Vom Fass (On Tap)

Note: Beers on the list that are Indented are “Up Next” on that tap.

1. Weihenstephaner Hefeweiss (Freising, Germany): Nothing refreshes you more than this naturally cloudy wheat beer with its wonderful yeasty fragrance and taste. 5.4% ABV | .5L Weizen Glass $8 | .4L Glass $7 | .3L Glass $5.5

Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier (Munich, Germany): Specially produced top-fermented yeast is what gives it its unmistakable character: sparkling light, fruity, and tiny bit bitter. 5.6% ABV | .5L Weizen Glass $7 | .4L Glass $6 | .3L Glass $4.5

2. Kapuziner Weisse (Kulmbach, Germany): It has a yeasty, citrus tang with a spicy complexity and a surprising light, almost tropical fruitiness. Malted wheat guarantees a big head and gives a firm, yet silky texture. 5.4% ABV | .5L Weizen Glass $8 | .4L Glass $7 | .3L Glass $5.5

3. Bitburger (Bitburg, Germany): Brewed with the best of ingredients in the same traditional way it has been for many, many years. The result is delicately tart and pleasantly bitter - with a strong hop taste. 4.8% ABV | .5L Glass $7.5 | .4L Glass $6.5 | .3L Glass $5

4. Krombacher Pils (Kreuztal-Krombach, Germany): The mountain spring water is the most important component for the unique quality and distinctive taste experience of a Krombacher lager. A Krombacher stands for naturally fresh beer enjoyment and a fine, spicy aroma. 4.8% ABV | .5L Glass $7 | .4L Glass $6 | .3L Glass $4.5

5. 2SP ASAP IPA (Aston PA): Citrus hops & clean malts. 4.2% ABV | .5L Glass $7 | .4L Glass $6 | .3L Glass $4.5

Spring House Lexicon Devil Grapefruit IPA (Conestoga PA): This Citra-heavy pale ale is loaded with grapefruit zest and cold-pressed grapefruit juice. A tart and refreshing beer. 6.8% ABV | .5L Glass $7 | .4L Glass $6 | .3L Glass $4.5

6. Uinta Hop Nosh IPA (Salt Lake City UT): Wonderful complex flavors, like no other, simply a great tasting IPA. It’s balanced, strong malt backbone, citrusy nose, with hints of pine and grass. 7.3% ABV | .5L Glass $6.5 | .4L Glass $5.5 | .3L Glass $4

i.) Port Brewing Wipeout IPA (San Marcos CA): Massively hoppy beer gets its flavor five hop varieties including Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, Simcoe and Summit 7.5% ABV | .5L Glass $7.5 | .4L Glass $6.5 | .3L Glass $5

ii.) Sly Fox 360 IPA (Pottstown PA): Brewed with a combination of Bravo, Cascade, Centennial, & Lemondrop hops. This effervescent brew shows off the full flavor and aroma of this dry hopped IPA. 6.2% ABV | .5L Glass $6.5 | .4L Glass $5.5 | .3L Glass $4

7. Dogfish Head Namaste Wit (Milton DE): Flavored with orange, fresh-cut lemongrass and a bit of coriander, this Belgian-style white beer is a great thirst quencher. 4.8% ABV | .5L Glass $7 | .4L Glass $6 | .3L Glass $4.5

Avery White Rascal (Boulder CO): A truly authentic Belgian style wheat or "white" ale is unfiltered and spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel producing a refreshingly classic ale. 5.6% ABV | .5L Glass $7 | .4L Glass $6 | .3L Glass $4.5

8. Yards Glückliches Katzen Lager (Philadelphia PA): You feeling lucky....cat? Brewed with 100% pilsner malt and a brand new hop, this German style hoppy lager is wonderfully balanced and delightfully drinkable. Lora, a new hop, was designed for pale ales and lagers for more subtle beers and boasts a floral, peppery and citrusy flavor. Enjoy it while it's here! 5.6% ABV | .5L Glass $6.5 | .4L Glass $5.5 | .3L Glass $4

Manayunk El Rio Mexican Lager (Philadelphia PA): El Rio (The River) is our crisp, light-bodied, malt-forward Mexican-style lager with a balanced profile. We use the choicest Noble hops to complement the smooth mouthfeel and toasty malt flavors. 8.3% ABV | .5L Glass $7 | .4L Glass $6 | .3L Glass $4.5

9. Smuttynose Vunderbar Pils (Hampton NH): Our brewers created Vunderbar! focusing on authentic German pilsner malt and spicy Czech Saaz hops. 4.9% ABV | .5L Glass $6.5 | .4L Glass $5.5 | .3L Glass $4

10. Shiner Strawberry Blonde (Shiner TX): Made with homegrown strawberries from Poteet, TX, combining pale malts with wheat malts gives this ale a refreshing taste and finish. 4.3% ABV | .5L Glass $6.5 | .4L Glass $5.5 | .3L Glass $4

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat (San Francisco CA): Unfiltered, American-style wheat beer. Brewed with 400 pounds of fresh watermelons. 5.5% ABV | .5L Weizen Glass $7 | .4L Glass $6 | .3L Glass $4.5

11. Austin Eastciders Blood Orange (Austin TX): Made with Sicilian blood oranges and apples, both heirloom bittersweet and American dessert. 5% ABV | .5L Glass $7 | .4L Glass $6 | .3L Glass $4.5

Angry Orchard Easy Apple (Cincinnati OH): This less sweet, easy-to-drink hard cider is apple-forward in taste and unfiltered, leaving it with a slightly hazy appearance and a refreshingly dry finish. 4.2% ABV | .5L Glass $6.5 | .4L Glass $5.5 | .3L Glass $4

12. River Horse Oatmeal Stout (Ewing NJ): A velvety smooth Stout brewed with oats and milk sugar that create a creamy finish over a dark malt base. 6.7% ABV | .5L Glass $7 | .4L Glass $6 | .3L Glass $4.5

Flasche und Dose Bier (Bottle & Can Beers)

Bud Light, Budweiser, Chimay Red, Clausthaler (N/A), Coors Light, Corona,

Franziskaner Hefeweisse, Heineken Light, Magners Cider, Miller Lite, Red Bridge (Gluten Free),

Sixpoint Bengali IPA (can), Twisted Tea, NYF’s Root Beer, Warsteiner, Yuengling Lager

Weinkarte (Wine List)

Rot (Red):

Cabernet Sauvignon - Fish Eye (Southeastern Australia) 13.5%

Garnet purple color. Aromas of dried currants, spice, and delicate peppercorn with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a whole nut, tobacco, and sour cherry finish with chewy tannins. A nice relaxed sipper. $6

Merlot - Black Box (Argentina) 13.6%

Displays aromas of leathery plums and cinnamon-spiced oak. The palate is smooth, medium weight and aged-textured with sweet red currant flavors. This Merlot has acidity that allows versatility in pairing with food. $6

Pinot Noir - Big House Pinot Evil (Monterey County, California) 13.5%

Combining Old World and California winemaking techniques with a playful brand name, Pinot Evil is a light-bodied Pinot Noir with ripe cherry flavors and a smooth, velvety finish. $6

Shiraz - Fish Eye (Southeastern Australia) 13.5%

Ripe blackberries and blueberries with spicy black pepper on the nose. $5


Weiss (White):

Chardonnay - Canyon Road (Modesto, CA) 14%

Medium-body wine with tastes of crisp apple and citrus with hints of cinnamon spice. Delicious complement to grilled chicken and light pasta dishes. $6

Pinot Grigio - Canyon Road (Modesto, CA) 11.5%

This medium-bodied wine has hints of green apple, citrus, white peach and floral blossom. Crisp, the Pinot Grigio leaves a refreshing and revitalizing finish on your palate. $6

Riesling - Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi (Acampo, CA) 12.5%

With delicate aromas of jasmine, stone fruit, and crisp citrus, our Riesling is an excellent alternative to more traditional whites. The wine's combination of rich, round textures, lightly sweet flavor, and refreshing acidity makes it easy to enjoy. $6

Sauvignon Blanc - Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi (Acampo, CA) 12%

With crisp, bright, refreshing citrus and tropical aromas and flavors, our Sauvignon Blanc is a fruit-forward wine that shines alone and alongside food. $6

Moscato - Canyon Road (Modesto, CA) 9%

Inviting notes of peaches and honey, followed by lusciously sweet flavors of ripe pears and lemons. $6



White Zinfandel - Canyon Road (Modesto, CA) 9%

Light-bodied with hints of strawberry, cherry, and watermelon flavors and a smooth crisp finish. Great with appetizers, fresh fruits, or summer salads. $6