HootSuite API Hackathon

Interested in knowing what’s next for HootSuite? Want to participate in making something revolutionary? Consider congregating with other enthusiasts for a day-long session of ideating, coding and designing. Come to HootSuite HQ and enjoy food, bevvies and code this Saturday Nov. 13th.


HootSuite is opening up an API to allow add-ons to popular social media dashboard. This is a chance to create mash-ups and add extensions which users can add-in to customize their dashboard.

To test the capabilities of the recently-declassified build-in architecture, we’re inviting thinkers and do-ers for an interactive first look and hack session to build a few tools to demonstrate capabilities and test what’s possible.

HootSuite developers will be on hand to help with your ideas, share knowledge and inside methods used to build this tool.

What’s Possible

HootSuite’s API is designed to pull-in and display data from most any web app/site with API. You may want to add Flickr photo upload and commenting, or posting videos and faves to Youtube. Perhaps an Etsy or eBay customization to let you know when new products, comments or bids are posted. Or maybe injecting data from Compete, Alexa would be interesting. If you have a web app in development, this is a chance to get it in front of a larger audience.

Who Should Participate

What You Get


Saturday, Nov. 13, 11AM - 5PM

HootSuite HQ = 37 Dunlevy St., Vancouver, BC

Map: http://ow.ly/36mz1


HootSuite crew will be on-hand including Developer David Chan, CEO Ryan Holmes, CTO Simon Stanlake and Community Wrangler Dave Olson

Questions: apps@hootsuite.com

Register: http://ow.ly/36muN