Ashton Honnecke


2822 Federal Blvd

Denver, CO 80211


Technical Qualifications

Languages: PHP, Perl, Pythong, Bash, SQL, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript,  Objective C, Regexp, C/C++, ASP

OS: Linux(Debian, Redhat, Ubuntu, CentOS), Unix (Solaris, OSX)

Software: Git, Nginx, Lighttpd, Apache1/2, Mod rewrite, SVN, MySql+lite, Emacs, Bind, Cruise Control, TravisCI, CircleCI, XCode, gcc, IPTables

Concepts: MVC, OO Design, Test Driven Development, TDD, SEO, Continuous integration, JSLint

Libraries: Symfony1/2, Zend, Silex, Yii, Cake, PHPUnit, jQuery, Scriptaculous, Prototype, Cordova, QUnit, jQuery Mobile

Professional Experience


2009 - present

Senior Software Engineer

Nov 2015 - Dec 2017

Senior Software Engineer

Colorado State University Global Campus

2014 - 2015

Senior Software Engineer

2008 - 2009

Software Engineer

2005 - 2008                                 

US Systems Administrator

 Proxima Technology

2004 - 2005


Master of Business Administration

Denver University

2004 - 2005

Bachelor of Computer Science

Denver University

2000 - 2004          


I enjoy snowboarding, go (the game), reading, welding, and a pretty much constant stream of home projects.  I enjoy a challenge and I love puzzles, and problem solving, as well as working with my hands and constructing things.  I also contribute to open source projects, specifically symfony and a few associated plugins.

Professional References

Bryan Potter:

Woody Whitman:

Brian Braido:



Luke Swanson: