The future Is Bright, Red

Demonic energies are becoming more common.  Demonic possessions, demonic exorcisms and demonic hauntings are becoming a regular occurrences.  Why is this happening and is the rate of these different demonic occurrences going to increase?


"Why?" falls in alignment with the 2012 phenomena and the Age of Aquarius we are entering.  For the past four decades the inhabitants of Earth have been getting adjusted to the ever rising consciousness of the dimension of time and space that we exist in on this planet.  December 2012 is not the end of the world, it is the end of a cycle.  The new cycle that we are entering into is what all the fuss is about.  


2012 ushers in the Age of Aquarius, creating a time for all who are here inhabiting a physical body the opportunity for ascension.  Not just the raising of one's consciousness, but an actual ascension.  It will be a time like no other.  This is because the vibration of consciousness of this dimension of time and space is rising and every form of life from all frequencies of consciousness is converging onto our planet and into this main frequency of consciousness we call life and are seeking to ascend as well as well.  We refer to these entities as possessions as they seek to temporarily and even permanently possess humanity.


It is necessary to possess a human body to be able to make an individual ascension. This is due to the need of a self awareness that can identify itself as being one yet separate from the vessel.  The body is a large part of our physical experience, but it is not what we are of our energetic experience.  Therefore we are one with our body as a vessel, utilizing it for this dimension of time and space, yet separate of our identity.  Humans are the only species on the planet that have this level of awareness and possessing a human body will sustain this.  Possessing the body of anything lower than human will not sustain the level of awareness of humans and the possessor will be tied into and blinded by the experience.

Possessions have been interacting with humanity and other inhabitants of this planet since a consciousness first inhabited a body.  The occurrence of possessions was a rarity until the beginning of the 1970’s when we first began to tangibly feel the consciousness of the planet rising.  These days, we as humans are beginning to feel the connection beyond ourselves, bridging the gap to becoming one of consciousness.  The scientific equivalent of being one with everything, yet being separate of awareness is the internet.


The reason for the rise of consciousness or the shift on the planet is that we have been nearing the end of a phase with only one Christ Consciousness being born per the nine regions of the planet.  This coincides with the end of the Maya calendar.  The nine Christ consciousnesses that retained their spots in each region, have now been released from their burden, allowing individuals in all nine regions of Earth the opportunity to become living Christs as a normal everyday experience.  Leading to the grand opportunity for every human to be able to make their individual ascension to becoming a God again.

Just because the opportunity for ascension is there doesn't mean that people are going to proceed with it.  Most people are firmly rooted in the archaic beliefs of old world religions.  Religion and all of the foreshadowing fears  are going to come to fruition, but Hell for humanity is not an external  afterlife experience.  Hell is internal.  We have different words to describe hell here on Earth.  We all can identify hell as a major addiction, a major disease, a major illness, a major mental illness, horrible life circumstances and even possessions.  If there is a human body available and the owner does not utilize their time here for an ascension, then everything else that is seeking that opportunity will seek to possess that body.


There are different types of possessions, all of which are harmful to deadly.  Aside from the chemical part of an addiction there is also the monkey on a person's back that initially started and will prolong that addiction.  When a person is high and another personality emerges, it is the monkey or possession that they carry and fuels the addiction that is coming through.  The possession creates the urge to perpetuate the experience, even though it may be killing the host.  

For some unfortunate people the monkey on their back could simply be born of a ghost that followed them home one night. The addiction is not that of the individual but that of the ghost, manifesting itself through the individual. Additionally, ghosts and possessions are more easily invited into a person's body by connecting with an energy.  Connecting with an energy is an unconscious invitation for it to enter into your life and possibly into your body.  How easily can an unconscious connection be made?  As easy as  searching Face Book, looking at pictures and connecting with the different energetic possessions from the pictures of others.  Time and space has no limitations when it comes to connecting with "stuff".  Connecting with someone or something from the spirit realm, even through a picture from fifty years ago, creates not only an invitation into your body and life, but direct access to you.  What once was uncommon and highly unlikely has become common and a part of everyday life thanks to the internet.  


The increase in illness and disease on the planet is due in part to the rise of consciousness.  We are now more than ever creators of our health, wealth and happiness.   Our thoughts have a greater impact than they ever have before.  If we think ill of ourselves and our life, we can wreak havoc through law of attraction.   Humans are doing this not only on an individual level, but as a global force unconsciously deciding our future.  The decisions leading up to illness and disease are our thoughts about ourselves, our lives in the present and what our future holds.  


Alzheimer's is an illness caused by another type of possession.  An individual feels or believes that there is nothing left for them here to accomplish.  They are ready to pass on, but their  body is still healthy.  This invites one of two things.  Illness to kill the body by way of disease or for a possession to take over the body in the hopes that the human soul will leave, permanently.  It is the possession that takes over the body, but it is only death that releases the original inhabitant.  It is a sad hell to go through, but it is a choice, conscious or otherwise.

A cancer patient that has become terminally ill may have made a choice, possibly many years before, as a possession sharing their space unconsciously convinced them that they have accomplished everything in their life and that they are no longer needed.  Once the choice is made there is little one can do but accept their fate.

There are three types of death, in relation to your contract for being here, end life suddenly.  They are heart attacks, dying in your sleep and brain aneurisms.  Every other route to deaths door is a choice.  We are the creators of our experience for better or worse.  


The most voracious type of possession that is now consuming humanity is demonic.  Years ago demons came in to lay claim to souls that were the most pure and innocent as they transform into the most powerful demons.  We have all heard of demonic possessions.  Now because of the shift on the planet, demonic possessions are not only increasing, they are actually permanently possessing human bodies and displacing souls.  The effect is similar to an Alzheimer patient, but unlike the illness of Alzheimer's, the demon doesn't share space with its host.  It trades places with the soul.  The soul is still connected to the body, but the original inhabitant’s soul is now moved down to hell and released in the normal death process when the demon possessed body dies.  Once the process unfolds it cannot be reversed.  The demon that takes over the body retains all memory of the life experience of the displaced inhabitant, but the personality and all that we know that defines a person disappears.  The person becomes a completely different.  I witnessed a very good friend of mine go through this several years ago.  We are no longer friends.  More sad news is that once this happens to a person it can spread throughout their family.  Next they try to jump to all of the people close to the infected family and it spreads like a plague.  This demonic plague is avoidable for individuals who actually raise their own consciousness or fill their life with light energy.

Raising of consciousness is not achieved by will alone.  Is not achieved by waiting for it to happen.  Is not achieved through prayer, mediation or any other practice of quieting the mind and body.  Although ascension is not possible via the study and practice of yoga, yoga brings so much light into the body that it will completely repel demonic energies as long as the individual maintains a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with daily yoga exercise.  There are also people who are naturally resilient to demonic energies and are not affected in the least, though this is rare.


The consciousness of this dimension of time and space is rising, but all this means is that everything in possession of a human body has the opportunity for ascension.  It does not mean that it will automatically happen for everyone.  It does mean that if people are not personally aggressive with their own ascension, that other energies will utilize their body for their own ascension.  Aside from yoga and actively seeking your own ascension, there is nothing that can protect you or prevent demonic entities from engaging a person.  No philosophy or religion can protect you.  The very worst thing anyone can do is subscribe to the belief that an outside source can protect them through an action such as prayer.  This is the same as making an animal sacrifice to the gods to end a drought.  The majority of people that are affected by the paranormal, supernatural, ghosts, demons and the like are people who actively pray.  Prayer didn't help to protect them or to prevent what was happening.  

The main reason why prevention is so difficult is because once any possession or demonic energy goes unnoticed within the host beyond a certain period of time, usually beyond six months, people consider the possession to be a part of their own identity.  Knowing the signs of the initial interaction is the best early warning system.  Some of the major signs of  demonic possessions include sudden depression for no apparent reason, intense agitated states, outbursts of anger for no apparent reason, sudden paranoia and waking up at 3 A.M. each night.


Once aware of these early signs one must seek help immediately.  Prayer will not protect nor will it resolve the issue.  In the early stages of demonic possession the rights of exorcism will not work because no claim has been laid on the individual.  These days, the way demonic entities work, they don't rely on claiming another.  The individual is deceitfully talked into allowing the demonic entity to stay.  The communication is delivered as if it is your own thoughts.  The possession can become permanent within three months.  It takes another year or so for the demon to completely take over, leaving not even a hint of the original inhabitant's personality.


All possessions are not created equal.  There are lesser possessions and greater ones.  There are possessions of different colors and intensity.  Possessions of different purpose.  Demonic possession are always the color red.  They always work in groups and they will say any and everything to get their host to allow them to stay.   Staying means a takeover.  Years ago children were rarely affected by this, but this is no longer the case.  Children are equally affected, but it is usually after a parent is taken over as children are oblivious to the signs of the initial interaction between demonic and their host.  


Demonic possessions that inhabit human bodies are petty, thieving, very secretive, deceptive and deceitful.  Possessions do not discriminate.  They will inhabit the wealthy or the poor. They will inhabit whatever can cause the most widespread fear, because fear opens others to their influence.  Of the energetic realm children and even adults who are of pure innocence make for good targets because in death they become very powerful demons.  In the physical realm, politicians and other influential people become targets because of the widespread fear and despair they can cause in lives of the masses.  No one is immune.  

Look beyond the religious viewpoint of an antichrist and see the larger picture that is ongoing.  The nine regions of the planet have been liberated and now everyone has the choice to become a living Christ and unfold their own ascension, or to become the embodiment of an antichrist being affected by the demonic plague.    

Beyond 2012 we are entering into a new age.  An age in which everyone has the opportunity for ascension.  We are just beginning to see the number of demonic possessions increase as we are nearing the 2012 shift into 2013.  They have infected politicians, C.E.O's, and even Presidents.  The flood gate of demonic possessions is going to open between late 2016 into early 2017.  The increase of paranormal hauntings and occult related issues are going to become very common.  The future is bright red by way of demonic entities possessing those who deny change.