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The San Jose Occupier

Issue #1  -  Sunday, Oct 23, 2011

Occupy San Jose is a local, grassroots, democratic movement in solidarity with New York’s Occupy Wall Street movement. The purpose of Occupy San Jose is to encourage visible and accessible activism. We foster peaceful cooperation and the empowerment of humanity to engage in the democratic process regardless of socioeconomic, religious, or political status. We are shining a light on the corporate and political corruption of Wall Street and in Washington which has methodically increased oppression worldwide in favor of the 1%. We also demand accountability for the commission of these crimes. We will not tolerate the wealthiest one percent buying our government, nor our politicians selling it. We are reasserting our role in democracy. We are all in this together. We are the 99%.


From the Editor’s Desk

by Andrew Mackay

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to read our publication.

So, what is the San Jose Occupier? In short, it is the voice of a movement, called Occupy San Jose. For the past three weeks, people of all social classes, ethnic groups, and religious affiliations have occupied the plaza at San Jose City Hall to protest economic injustice. In this publication you will meet some of these people, and hear their stories. By the end of this issue we hope that you will understand what this movement is trying to accomplish. What motivates people to invest so much time and energy. And finally, we hope you will realize your place in the 99% of Americans who have been exploited by big business and banking interests, and that your interests are served by having this protest continue, and succeed.

This newspaper is free, non-commercial, and supported by the generous donations of individuals. It is staffed by volunteers who believe in the message of Occupy San Jose - writers, editors, photographers, and translators. The Occupier is available online, with additional content at If you want to write for the Occupier, or have any information for us, please email us at

Join us at 4th and Santa Clara St.

A Model Occupation

by Pablo Ghenis <>

This is what Democracy looks like.

The Big Media Noise Machine shows America every swinging nightstick and messy camp they can find, rather than talk about the real issues. They peddle FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. That produces higher ratings than a peaceful and constructive occupation like Occupy San Jose. We need to get

See MODEL, Page 2

Inside this Issue:

From The Editor’s Desk

A Model Occupation

Occupation Needs List

Unjustified Raid

Massive Show of Solidarity

Skilled help needed



Contact Us











Our Demands

As our movement matures, the broad range of idea from our diverse membership is becoming more defined. Other cities have a head start on defining their list of demands. This Sunday Oct 23 we will start our list of demands during the GA. Per last Sunday’s GA, ideas can be submitted in person or by email.

Occupation Needs

  • Donate in person, or at
  • food from local businesses (breakfast, vegetarian, non-perishables)
  • blankets & casual clothing (M, L, XL shirts, socks, boxers, sweats, tanktops, hoodies)
  • tables, chairs, poster supplies (markers & foam/poster board)
  • whiteboards with markers
  • “for-sale” easels to show signs


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the word out that this has been an occupation that has negotiated sensible arrangements with the City and merchants, that our demonstrations have been non-violent, that we have orderly camp rules and Assembly rules that provide an open and respectful forum for ideas that range from big government to no government. All of that, and an abundance of classes to educate each other about civics, economics, and the history we must not repeat.

Frankly, it is inspiring to see occupiers work repsectfully around some huge differences and focus on what we have in common. This movement understands that the powerrful 1% has thrown us all into a crisis that is so dire that our differences seem petty by comparison, and debate-by-slogan is clearly a sin..

Washington could really learn from us, tell everyone you know!

City Hall’s Unjustified Raid

by Peter Brown

At approximately 4 am Friday morning, Oct 21st, San Jose police arrived at Occupy San Jose which has been located at San Jose City Hall since October 2nd, 2011. Police arrested approximately 10 occupiers and cited another man confined to a wheelchair. Police also confiscated all tents, personal belongings, food and equipment. The police even confiscated signs made pursuant to our First Amendment free speech rights.

We want to make it clear to the public that Occupy San Jose is an act of free speech on public property- property that belongs to all the people of the United States of America. We have kept the Occupy San Jose site at City Hall clean and tidy. We are aware of no complaints from the public or local business owners regarding distress caused by the occupation. In fact support from public and local businesses has been overwhelming.

We believe that it is of the utmost importance to defend free speech in America. The First Amendment right of free speech is a pivotal foundation of this country. Indeed it is the cornerstone of our democracy.

TV crews film the removal of the last tent at Friday’s demonstration to protest the raid.  The camp was set up again that night, and raided again, Saturday at 5 AM

Massive Show of Solidarity

by Pablo Ghenis <>

Early Friday morning we had an unprovoked police raid, ordered by City Hall. The raid was based on unfounded allegations about sanitation topics that would have been easy to discuss with our liaison, just as before.

City Hall’s choice of force over talk drew broad censure.

The community quickly rallied to show solidarity with Occupy San Jose. A rally was announced for 4 PM on short notice, yet the word traveled quickly. The rally drew sympathizers from throughout Silicon Valley, including labor and other political forces in an inspiring and non co-opting display of strength by a broad sample of the 99%.

In addition to the 4 PM rally, we also got a much-appreciated boost from the local cyclist community. They made us their destination for a late night thousand-cyclist rally, arriving at 11:30 PM. It was an awesome display, as they filled City Hall’s frontage all the way from 4th to 7th Street!

A thousand cyclists came to “share the road” to freedom

The media was keenly interested in this unexpected change of attitude by City Hall, and the anticipated popular reaction. TV crews appreared in dish-equipped vans with full video gear to record broadcast the events and broadcast them live. They stayed for the 4 PM rally, the march that followed, and the evening General Assembly, feverishly filming and interviewing, then writing, recording, and transmitting their reports.

Friday evening’s support and media coverage should send a clear signal to City Hall that taking actions under cover of darkness will not prevent a harsh light from shining on them.

Help Needed

(various skills)

We could use skilled help in the following areas, to sustain and expand our own media, both print and cyber:

  • Translators, especially for:
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Others languages to reach out to more communities
  • Typesetting, DTP: We’re doing our best, but imagine what we could do with some experienced pros!
  • Web and Social Media in general


Occupy San Jose es un movimiento democrático local de raíces, en solidaridad con el movimiento Occupy Wall Street en Nueva York. El propósito de Occupy San Jose es para promover el activismo visible y accessible.  Fomentamos la cooperación y el empoderamiento de la humanidad para participar en el proceso democrático, independientemente del nivel socioeconómico, religión, ó estatus político. Estamos iluminando y haciendo visible la corrupción política y empresarial de Wall Street y en Washington, que ha aumentado en todo el mundo metódicamente la opresión a favor del 1%. También exigimos la rendición de cuentas por la comisión de estos delitos. No vamos a tolerar más que los ricos del uno por ciento compren nuestro gobierno, ni a nuestros políticos que se los venden. Estamos reafirmando nuestro papel en la democracia. Estamos todos juntos en esto. Somos el 99%.

The Occupier Staff


  • Andrew Mackay <>
  • Pablo Ghenis <>
  • Laura Allen <>


  • Pablo Ghenis <>

Additional content provided by:

  • Peter Brown
  • Luke Stangel
  • Julian Kennon


General Assemblies:

  • Mon-Sat @ 7 PM and Sun @ noon
  • Protest march on Sundays at 2 PM

OSJ People’s Classroom

Contact Occupy San Jose

In Person: 200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, 24/7. If you would like to protest or donate, you can come there any time.


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