We need to meet sometimes this week. Lets fix time and choose a collaboration tool to use to collaborate. I suggest a tool such as TodaysMeet http://todaysmeet.com/


Sounds good, just let me know time and date.

FYI tomorrow I will be sending out the student video release forms so i can start filming the students and I will film shot 1 and 8 on Tuesday.

This is a super busy week for me. I an available tomorrow after 6, Friday after 5 and on Saturday. Let ne know if that will work or not.

Amber Dumond

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Maybe we can all meet of Friday at 7:00pm.

Friday is good for me.

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If anyone wants to meet briefly, we can chat at 7:00pm at this link http://todaysmeet.com/videoproject. Just enter your name and click join. Jose will not be able to meet today. Jose would like us to find crash scene pictures to include in the video.


Ismail, Allison and I found several and added them the google document. Are those any good or would you guys like different ones?I put together a few slides. Let me know if they are not right or you want something else.  They are added to our Google Doc as picture files.


Good slides. Jose, will the slides fit into the movie since it's just one minute long?Hello team,

Just want to keep you updated, I have finished the filming (filming the students was harder than I expected). I will start post production tomorrow and I will keep you posted, thank you for such a great job on the googledoc. I will utilize the crash scene photos for the video and I hope to have most of it done by Tuesday/ Wednesday for review. I believe the last day of class is Friday, not sure? I had to change up the script a bit because we are wayy over time limit but hopefully we can stay close to the one minute mark. That means that I will have to remove some of the ideas we originally had even though they were really good.


Jose Vasquez

Big thanks to you, Jose, for taking the lead on this.project.Team,

Can someone find out where we are supposed to credit all the pics, quotes, music, etc. Like do we add as like a scrolling credit or do just credit it somewhere on the notes section of the YouTube video? And is there any particular way to credit the photos, like is it APA or something like that? The video is coming along not as good as I expected it but ill try to make it sound and coherent.


Jose Vasquez

I think we add scrolling page or addition page and list the photos, quotes, pics, music credits and so on. I am not sure exactly how to cite pics APA style. But I found this link http://www.ehow.com/how_8095260_cite-image-apa-format.html that describes citing pictures.


I sent an email to the academic coach to find out for sure, but I think you are right, Ismail.  If I hear any differently, I will let you know right away.


From: Ismail Jimoh <khazarid@gmail.com>

To: Joey Vasquez <joeymhs2004@gmail.com>

Cc: dumond.amber@gmail.com; Allison Sproles <alsproles@yahoo.com>

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Subject: Re: Let's Meet and Collaborate

Here is the reply about citing our sources.  We need to put them at the end of the presentation and in standard APA format.


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To: "Allison L Sproles" <asproles@lamar.edu>

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Subject: RE: Source Citation

Hi Allison,

Please put them at the end of your presentation.

Standard APA 6th or 7th edition formatting should be rule of thumb for this program. (if you have one or the other manual thats fine.)

hope all is well,



Thanks Allison

I added the website where I found my pictures to my slide and the statistics cone from the website listed in the google doc. 

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I sending a rought draft, I'm not gonna lie the video was not as I expected but I think it makes some sense. Its not really awful but I think it will give us a passing grade. 60 seconds is not nearly enough time to add everything that we planned. I dont even know where to stick in the the voice over narrations. The students statistics went well over the 5 second time. We rehearsed it and they read it fast and it didnt sound good. I am publishing the rough draft so you can see it on YouTube, give me suggestions so I can correct tomorrow and upload updated version. Where would you like for me to add your names on the video? Sorry team, I feel like I didnt create a good video with so little time.


Jose Vasquez



   It looks really great!!  Don't worry, you did a great job, especially given the limited time. Again, thank you for taking the lead on this project.  The only thing that I would comment on is that the voices of the students are a little difficult to hear.  Can we turn the volume up for their parts?   Very well done, Jose.  Thank you!


From: Joey Vasquez <joeymhs2004@gmail.com>

To: Ismail Jimoh <khazarid@gmail.com>

Cc: Allison Sproles <alsproles@yahoo.com>; "dumond.amber@gmail.com" <dumond.amber@gmail.com>

Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 11:48 PM



I have not had chance to look at the video because I cannot view YouTube from my school. But I am sure you did a great job no matter how the video quality comes out. I personally want to congratulate you for a job well done. Thank you for all you have done to see that we complete this project.



Yes, Jose.  Ismail is right. You did an awesome job!  Thank you so much for getting all this done.  You took on a really big project and did a terrific job!  Thank you!


Cc: "dumond.amber@gmail.com" <dumond.amber@gmail.com>; Allison Sproles <alsproles@yahoo.com>

Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 1:17 PM

I also haven't had a chance to look at it yet but I am so glad that you stepped up to take the lead. I am sure it is great!

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Ok. I watched the video and it is great! I do have a few suggestions to cut down on the time. The intro runs about 6 seconds, maybe we could cut that in half. Also on some students, you went ahead and cut away to the statistic and on other you waited until they were finished speaking. Maybe the cut away should happen while they are speaking on all of the students. Other than that, this was great! You did an amazing job putting this together!