Channel Islands Women’s Sailing Association

Monthly Meeting, Thursday, March 11, 2010

Host:  Channel Islands Yacht Club

Terri Potts opened the meet at approximately 7:05 PM with a brief description of the origin of this group.  

Jane Thomas described the main interests among recent CIWSA meeting attendees as racing, daysailing, and education and circulated sign-up sheets for crew and skippers for racing and daysailing as well as for PCYC’s race training day (March 14) as a first racing/education event.  Cheryl McMichael (PCYC Fleet Captain), gave a brief summary of the event.

Mary Howard described the legal steps to establish CIWSA as a non-profit corporation and presented draft by-laws for review & vote at our next meeting.  Terri Potts detailed an estimated annual budget of approximately $3038.00 for articles of incorporation, non-profit fees, insurance, post office box, and membership fees for US Sailing and SCYA.   She proposed annual dues of $120 per member; members who join in 2010 would pay $120 and be considered “charter members.”  In subsequent years dues would be $120 for the full year; $60 after June 1.  The majority agreed with the proposal.

The group discussed whether men would be welcome, and the majority agreed that they would.  Membership dues, if any, for spouses were not discussed.  Terri Potts distributed copies and read the proposed Mission Statement of CIWSA.  The majority accepted the Mission Statement.  

Terri Potts proposed that the club leadership consist of a Board with 7 members, including elected offices of Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Rear Commodore and 2 Directors.  Volunteer positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee Chairs, such as Membership, Communications, Education, Daysailing, and Racing, are also needed to support the club leadership.  Terri distributed a proposed slate of elected positions with associated Committee Chair positions.   Initial volunteers/nominees include Terri Potts for Commodore, Jane Thomas for Vice Commodore, Nannette Pecel  for Rear Commodore, Mary Howard for Director, Sandra Lockridge for Treasurer, Ferne Ross for Membership, and Stephanie York for Education.  Additional volunteers and nominees will be solicited before the vote at the next meeting.

PCYC has agreed to host our next meeting.  Cheryl McMichael described that we would have a private meeting room with special food and drink options from their bar menu.  

Jane Thomas further described planned near-term goals of the group.  We plan to provide a network for skippers and CIWSA crew members  for both racing and daysailing.   Our monthly meetings as well as on-the-water activities can provide educational opportunities.  Using the model  described by our sister club, WSA Santa Monica Bay, for daysailing, Jane proposed that skippers identify the number of crew positions available and dates and times to take CIWSA crew.  The Daysailing Chair would coordinate crew assignments to provide a range of skill levels.  The skipper provides the boat, and the crew provides sandwiches, snacks, and (non-alcoholic) drinks.

A longer-term goal (proposed on behalf of Roxanne Vetesse, who was unable to attend this meeting) could be owning and operating a CIWSA sailboat for ocean racing, such as an Olson 40 for Ensenada or TransPac.

Bonnie Chaney shared the logo designed approved by the attendees at January’s CIWSA meeting.  The majority approved the logo.  Those who didn’t approve it thought the design would be too busy for a burgee and too suggestive to wear on a T-shirt.   Bonnie will bring additional logo and burgee design ideas to the next meeting.

Next Meeting and Tentaive Agenda:          Thursday, April 8, 2010; Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club

6:30 PM Cocktails & bar menu

7:00 General Meeting

Minutes prepared by Jane Thomas