Section I: Precedence of Rules

The following rules are intended to serve as a comprehensive replacement for the rules provided by the creators of each of the maps used in this tournament. All map-specific rules provided by the creators of those maps should be disregarded for all matches of this tournament. Additional rules may be sanctioned by the tournament organizers for use with specific maps, and will in such cases be publicly posted prior to any tournament matches scheduled to be played on those maps.

Section II: Victory Conditions

  1. Victory shall be awarded to the first team verified by a referee to have at least one (1) block of each of the objective wool colors simultaneously placed on their victory monument (or within the area formerly occupied by their victory monument if their victory monument has been destroyed) during that match.
  2. In any match that has not ended 100 minutes after its actual start time, victory shall be awarded to the team with the most objective wool colors placed on their victory monument at that time. If all teams have the same number of objective wool colors placed on their victory monuments at that time, victory shall be awarded to the team that first had that number of objective wool colors simultaneously placed on their victory monument during that match.

Section III: General Constraints

  1. Any team scheduled to compete in any tournament match that is not fully present on the official tournament Minecraft and voice chat servers and ready to begin playing at that match’s scheduled starting time may, at the discretion of the referees in attendance be considered to have forfeited that match.
  1. A team shall be considered to be fully present when it has four (4) members of its official roster present.
  1. No match shall be considered official unless it is officiated by at least one (1) tournament organizer-appointed referee.
  2. The tournament organizers and referees shall be the ultimate judges as to the exact location of each lane boundary, and any referees in attendance will give a brief overview of the boundaries of the lanes on the map to be played on prior to each tournament match. Teams are encouraged to ask referees for clarification on the exact boundaries of any portion of any lane that they may be unsure of the boundaries of.
  3. A player shall be considered to have left her or his lane if at any time since her or his character last spawned on and entered her or his lane from the starting platform, her or his character comes to occupy a location in which it is neither within any block in her or his lane (including air blocks), nor directly supported by any block within her or his lane.

Section IV: Match Prohibitions

No player shall, during any official match he or she participates in, beginning when he or she logs in, and ending when a referee of that game confirms that that game has ended, be permitted to:

  1. Intentionally leave the starting platform, except for the purpose of killing his or her character in the void or entering her or his lane.
  2. Intentionally leave her or his lane except by death and respawn, or for the purpose of killing her or his character in the void.
  1. If any player knowingly leaves or is aware of having been caused to leave her or his lane for any period of time for any reason, she or he must immediately fall into the void to kill her or his character. In such a case, players shall not be permitted to drop items or perform any other actions before or while falling into the void.
  1. Enter any minecart, boat, or bed, or throw any ender pearl as a means of traveling through any bedrock block; or while occupying a position partially outside of his or her lane.
  2. Move to any location on or directly above where a glass ceiling existed above the course at the beginning of the match.
  3. Logout/login as a means to gain any advantage, including avoiding PvP or other hazards. Logging out and in to address lag or fix chunk errors is permissible.
  4. Intentionally impede any other player from entering her or his lane from the starting platform.
  5. Dye any sheep or block of wool.
  6. Intentionally break any block on, or take any block or item from the starting platform.
  7. Intentionally place any block outside of his or her lane. It is permitted for players to intentionally cause blocks to occupy locations outside of their lanes through other means.
  8. Break or destroy any chest in her or his opponents' lane that contained colored wool at the beginning of that match, until and unless that chest has first been broken by some other means.
  9. Use any Minecraft client that been modified in any way, apart from having one or more of the following mods installed. Additional mods may be added to this list in response to player requests:
  1. Optifine
  1. Use any texture pack that adds any degree of transparency to any texture that is opaque in the default Minecraft texture pack.
  2. Gain any information about any official tournament match he or she is competing in while it is in progress from any source other than:
  1. The Minecraft client he or she is using to participate in the match.
  2. Communications over designated channels of the official tournament voice chat server.
  3. Direct verbal or gestural communications made by any of his or her teammates participating in the same match who occupy the same immediate physical area.

Section V: Enforcement

If a referee feels that she or he can reasonably conclude after a review of all available evidence that she or he feels would help her or him make her or his determination that any member of any team violated any of the rules above, or any tournament-sanctioned rule specific the map being played on, during any match of this tournament, she or he may determine that team to have forfeited that match.

  1. In the case of particularly minor rule violations, a referee may choose to instead only warn the offending team, and take any actions that she or he feels are appropriate to counteract the effect of those rules being broken.
  2. In the case of particularly severe rule violations, a tournament organizer may choose to also ban any player(s) and/or their teammates who broke and/or conspired to break any of these rules from competing in future competitions.

Section VI: Mutual Respect

All players will be expected to maintain a high level of respect for all other individuals involved in the tournament. A tournament organizer may at his or her discretion disqualify the team of any player who he or she determines to have treated any other tournament participant or staff member disrespectfully at any time in any context related to the tournament.

  1. No player shall be permitted to use particularly strong or offensive language in chat.
  2. Any accusations regarding rule-breaking should be directed to staff privately. Any player with knowledge of rule-breaking shall be expected to tell a staff member immediately.

Section VII: Other Tournament-Related Matters

The tournament organizers and their appointed staff reserve the right to resolve disputes and make decisions related to any tournament-related matters not specifically provided for in these rules in any manner they see fit.