Scouting Resources on the Web Mega-List

BSA national:

The National site offers a VERY detailed, linked SITE MAP which you can find off of the home page which includes the

headings listed below. This is the best source for genuine, “official,” approved information on Scouting programs, topics.



Annual Reports

Awards and Emblems

Boy Scout Program

Boys' Life magazine


Careers in Scouting

Community Service


Eagle Scouts





National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)

Northern Tier High Adventure Base

Online Games

Order of the Arrow

Philmont Scout Ranch


Scouting magazine


Sea Base

Venturing Program



General Scouting Sites:

MacScouter Scouting Resources Online: Includes the following:

The BSA Scouting Resources Boy Scouts: Resource links for most

aspects of the Boy Scout Program. If you know of any additional resources,

or any additional subjects that should be covered, please let me know.

Cub Scouts: The Cub Scout Pow Wow -- a major resource site including online

Pow-Wow Books

Cub Scout and Boy Scout Ceremonies Lots and lots of new ceremonies

have been added to the Ceremonies page.

Scouting on the Internet An overview of what is in Cyberspace to support

Scouting around the world, including discussion groups, ftp servers, Internet

Relay Chat, and Web pages around the world.

Scouting Clipart and Fonts Where to get 'em, What to do with 'em.

The Great Games Resource Featuring the MacScouter's Big Book of

Games, volume 1 for Younger Scouts, and volume 2 for Older Scouts. Also

including a very old BSA booklet, "Boy Scout Games".

Stories for Scouts & Scouters Complex extended puns -- that is, Shaggy

Dog Stories -- Ghost Stories, Mysteries, Audience Participation Stories, and

a growing collection of stories suitable for campfires and other gatherings of

kids young and old.

Songs for Scouts Campfire Songs, Gross Songs and links to other songs

resources. This area of the MacScouter has been updated with several

hundred new songs.

Skits for Scouts Featuring the second edition of the MacScouter's Big Book

of Skits

The Eagle Resources Featuring the new, Eagle Court of Honor Handbook,

available on the Web and to download. Also, the Eagle Commendation

Addresses and the United States Army Youth Certificate of Recognition --

Another great way to recognize your new Eagle Scout.

Campfire Resources -- How to Make a Campfire Planning Book

Openings, closings and branches to songs, skits and stories, so you can

create your own memorable Campfire program. Build your own Campfire

Planning binder.

The Winter Camping, Wilderness Survival & Hypothermia Page

Featuring the Wilderness Preparedness, Communications and Training by

Robert Amick

The Scouts Own Resources Invocations, prayers, songs, readings,

messages, benedictions, and some complete Scouts Own services.

Resources to help with the spiritual growth in your unit.

Outfitting the Scout -- Outdoors Outfitters & Scout Shops Around the

World Where to find information on the Web about camping and hiking

equipment. This page is certainly not complete. Please send me information

you have.

Cooking for Scouts and Scouters A growing resource of recipes and

cooking hints, including The Dutch Oven Cookbook by Mike Audleman and

John W. Lyver, IV, The Geezer Cookbook by Dwayne Pritchett and the Foil

Cooking Recipes compilation by Kim J. Kowalewski. Cooking resources for


Scouting Deep in Our Hearts -- Things Truly Scouting, Tributes, Humor

A number of touching and deeply meaningful things for Scouters

U.S. Scouting Service Project:

U.S. Scouting Service Project, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to supporting the Scouting Movement. The U.S. Scouting Service Project is

not associated with Boy Scouts of America or the World Organization of the Scouting Movement. This is a HUGE portal to the following HUGE sites, which focus on each of the following areas of Scouting:









Another overachiever website of resources: www.insanescouter.comTopics include:

Boy Scout Resources

Webelos Resources

Cub Scouts

Online Activities

Links (add your site)




Bulletin Board

Clip Art




Web Site Services

Scoutmaster Minutes

Send A Postcards

Fun activities

Recognized for excellence in resources: www.scoutorama.comTopics include:


Camping Food

Ceremonies Eagle Projects

Eagle Scouts

Minutes Pinewood Derby

Resource Library

Scout Skits Scout Songs


SCOUTER NetCompass Portal: Topics Include:

Advancement Boy Scout Awards, Boy Scout Ranks, BSA Merit

Badges, Congressional Award, Cub Awards and Ranks, Eagle Scout


Graphics and Clipart Animations & Banners, Artwork & Paintings,

Cartoons on Scouting, Fonts, Girl Scout Graphics, OA Graphics...

High Adventure Aquatic, Boundary Waters Canoe Area, BSA, Caving-

Spelunking, Cub Scout, Florida Sea Base...

Leaders Resource Amateur Radio & JOTA, Behavior, Chaplain

Resources, Chartered Partners, Documents-Forms-Permits,


Meeting Activities Ceremonies, Craft Ideas, Games, Pen Pals,

Recognition & Encouragement, Skits... Outdoor Gear

Scout Skills Canoe-Skills, Citizenship, Cooking, CPR, First Aid and

Safety, Flag Display...

Scouting History BSA, Events, Girl Scouts of the USA, International,

Memorabilia & Collectibles, Museums...

Scouting Organizations American Indian Dance Teams, Associations,

Boy Scouts, Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scouts, Exploring...

Training Boy Scout Training, Commissioner, Cub Scout Training, Den

Chief Training, Environmental Education, Ethics In Action...

Where To Go BSA Camps, Canoeing, Girl Scout Camps, Historic

Sites, International Scout Camps, Lewis & Clark BiCentennial...

Youth Protection Culture-based Youth Protect, Online-Safety Articles,

Online-Safety Sites, Online-Safety Tips, Safe Chat, Safe Search Engines...

Scouting the Net – A Portal for the Scouting Community:

Numbers indicate links for each topic. Topics Include:

Baden-Powell History Of Scouting (8)

Camping (84)

Cooking (20)

Derbys (22)

Eagle Scout (10)

Events (15)

Flags (7)

Historic Sites (7) Historic Trails (2)

Knots (16)

Outdoor Adventure (22)

Outdoor Preparedness (12)

Publications (21)

Religion And Scouting (11)

Resources (209)

Clipart, Games, Skits, Songs ( )

Shooting Sports (24) Tiger Cub Big Ideas (11)

Training (44)

Pow-Wow, Roundtable, ( )

Uniform (33)

Custom Items, Patch Trading ( )

Units Online (463)

Packs, Troops, Councils ( )

Webelos (233)

 Scout Files – Download documents on various topics:

Advancement - this is what we read at ceremonies for

each rank of advancement

Arrow of Light - meaning of the parts of the arrow of


Boyscout Song Midi of boyscout song

Cake Bake - rules for Dad and Lad cake bake contest

Camping List - list of supplies to take camping and first

aid kit

Catapult Plans - plans on how to build and have

contest with catapults

Catapult Plans2 - Large scale catapult plans with large


Ceremonies - Misc cub and boy scout ceremonies

Challenges - outdoor and pioneering challenges that

BP put his boys through.

Child Abuse Protection - guidelines for abuse


Cooking - cooking skills and organization, advice and


Court of Honor suggested parts of simple court of


Flag Retirement Ceremony - respectful burning

ceremony to dispose of US flag.

Eagle Ceremonies - several eagle ceremonies

Eagle OA Indian Ceremony - copy of a boy's OA eagle


Eagle Projects list of eagle project suggestions.

Eagle SM Speech - speech made at eagle ceremony

Eagle Tips - poem and tips before eagle ceremony

Eagle Checklist - list of steps to plan eagle ceremony

Eagle Court of Honor Workbook to plan and carry out .

Eagle Workbook. Texas Circle 10 workbook to be

filled out when working on Eagle Badge.

Equipment for Summer Camp for Scoutmasters to


First Aid - list of supplies for a backpacking first aid kit (

i.e. Philmont)

Flashlight - light weight small light that lasts long time.

Good for Philmont.

Games - games and descriptions scouts can play -

boy, cub, and girl scouts

Games2 - more boyscout games outdoor and indoor.

Games of BP - the games that Baden Power had the

boys play.

Meaning of Merit Badges - Baden Powell tells his


Meaning of Boy Scouts from 1916 establishment.

Philmont GPS Coordinates of Philmont campsites.

Lat/Long and UTM. Waypoints file.

Philmont Guide Book and Planning Book

Philmont Hints ideas to help you have a better trek.

Philmont Meals meal menus from 2000 treks

Philmont Treks 20001 - description and maps of 2001


Physical Forms - copy of physical forms to print and

have filled out.

Pipe Chimes - descriptions on making and playing

pipes cut into sections + music

Recipes - a bunch of good recipes

Safety Rules of BSA - list of BSA safety rules for most


Skits - Some skits that you can use

Troop Manual - Our troop manual is very complete.

Use it for ideas to improve yours.

Whistle Plans to make small wooden whistle.

Youth Protection Handouts copies of BSA youth

protection handouts for leaders.


Recipes for camping: (Jim Speirs)

Patrol Kitchen Box Plans taken from Henning's Scouting Pages:

Chuckbox plan:

Dutch Oven recipes, and tips:

Camp Recipes:

Dutch Oven cookware and recipes:


Group Games:

Games inside/outside, quiet/team:

Baden-Powell’s Scouting Games:

BSA History Quizes:

Games for Boys (Some for Older Boys):

Online Scouting Skill Games:

Puzzles, Brainteasers:

Games and Activities:

Online Skill Games from