Steering Committee- January 15, 2015

Present:  D. Lynch, K. Rodrigue, M. Rodrigue, C. Cote, S. Learned, L. Belleville, R. Lapierre, J. Giroux, T. Herr, A. Herr, Z. Howe


Discussion of the Lowes Grant for the locker rooms

Discussion of the Men’s Basketball Tournament- march 20, 21, 22

Wellness Policy:

·         List of people who need to be included: we meet this requirement- Debbie will show Megan and Todd the policy on 1/16/2015

·         Public Notification- we will let them know (Debbie will include this in her report for the town report) and we will put it on the web site.  The public can have input

·         Goals: periodically reviewed twice a year- reviews need to be made available (web site)

Discussion of VSBA sample policy:

Debbie will retype the policy and share with members, Mr. Masson, staff and school board

Other Discussion:

·         Carrot sticks and cucumbers are low in availability when the elementary students go through the lunch line- Steve says this it is not a problem to cut more to begin with.  Steve says the salad bar is getting more hits now than ever

·         Next year flyers will go home with kids about the ornaments

·         The concert was awesome- liked the setup with the band on the floor- MF being on stage during a concert atmosphere and being part of the group

·         Parents coming to the school functions intoxicated- can we do anything about this?

·         A sign to remove hats upon entering the school- even at events

·         Home games- have the yellow jackets from PHS to display here

·         Pep band- at Profile High School, CA has one as well- would this be possible here?- Debbie will check with Tabitha to see if the kids are interested

·         Can the school song be sung for the spring concert, and at Graduation?

o   We do not want to lose the school’s identity- written in 1949, there is a lot of history, the school burning down, suggested to video and put on the web site with the history.  Have someone come in and talk about the history of the song- Terri will consider talking to the students on a Tuesday morning

·         Debbie talks about the Pre-Calculus class and the automotive class offered during semester 2

·         Debbie will email dates of the games to the members

·         Next meeting will be February 12th at 6:00


Steering Committee- November 13, 2014

Present: D. Lynch, L. Curtis, J. Masson, F. Brown, L. Belleville, K. Rodrigue, M. Rodrigue, T. Herr, Chef Steve Learned, J. Giroux, R. Lapierre, Z. Brown, Jacob  Masson, S. O’Bara

Steve Learned- every three years the state does a review of the lunch program- first one since the new USDA guidelines went into place.  Review went very well, overall happy with what we are doing.  They make sure we are meeting calorie needs, sodium, and reimbursable meals

·         Results of Administrative review 11.12.2014

o   Kudos:

§  First school to meet sodium guidelines

o   Suggestions:

§  Want students to know what they need to take to make the meal reimbursable.  Not only the minimum but also the maximum the student can take

§  Signage: Abbey group is working on larger posters, not so many words but pictures

·         Teachers don’t know so they can’t answer the questions- (SC member)

·         Little kids can’t read the signs (SC member)

§  PreK eat lunch

§  Wellness Policy needs to be updated


·         Steve shows examples of signs, a parent guide- spelling out what the lunch program is, breakfast, snack and lunch

·         Colorful with catchy graphics

·         Daily flyer with week’s menu, daily options posted in classrooms

·         More kids transition during the year, so they need to be informed about the program

·         Statistics:

o   ~60% students are eating lunch- this is the same as last year

o   80% free lunch meals are eaten

o   45% free breakfast meals are eaten

·         (SC)- confused when they came to eat lunch as to what could be taken

·         (SC)- Put pictures of what constitutes each meal

·         (SC)- take pictures of each meal, laminate them and display them on the day

·         (SC)- 6th grade parent- weren’t sure about what to take from the salad bar- Special educators are good at reducing information and providing only what the students need to know- JM offers to help do this

·         (SC)- Art students get together with Steve, have them do a graphic,

·         Steve- if we take a photo and kids see an apple- and there aren’t apples that day students are confused

·         Color code the meals, one blue item, two green items, one red item etc.

·         (SC) asks students if they understand what they are able to take

o   Students state they are in the habit of knowing what to take, and one doesn’t eat hot lunch

o   HS students just go with the flow- take whatever they want, i.e. two main meals, two pizzas, etc.

o   Steve- meals are based on protein, parfait, cheese stick, roll, and any item on the salad bar

o   (SC)- students need more information- parents need pictures too, the pamphlets have too many words

o   (SC)- put pamphlets on the web site so parents can look there- location of posters is not convenient

o   Steve- we need something bigger and more obvious

·         Steve- we need to increase participation

o   (SC)- students who have been bringing lunch are in the trend of bringing lunch

o   One student states she just likes to bring her own lunch

o   (SC)- waiting in line, is an issue

o   Student states that the line rotates, and most are done with 15 minutes to spare

o   (SC)- 8th grade mostly has 3/13, Debbie states that this count is only for the Chef meal but not the pizza, sandwich, or salad meals

·         (SC)- taste testing in the classrooms instead of in the MPR- the little kids are not asked if they want to test anything- in the olden days, the workers used to put a little bit on the kids plate to have them try

·         (SC) surveys- did they help?  Steve says it steered the salad bar offerings, and what to offer in the 6 week menu cycle,

·         In the next two years, we will take another step down in sodium

·         (SC)- kudos to you for the kids saying the food is better with the stricter guidelines

·         (SC) the kids like Justin- Steve states he has a great way of making food taste good

·         We have the quality we want- taste testing in the classrooms if we can work with the teachers to agree to this,

·         Student- likes what has been done with the pizza- the more variety

·         (SC) teachers complaining that they get the same amount of  food that the students get but pay more

·         Steve states that we should be giving more food to the staff because they are not regulated

·         Steve states that Staff can ask for more food as they go through the line

·         The Abbey group will try to have a representative at each Steering Committee Meeting as this committee will act as the wellness committee as well (which doesn’t need to meet monthly like we do)

Wellness Policy- Debbie will resend the wellness policies via email and the January meeting will be dedicated to updating the policy. Debbie will scan the 2010 requirement and send this out as well

Locker Rooms-

·         Jonathan Marchand does stickers- $1/inch for length of quotes.  He uses 14” wide material, if we can fit two in the same length, it is one price.  He will install them and says they will stick to the locker room walls.  If we choose him, Debbie will have him come over and take a look to see where they will stay best.

·         We will be painting them during Xmas break, if anyone is interested in helping let Debbie know (students or adults)

·         (SC)- Why can’t we paint the quotes on the wall?

·         Students want new toilet seats, and benches near the shower hooks

·         Athletes will keep their items in the locker rooms instead of teacher classrooms

Blood Drive- 20 units of viable donations-Madison got a teacher to make her first donation; we had three first timers and three double reds donations

Other Business

o   Ornaments- order 150 so that we won’t run out- these will be sold out of the Principal’s office

o   Tag Sale- last time tagging is Thursday November 20th   at 8:15 am

o   Judy says there is confusion about the notices- they need to be on page 1

o   The notices need to be updated on the web site for the afternoon notices

o   Judy will need help on Wednesday, December 3rd moving items from AW library to the school




Next Meeting will be January 15th at 6:00



Steering Committee                   October 15, 2014


Present:  D. Lynch, L. Curtis, S. O’Bara, J. Masson, A. Herr, T. Herr, B. Sweatt, S. Grondin, L. Harris, R. Lapierre, C. Cote, J. Grondin


Craft Fair: (available to help) L. Harris, V. Harris, O. Harris, A. Cummings, B. Sweatt, N. Reese, (NHS),

J. Becker,

Field trip to the locker rooms- paint job, privacy curtains, inspirational quotes, lockers assigned to athletes, (Debbie will get locks from Todd) check plumbing to get hot water, yellow jackets decals, benches near the hooks (Like in gyms)

Student Council will ask the students what they would like to see done to the locker rooms


Blood Drive: Friday, November 7th- Judith will ask for food- Builder’s Club after school, Christine Cote after school, Jordan Becker blocks 3 and 4, Krista, Sherry O’Bara, Terri Herr will get back to me

Debbie will call the blood drive person to see what the free thing will be for donating

Booster Club: October 28th fall athletic ceremony- Linda, Terrie, Christine, and Donna   will help serve.  Debbie will tell Mr. Shaw where everything is as she will be gone.  Steph suggests that we pre scoop the ice cream into plastic tubs.  She will bring us some containers.  The Living Arts class will scoop ice cream into the containers and freeze

Decorations: Debbie will call PHS to see where the decorations are.  We can line the hallway with the decorations.  Banner for the gym- (Vinyl from Basket of Stitches).  Ask Sheli about the big yellow jacket

Clusters of helium balloons, yellow jackets balloons-

Debbie will ask Joanne Dickson about the yellow jacket items used for the pep rally

Brownies- Steph, Linda, Sherry, Judith, Julie, Christine, Donna, Debbie, Terri

Slide show at the banquet, pictures taken during the season- basketball, baseball

Debbie will double check about the alumni games being here

Idea: teams make pizza for the winter athletic banquet

Wellness Policy: The food booth will offer cut oranges or cheese sticks at the food booth as the nutritional choice.


12/5/2014-              Tag Sale- looking for volunteers, tagging items 10/16/214 at 8:00 a.m.   Julie will post on Facebook that we need volunteers.

New lunch table will be delivered 10/20/2014.

Microwaves are a hit

Abbey Group- are more students eating?  Some students say that the food is better because we have a chef

Do samples in the classrooms-

There is still some confusion on what is an extra charge for food items?

Why isn’t there any granola?-

Pictures and color coded items so students know what constitutes a meal?  Steering committee can make the posters

Ask Steve to set up a booth for parent conferences that shows the meals

Next Meeting; Thursday, November 20th at 6:00


Steering Committee- September 17, 2014

Present: Linda Harris, Linda Curtis, Judith Masson, Christine Cote, Rene Lapierre, Skyler Brown, Zach Brown, Fern Brown,

Missing: Julie Giroux, Terri Herr, Krista Rodrigue, Stephanie Grondin, Sherry O’Bara (those I heard from)

Welcome to new member Zach and welcome back to returning members

Blood Drive- November 7th

Plan - three plans merged into one plan- AYP plan, MTSS plan and CFP (Federal monies)        Plan was handed out, Steering Committee does not have to write an Action Plan, Canaan Schools will follow the one plan                                     

Standards Based Report Card- used in Middle School Math program right now- there are three sections, Pre Transitions, Transitions and Algebra Concepts (sample handed out)

Craft Fair- October 18th – there are away elementary and junior high games that day, look into hosting a tournament here that weekend for future years.  This weekend is locked in due to crafters scheduled at other annual craft fairs around the state of NH and Vt.


                    Artist in Residence- week of December 8th with Circus Smirkus- offered us a deal of $300 plus lodging and meals for the week.  Too good of a deal to pass up!

Microwaves in MPR-don’t warm up as good as they should- (black one is slow).  Debbie will look into purchasing a new one

                    Lice-letter could be sent home to parents notifying them lice is in the school- Debbie will speak to Megan to check into this

                    Meeting Night- Thursday night?   Wednesday on October 15th, then switch- Yes starting on November 20th.

Open House- ring a bell and have parents go through the daily schedule with their children- look into how this would be done when there are children in each building, or two children in the high school

Schedule more elementary games and junior high games against smaller Vermont schools; this is how our students get better.  Another parent stated that the athletes will face these NH teams when they get to the Varsity level so it is better to play those schools now.  Debbie stated that we are a cooperative team so we play both NH and VT schools

Questions about the meal program- what constitutes a meal, Debbie directs parents to tell their children to ask Jhodi or Justin