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Wikipedia lists ABN Amro and Frenkel as the tenants of the 35th floor (WTC2) and the FOIA lists P. A. World Trade and Frenkel as well:

First of all, ABN Amro is mentioned in this CNN-article:



ABN Amro recently consolidated operation out of the World Trade Center.

September 12, 2001, CNN News. "World Trade Center tenants wait for word,"

Posted: 4:56 AM EDT (0856 GMT)

By CNN's Alex Frew McMillan

HONG KONG, China (CNN) -- Companies around the world scrambled Wednesday to find out what had happened to their employees in New York and Washington, D.C.

Around 425 tenants from 26 countries had offices in the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.

Though the collapsed "Twin Towers" - 1 World Trade Center and 2 World Trade Center - were by far the most distinctive buildings, the World Trade Center in fact comprised seven buildings in all.

The Twin Towers collapsed soon after planes crashed into them Tuesday morning. A third building, 7 World Trade Center, also collapsed Tuesday afternoon.

It was across the street from the Twin Towers and was evacuated when it caught fire after the initial attacks.

Morgan Stanley the biggest tenant

The World Trade Center was the symbolic heart of Wall Street, the U.S. financial capital. It housed numerous international and U.S. investment banks, and the brokerages, law firms and service companies that support and surround them.

Morgan Stanley was the biggest tenant, taking up 21 floors of 2 World Trade Center with retail brokerage operations.

In Hong Kong, the company issued a statement that it was "saddened and outraged" by the attack. But it had limited information on the safety of its workers. Its headquarters were not affected, the company said.

"Our immediate focus and concern are for the well-being and safety of Morgan Stanley employees," it stated.

Around 50,000 people worked in the Twin Towers alone. Some 20 Japanese companies had offices there.

Japanese banks wait for word

They included many of Japan's biggest banks, such as the trust operations of Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank and Chuo Mitsui.

Fuji Bank & Trust operated on four floors in 2 World Trade Center. A spokesman said Wednesday afternoon that 12 out of 125 Japanese expatriate employees were missing. The rest had checked in and are safe.

Around 90 percent of the 500 local U.S. employees had been located, he said. "We hope the rest are OK," he said.

Office workers were seen falling or jumping from the Twin Towers before they collapsed.

Asahi Bank Ltd. had 94 employees in its New York branch on the 60th floor of 1 World Trade Center. All 94 are alive, the company said Wednesday.

A spokesman said he was unsure how the employees got out of the building but they have all been accounted for.

There were also companies based in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China that had offices in the buildings.

For instance, Korean brokerages Hyundai Securities and LG Securities had offices in 1 World Trade Center, on the 84th and 78th floors respectively.

An office of the U.S. subsidiary of Charoen Pokphand, one of Thailand's largest conglomerates, was on the 21st floor of 2 World Trade Center.

Ramifications will be felt for ever

Bank HSBC, which is based both in London and Hong Kong, had a retail branch of its HSBC Republic subsidiary in 5 World Trade Center.

A spokesman in Hong Kong said all HSBC employees in New York were safe and accounted for. But he added that HSBC's traders and analysts feared for customers or former colleagues.

"Many of my people knew or had dealings with people in those towers," spokesman Pierre Goad said. "This tragedy has been felt in a close and personal way."

The close-knit world of corporate finance will be reeling for some time. Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, a leading investment bank and prominent house for bank analysis, took up three floors in 2 World Trade Center.

Credit Suisse First Boston had back-office operations in the Twin Towers. There was no word from the company yet on the employees' safety.

A Hong Kong spokesman for Dutch investment bank ABN Amro said the company knows of no casualties to its employees.

ABN Amro recently consolidated operations out of the World Trade Center, after buying the U.S. investment-bank business of fellow Dutch house ING Barings.

ABN Amro management in New York issued a notice to workers.

"To the best of our knowledge, none of our staff in New York have been injured as a result of today's appalling events," it stated.

Still, the ramifications of Tuesday's attacks will be felt forever in the world of finance.

"Wall Street is, as you know, a pretty close unit," Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman Bob Hormat told CNN. Goldman's offices are further uptown, but it is not removed from the fate of its rivals.

"They're competitors but they're also companies we cooperate with on a day to day basis," Hormat said. "The psychological impact is going to be enormous."

Beyond financials, a large number of companies in other services, including engineering, architecture, law and transportation, operated out of the Twin Towers.

Authorities are still unsure how many died in the attacks in New York. But they said the death toll could rise into the thousands. Among firemen alone, 300 were missing.

Officials in Washington, D.C., also said around 800 people may have died at the Pentagon.

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Also in this article ABN Amro is mentioned:


ABN Amro, the Dutch bank, said it knows of no casualties to its 2000 employees as a result of this week’s appalling events in Manhattan. The bank, which recently consolidated operations in mid-Manhattan after buying ING Barings’ U.S. investment-bank business, had been erroneously listed as one of the 425 tenants from 26 countries that held offices in the World Trade Center. Morgan Stanley, the money management firm, was the biggest tenant, taking up 21 floors and employing 3500 staff. No Belgian or Dutch firms held offices in the Twin Towers, but Dutch office supplies distributor Buhrmann reported 15 of its staff as missing. The company had several clients in the WTC, with several staff based at clients’ premises.

This is confusing, for ABN Amro should have been listed in the FOIA as well...

From: http://letsrollforums.com/press-release-world-trade-t24256p2.html

The Let's Roll FOIL mentions only the Port Authority, and Frenkel & Co. as being on the 35th floor:

P.A. (WORLD TRADE) 2WTC 35 3502 8/1/1999 12/31/2010

FRENKEL & CO. INC. 2WTC 35 3510 12/4/1996 11/3/2013

FRENKEL & CO. INC. 2WTC 36 3602 12/4/1996 11/3/2013

Frenkel & Company, Inc. an insurance company, had 59,670s.f. on 35 and 36.

TenantWise.com reported as of September 2003, that prior to 9/11 ABN AMRO, Financial Services, had leased 15,000s.f. in 2 WFC, for the World Financial Center. "ABN AMRO employees from WFC are operating from 55 East 52nd Street. ABN AMRO was able to return its WFC space to its Landlord, Merrill Lynch. As part of a plan to lower its costs and decentralize, ABN AMRO sublet 240,000s.f. of its 415,000sf at Park Avenue Plaza to AON, and leased 127,000sf in Jersey City for its operations and support services groups. Midtown Relocate"

This was a significant accommodation to AON to sublease space from ABN AMRO holdings at Park Avenue Plaza. TenantWise goes on to say that "AON Corporation, Insurance, had been leasing 219,133s.f. in 2 WTC. Afterward, AON leased 270,000s.f. at Park Avenue Plaza from ABN AMRO; 50,000s.f. at 199 Water St.; and 50,000s.f. at 685 Third Ave. Midtown Relocate."

So it's highly unlikely that ABN AMRO had leased any space on the 35th floor of the South Tower, as reported.

December 21, 2006, Press Release, Silverstein Properties Welcomes ABN AMRO as the Newest Tenant of 7 World Trade Center

World Trade Center developer Larry A. Silverstein today announced that ABN AMRO Inc., the Dutch banking giant, has signed a 15-year lease to occupy three and a half floors in 7 World Trade Center. At approximately 140,000 square feet on floors 30-33, the ABN AMRO deal represents the second largest tenant deal to be signed for 7 WTC, and yet another in a growing number of major corporate moves to Downtown Manhattan. The lease also brings 7 World Trade Center to over 60 percent occupancy in the six months since it opened - over 1 million square feet leased.

July 07, 2009, New York Post, "BMI Dances its Way Downtown," by Steve Cuozzo,

ALL of the space ABN Amro has put up for sublease at 7 World Trade Center has been spoken for or soon will be, sources said yesterday.

In a confirmed deal that's surely music to Larry Silverstein's ears even though he played no active role in it, Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), the powerful music-licensing organization that collects fees for artists and distributes them to members as royalties, is leaving its long-time digs on West 57th Street and moving downtown to 7 WTC.

BMI is subleasing a healthy 58,000 square feet on the tower's 30th and 31st floors from ABN Amro, the Dutch bank that signed for (and paid rent on) 140,000 feet at 7 WTC three years ago but never moved in.

Meanwhile, we're learned, Italian insurance giant Generali has a sublease in place for 17,000 square feet more of the former ABN Amro space, and two other financial firms will soon complete deals for the rest.

Although no one involved in the BMI deal could be reached, we understand BMI was represented by Cushman & Wakefield's David Glassman, while ABN Amro was repped by Grubb & Ellis President David Arena and the firm's Joe Harkins and Barry Lewen.

BMI currently represents some 375,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers and more than 6 million works of music.

It isn't known what the organization will pay at 7 WTC, although Silverstein is asking more than $70 a square foot for what little direct space remains available on the tower's highest floors.

BMI has long been in the office portion of the Sheffield at 320 W. 57th St. The move-out was first cited in a New York Times blog over the holiday in a story about BMI moving a handful of jobs to Nashville, Tenn. -- but it didn't say how much space BMI will be taking at 7 WTC, much less note its significance.

The BMI sublease is another case of an uptown tenant moving downtown, and of an arts-oriented organization coming to an area long associated almost entirely with financial services.

It also demonstrates 7 WTC's continued appeal even as demand for downtown office space has flagged amid expectations that huge amounts of office space will soon be put up for grabs by such firms as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

ABN Amro still has about 80,000 square feet on the market at 7 WTC and deals are said to be pending for much of it.

German bank West LB was the most recent tenant to sign a direct lease at 7 WTC, when it took 129,000 square feet last fall. The tower is about 83 percent leased.

Alliance Business Centers

Alliance Continuing Care 7721

Olabisi Yee, Manager of the center for 18 years, Gricelda James, Cynthia Motus-Wilson and Rose Marie Carlson were trapped in the building and are presumed dead. We will miss them and we will never forget them.

ALLIANCE Business Centers NETWORK expresses our most profound sorrow and sympathy for the tragic events of September 11th. Our hearts go out to the victims and their loved ones who passed on.

Alliance Business Centers does not have a Dun & Bradstreet number for the WTC!

International Office Centers - Wikipedia

The International Office Centers Corporation was on the 79th Floor of Building One of New York's World Trade Center. They provided temporary office space for remote, new and international companies on a month-to-month basis. Additionally, they also supplied secretarial, receptionist, faxing and copying services as well as other traditional administrative services.

As they were on the 79th Floor of Building One, on September 11th, 2001, many of their tenants as well as their employees were killed when terrorists flew a hijacked plane into the side of the Tower.

On 77th floor:

The Alliance Continuing Care Network, (ACCN) is comprised of 12 not-for-profit member organizations representing 12 sites in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester.

TD WATERHOUSE INVESTOR SERVICE 2WTC 24 2426 12/1/1999 11/30/2004 TD Waterhouse Group, Inc. 18,591s.f. 24

http://www.tenantwise.com/reports/wtc_relocate.asp says,

"TD Waterhouse Group, Inc. Financial 2 WTC 18,591 9/03: A move to a new headquarters in Jersey City was in progress since June 2001 and many employees from WTC and other locations had already relocated there. After the attack, WTC employees moved to the new headquarters in Harborside, Jersey City, and a few to an existing office at 100 Wall Street. NJ Backfill"

But they still had three years remaining on their lease, which they only entered into less than two years prior.

Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. (Kabushiki-gaisha Mizuho Kōporēto Ginkō?), or MHCB, is the corporate and investment banking subsidiary of Mizuho Financial Group, the second-biggest Japanese financial services conglomerate. MHCB was created in April 2002 by the merger of the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank and Fuji Bank's corporate and investment banking division with the Industrial Bank of Japan.

From Guardian article 9/14:

Marsh and McLennan owned two insurance companies: Guy Carpenter, and Seabury & Smith. The parent company said it also owned another company, MMC Enterprise Risk, housed in the north tower. In total the company had 1,700 employees at the World Trade Centre, and had accounted for 1,100 [no reference to this in D&B]

ITEM 2. PROPERTIES. MMC and certain of its subsidiaries, including Marsh USA Inc. and William M. Mercer, Incorporated, as tenants in common, own a 69% condominium interest in a 44-story building in the midtown Manhattan area of New York City, which serves as their worldwide headquarters. MMC has a fixed rate nonrecourse mortgage note agreement due in 2009 amounting to $200 million, bearing an interest rate of 9.8%, with the notes secured by MMC's interest in its worldwide headquarters. In the event the mortgage is foreclosed following a default, MMC would be entitled to remain in the space and would be obligated to pay rent sufficient to cover interest on the notes or at fair market value if greater. MMC subsidiaries had also occupied a combined total of fifteen floors in the two towers of the World Trade Center, and as a result of the destruction of the World Trade Center in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, 295 MMC colleagues were lost. Employees have been relocated to various sites in midtown Manhattan and the New York metropolitan area. MMC has entered into a lease covering approximately 300,000 rentable square feet in a building under construction in Hoboken, New Jersey. The principal offices of MMC's risk and insurance services subsidiaries in the UK are located on the eastern side of the City of London in The Marsh Centre. This freehold building, comprising 360,000 square feet containing offices located around a central atrium, was sold by a subsidiary of MMC in 2001. The office space in the Marsh Centre 16 <PAGE> has been leased back on a temporary basis pending the lease of office space in a new building under construction in London. Putnam's principal executive offices comprise approximately 313,000 square feet of leased space located at One Post Office Square, Boston, Massachusetts in Boston's financial district. Putnam leases an additional 850,000 square feet in various locations around the Boston area in support of its operations. The remaining business activities of MMC and its subsidiaries are conducted principally in leased office space in cities throughout the world. In general, no difficulty is anticipated in negotiating renewals as leases expire or in finding other satisfactory space if the premises become unavailable. From time to time, MMC may have unused space and may seek to sublet such space to third parties, depending upon the demands for office space in the locations involved.

September 4, 2009, NorthJersey.com, "Annual 9/11 ceremony planned," by Maxim Almenas,


Edgewater lost three of its own when two hijacked commercial jet liners were crashed into the World Trade Center towers by terrorists Sept. 11, 2001.

Robert Levine, 66, vice president of Baseline Financial Services, Anne Rose Ransom, 45, from the American Express travel department and Jayesh Shaw, 38, from Cantor Fitzgerald, the company that lost 658 workers in the attack, never made it back home the day.

Neither did almost 3,000 people after a third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and another in Shanksville, Penn.

Eight years later, the Borough continues to honor the victims and heroes that played a key role in the rescue and recovery efforts after the tragedy. Several of the Borough’s fire fighters, police officers and emergency workers assisted at ground zero or on the George Washington Bridge as New Jersey residents escaped the chaos by crossing over the bridge by car or on foot.

This year, the Borough will hold a memorial service Sept. 11 at 9:30 a.m. at the Veterans Field 911 Memorial Plaque site, which is located at the walking track. Edgewater Mayor Nancy Merse will be the Master of Ceremonies.

The memorial will start with a salute to the flag led by the American Legion, followed by an opening prayer by a representative from the First Presbyterian Church.

Merse will then make a memorial address before a presentation of wreaths is made by members of the Edgewater police, fire and emergency medical service departments.

A benediction will be read by Deacon Robert Thomson from the Holy Rosary Church. His son, Bill Thomson, who worked at the Trade Center eight years ago, was walking towards the building when the first plane made impact.

"He was getting off at the subway at Chambers Street," said Thomson, who had also worked in the World Trade Center as a telephone company foreman in 1986. "We thought it was a small plane at first."

When Thomson turned on the television to learn what had happened, the second plane hit and Thomson’s son headed back home towards Edgewater.

The pain and frustration of that tragic day still lingers today.

"I still sense anger from people, rightfully so," Thomson explained. "It's like Pearl Harbor. The healing process still goes on."

Email: almenasm@northjersey.com or call 201-894-6725


September 11, 2010, Newsday, "9/11: A decade later, Long Island remembers,"

Nearly 500 Long Islanders were among almost 3,000 victims who died in the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Click on or type in a name to read their stories and share your memories. You can also use the search options to find the names of victims.


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