The Ecometry Google Group is maintained and moderated by the IEUG board. Red Prairie employees are welcome to register and participate in the group but have no more privileges than any other member. Only members of IEUG may join the group. To register for IEUG membership, please visit Ecometry partners and vendors are welcome to join the group as well, as long as they are registered IEUG members. Unsolicited advertising is prohibited. The best way to plug your product or service is to respond to questions posted by users. You may subscribe as many people from your company as you like.

To request an invitation to the Ecometry Google Group, send an email to with your name, company name, and email address. Only company domain email addresses will be subscribed to the group. Personal email addresses are not allowed. Once you are a member, you can view and search the group online by creating a Google Account ( for your subscribed email address. This is only required if you want to view the group online or change your email delivery preferences. You may post and receive messages without a Google Account. Send new posts to

In a nutshell:

1. Register your company as a member of IEUG.

2. Request an invitation to group; email from

3. Create a Google Account for