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Minutes of the meeting held on 28 February 2011


Tideford Ward:        Cllr T May, Cllr A Hodge, Cllr S Yates

Polbathic Ward:        Cllr S Barnes, Cllr Mrs V Sullivan

St Germans Ward:        Cllr D Elliott, Cllr G Mackeen, Cllr Mrs A    

                                    Barnicoat, Cllr B Skelton

Bethany Ward:        Cllr I Davey

Public participation

There were 3 members of the public present.

No new proposals regarding the reduction in the speed of traffic in Church Road, Tideford were presented at this meeting. Linda Davidson asked if the Parish Council would arrange another public meeting to discuss the problem. There was much discussion as to whether anything would be gained by this. Cllr May felt that nothing would be achieved and suggested that instead we should contact Highways and ask what traffic calming measures could be deployed to reduce traffic speed, as this remains the main issue. The majority agreed that this would be the best way forward and the clerk will write to Rebecca Dickson and also forward the responses from the residents regarding the planned pavement re-alignment in Church Road.

1.        Police Report – none received           

2.          Apologies for absence

            Apologies had been received from Cllr Gillbard. Cllr Davey apologised for

            arriving a little late. 

3.        Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 31 January 2011

            It was proposed by Cllr Barnes and seconded by Cllr Yates that the minutes be

            approved. All were in favour and the minutes were signed by Cllr Elliott

4.        Matters arising from previous minutes

4.1       Highways – Ongoing Issues

            Church Road, Tideford – The clerk will write to Highways to request traffic

            calming measures to finally reduce the traffic speed. The responses to the

            questionnaire regarding the pavement re-alignment which Suzanne Carpenter

            had delivered to all residents will also be forwarded.   

            Bake Lane End – Following the clerk’s letter to Cornwall Council’s Chief

            Executive, the Natural Environment Officer has advised that a Tree

            Preservation Order application and a Hedgerow Removal Notice could be

            made by the Parish Council, which would then be decided by the Council and

            not the Tree Officer. All Councillors agreed that we should make the

            application and the clerk will contact Planning.  

           Cllr Sullivan reported that the ‘slow’ sign on the road near Sconner House had

            been levelled and that the footpath from Polbathic to the Looe junction had

            also been cleared. The stretch up to Trerulefoot has not yet been done.            

4.1.1        Highways – New Items

            A38 Catchfrench – Enterprise-mouchel has proposed a scheme to ‘calm’

            driver behaviour and reduce vehicle speeds and this work will be carried out in


            Traffic speed through St Germans – two residents ask, on behalf of

            numerous residents, if the Parish Council will support some form of traffic

            calming to reduce speed, particularly near the shop and pub to the far end of

            The Causeway. The clerk will contact Highways in the first instance.

4.2       Affordable Housing

            Cllr Elliott reported on a site meeting with Bibio Ltd, their architect, the Head

            Teacher of St Germans School, the Parish Council and Cornwall Council held

            on 28.2.11. There was discussion regarding where the new road would access

            the site and a footpath for the new housing to access the school and village.

            Revised proposals will be prepared and consultation will continue.

            Cllr Barnicoat expressed concerns regarding Hastoe Housing Association.

4.3       Bus Shelter

            The bus shelter will be installed on 1.3.11.        

4.4        Xtravert Ramps

            The 3 ramp choices had been displayed in the shop and the 4ft mini had 42

            votes, the 5 ft mini had 3 votes and the 3ft mini had no votes. The clerk has

            been advised that each ramp would require planning permission and will find

            out more details and what the fees would be. The clerk will also keep the

            company informed.

4.5       Website

            Cllr Sullivan reported that the correct crest was now on the website and that

            Ron Daniel was going to pass on the history for possible inclusion on the


4.6       Allotments

            Cllr Elliott reported that the Gardening Club seemed keen to set up the

            Allotment Association. Robert Jubb will contact Cllr Elliott after their meeting

            and we will find out more details regarding parking, water etc at our quarterly

            meeting with Port Eliot on 8.3.11.

4.7       Salt/Grit Bins  

            The clerk confirmed that bins had been delivered to:

            1. at the junction of Eliot Drive and Quay Road, St Germans

            2. Lower Fairfield, St Germans, although this bin will be moved onto the

                concrete base nearer the junction with the B3249

            3. near the bridge at Bridge Road, Tideford

            Bins near the Almshouses, St Germans and near the notice board at Polbathic

            will not be positioned as they are directly next to an A or B road.

            An additional bin will be provided at the Heskyn View footpath, Tideford but

            not between Orchard Close and West Park as the Engineering Technician does

            not consider it to be necessary.

           Cllr Elliott advised that locks would need to be purchased and Cllr Barnes said

            that only stainless steel would last.

4.8       Parish Notice Boards

            Budget provision had been made for the replacement of the notice boards but

            the clerk was still awaiting firm prices for the Parish Council to consider.

4.9       Parish Emergency Planning – see correspondence received at 11.11 and


            Guidance has been received on developing a Community Emergency Plan and

            Cllr Elliott outlined what was required. Each Ward Councillor was asked to

            think about buildings that could be used, contact details etc

4.10     Correspondence from Clerk

             The clerk had written to Highways about various issues but no reply has yet

             been received 

             The clerk had opposed any further closures of public conveniences in


5.        Playparks

5.1        St Germans – nothing to report


5.2        Tideford

           Cllr Elliott will speak to W H Bond & Sons to find out when they will start


6.        Burial Ground

6.1       Browning Grassam, Solicitors will act for the Parish Council in the purchase

            of land to extend the burial ground. Noted

            IPL Property Services has given us a quote to prepare the planning

            application. Noted        

7.        Finance

7.1       Quercus invoice for grass cutting £515. Paid by clerk

7.2       EDF invoice for Tideford lighting 1.11.10 – 31.1.11 £27.48. Paid by clerk

7.3       Hall Hire at RBL Tideford for 4 meetings - £48. Paid by clerk

7.4       Hall Hire at the Eliot Hall for 4 meetings - £68.

7.5       Clerks salary for February and expenses - £ 492.75

7.6       Barclays i-sure charge for January - £3.30.

7.7       Quercus invoice for works to Treland Park - £350. Paid by clerk  


            It was proposed by Cllr May and seconded by Cllr Davey that all finance

            items be approved. All were in favour.

           Cllr May thanked the clerk for the high standard and content of the Agenda and



8.        Planning Applications - none

9.        Planning Decisions

            The following decision notices had been received which were noted.

9.1       A Refusal of Application for a Certificate of Existing Lawful Use or

            Development at Kernow Mill, Trerulefoot dated 4.10.10 - 09/00208/LUCE

9.2       Grant of Listed Building Consent for 2 applications both for Tideford House,

            Tideford dated 24.9.10 & 16.12.10 – 10/03906 – 10/07337  

9.3       Grant of Conditional Planning Permission for 6 applications

            10/06057 – The Flat, Tyhanner, Polbathic – 10.11.10

            10/05475 – The Old School House, Tideford – 22.10.10

            10/05314 – Bake Sawmills, Trerulefoot – 21.10.10

            10/04069 – Barn at Milladon Farm, Trerulefoot – 30.9.10

            10/03905 – Tideford House, Tideford – 24.9.10

            10/03901 – Little Cutcrew, Cutmere – 15.10.10

9.4       In future decision notices are available to download from the public access

            system at and will be emailed to all clerks with the

            applications registered list. Noted

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     Tree Preservation Order 2010 – Land at Tower View, Quarry Lane, St

           Germans. Noted

10.2     East Sub-Area Planning Committee at Liskeard on 24.2.11 - noted

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Tideford AQMA - Cornwall Council advised that following the consultation

            early indications favoured Option 3 which encompasses the whole of the

            community. The clerk has written to record that the Parish Council’s

            preference is for Option 1, the smallest area. Cllr Sullivan had preferred

           Option 3 but the majority option was recorded.        

11.2    Community Network Report from Cornwall Council - noted

11.3     Low Carbon Solar UK Ltd – public consultation for proposed solar park at

            Penewin Farm. Noted  

11.4     Planning Future Cornwall – Cornwall Core Strategy, options consultation

            paper. Consultation period from 7.2.11 to 28.4.11. Cllr Elliott had read the

            papers and asked if anyone wished to respond on behalf of the Parish Council.

            An exhibition is to be held at Morrisons, Liskeard on 4.4.11 from 11.00am to


11.5    Core Strategy Options Paper Sustainability Appraisal Interim Report is

            available to view from 7.2.11 – 28.4.11. Noted

11.6     Draft Statement of Community Involvement is available to view from 7.2.11 –

            28.4.11. Noted

11.7     Community Network Areas Core Strategy Area Based Discussion Paper is

            available to view from 7.2.11 – 28.4.11. Noted

11.8     Cornwall Core Strategy Options Paper is available to view from 7.2.11 –

            28.4.11. Noted    

11.9     Community Building projects in the networks – possible funding. Polbathic

            Reading Room is already on the list to be considered. Mail to Cllr Barnes

11.10   Renewable Energy Guide for Rural Communities – printed off for Cllr Barnes

            and emailed to Cllr Davey

11.11   St Germans Division Parish Cluster Meeting – Emergency Planning

            documents both passed to Cllr Barnes. See 4.9

11.12   Cornwall Gateway Community Network Meeting – 7.2.10 at Landulph.

            Passed to Cllr Elliott and Cllr Barnes

11.13   February edition of Nut Tree - noted

11.14   Specialist printers for parish newsletters etc –


11.15   Independent Memorial Inspection and cleaning - noted

11.16   Cornwall Blind Association – Stride for Sight Sponsored Walk – 19.3.11. Cllr

            May proposed that if we had not already made a donation, a £50 donation be

            made in lieu of taking part in the walk. This was seconded by Cllr Mackeen

            and all were in favour. The clerk checked the records and a donation of £100

            was paid on 30.11.10

11.17   Clean Cornwall Week – 2.4.11 – 10.4.11 and 17.9.11 – 25.9.11. Posters on all

             notice boards .

11.18   Caradon monthly walks – Siblyback Lake on 2.3.11 and Kilminorth Woods,

             Looe on 6.4.11. Noted

11.19   Funding Bulletin – Business & Economy – Sport etc. Noted

11.20   Keep Cornwall Whole – A Setback – an update from Adam Killeya. Noted

11.21   Rural Services Network – weekly news digest and the re-launch of its website

            - Noted

11.22   The Week – issues 26, 27 (Town & Parish Councils must register with HM

            Revenue & Customs and run PAYE scheme) The clerk will look into this.

11.23   Press Release – Exciting new service helps keep libraries in Cornwall open.

            Mail to Cllr Yates

11.24   Town and Parish Council Newsletter – February 2011. Noted

11.25   SLCC Constitution – branch rules. Noted

11.26   SLCC training course 24.3.11 at Ivybridge – Agendas and Minutes. Clerk to


11.27   Soil Erosion Control – Controlling Soil Erosion – Soil: A Precious Resource –

            Producing a Soil Management Plan. First page only printed of each but

            available from clerk. Noted

11.28   Use of snow chains, studded tyres and snow socks – problem with prolonged

            use as they are not suitable for use on normal road surfaces - noted

11.29   Winter maintenance and salting of roads – Cllr Elliott had asked the clerk to

            advise CC of 2 specific routes not on the pre-salting routes. It was agreed to

            add the stretch between Tideford and Tideford Cross. There is a question &

            answer session with Highways on 15.3.11 at 10.00am at the Church Hall,

            Botus Fleming. No-one can attend.

11.30   SLCC – A plain English guide to the Localism Bill and a summary for

            Members. Mail to Cllr Sullivan

11.31   Saltash Town Framework Member Steering Group – 1.3.11 at 6.30pm –

            Guildhall, Saltash. Noted

11.32   CALC – a briefing on proposed changes to the Accounts and Audit

            Regulations from April 2011. Noted

11.33   Notes from the Cornwall Gateway Community Network Meeting on 7.2.11.

            The next meeting (AGM) will be on 7.3.11 at 6.30pm at the Eliot Hall. Noted

11.34   Emergency Planning Cluster Meeting on 16.2.11 – Presentation notes – Draft

           Community Emergency Plan – Guidance on developing a Community

            Emergency Plan. See 4.9

11.35   The Audit Commission will be carrying out the external audit for 2010/2011

            and 2011/2012 but will be disbanded by Christmas 2012. Mr Wayne Rickard

            has been appointed as our auditor.

11.36   Clerks and Councils Direct – March 2011. Noted

11.37   CALC has arranged a training course – Parish Councillor Skills on 19.3.11 at

            Camborne. This is fully booked but a further day will be arranged after Easter

             in Bodmin or Launceston. Cllr Sullivan, Cllr Hodge and Cllr Skelton are

             interested in attending.

11.38    East Cornwall Council for Voluntary Service – promote, develop, support.


12.        Informal Correspondence

12.1    Cllr May reported that at the road into Orchard Close, Tideford the trees/hedge

           were badly overgrown and need trimming. The clerk was asked to write to

           Cornwall Council Housing Department.

12.2    Cllr Sullivan advised that she had received a complaint regarding the car park

            at Polbathic and the number of what appeared to be abandoned cars parked

            there leaving no space for residents to park there. Cllr Sullivan had noted that

            2 had no car tax and 3 more would have out of date tax discs from today.  The

            clerk will contact Cornwall Council accordingly

12.3    Cllr Davey reported on Cllr Gillbard’s behalf that more potholes needed

            attention on the stretch of road from Catchfrench Lane to the A38

12.4    Cllr Davey reported that some pot holes at Penewin Lane had been filled in

            but that the lane needed a lot more work.

12.5    Cllr Mackeen reported that pot holes in the stretch of road, particularly along

           the road edge from Bag Lane to Trerulefoot need filling in

12.6   Cllr Barnicoat advised that the two tree trunk seats in Treland Park are

          deteriorating and asked if plastic wood could be used to renovate them. Cllr

          Elliott thought that one furthest down the hill is rotted quite badly but will

           inspect them.

          The tree from Penlan is causing problems for the bus, as the bus stop is beside

           the tree and it needs pruning back. Cllr Elliott will speak with the house owner.

The meeting closed at 10.00pm.

Signed as a true record of the meeting………………………………………………..