How important is your ability to communicate?  

  • Do you want to communicate more effectively, so others will understand and value your ideas?
  • Can you imagine the doors that would open to you if you learned how to present yourself better?
  • Ever wonder what signals you've missed because you weren't listening?

To communicate effectively, it is crucial to align your intention, words and body language.

When your words, intention and body language are fully aligned, you are authentic and present in the moment. What you say to others will match how you feel inside, giving your words and body language a conguence that builds trust.

Through communication and personal coaching, I provide training and support to make your communication more persuasive and effective.

Gain vital skills to express yourself clearly!    

        “After my first coaching session with Jenny, I felt so confident it made my eyes pop! I never realized how quickly I could shift from being nervous to feeling completely comfortable and self-assured. Jenny gave me tools I can use every day.”

        “I lost my job during the worst part of the recession. Jenny coached me to get ready for the most important job interview I ever had – with a company I'd wanted to work for since I began 15 years ago.

        When we did a practice interview, she identified the most important areas, including my strengths and possible weaknesses. She helped me prepare so thoroughly that when I went to the interview, I was calm and confident, certain that I would make a good connection. I aced the interview – and got the job!”

        “My brochure wasn't getting me any clients. I asked Jenny to figure out what was missing. She did that and much more. She was genuinely interested in finding out more about me and my work. Then she used that information to make the brochure convey not only what I do but who I am. As a result, my brochure is the best I ever had, and clients keep grabbing more for their friends.”

How Can Communication Coaching Help You?

  • Learn by doing – Increase your awareness through interactive, experiential exercises. These exercises engage your learning both mentally and physically, creating new pathways on a subconscious level (where most learning takes place!)


  • Track your own and others' communication signals – Read body language, voice tone, facial expressions. Expand your ability to recognize both verbal and nonverbal requests to connect         


  • Be an effective “reader” of other people's feelings and needs – Know how to accurately interpret others' emotions


  • Become aware of the the signals you send Use nonverbal signals to increase rapport


  • Improve your ability to present your ideas convincingly and persuasively – Build bridges of connection that strengthen business and personal relationships – including to people who have different communication styles and interests         

  • Learn communication strategies – Increase your success by adapting your communication style to other people. Receive interactive coaching that meets your unique style and needs

Through Communication Coaching, you will:

  • Increase your confidence and ability to express yourself clearly         


  • Eliminate stage fright through enlisting your subconscious to help you


  • Improve body awareness and physical comfort while talking to others


  • Develop body language that makes you more interesting and persuasive


  • Be a more powerful communicator and leader         

  • Increase rapport and connection with others         

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How do nonverbal signals help you make better connections?

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Your Subconscious Holds the Key to Your Success

“I am passionate about helping you to communicate your unique message clearly and effectively, with caring and intention.

Increase the appeal of your presentation, while enhancing your confidence and comfort in front of others.”

Jenny Davidow’s book, Embracing Your Subconscious - Bringing All Parts of You into Creative Partnership, offers unique and practical ways to increase your creativity, confidence, and personal awareness through subconscious communication.

Without realizing it, you limit your own success through inaccurate assumptions, self-doubt and self-criticism. The latest brain research has proven that the brain is able to adapt and

change very rapidly, even to the extent of growing new neurons and reorganizing neuron pathways. For this reason, self-limiting patterns can be turned around in a short time, replacing them on a subconscious level with mind-body pathways that support your success!

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Jenny Davidow, M.A. has been an educator, public speaker, workshop leader and communication coach for 30 years. In Los Angeles, she was a featured speaker at the Whole Life Expo for many years.

Jenny holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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