Playstuff HL team writeup - Week 5

There’s no point beating around the bush - the practice match on Tuesday did not go well. However, that’s the whole point of practice. It lets us see what is working and what isn’t so we can get it right on the night.

A couple of general issues several people mentioned were

1) not knowing what they were supposed to be doing

2) not knowing gullywash, its routes and particularly the names for its locations

3) lack of clear calls or decision making

Issue 1 can hopefully be largely addressed by this writeup, although people should also read the writeups where the specific tactics for these maps were outlined before (Week 4 for gullywash, Week 1 for badwater).

Issue 2 can in part be solved by simply running round and exploring the map, and I will be on from around 8:30pm tonight on the server to discuss names if needed.

Issue 3 can be resolved by my mic working :P


The majority of the tactics and role specifics are written in the Week 4 writeup so I won’t repeat them here, rather I’ll comment on things I noticed from the Week 4 match and our practice.

A few times in the Week 4 match, when we were pushing last, we appeared to have a numbers advantage from the scoreboard, but when we decided to quickly push in we only had 3 or 4 players with the push. This was a decision-making problem really, we need to be a little more patient and make sure everyone is gathered up and ready for a push, even if it gives them a little more time to prepare their defence (unless we literally wiped the whole team).

Sometimes when we did push in to last, the uber would be popped but then both the medic and his target would simply walk onto the point and wait until the uber faded in an attempt to cap. When you are ubered into the last point, your job is not to cap, it is to wipe out or do as much damage to the enemy team as possible, either killing them to badly weaken the defence or forcing them to get back out the way/into spawn so they can’t defend. Leave the cap for your teammates, or until after the uber fades.

On the rollout to middle during the practice, I was making my jumps fine and getting there usually before their demo, meaning I could hold them back at choke with plenty of spam until you guys arrived. However their sniper kept appearing at big door and usually putting plenty of damage on me (if not killing me outright) uncontested. The first classes to middle (usually scout) need to be looking for threats to the demo and pressuring them to back off. Another issue I heard was people not knowing where the enemy would likely attack from. Fixing this requires a combination of map knowledge and calling. There are two ways to enter the middle area - big doors or choke. If they enter through choke, the majority of their forces will be on the right. If they enter through big doors, the majority will be on the left, near our choke. Those are the two places you should be looking upon entering middle - left to the ramp area near our choke and their big doors, right to their choke. Spies and scouts may use the lower yards to flank, so watch for that too if you enter through our choke.

Class-specific roles for each point can be found on Week 4’s writeup. If in doubt, find the medic and stick with him.


Badwater went well during practice and excellently during our Week 1 match, so there’s not too much to say here. A little feedback on attack and defence from the practice:

On attack, I noticed right out of spawn far too many classes were milling around the cart unsure of what to do. The power classes need to be pushing cliffs straight away, hanging around the cart is a death trap. Only the scout and engie should be pushing at the start. Other classes can replace them if those die, but we do not need 7 people on the cart, ever. Also, after capping the first point too many classes again stayed with the cart. All power classes should immediately be going upstairs to secure the roof, it is absolutely crucial to taking second that we own the roof.

Our attacks onto 3 and 4 went well, so same again please :)

On defence, we held 1 OK, but we need to remember our positions. The power classes should be on, or near, the cliffs around the sentry. The two places they can destroy that sentry from are coming round the cliffs, or spamming from big rock. We need to stop them at both. We will then be able to spam down onto the cart from above with impunity.

For defending point 2, again holding roof is vital. Heavy, demo, soldier, pyro, medic should all be up there with our engie as quickly as possible. Remember to watch the back stairs.

It is not always possible to defend point 3. If they take point 2 easily and kill lots of us, don’t bother with 3. We won’t be able to hold them off for more than a few seconds, and anyone dying will merely weaken our point 4 defence further. Listen to the call on this one.

We held 4 well in the practice which was good, we earned a lot of time there.

I’m already confident that we’re going to win this last match, but let’s finish off this season in style, the way we’ve played every match - friendly annihilation :)