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  • mmr_na-155837 "Unix Operating Systems - Unable to Communicate with the gWLM CMS Daemon (gwlmcmsd)." 
  • mmr_na-157845 "Note: This complex does not contain Instant Capacity components"
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  • Google:  GSpace (chrome://gspace/content/gspaceWindow.xul)
  • For PC: In Control Panel, click Sounds and Audio Devices, click on Sounds tab. Pick sound from file:///C:/WINDOWS/Media/
  • file://C:\Documents and Settings\elher\My Documents\My Sounds
  • For Outlook - Tools>>Options>>Other>>Advanced Options>Reminder Options.

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* export erich13 browser sync bookmarks to a file, import into IE, and then use PlainOldFavorites extension in Flock to access the bookmarks.

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œ PC Folders, e.g.  file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/elher/My%20Documents/  Open folder

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 My old PC:

My new PC:

My PC: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/elher/My%20Documents/

Settings\elher\My Documents\My Roles\KCS - My KM documents | I:\My Blogging\Drafts.KM ]

Jabber history files

    mine: C:\Documents and Settings\elher\Application Data\Jabber Messenger\Message History\

    Room History: C:\Documents and Settings\elher\My Documents\My Archive\Jabber\Archive

My Cases DRP:

  C:\Documents and Settings\elher\Application Data\Flock\Browser\Profiles\z76falqu.default\extensions\performancing-notes.xml

           Used to be in my Cases DRP mailbox (Outlook)

           Sometimes is My Cases notebook

Old PC: Google Desktop @ Work | Timeline: All | emails | files | web | history | Index Status

flock_maps.rdf - They are saved in your profile root and the file is caled flock_maps.rdf. It is possible to consolidate the data by openig up the rdf file in a text editor (eg notepad not word) and copying and pasting all the <RDF:Seq.. stuff together in one flock_maps.rdf file. Make sure you do not copy the first bit:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<RDF:RDF xmlns:NS1=" "

         xmlns:FL=" "


         xmlns:RDF=" ">

and the very last bit.


Maybe in the future I will look into easy import/export as a gml file.

Best wishes, tones