Sharing your photos with us.

(These instructions assume that you know how to find your pictures on your computer or camera)

To set up a Gmail account: -

Go to and click Gmail (a little to the left, near the top). Scroll down the page where you will see towards the bottom right Create an Account.  Do this (it is free and easy) and don’t forget to write down your sign-in name and password.  After you have set up your Google account, return to the Google main page.

Near the top left of this page, (just above the big GOOGLE name) click on the word “more” and in the drop down menu, click on “Photos”.  This will take you to the Picasa Web Albums main page.

Sign in to Picasa using your newly created Gmail account.  Now you are in your web album area, ready to create an album and upload your pictures.

In this page, click on the word UPLOAD – near the top of the page.  A window will come up telling you to Create a new Album.  (All I ever do here is put in a title...when you become more familiar with Picasa you will want to go back and fill in the other stuff.)  So, put a title on your album and click “continue” at the bottom of the window that came up.

Now, here is where I don’t want to steer you wrong.  This next page comes up differently for different computers/systems...but if you do not see a big empty window with an “add photos” icon on the top left, scroll down the page and click Basic Uploader   There will be a suggestion on this page to download the Picasa software, but unless you are looking for something to help organize all the pictures on your computer, I would suggest you not do this, but stay with basic uploading.  If you do have the big window, just click add photos, add your photos and upload.

With the basic uploader,   browse your computer and upload your photos one at a time.  (In the basic uploader you can only add 5 photos at one time.  When you have 5 pictures selected, click UPLOAD, then return to the main upload page (you should be there when your upload is finished), click upload again, SELECT your album and repeat the process until your pictures are all up in your album.

When you have finished, on your main Picasa page - i.e.the one where the first photo of all of your albums are showing - Click SHARE (near the top of the page) and send it to us at  and I will create the link to your album on the ARHS Reunion Web Albums page.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see your pictures.