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W H A T ?

This the public starting point (a digital anchor) for NORDIC LABS, a growing network of nordic library labs. The webpage is preliminary and will be replaced by a new much more awesome one sometime during summer 2011!

NORDIC LABS is not an official or legal body. Yet. We are still in a pre-alpha stage - a work in progress - but heading towards something more sustantial. The NORDIC LABS took its main inspiration from the Nordic Camps project. We started taking form during and after Idea Camp Kista 2010 and Helsinki Midnight Darkness Camp 2011. We had some informal meetings in Aarhus at the Next Library conference and we have scheduled our next nordic labs camp to be in Norway, somewhere near Oslo, in the mountains yay!, in January 2012. (preliminar name: Midwinter Mountain Camp 2012) But before those of us who can will meet up informally while attending the Nordic Camp 2011 (#nordcamp11) in Stockholm already in September 2011.

W H O ?

We are library professionals and non-professionals who are passionate about library innovation. We share a specific vision on doing this world a better place by means of an open, collaborative and sustainable technological development within, and related to, the nordic library systems.

We are a growing number of individuals in all nordic countries.

W H E R E ?

E v e n t s

Idea Camp Kista 2010

Helsinki Midnight Darkness Camp 2011

Meetup @Next Library 2011

Meetup @Nordic Camps Stockholm 2011

Midwinter Mountain Camp - Oslo 2012

F a c e b o o k   g r o u p

Our Facebook group is a free space for dreams and spontanous idea sharing and networking.

M i n d m a p

Our Mindmeister mindmap is collaborative space for semistructured brainstorming.

W i k i

Our Wiki is our structured project/product list: http://nordiclabs.wikispaces.com or http://typewith.me/JqgVByVYCV. (For the wiki: just sign up & login to wikispaces, then ask to join the wiki. The typewith.me doesn’t need an account)

T w i t t e r

Follow us on www.twitter.com/nordiclabs

Hashtag: #nordiclabs

N i n g

We also have a group on the Nordic Camps NING

P h o t o s

Nordic Labs Flickr group

V i d e o s

Kirjastokaista Videos in English



B o o k m a r k  s h a r i n g


P r e s s

Information Today Europe: Nordic, Geeky and Cool


Sweden: Åke Nygren

Finland. Jonas Tana

Norway: Jörn-Helge Dahl

Denmark: Mats Hernvall



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