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In My Work Schedule it is possible to set the days you work and what time you start and stop working.

In My Work Contact groups you can select the groups that contain your work contacs, and furthermore, you can select a group where you have created prefix of number that you want to control, typically company switchboards.

Day off is typically used when you have a day of in your normal schedule.

Control App makes it possible to stop and restart the service that runs and handles the calls. This should normally not be used.

My Work Schedule

Select the days that you work, normally Monday - Friday. Further more, set the work times.

My Work Contact Groups

In the pictures above, there are no groups available to select, depending on that these are taken from the Android emulator and not a phone.

Typically you handle and organize your groups through Gmail. No groups or contacs shall be created in The Private Work Phone App! Existing groups from Gmail shall be selected here.

One good practise is to create one group in Gmail Called “WORK”. Put all your work contacts in that group and select it in “Set work contact groups”.

Another good practise is to create one group in Gmail Called “PREFIX”. Create prefix contacts in Gmail (e.g. create contact “My work prefix”. My work has the number 0012340000. Now assign “My work prefix” the number 001234. All calls received that starts with 001234 will be handled by The Private Work Phone App during your free time.). Select “PREFIX” in “Set work contact groups”.

Day Off

If you have a day off outside your schedule use the “Day Off”. “Day off” overrides your work schedule settings.