bear The Mark [Metalheadz]

Reel by Real - Surkit [Peacefrog]

Johnny L - The Rave [Spearhead Records]

Dub Phizix - Codec [Creative Source]


Supreme Being - Tune In [Propaganda Records]

Mutated Forms - Ready When You Are (VIP) [Grid]

C.A.B.L.E - Extracted

Lenzman & Switch - Ice Cold Soul [CIA]


Random Movement - 2 Dogs down [Dogs On Acid]

Eveson - Deeper Green [White]

Edward Oberon - Paradise [Creative Source]

Edward Oberon - Paradise VIP [Creative Source]

Lenzman - Stuck [Subtitles]

Kjell - Working Girl [White Label]

Random Movement - Escape From A Past Life [White Label]

Perilelle - Damages (Remix) [WExchange Bureau Records]

Atom - Studio Electronics [White Label]

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 18-07-2010

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Base Show 01-08-2010

1. Blame Interview & live PA of Stars

2. Blame In The Mix

3. Netsky – Moving With you (Feat. Jenna G)

4. Random Movement – Band Aid

5. Commix – Double Double

6. Calibre – Untitled

7. A.I – Let It be

8. Underworld & High Contrast – Scribble

9. Blame ‘Stars’ Live PA

1. Blame – Stars (feat Camilla & Fuda Guy) (720 Degrees)

10. L Double & MC Bassman – Bass to Dark

11. Total Science – Never Had dream (Furney Remix)

12. Dub Phizix – Like A Rogue

13. Calibre – Underwater

14. Blame In The Mix

1. David Guetta David Guetta – (Blame remix)

2. Dansette Junior – Paranoid (Blame Remix)

3. Blame – On My Own (DnB mix) (feat Ruff Sqwad)

4. TV Rock – In The Air (Blame Remix) (feat Rudy)

5. Blame – Because Of You (feat Selah)

6. Blame – Alright (feat Alex Mills)

7. Blame – Let It Go

8. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Steve Angello & Laidback Luke – Show me Love (Blame Remix) (feat Robin S)

9. Blame – Set Me Free (feat Jocelyn Brown)

15. Phil Tangent – Complicated Woman

16. Chase & Status Chase & Status – Pieces (feat. Plan B)

17. [unknown] – Poison Apple

18. Rewind Tracks

1. Heist – Unicron

2. Survival – Operator

19. D. Kay & Kasra – Babylon

20. Mutated Forms – Doubts

21. Paul SG – Copying the Years

Fabio & Grooverider - 1Xtra Drum N Bass Show 08-08-2010

Command Strange - Lovely Day [unsigned]

AI - Vibes [V Recordings]

Mutated Forms - Last Time (Feat. Jenna G) [Allsorts]

The Prototypes - Cascade [Infrared]

Brookes Brothers - Mistakes [Breakbeat Kaos]

Mattix & Futile - Rising Up [Cyntax Error Records]

[unknown] - I'll Be Your [Valve]

Mutated Forms - Doubts [Grid]

Firefox - Poison Darts [Philly Blunts]

Krust - True Stories [Talking Loud]


Krust - Transparency [Rebel Instinct]

Mark Day - Jupiter [rebel Instinct]

Need For mirrors - Broken Britain [Rebel Instinct]

A.I & Krust - Audio Assault [V Recordings]

The Rules - So Many Things [Rebel Intinct]

Original Sin - Phantasm [White]

Xample & Lomax - Link To The Past [Ram]


Dub Phizix - Like A Rope [White]

Ozmo - Final V (Sub Zero Remix) [Unknown]

Heist - Survivor [Sumo Beatz]

Crissy Criss - First things First [White]

Fabio -- Live on Radio 1 (DJ Sly Guestmix)(15-08-2010)

1. Jonny L — The Rave

2. Sigma — Stronger

3. Blame — Skyline

4. Bizarre Inc. — Playing With Knives

5. David Owen & Grim — I Like The Way You Move

6. Calibre — Unknown

7. Critical Impact — The Shining

8. Netsky — Moving With You (feat. Jenna G) (Die Remix)

9. Genotype — Justice

10. De’odat de Se’verac — Easier To Love

11. Need For Mirrors — Poison Apple

12. DJ Sly in the Mix

1. DJ Sly & DJ Pacso — Rollin (feat. MC Trigga)

2. DJ Sly & DJ Pacso — Hypnotist

3. DJ Sly — The Roller (feat. MC BassMan)

4. Majistrate — Step Up

5. DJ Sly — Stone Cold (feat. MC BassMan)

6. DJ Pacso — The Unknown

7. DJ Sly — Drop That Bass (feat. MC Shaydee)

8. Sly — Real Talk (feat. Capo)

9. DJ Sly & DJ Pacso — It’s You Again VIP

10. DJ Pleasure — Venger Remix

11. DJ Sly — 5th Dimension

13. Random Movement — When You Come Alive

14. Grooverider’s Rewind Track

1. Jaydan — Your Nightmare

15. Fabio’s Rewind Track

1. Craggz & Parallel Forces — Future Shock

16. Calibre — Untitled

17. Break — Time After Time

18. Pascal — P Funk Era

Fabio and Grooverider on Radio1 - 2010 08 29


Shapeshifter – Lifetime (Logisitcs Remix) [Hospital]

Random Movement – Create a Mood [Innerground]

Dramatic & DBaudio – Life Console [Unsigned]

Mutated Forms – With you [Grid Recordings]

Total Science & S.P.Y – Tik Tak Toe [CIA]

C.A.B.L.E – Extracted [White]

Fresh – Heavyweight [Data]

Marcus Intalex – Cabin Fever [Soul:R]

Hazard – Death March [Radius]

Simplification – Humanity [white]

DJ SS – We Came To Entertain [Formation]

Dirty Deeds – Lost It (Drumstep Mix) [white]

Rollz – Voice Of The Mysterons (VIP) [Formation]

Jaydan – I’m Ready [True Playaz]

Sensai – Control [White]

Flaco – Thinking Of You [white]

Critical Impact – Tough Enough [Formation]


Danny Byrd – Ill Behaviour [Hospital]

The Prototypes – Cascade [INFRARED]

Plasta – The End [Unsigned]

Jayline – Hour Of Doom [Unsigned]

Digital & Outrage – Magik Touch [White]

Tantrum Desire – Put Your Hands Up [Technique Recordings]



ClearSkyz / Full Cycle / UK

www.Clearskyz.co.uk  | myspace.com/djdiefullcycle



Needing no introduction, Bristol’s DJ Die is one of the drum & bass world’s shining stars. With a history stretching back to 1992 that boasts countless classic tracks and remixes, winning the Mercury Award as part of Roni Size Reprazent, signing to XL Recordings for the Breakbeat Era project and consistent tours of the globe showcasing the Full Cycle and ClearSkyz sounds from Bristol to Brazil.

Having moved to Bristol from Devon in 1985, Die’s immersion into the world of music began when he was introduced to the cities warehouse parties in the late 80’s and the house, hip hop, rare groove, funk and soul being spun by DJ Krust and other member of the infamous Fresh Four Crew. “There was a movement starting around the time - there was the Wild Bunch thing, the graffiti thing, the carnival and sound system thing happening up in Bristol." Die got his first taste of musical production that same year having hooked up with Jody Wisternoff, now of Way Out West fame. Together they formed Tru-Funk and produced 4AM, a house tune released on Smith and Mighty’s imprint Three Stripe Records. This was followed with two hardcore EPs under the name Sub-Love and numerous DJ appearances at the early Universe raves.

A chance meeting with Roni Size on Bristol’s Gloucester Road in the early 90s led to what would be a long-term musical relationship beginning with their first collaboration, ‘Agility’ released on Bryan Gee and Jumpin’ Jack Frost’s V Recordings in 1993. Soon after Die and Roni (AKA Scorpio) forged the seminal classic ‘Music Box’ which would ultimately lead to the birth of Full Cycle Recordings. This label would become the home for Krust, Roni, Suv and Die for many years to come. Die’s ongoing contributions to Full Cycle included such tracks as ‘Live & Direct’, ‘Reincarnation’, ‘Clear Skyz’, ‘Jitta Bug’ and ‘Drop Bear’. On top of this came further releases for V Recordings including ‘Special Treat’, ‘Slide Away’ and ‘Autumn’ as well as tracks for their respective sister labels Dope Dragon and Chronic under various pseudonym’s including Swabe, Mono Man, D.N.A (with Bill Riley) and 3 Way (with Roni and Krust) . This catalogue of quality productions has lead to DJ bookings around the globe including the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Brazil, usually together with the voice of Full Cycle, Dynamite MC.

In 1996 the Full Cycle crew came together with Roni Size at the helm to start the Reprezent project and record the studio album ‘New Forms’ for Talkin' Loud Records, winning the esteemed Mercury Music Prize in 1997 and propelling the Bristol crew to the forefront of British dance music. The groups subsequent tours took them around the world with notable live appearances in New York’s Central Park and the BBC’s ‘Later With Jools Holland’. Die’s solo productions continued apace and included high profile remixes for the likes of DJ Shadow, Towa Tei, DJ Cam and Pharoahe Monch.

Not content with this success, Die & Roni formed a new project, Break beat Era in 1999, collaborating with vocalist Leonie Laws and recording a self-titled album for XL Recordings, again touring globally to much critical acclaim. Reprazent’s second album ‘In The Mode’ (2000) continued to build on the groups success and delivered a top 40 hit in the form of ‘Dirty Beats’, more worldwide tour dates, an appearance on Top of the Pops and a return to Jools Holland’s Later show, not to mention collaborations with the likes of Method Man, Rahzel and Rage Against The Machine’s Zach de la Rocha.

In 2003 Full Cycle released the ‘I Kamanchi’ album by Die and Krust who had been collaborating together under the Kamanchi moniker since 1999, releasing classic tracks including ‘Stay’ for V Recordings. This project included further collaborations with the likes of vocalists Rodney P, Tali, Lady Miss Kier and Holly G plus another world DJ tour and more live show cases.

Continuing the Full Cycle game of music chairs, Die hooked up with the label’s newest recruit, DJ Clipz in 2005 and following their first effort, ‘Monorail’ for the ‘Cross Collaborations’ album (presented and mixed by Die) the pair delivered a slew of dancefloor anthems, most notably ‘Black Doves', Good Old Days’, Climate Change’, 'Work It Out’ and ‘Number One’ (featuring the vocals of Ben Westbeech).

With the weight and experience of such projects behind him, Die decided the time was right to step out from the Full Cycle family and start his own project, launching his own label, ClearSkyz Recordings in 2007 and setting about expressing his own unique identity, both through the music, artwork and collaborators. Whilst continuing to work with the likes of Clipz, Ben Westbeech and Leonie Laws, Die has also embraced the fresh talents of producers including Break and Interface and recruited a young Parisian street artist by the name of Versus who provides the label’s artwork and merchandise. With only four releases to the label’s name to date, ClearSkyz is already setting the highest of standards before reaching its full potential. We advise you to keep watching the skies...



Bailey with DJ Die, Interface, William Cartwright and Dread MC – DnB Show – 1Xtra – 19th May 2010


DJ Die and Interface drop in along with William Cartwright and Dread MC to talk about their latest single ‘Bright Lights’ as well as performing a special live version and providing a Guest Mix.

Edward Oberon — Paradise VIP

ATP — Shibuya Nights

Eveson — Fantasize

Paul SG — Organic Mode

S.P.Y & Ill Skillz — Tomorrow Like Today

Capone — What Do I Do

D&B Top 5

Total Science & S.P.Y — Gangsta

Xample & Lomax — Remember

DJ Die & Interface — Bright Lights Feat. William Cartwright

Taxman — Evasion Remix VIP

D&B Number One

Sub Focus Sub Focus — Timewarp VIP

Squash — The Tunnel

Lynx & Hellrazor — 4 3 3

DJ Vapour — Won’t Let You Feel Feat. Jasmine Knight

Mutated Forms — Doubts

Kabuki & Paul St Hillaire — Generation X (Zero T Remix) (V records)

Audio — Fire In The Sky

Hybris — The Cleaner

Reflekt — I’ve Been Watching You

Rihanna Rihanna — Rude Boy (TC Remix)

Lomax — Praise

Lenzman — Masquerade

Total Science & S.P.Y — Legion

Audio — Marbles

DJ Die, Interface & William Cartwright In The Studio

DJ Die — Clear Skyz

Interface — Get Lo

DJ Die & Interface Guest Mix

Die & Interface — Bright Lights Feat. William Cartwright & Dread MC (Live @ The 1Xtra D&B Show)

TC & Interface — Platform 2

Interface — Go To Bed

Joker — Diggi Design (Interface Remix)

Critical Impact — Shining

Die — Jelly & Ice Cream

Level 2 — Guetto Sounds

Interface — Twista Feat. Shahin Badar

Acuna & Level 2 — Empty spaces

System — Sy-Fi

Andy Skopes & Mr Joseph — Stalker

Spectrasoul & dBridge — Glimpse

Netsky — Endless Search

Jaheim — Put That Woman First (Calibre Remix) (Warner)

DJ Die & Dread MC – KMAG Guest Mix & Interview Clear Skyz – June 2010


Die & Break – Get Some (Clearskyz)

Interface – Get Low (Audio Zoo)

Die & Clipz – Black Doves (Full Cycle)

Die – Clear Skyz (Break remix) (Clearskyz)

Die & Clipz feat. Jenna G – Indian Summer (Vocal Mix) (Dubplate)

Die & Clipz feat. Ben Westbeech – Back Inside (Clearskyz)

Die – Flashpoint (Clearskyz)

Die & Photek – Thunder (Full Cycle)

Die – Slow Burn (Clearskyz)

Die feat. Lenny Laws – Little Punk (Clearskyz)

Die & Clipz feat. Ben Westbeech – Number 1 (Full Cycle)

Die & Break – Coming From The Top (Vip) (Clearskyz)

Die feat. Ben Westbeech – Closer (Rockers Mix) (Brownswood)

Die & Clipz – Good Old Days (Full Cycle)

Die feat. Ben Westbeech – The Reasons Why (Clearskyz)

Die & Interface feat. William Cartwright – Bright Lights (Rollers Mix) (Clearskyz)

DJ Die and MC Darrison take over DJ Hype’s show – Kiss 100 – 1st July 2010

Bristol’s DJ Die is at the controls with MC Darrison this week, as they stand in for DJ Hype. DJ Die has been part of the scene since 1992, he’s responsible for numerous classic tracks and remixes, won the Mercury Award as part of Roni Size Reprazent, signed to XL Recordings for the Breakbeat Era project and consistently tours the globe showcasing the Full Cycle sound!


Dj Die, Interface & William Cartright, – Bright Lights (Rockers Mix)-Clearskyz

Ltj Bukem-Return To Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y Rework)-Good Looking

Kabuki-Generation Struggle [Zero T Rmx]-V Recordings

Netsky-Escape Ft. Darrison-Hospital


A Sides-One Dj-Dubplate

Die-Jelly And Icecream-Clearskyz

Tc & Interface-Platform 3-Dubplate

Break-Too Much May Weight-Symmetry

Potential Badboy-You’re Mine Vip-Playaz

Critical Impact-Shining-Formation

Marky & Bungle-Back Like That-White Label

Interface-Get Low-Audio Zoo

Dave Owen-Yo Girl-Creative Source

Break & Die-Slow Down-Symmetry

DJ Hype DJ Die & Dread MC On Kiss FM (12/08/2010)

Dj Die & Interface & Will Cartwright - Bright Lights (Netsky Rmx) [Clearskyz]

Nero - Electron [White]

Critical Impact - Shining [Formation]

Alix Perez Ft. Foreign Beggars - Dark Dayz [Shogun]

Potential Badboy - I Choose You Vip [White]

Crystal Clear & Zen - Gang Related [Cold Blooded]

Total Science & S.P.Y. - Legion [Metal Headz]

Unknown - Cabbie Show U Murder [White]

Jaydan - She Gives Me Love [Smokin Riddims]

Kiat - Feeder [Metal Headz]

Dj Die - Gett To Business [Clearskyz Dub]

Break - Time After Time [Symmetry Dub]

A-Sides - One Dj [Dubplate]

Lenzman - Masquerade [Metal Headz]

Dj Die - Jelly And Ice Cream [Clear Skyz Dub]

Interface - Freak Out [Clearskyz Dub]

Total Science - Skinz [Shogun]

Netsky Ft. Jenna G - Moving With You (Dj Die & Interface Rmx) [Hospital]

DJ DIE with_dynamite_mc-live_at_databass_(2001) [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

DJ DIE and MC Jakes - Atmosphere Mix



Fabio – Live on Radio 1 (Guests DJ Die and Sub Focus)-CABLE-05-16



Music and featured items

Start playing chapter 1

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DJ DIE & Interface Perform Bright Lights

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Sub Focus Interview & Guest Mix

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Rewind Tracks

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1.Chapter 1

DJ DIE & Interface Perform Bright Lights

DJ DIE & Interface catch up with fabio and perform a live performance of

their track Bright Lights Featuring William Cartwright.

2.Chapter 2

Sub Focus Interview & Guest Mix

Sub Focus chats to Fabio ahead of his live show at the Big weekend

in Bangor and he delivers another amazing mix!

3.Chapter 3

Fabio & Grooverider got head to head in another Battle Of the Rewind!

4.Crissy Cris — Turn It Up (Feat. Young Man)

5.Rollz — The Truth Hurts

6.Culture Shock & Furlonge — Surprise

7.Mr Joseph — Open Your Eyes

8.Live Performance from DJ DIE & Interface

1.DJ Die & Interface — Brightlights (Feat. William Cartwright)

9.Shy FX — Feelings

10.Original Sin & Taxman — Penamana

11.Total Science & S.P.Y — Above The Clouds

12.Critical Impact — The Shining

13.David Owen — Yo Girl

14.Total Science — Soul Patrol (Feat. MC Conrad)

15.Spectra Soul — Absentis

16.Thunder Dubs — Tooth

17.Sub Focus In The Mix

1.The Prototypes — Cascade

2.Sub Focus Sub Focus — Time Warp VIP

3.Sigma — The Jungle

4.Fresh And Siema — Cylon

5.Rusko Rusko — Hold On Sub Focus Remix

6.Pendulum Pendulum — Salt In The Wounds

7.Sub Focus Sub Focus — Splash (Feat Coco)

8.deadmau5 deadmau5 — Ghosts n Stuff

9.Netsky — Secret Agent

18.Random Selection

1.Dimension — Stargazer

19.Rewind Track

1.Mattix & Futile — Rising Up

2.Dj Sly & Pasco — It’s U Again

20.DJ Clart — Daydream Avenue

Short preview ( Lo-Fi – 128 kbps ):

01. Die & Break - Deep Search - Dub
02. Bassface Sasha - Intanational Sound (Die Edit) - Stereotype
03. Cubist - Memory Lapse - Dub
04. Die & Clipz - Back Inside - ClearSkyz
05. Kubiks - Forgotten Lands - Dub
06. Die & Clipz - Good Old Days - Full Cycle
07. Roni Size & Die - Music Box (Sigma Remix) - V Recordings
08. Die - Slow Burn - ClearSkyz
09. A-Sides - Lustrous - Spearhead
10. Die feat. Ben Westbeech - The Reasons Why - ClearSkyz
11. Heist - Bookem - Dub
12. Die & Clipz - Indian Summer - ClearSkyz



Digital Soundboy, Channel One

marcusvisionary.blogspot.com - digitalsoundboy.com

channelonestation.com - myspace.com/marcusvisionary



A Digital Soundboy Dedicated to All Things Bass!


Marcus Visionary – Caribana Jungle Special! (2010)

Marcus Visionary & DJ Lush - The Prophecy (10-01-2010) - uploaded by Suga-B!

CCDNB 024 Producer Showcase Mix Featuring Marcus Visionary


Top Cat - The Sweetest Ting (Marcus Visionary & Benny Page Remix)(Street life)

Top Cat - Smoke the Sensi (Marcus Visionary & Benny Page Remix)(Street Life)

Marcus Visionary - Sleng Teng Special Feat. Johnny Osbourne (Dub)

Marcus Visionary - Roll Up Feat. Roundhead (Dub)

Marcus Visionary - Long Time Feat. Johnny Osbourne (Liondub)

Marcus Visionary - Blackboard Remix (Dub)

Marcus Visionary - Bounce Feat. Jah Dan (Dub)

Marcus Visionary - We Do the Killing Feat. Cocoa Tea (Dub)

Marcus Visionary - Zion Train (Rocksteady)

Marcus Visionary & Satori - Ghetto Man Skank (Rocksteady)

Marcus Visionary - Must Come a Road Refix (Rocksteady)

Marcus Visionary - Kingston Town Refix (Rocksteady)

Beres Hammond - Fire (Marcus Visionary Refix)(Rocksteady)

Visionary - Gimme Your Love (Digital Soundboy)

Sean Paul - ??? (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub)

Dizzy Rascal - ??? (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub)

Rihanna - Rudeboy (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub)

Buju Banton - Champion (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub)

Marcus Visionary - Youth Today (Rocksteady)

Nas - Surviving the Times (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Black Pearl)

Sexy Love (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub)

Mario Winans - Let Me Love you (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Rocksteady)

Erykah Badu - Honey (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub)

CCDNB 022 With Marcus Visionary Part One


Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Dj Payne and Bloody L DnB Remix)(Bootleg)

Spinlock - Nerve Damage (Stride Recordings)

Ashes - Silver Stream (96KHZ Productions Dub)


Jayline and Brockout - With Me (Dub)

The Square and Blue Motion ft. MsdoS- You Don't Need Me (no0ne's remix)(Dub)

Skepsis - Pristine Method (KrisisDnB)


Vast vs PLies Feat T-Pain - Shawty (Cronica Remix)(Bootleg)

Vast - Enter The Ninja (Dub Damage Recordings)

Target - Monkey Troubles (dub)

Marcus Visionary Feat Messenger Selah and Jahdan - Humble (LionDub International)


Chopstick Crew - Enemies (Marcus Visionary Remix)(LionDub International)


Locked and Erbalist - The Inventory (Terror Bass Dub)

Rene LaVice - Angel (Stride Recordings)

Spinlock - Maenad (Stride Recordings Free Download)

Schematic - Fiction (Dub)

Eleventh Sun - Anix (Close 2 Death Recordings)

Jedi - Robber Baron (Gremlinz & Rene LaVice Remix)(Bad Concept Dub)


Boris Segal - Dont Take It Personal (AltoSync)(2006)

CCDNB 023 With Marcus Visionary Part Two


Schematic - Lollipop (Stride Recordings Dub)

Polaris - Coming Home (Dub)

Schematic - My Friend (Funk Star Dub)

Mutt - Strangers (Nu Directions)

Mutt and Grimm - The Beat Goes On (Dub)


DubTrauma - The Beginning (Dub)

Brockout and Peckers - Hostile Action (Dub)

Capital J - Diss Da Program (Locked and Erbalist VIP) (Dub)

Marcus Visionary and Benny Page - Sweetest Ting (Street Life)


Marcus Visionary - Blackboard (Liondub International)


Marcus Visionary Feat. Jah Dan - Bounce (Liondub International Dub)

Spinlock - Make You Love Me (Stride Recordings)


Poldek H - KTR 2010 (Dub)


Visionary Feat. Jenna Anderson - Rush (Hustlin Beats) 2004

Steppa & Marcus Visionary On 1Xtra Mix Show October 2006
Marcus Visionary @ Dancehall After Dark 1xtra 2006-04-18

Mystical Influence & Marcus - Live at Dose Dec 4 99 Side A

Mystical Influence & Marcus - Live at Dose Dec 4 99 Side B

Mystical Influence & Marcus - Back 2 Back Vol 3 - Side A

Mystical Influence & Marcus - Back 2 Back Vol 3 - Side B

Marcus - Delirium 007 - 01.29.94 - Side’s A & B







Marcus Visionary & Saigon on the Prophecy 89.5 Feb.7.2k6



myspace.com/naturalnlushcatchinwreck - channelonestation.com




Lush – PODCAST (channelonestation) / 2010

Marcus and Lush - Live at Sex In The City - April 10 2010

DJ Lush live at Junglist Movement Boxing day 2009 part 1 (RIGHT CLICK TO D/L MP3)

Lush – Live at Junglist Movement Boxing Day 2009 part 2 (RIGHT CLICK TO D/L MP3)

DJ Lush / Heavyweight Junglizm / BackSpin (RIGHT CLICK TO D/L MP3)
Love for the World remix - Fusion - Kemet
Darkage - DJ Solo - Production House
B.A.S.S remix - Origination (photek) - Rudeboy records
Dubplate (just jump around mix) - Ray Kieth - XLR8
Can You Feel the Rush (The Power remix) - Noise factory - Kemet
Obsession (Music's so Wonderful) - DJ Vibes - Asylum
Champion Sound (Alliance remix) - Q Project - Legend
Crackman the Return (Booyaka Mix) - DJ Ron & EQP - Ruffcutt
Gonna Be Allright - Cloud 9 remix-(Sound of Music) - Nookie - Reinforced
Here Comes The Drumz (VIP) - Nasty Habits (Doc Scott) - Metalheadz
Hardcore Junglism - Manix - Reinforced
Terminator - Rufige Cru - Synthetic
The Menace - Rufige Cru - Reinforced
Screwface - The Brainkillers - Kemet
Who Run Tings (T Power Rollers mix) - Shy FX -Ebony
Warning (Stretch remix) - Firefox & 4 Tree (Roni Size & DJ Die) - Philly Blunt
Inna Sound - Conquering Lion (Rebel MC) - X Project
Helicopter Tune - Deep Blue - Movin Shadow
Outta Sound (Set It) - Conquering Lion - X Project
Rinse Out - Ellis Dee & DJ Fly - Collusion
Superhero - The House Crew - Production House
----Callin All The People - A Zone (Aphrodite) - Whitehouse---
Spiritual Aura - DJ Rap - Proper Talent
Atlantis (I Need You) - LTJ Bukem - Goodlooking
Music Box - Roni Size & DJ Die - Full Cycle
Sinister (Grooverider remix) - Rufige Cru - Enforcers 5 (Reinforced)



myspace.com/djeverfresh - www.onpointmusic.ca


Everfresh LIVE @ RESPECT, LA                                                                           





Utah Jazz - Bunny Boiler

A-Sides - White Riesling

Zinc - Wile Out - Marky Remix

Artificial Intelligence - Blind Eye - V

Micheal Jackson - Rock With You Remix

Bladerunner - Bounce Remix - Lion Dub

Serum & Bladerunner - Who Jah Bless VIP

A-Sides ft. Fats - Rebel Rouser

Serum - Rat Trap - Philly Blunt

Bladerunner - Murderation remix - Lion Dub

Aries - Original Foundation

Jayline - Step - Chronic

Marcus Visionary ft. David Boomah - Nice Up The Dance - On Point

Marcus Visionary - Love On Love - On Point

Serum - The Way VIP - Critical

Serum - The Warning VIP

Marky & S.P.Y. - Fang Face - DSB

Hazard - All I Can Say - Playaz

Benny Page ft. Y-Tee & Tenor Fly - Dubplate

Roni Size - Mayday - Philly Blunt

Marky & S.P.Y. - Riff Raff - DSB

Chase & Status - Take U There

Skream - The Epic Last Track

Podcast - On Point Podcast 5 - Everfresh

CCDNB 021 On Point Recordings Showcase Mix Featuring Everfresh and Lucky General / 2010


Johhny Osbourne - No Ice Cream Sound (everfresh special)(On Point dub)

Division One - Sound Bizness (On Point - op001)

Mega-Ton Project - Cold (On Point - op002)

Mega-Ton Project - Bad Man (On Point - op001)

Catchin' Wreck - Vibrations (On Point - op003)

Everfresh - I like it (On Point - op003)

Mega-Ton Project - Hold On (On Point - op004)

Odyssey - Champagne (On Point - op006)

Odyssey - Recognize (On Point - op005)

Odyssey - Nasty (On Point - op005)

Odyssey - Funk Odyssey (On Point - op006)

Visionary - Global Emergency (On Point - op007)

Visionary ft. Peter Ranking - In The Dancehall (On Point - op007)

Visionary - Dead Man Walking (On Point - op008)

Visionary ft. camp souljah - Run For Your Life (On Point - op008)

Visionary - Whip Them (On Point - op010)

Visionary ft. Spikey T - Whip Them Soundboy (On Point - op009)

Isaac Maya ft. Bandulu Dub - Another Meditation (On Point - op009)

Visionary ft. Camp Souljah - Run For Your Life VIP(On Point - op010)

Visionary - Bad Man VIP (Aries Quick Remix) (On Point dub)

Rub-A-Dub Soldiers - No Gun (Smokers001)

Visionary - Cool & Deadly (On Point dub)

Stalefish - Be Careful (smokers001)

Visionary - Bad Man VIP (Serum Big On The Streets Remix) (On Point dub)

Kandiman - Original On Point Sound (Everfresh Special) (On Point dub)


CCDNB 020 with Everfresh


Ashes - The Duel (96 KHZ Productions)

Override - Sooth your Soul (In Da Jungle)

Ladyhawke - My Delirium (Dabbler Remix) (Bootleg)

Psidream & Hadly - Inner Strength (Fokuz Limited Recordings)

Spinlock feat. Kittie Kaos - Just Like Mist (Stride Recordings)

Vice La Vice feat. Keir Edwards- Save Me VIP (Stride Recordings)

Vice La Vice - In Limbo (Dangerous New Age Recordings)

Aspect and Gremlinz - The Gavel (Soothsayer)

Stranjah - One Note VIP (Wrekanise Recordings)

Scehmatic - At Most (Stride Recordings)

Override - Bring It Back (Stride Recordings)

Nusence - Integra (Future Thinkin)

Schematic - Everything's Colour (Stride Recordings)


Visonary - Bad Man (Serum Remix) (On Point)


Visionary - Cool And Deadly (On Point)


Spinlock - Data Center (Stride Recordings)

Nusence - Obsessive Compulsive (Vampire Records)

NC-17 - Altitude Era (Hardware)

Psidream - Tech 9 (Onset Audio)


Slip - Once Again (Jedi Records 1997)



myspace.com/djfreezachin - UKC on www.fusionradio.ca

www.myspace.com/theukc - FACEBOOK FANPAGE


Catch UKC every Wednesdays from 10pm-Midnight EST on http://www.fusionradio.ca/PC:
http://www.fusionradio.ca/ and click 'LISTEN LIVE'MAC: http://cscr.utsc.utoronto.ca:8000/fusion.m3u



Freeza Chin – PODCAST (channelonestation)


Freeza Chin @ Fusion Radio 2009-01-28

Freeza Chin @ Fusion Radio 2009-01-21
Half funky house, half grime/dubstep this week's show. Have a listen!

UKC on Fusion Radio 2008-12-10 [Grime/Funky/Dancehall]

UKC ft. Element & Prowla on Fusion Radio 2008-12-03

UKC on Fusion Radio 2008-11-26’

[Reggae/Grime/Funky House]

UKC on Fusion Radio 2008-10-01