TITLE: Does Torpedo Point Defense System accept +17.5% console boost?

Does: [Console - Tactical - Warhead Yield Chamber Mk X] (+17.5% Torpedo Weapon Damage)

Boost / Work with / Add to / Modify

[Console - Universal - Torpedo Point Defense System] ?


[QUOTE=tenkari;5558331]AKA... Tooltips.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=lordfuzun;5562891]Hold you cursor over the power icons in your power tray. After a few seconds you'll get a popup window with basic info.[/QUOTE]

Thanks to you both :D; I found the answer to be YES ,

[Console - Universal - Torpedo Point Defense System] (TPDS) is modified by Torpedo affecting consoles. However since, beams fire 6x & 3x more often than torps, it was better to use a beam boosting console. (Beams fire every 1sec & Dual Beams 2sec vs. 6sec for photon torps) The TPDS only fires every 3 minutes. Guess you could fire it with torp boost console then swap to beam boost console every three minutes. :)

To Help the other Novices like me, I made some screen shots with step by step instructions. ;)

Example of Ship Weapon Status, so you need be in space; (beam to ship).

1. Click "Character Status" icon, then 2. Select your ship.


2. Hover mouse over an item to view its detailed status.


3. If you are trying to find out how much a console modifies a ship weapon; hover on the weapon in your "Personal Tray" make note of its damage, then drag the Console away into your inventory and re-look at the weapon's damage amount. When deciding which console is best; don't forget to take into account; weapon rate of fire (right click > info) and torp / mine 3 second setup delay between weapons. Thus even if you have 2 torp; the second won't fire for 3 seconds, so more than two torps is a waste because the 1st one will be ready after the second one; 6 seconds.