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Minutes of the meeting held on 28 November 2011


Tideford Ward:        Cllr T May, Cllr A Hodge, Cllr S Yates

Polbathic Ward:        Cllr S Barnes

St Germans Ward:        Cllr D Elliott, Cllr Mrs A Barnicoat, Cllr B Skelton,                                    

Bethany Ward:        Cllr I Davey, Cllr Mrs H Gillbard

Cornwall Council        Cllr O Eggleston  

Public participation

There were 2 members of the public present.

The ongoing issues at Church Road and the A38 crossing were raised and the resulting actions are recorded under 4.1.

1.        Police Report

            None received and no police officer attended.

2.          Apologies for absence

            Apologies had been received from Cllr Sullivan, who is away and from Cllr

            Mackeen, who has a conflicting appointment

3.        Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 31 October 2011

            It was proposed by Cllr Elliott and seconded by Cllr Barnes that the minutes

            be approved. All were in favour and the minutes were signed by Cllr May

4.        Matters arising from previous minutes

4.1       Highways – Ongoing Issues

            Church Road, Tideford – The clerk was asked to contact Highways and

            request a site meeting with Engineering Design and also to remind Rebecca

            Dickson of her letter of 23.3.11 and the option she offered us

            A38 Crossing – Sheryll Murray has asked Cornwall Council for information

            before replying-no reply yet from Target Travel and the clerk will write again

            Vegetation alongside the A38 – Cllr May had met with Cllr Eggleston and

            with her help we may be able to progress this – although there is no money,

            with some self help and using Quercus for trees near the Highway it should be

            possible. The clerk will contact the River Authority regarding the Laurels and

            forward copies of correspondence to the new CNA Manager and Cllr


            Car Park Sign, Polbathic – No new signage will be taking place until the

            future of the rural and free car parks is decided

            30mph at Polbathic – this will go forward to detailed design in the next

            financial year and any limit alterations will then follow

            Footpath from Polbathic to Trerulefoot – this will be done on the next rural

            maintenance train activity but will not be for some time

            Width of road at burial ground – this is on the list for siding operations and

            will be prioritised as funds allow

            Trees in Sunnyside, Polbathic – Cllr Barnes will contact Port Eliot and

            arrange a site meeting with Tom Rattray

            23 Eliot Drive, St Germans – the owner would not accept a recorded delivery

            notice to cut back the vegetation. Cornwall Council will now hand deliver and

            give the owner 3 weeks to comply before they go in, undertake the works and

            recover expenses.  

            Bollards at Polbathic – the bollards have now been installed                    

4.1.1    Highways – new items

            St Germans Rail Users Group has written to ask why there is no street lighting

            along the approach road to the station from the Polbathic Road. A rail

            passenger has recently fallen while walking in the dark from the station to her

            car. This was discussed and indeed the Parish Council had looked into this in

            the past. At that time it was decided that the cost was prohibitive and the

            residents did not want lighting installed. It was agreed that nothing could be

           done if the people actually living there were against the proposal and that like

            passengers using other rural stations, train users should use a torch in the

           darkness. The clerk will reply.

            In response to item 12.3 of the 31.10.11 meeting, a letter signed by 6

            households and neighbours in support of Mr& Mrs Oxford had been received.

            The Parish Council represent the interests of the whole community and had

            received representations from some residents about a problem at this property

            with regard to the parking of numerous vehicles. The Parish Council is

            impartial and there is an opportunity for all parishioners to air their grievances

            under public participation at every monthly meeting. All Councillors try to

            listen to and take on board all views and it would appear that the close

            neighbours of this property do not consider there to be a problem. The clerk

            will write to all who signed the letter to assure them that their views have been


4.2        St Germans & District Twinning Association

           Cllr Barnicoat reported that their AGM had been held on 25.11.11 with an

            attendance of some 40 – 50 members. The Constitution had been amended to

            confirm that if the Association ever ceased to exist, any monies remaining

            would be split between Deviock and St Germans Parish Councils. They are

            always looking for new members and are very welcoming.

            The Boules Piste was officially opened on 19.11.11 and the Association are

            also keen to rent it out to groups that may wish to use it.         


Cllr Eggleston left the meeting. Cllr May thanked her for attending

4.3       Procedure to record works carried out for the Parish Council by


           Cllr Barnes felt that the Parish Council should have something in place to

            record that works carried out         for the Parish Council is satisfactorily

            completed. Currently, although such work is checked, there is no audit trail to

            confirm this and we could be open to criticism. It was agreed by all

           Councillors that such a procedure should be instigated and the clerk will draft a

            schedule of all works, Ward by Ward so that the Ward Councillors can divide

            the checking between them and report back to the Parish Council. The clerk

            will then keep the certified schedules together with the associated quotations,

            invoices etc.

4.4       Xtravert Ramps  

            The Tideford ramp should be erected in the week beginning 19.12.11 and the

            clerk has contacted our insurer to add this to the policy. There will be an

            additional minimum premium of £25. As the insurer will not provide

            indemnity in respect of bodily injury unless by defects in the structure, we will

            need to erect suitable signs and the clerk will contact the Real Ideas

           Organisation for advice as to wording etc. Cllr May is fully trained and can

            therefore carry out the necessary inspections but Cllr Hodge is also willing to

            be trained. The clerk will find out what is available.

            The St Germans Recreation Group have written with some queries regarding

            the Parish Council’s proposal to gift the St Germans ramp to them to manage.

           Cllr Elliott had attended a recent meeting of the group and reported that he had

            explained the position of the Parish Council. The clerk was asked to reply –

            the Parish Council remains keen to support the children and the recreational

            needs of the community. They will pay for the ramp, including any increase

            due to delay and will consider any request for a donation towards the running

            costs or maintenance costs on an annual basis. As Port Eliot is insisting on a

            Licence for the whole of the Recreation Ground and as the ramp would only

            occupy a small part of this the Parish Council will not be entering into any

            agreement with Port Eliot for the Recreation Ground.

            Play Parks

5.1        St Germans

        A site meeting was held on 5.11.11 to consider building a retaining wall, the

            repairs to the top rail of the fence, creating a clear view into the play park and

            whether to fell the tree within the play park. It was agreed that Cllr Davey

            would initially dig a trench and monitor its effectiveness – Cllr Barnes will

            carry out temporary repair to the fence – Cllr May will meet with Quercus and

            it was agreed to fell the tree.

            A quotation for £300 had been received from Quercus to fell a group of ash

            trees to the rear of 48 Lower Fairfield. Cllr Elliott proposed that this area be

             included in the regular maintenance of Treland Park. This was agreed by all

           Councillors and the quote was accepted.


5.2        Tideford

            W H Bond has confirmed that they await a delivery date of the bark for the

            play park. The clerk will make enquiries as to when the work will be carried


6.        Burial Ground

6.1       The clerk has received a request for an additional Memorial Tablet at Plot G9

             in memory of Ray & Tilly Hammond. This was agreed by all.

6.2      Cllr Sullivan had received an enquiry regarding the scattering of ashes in the

            burial ground and what charge we would make. The clerk had received

            guidance as to the procedure we should follow and there was much discussion.

            It was proposed by Cllr Gillbard and seconded by Cllr Skelton that the

            scattering of ashes should not be allowed and this was agreed by all.

6.3       HG Stacey applying for a Memorial Tablet to be placed at Plot A7 in memory

            of John Paul Stephens whose ashes were recently interred. This was agreed by


6.4      Cllr May had been unable to meet with Tim Randles, the Highways

            Development Management Officer to look at the planned improvements at the

            entrance to the burial ground. Cllr Elliott will undertake this meeting and the

            clerk will advise Mr Randles accordingly.  

6.5       A site meeting was held on 5.11.11 to consider the proposed works to the

            burial ground. Cllr Elliott will obtain a quotation from William Withers for the

            new entrance and a separate price for the new chain link fence to be carried

            out at a later date  

6.6       Cemetery and Crematoria Memorials and VAT – advice from CALC. Noted  

6.7       Mole Catcher laid traps on 19.11.11 and caught one mole - noted

6.8       Application for the ashes of Victor John Weale to be interred at Plot CR20

            of the Cremated Remains Section on 9.12.11 at 3.00pm. This was

            approved and the clerk will confirm the arrangements. It was also agreed that

            E Pascoe & Son could carry out the interment on this occasion

7        Finance

7.1       Barclays i-sure data back up invoice for October 2011 - £3.30

7.2       Quercus invoice for grass cutting and hedges at War Memorial - £705

7.3      Cradick & Son invoice for hedge trimming at the burial ground - £135

7.4       EDF invoice for Tideford lighting from 1.8.11 – 31.10.11 - £27.85

7.5       Real Ideas Organisation invoice for the Xtravert Ramp at Tideford - £3840

7.6       Douglas Tonks invoice for clerks November salary plus their admin fee –


7.7       Clerks expenses for November 2011 - £61.06

7.8       Invoice from Cornwall Council for Nut Tree Printing for July 2011 – this was

            paid on 23.8.11 – under dispute

            It was proposed by Cllr Davey and seconded by Cllr Gillbard that all finance

            items are approved. All were in favour


8.        Planning Applications

            The following application has been received by Cornwall Council:  

8.1       PA11/09040

            Heskyn Mill Cottage, Tideford                                  Mr C Clements

            Proposed extension and remodelling of dwellinghouse

            It was proposed by Cllr Elliott and seconded by Cllr May that support be given

            to this application and all were in favour.

9.        Planning Decisions

            The following application has been approved by Cornwall Council and this

            was noted:

9.1       PA11/04465

            Tideford Methodist Church, Tideford                        Saltash Methodist Circuit

            Conversion of the existing Chapel, to two residential units and adding new

            openings to enable good access and internal daylight levels        

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     East Sub-Area Planning Committee on 9.11.11 and 30.11.11 at Liskeard –


10.2     Little Cutcrew – the applicant hopes to receive a decision soon

10.3     Cherokee Alpacas, Tideford Cross – the enforcement officer will be meeting

            Ms Phillips agent on site and will continue to keep us informed. The clerk was

            asked to contact Enforcement to find out the result of the site visit  

10.4     Response from Cornwall Council to our enquiry regarding Tree Preservation

            Orders and how they are made - noted

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Penhaligon’s Friends thanking the Parish Council for the donation - noted.

11.2     Future of the Code of Conduct – Cornwall Council will be holding a series of

            meetings via the Network Panels. The Parish Council think they should create

            their own Code of Conduct but want to attend the meetings for an update.

11.3     Localism Act has received Royal Assent – see  


            update - noted

11.4     Cornwall Council (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2012 – the charges have

            been designed to provide a 3% increase on total income – all responses by

            16.12.11. Noted  

11.5     Town & Parish Council Budget Event on 14.11.11 – the webcast will be

            available on as an archive if you did not attend. Noted

11.6     Committed Infrastructure Projects for Cornwall Gateway - noted

11.7     Highways Agency Winter Driving Campaign – count down to an easier winter

            Journey. Noted

11.8     Boundary Commission Review re: Devonwall – Adam Killeya urges

            Councillors to send a submission to the Boundary Commission. Noted

11.9     Letter from Eric Pickles on Council Tax Reform- noted

11.10   New Waste Collection Contract – Cory Environmental Municipal Services Ltd

            will be delivering waste and recycling collections etc throughout Cornwall

            until 2020. Noted

11.11   Parish/Town Councils – support for managing green spaces in your area.


11.12   Caradon Monthly Walks – programme for 2012 – walk on 7.12.11 at

            Boscastle and Minster Wood – walk on 4.1.12 at the Camel Trail – Bodmin.


11.13   Sustainable Options – picnic tables, seats and benches, planters, litter bins.


11.14   First World War Centenary Initiative for 2014 - noted

11.15   HealthWatch engagement event invitation – 29.11.11 at St Austell 10.00am to

            1.00pm or 1.12.11 at Launceston 10.00am to 1.00pm. Noted

11.16  Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum – ensure your charity survives and thrives

            in challenging times. Noted

11.17   Health and Social Care Network Meeting on 30.11.11 – posters on all notice


11.18   RTC Safety Surfaces Ltd - Before Winter Wet Pour Repairs (brochure

            attached). Noted

11.19   Plantscapes Olympic and Jubilee Introduction – hanging baskets and floral

            Features. Noted

11.20   Nut Tree - November edition. Noted

11.21   Caring for the Carer Course – posters on all notice boards

11.22   Rural Services Network asking for feedback on the proposals to introduce

            statutory Neighbourhood Planning - noted

11.23   Sustainable Gov – latest public service news. Noted

11.24   Rural Services Network – weekly email news digest. Noted

11.25   CALC’s The Week – issue 47, 48. Noted

11.26   Clerks & Councils Direct – November 2011. Noted

11.27   Queen Elizabeth 11 Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Items for Parish and

            Town Councils - noted

11.28   The Clerk Magazine – November 2011. Noted

11.29   Greenbarnes will help to mark The Diamond Jubilee in June 2012 - noted

11.30   SLCC – Practitioners Conference 2012. Noted

11.31   Saltash Baby Fayre on 10.12.11 – poster on all notice boards. Mail to Cllr


12.        Informal Correspondence

12.1    Cllr Davey reported that the new notice boards were nearing completion. Cllr

            Davey declared a personal interest and did not take any part in any decision

            relating to this item. The original price did not include fixing the boards and it

            was agreed by all Councillors present that a guide price of £100 per board

            would be acceptable in order that the process of installing them is not delayed.

12.2    Cllr Skelton asked what permissions were required for solar panels within a

           Conservation Area. Cllr Elliott advised that the installer was responsible for

            obtaining all relevant permissions.

12.3    Cllr Barnicoat reported that Mr Demaine was parking alongside his garden

            wall, rather than on the other side of the road, which makes it difficult for

            vehicles to pass. Cllr Elliott said that the house owner often had his drive

            blocked which is probably the reason for him parking where he does.

           Cllr Barnicoat also asked if a second ‘no parking’ sign was being ordered. Cllr

            Davey confirmed that it was and he will chase this up.

12.4    Cllr May reported that the road from Tideford to Tideford Cross needed

            sweeping of leaves – the clerk will contact Highways

            An additional salt bin is required between Orchard Close and West Park.

            There are problems with parking at the entrance to Orchard Close mainly

            because of lack of available parking

12.5     The clerk advised that future dates of the Cornwall Gateway Community

            Network Panel are 10.1.12, 4.4.12, 18.7.12 and 14.11.12 all to be held at the

            RBL, Tideford at 6.30pm

12.6     A copy of a message from the Leader of Cornwall Council to Cornwall

           Council Members had been received on 25.11.11

12.7     Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network are looking for support for them

            winning £100,000 funding

12.8    Cllr Eggleston had forwarded ‘A Soldier’s Christmas Poem’

The meeting closed at 9.55pm.

Signed as a true record of the meeting………………………………………………..