HANEY HORSEMAN ASSOCIATION

                                     Thursday, February 10, 2011

                            Planet Ice Maple Ridge Fairgrounds – 7:30 PM


PRESENT:  Heather Grant, Larry St-Onge, Mark Lewis, Ernie Buckle, Dayna Jones, Kelly Mackowiak, Christine Voglmaier, Kim Hofmarks, Robyn Tremblay, Matthijs Eterman, Eunice Rousseau, Dianne Stoesz,  Mike Barker, Kerri-Jo Stewart, Debbie Smith, Sue Agabob, Yolanta Siwinski, Marion Bok, Lynn Byer


Meeting called to order 7:34


Minutes of January 13, 2011 approved Lynn Byer; 2nd Debbie Smith


Approval and or Additions to Agenda  - Motion to approve – Larry St-

    Onge; 2nd Mark Lewis

    Additions:    -- LMQHA Horseman’s Bazaar & Country Fair

                        -- trail: 260th south to 116th

Membership and Finance Report  -    26 members  

                                                           Finance Report $37,881.28



    1. Fee for Service Agreement

  1. Equine Education Conference – Kelowna.  Terri-Jo attended the conference, reported it was excellent.  Next year it will be held in Vancouver.

  1. 2011 HHA events calendar:  (Terri-Jo added that Pony Club Fundraiser is in March. Call her for more info)

January                13th

HHA Meeting

February              10th             

HHA Meeting

March                  10th 

HHA Meeting

April                     14th



HHA Meeting

Trailer Check Event

Know your Trails Ride

May                     12th 


HHA Meeting

Know your Trails Ride

      /Poker Ride

June                 3, 4, 5



2nd Annual Allco Campout &  

    Know Your Trails Ride

HHA Meeting

Endurance Ride

July                      TBA

                       16 & 17

Know your Trails Ride

Maple Ridge Fair

August                 TBA        

Know your Trails Ride

September             8th 



HHA Meeting

Know your Trails Ride

Fundraiser: dinner only

October                13th   

HHA Meeting

 November           10th 

HHA Meeting

December              3rd 


Christmas Parade

Christmas Potluck & Auction


  1. Know your Trails Rides – volunteer co-coordinator for 2011:  Dianne S. Larry and Dianne will plan the Know Your Trails Ride/Poker Ride for May.  Heather said there is $250 allotted in the budget for the Know Your Trails Rides.

  1. Trail Issues/reports:  (see attached Trails Committee Report.)
  1. Erskine Trail – Not accepted by HHA
  2. Shoesmith has disappeared, temporary route we can use.
  3. Ann & Earl Conn – being relocated.  Jim checked it and he sees no issues.
  4. Killer Hill – Closed
  5. Silver Valley – a couple of new trails, nice through the 232nd to Silver Valley Rd, needs more work.  Steep and some washouts.  2 trees holding up another tree holding up a log that holds the trail up—could be dangerous if one of the 2 trees comes down.
  6. Braidwood – Report of a big slippery rock
  7. Vernon Bridge -- Closed
  8. Mill Creek bridge – Closed – Is considered a Priority now
  9. Docksteader East – Not accepted by HHA  Jim Elliott
  10. Pony Creek – Dayna reported a rider was almost hit by a car because they could not use Pony Creek because of a large amount of debris left by the sewer crew.  Jim reported the contractor had said he would move the debris.  Trees are cut down and should be removed.  The contractors are not working on that section at the moment and if the trees were removed we could use the trail.  Heather will email Bruce.
  11. Terri Jo and Mark are researching a trail, road right of way, trail is up 240th to 116th to 248th.  


               Request was made for 2 weeks notice for work parties if

               possible.  We know they are rescheduled due to weather and

               worker available last moment, but if members could get

               more notice perhaps more workers would be able to set the

               time aside to help.





  1. Correspondence:  
  1. LMQHA Horsemen’s Bazaar & Country Fair:  Motion to have a booth at this year’s fair: March 20, 2011.  Heather.  2nd Yolanta

  1. Trails closed and reason:  Heather will email Bruce re the following--
  1. Vernon Trail – bridge construction
  2. Tim’s Trail – bridge construction
  3. West Shoesmith – development
  4. Trans Ridge – sewer construction
  5. Maggie Jiggs – sewer construction
  6. Killer Crossing – sewer construction
  7. Pony Creek – sewer construction

7.  NEXT MEETING:   March 10, 2011

8.  Adjourned