How to insert a barcode in Google Docs using IDAutomation’s free barcode generator

The following tutorial describes how to insert a static barcode into a Google Docs Document. This method is used to insert barcodes one at a time. To generate barcodes dynamically, please refer to the Google Docs Barcode Integration Guide.

  1. From the insert menu, select Image.
  2. Form the Insert Image dialog select the URL option.
  3. Select one of the following URL’s corresponding with the desired barcode type:
  1. Properties of the barcode may be changed by editing the URL. For example; setting the D parameter will change the data in the barcode and BH changes the bar height. As the URL is changed, a preview barcode is visible which may be scanned from the screen for testing purposes with the IDAutomation 2D Scanner.

  2. After the barcode is verified to be accurate, choose Select to import the barcode into the document. If the barcode is not visible after import, add the &I=jpeg parameter.

Code 128 Example:

QRCode example:

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